Six Steps To Live a Life of Freedom | Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D. | Skillshare

Six Steps To Live a Life of Freedom

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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7 Videos (40m)
    • Step One : Know Your Why

    • Step Two : Money Maker

    • Step Three : Expectations

    • Step Four : Talk To Your Partner

    • Step Five : Get a Coach

    • Step Six : Set a Date

    • Six Steps to Live a Life of Freedom : Project


About This Class

Do you have dreams of traveling?  Do you dream of living a life of freedom?  Do you want to escape the daily 9-5 grind?  Yes!  

Then you need a plan.  The 6 steps in this training offer you deeper insight into how you can create you personal plan to freedom.  Each steps includes a powerful, yet easy, exercise.  

This training helps you quickly and easily take a deeper dive into discovering why you want freedom, how you can earn an income that supports your dream, realizing your personal expectations, how to successfully start this conversation with your partner, what to look for in a coach or mentor, and how to decided a realistic target date.

With a clear map you'll be able to actually reach your dream of living a life of freedom, spending more time with your family and doing what is most important to you.  Six Steps to Live a Life of Freedom helps you create your personal map...a map that fits your lifestyle and your dreams.





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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching

Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more...

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