Six Super Easy Transitions on Premiere Pro CC | Alex Edwards | Skillshare

Six Super Easy Transitions on Premiere Pro CC

Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Cross Zoom

    • 3. Warp

    • 4. Luma Fade

    • 5. Strobe

    • 6. Whip Blur

    • 7. Lens Distortion


About This Class

Six super easy and basic transitions to make your videos glide more consistently, perfect for travel videos. I have done an updated class using some of these transitions which is more suitable to intermediates! 

The point behind these transitions is that they aren’t suppose to be hard or fancy but are just a building block in getting you on your way into progressing towards harder transitions!


1. Intro: Hey, guys, my name's Alex and welcome to my school share. Over the next few months, I will be teaching classes based around video editing on Premiere Pro, in addition to behind the scenes for two shoes on what I do to get certain shops and other things along those lines, I'll be doing for your custom specifically around food bars and cafes, which are perfect for parties and weddings and different events. Unless it I'll be teaching deal tutorials mainly based around crowding on fabric a little bit more about myself. I'm no team on just like College. After studying art, photography on business also run two blocks. One is based around trouble on finding the best spots on the other. SLT, based on portraiture. Photography on my block is laid out like I'm like, If any of you ever have any questions, please feel free to message me. I am more than happy to help if you are confused on anything, but other than that, I hope my classes are helpful. Do you enjoy them? 2. Cross Zoom: I think I said the first transition I'm going to see is a zoom effect. So if you go to effects, which is shift seven on type in zoom and then just drop this over both of your videos. So why do you make the zoom effect on your timeline? The longer that the effect will last if you're looking for a quick crossing than just short . If you could own cross sooner than go to that controls, which is shift five, you have the option to choose where your zoom actually occurs in your videos. So a is just your first video and boost its a second video. And as you can see whatever area on your video you choose, that's where the cross room will occur. If you click on the box and extra show actual sources, you can see where is in your video that you're placing the effect. So for video, which is the video off of river, I just chose to zoom in where the water waas On my second video. I chose where the whale appeared in the video. Additionally, if you go to your alignment than you keeping, choose where is the transition starts so it could start before your second video after your second video. In between. Minor. All in between On. That's about it. This is a really simple transition. I don't look up more videos, which you'll see in a second, but other than that, that's all you have to be, Oh! 3. Warp: so for the second transition against show you is a warp effect. So to begin with, you need to go down to project where your videos are on. Click on new Item Onda Adjustment layer. Then just click OK on drug to save it. Your timeline. Next, you need to go to effects on type in walk, then drug wave. Walk over onto your adjustment layer. As you see the effect will take place instantly. Then, if you just go to effect controls, you can adjust it so you can choose what type off we have. You have seeking of square triangle circle semicircle, but you'll notice that around the edges it's black. And that's because there is currently no pinning. So if you go depending and just click all edges than it was struck child to make the transition more effective, the best way to go is to create a medium wave width on slightly change the angle in the direction off the wave. So I went with circle, and that's currently what it looks like, and I just changed the width on the height. More you teens the height, the more likely you are to have areas of black around the video just used to the background and then drag this well, my videos crossed over on. This is what it looks like. 4. Luma Fade: So now I'm gonna show you how to do a loom of fate. So think strike entered again. Really need to put your first video onto video to on drug your 2nd 1,000,000,000 underneath a Sfar as you want the effect to take place. Whatever your two videos overlap, you need to cut your first video, which was on video to using the rays. It'll your video should not look like this on your timeline. Next, we need to go to effects and either type ingredient light or go to video effects and transition on. Just drag this over to the video that is on top of your second video, which is the one that is counting highlighted. Now, if you click towards the end of that video, you need to go to transition completion and click on the little clock just before it and make sure that the percentage is 100% thin. If you go to the start of the video, click on the cough again, but make sure the percentages zero and then if you couldn't midway do the same, but I change it to 50%. This just ensures that you have a smooth transition you can invert the grade in if you wish . So basically just edits it the opposite way around. But obviously it's up to your preference way. Theo Moore. You can't change the softness of it so that you could tell my video is quite harsh when it overlaps, but if you change the softness, then it will just smoothing out the transition. Furthermore, you can select wary of the video. You want the transition to actually take place in the underneath where it says Grady, it wipe. There is a circle of square and then a petal. If you wanted to actually draw out a shape in your video, then used the pedal. But she wanted just a simple squaring a video. Then you do have the option. You can play around with it, also drugged in the corners, making a little bit more distorted. Obviously, it's completely up to you. Things can be a little bit tricky just to get to grips with grips with to begin with, but once you know how to do it and you've done it a few times and it is really easy and is a great transition toe have in your videos. So I did it to a couple more of my videos on This is what that resulted in 5. Strobe: Theo. Last transition. I'm basically going to show you how to do a simple stroke transition. So first you need to move your first video up, Want onto video to a second video underneath your first video to the point by which the effect will stop. So when my second video is sitting, is where my begin your cool. The closer you make the cuts, the more jumpy your stroke transition will be. So my mind relatively small. More. You put your video, the margin people be, then each off de cuts that you have made so minus highlighted by my dear, I have three cups. You then need to change the blend mode off each off these little videos in turn. You could do this before you actually cut your video. It's up to you. But I just went to other different blend modes on pin light was my favorite, so I chose it for all of them. On this is what my final transition. I had a little play around, created a few more Germans, make him slightly smaller as well, so the transition was faster. But obviously this is up to you in your preference on possibly depending on what kind of video you have as to how long you want to make your transition. So this is what my final transition look like. So, as you can tell, that quite need to transition. But it can be very effective. Yes. So those are four easy transitions you could do on Premiere Pro. I hope this was helpful for you. Thank you. 6. Whip Blur: through this transition, you first need to go 20 key frames from the end of your first video on 20 key frames into the start of your second video thing, you need to click on the end of your first video and add wave. Walk to it, then you need to make sure that spinning is or ledges onto into the wave. Type to noise, and this is what that should look like. Then you need cheated of direction, so it's going sideways. So choose the direction to 1 80 And then I played around with the height and the width a little bit, but this is more of a preference thin. I copy this and pasted it onto the start off in a second clip way. Theme Click. On the end of my first clip, I went to position, so I went to the start of that clip and click on the toggle animation, creating a key frame. Then I went to the end of that clip on drug. The video all the way to the left Theo. So I start my second clip I drug video all the way out short and then clicked on toggle animation to great key for him. And then I went to the end of the video and dragged it all the way into shot. I then dragged the start of my second video on top off the end of my first video s. So far, it looks like this. I think I right, clicked on both of these videos and clicked on Ness to group together. And then I drugged wave walk over onto that clip. Then I changed the weave type two triangle on increase the height on This is about all I did, Theo. Thing I did was increase the speed off that nested clip just to make the transition a little bit quicker. 7. Lens Distortion: for this transition ongoing. She had to do a lens distortion. So to begin with, I went 20 frames from the end off my first video and cut it on. Then 20 key frames into my second video and cut it are then right clicked a nested two videos together. Then I went to effects interacting lens distortion on drug this onto the nest of clips. I think I went to the beginning of that clip. Click on the toggle animation where it says curvature. I made sure that it was on zero. Then I went to the middle of my clip on, changed it to about minus 80 and then went to the end of my clip on again. Changed it to zero. That's all you have to do. An issue conceit is very simple transition.