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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Masters - Part 1: Six Sigma Fundamentals

teacher avatar Valentin Ilicea, Founder, VeryFastExcel

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Learn the Six Sigma Foundations

    • 3. Study case: the Cost Of Poor Quality - Toyota

    • 4. Learn the LEAN Foundations

    • 5. Know all the Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities incl. Yellow Belt

    • 6. Checkpoint: test your knowledge

    • 7. Master the Team Basics topics. Types of teams

    • 8. Teams - stages of development

    • 9. Decide with the Six Sigma Decision Making Tools for Teams

    • 10. Learn the Communication Methods Six Sigma teams use

    • 11. Learn the 7 Quality Tools - part 1

    • 12. Learn the 7 Quality Tools - part 2

    • 13. Pareto Skillshare

    • 14. Thank You

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About This Class

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - the Training and Certification That Will Help You Win in Your Professional Life

This course enables you to enhance your career with Lean Six Sigma in a three-stage high-level process:

  1. learn and apply the L6s Fundamentals 

  2. see and use examples from a Real-World L6s project

  3. build L6s tools with downloadable files in a step-by-step process

This is the most straightforward path to learn and get certified for the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

We will cover: 

- Six Sigma foundations, like variation, cost of poor quality, standard deviation, Sigma levels, and so on

- Lean foundations, like the purpose of Lean, forms of waste, Lean methodologies

- Stakeholders involved in Lean Six Sigma: what their responsibilities are and how can you get certified faster with the right stakeholder engagement 

- Team basics: types of teams, stages of development, communication tools 

- The Seven Quality Tools, and many other topics

Learn in a practical way with a video quiz, downloadable materials, and a class project!

Build a Pareto chart in Excel step-by-step!

Master the Six Sigma Fundamentals & Experience Career Growth

Imagine for a minute what you can achieve by the end of this course: 

- you will become more productive

- you will get better projects and processes

- you will enjoy enhanced visibility to your senior stakeholders and management

- you will get more job opportunities having performed a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

- you will become more competitive

- you will get a better pay

This is how you can win in your professional life.

About me:

My name is Valentin Ilicea, and I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt after a leading a project that enabled +200'000 USD savings per year in the business organization.

Using the Lean Six Sigma concepts and certification, I built a 12-year career in Advanced Data Analytics, team, and project management, in top multinational companies: HP, Ericsson, and INNIO (former part of General Electric).

This knowledge completely transformed the way I work and I'm so excited to have the possibility of sharing this with you!

So, let's get started. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Valentin Ilicea

Founder, VeryFastExcel


· I am a seasoned Data Analyst and certified Lean Six Sigma professional with more than 12 years of experience specializing in Data Analytics, Data Quality, process and project management, acquired in top multinational companies like HP, Ericsson, and INNIO (former part of GE).

· I founded VeryFastExcel in 2019 to provide top-notch quality, affordable, great value learning in order for business professionals to develop, achieve more and reach their professional dreams.

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1. Welcome!: Hi and welcome everybody. My name is voluntarily champ. And I build a 12 years career around advanced data analytics team and project management in three multinational companies. I'm a certified lean Six Sigma green belt as I lead the project with early savings of over $200 thousand. And it is my pleasure to welcome you today to this lean Six Sigma yellow belt training series. In this course, we will convert the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals like Six Sigma foundations, lean foundations December on quality tools and many other topics. So excited to have you here, this knowledge has completely transformed my career and I'm looking forward to sharing this with you. I am confident that this actionable information, the demos and the tools that we will bid together will have a significant positive impact on your professional life. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Learn the Six Sigma Foundations: hi and welcome to the first lesson. The best definition ever heard off. The Six Sigma sounds like this. Then six signifies a tool a matter than a philosophy to increase performance while reducing waste. And where did you sing? Variation. You see, there are two philosophies inside off in six Sigma, the 1st 1 is lean and the 2nd 1 is six Sigma. The purpose off lean is to reduce waste. The purpose of Six Sigma is to reduce variation. Let's explore now the foundation's off Six Sigma. As I mentioned before, the purpose of Six Sigma is reducing variation. Why were just in violation in the eighties? Bill Smith, co founder of Six Sigma Coins. The defect theory variation causes defects, symbolize deviating a letter off the Greek alphabet and is also the mathematical symbol for the standard deviation. Depending on the number of defects, we have a different signal level. The high number of defects will correspond to a low Sigma number. We start at one Sigma, where we have 690,000 defects per 1,000,000. As reduced number of defects, we reach a higher sigma number to reach in a 60 mile level. The process output. It's only to allow 3.4 defects per 1,000,000 for the full table off signal levels, defects and yield. Please don't want the resource attached to this lecture. To conclude with reduced variation comes a reduced number of defects. So high 16 my level. For this goal, we use a 60 mile methodology called the Make, which is the acronym that stands for defied measure. Analyze improvement control. We will extraordinaire ache in detail. Actually, every of the five faces is treated in a separate section. Inside of this course, Onley improve in control are grouped as this is the same as in the body of knowledge from the American Society for Quality or sq. The evolution Off 16 month again in the late seventies, when a Japanese firm took over a Motorola factory that manufactured television sets in the US Under Japanese management, the number of defective TV sets reduced 20 times. Finally, Motorola recognized its quality was terrible and decided to check quality to a better level . The foundation's off six Sigma involved two people working at Motorola, Mikel Harry and Bills Mitt, whom I already mentioned before. Together they developed a four stage problem solving approach measure analyzing prevent control so without a defined phase later, the make discipline became the roadmap for achieving 16 my quality. On January 15 1987 the CEO Motorola launched a long term quality program called the Six Sigma Quality Program. This was a corporal program which established Six Sigma as the required capability level toe approach, the standard off 34 defects per 1,000,000 opportunities. The program became so successful in the nineties that large companies and most notably General Electric, decided to implement it, increasing the quality in general electric form. Their existing 3 to 4 sigma level to a new level of six sigma triggered a cost saving opportunity between seven and $10 billion. 3. Study case: the Cost Of Poor Quality - Toyota: one of the reasons that we can enjoy today the benefits off the lean Six Sigma methodology is to avoid the costs off. Poor quality. What what kind of impact? The cost of poor quality can have. I want to hit straight now with the rial word. Perfect example. What the cost off poor quality could be. It happened with Toyota up, and year was 2000 and nine. The floor mats were designed in a way that they would press upon the accelerator lead to unintended acceleration. The cost of poor quality was 52 lives, 38 additional people injured and 5.5 billion. All the cars were recall on a worldwide basis. The production and the sales were stopped for eight models. The solution implemented is actually used by all the car manufacturers today, and this was to have clips to restrain the map from pressing on the accelerator. The cost of the clips on Lee $5 the learnings were too will take ownership off the poor quality and fix the quality issues. Early tow. Avoid larger in back. So do you see how high the cost off for quality could be? And if you ever wondered about the clipped car mats that we all have today? All the manufacturer produced today, Carrie ago it was Toyota in the year was 2000 and nine. Let's clarify in the next lesson one concept about the certification project that beginners could get wrong. 4. Learn the LEAN Foundations: The lame thinking considers the life cycle of materials, products, transactions and information. The goal offline is to minimize work and known adding value activities in order to improve the quality and reduced the opportunity to have defects in the process. The specific targets off lean aren't following. Eliminate waste, significantly shortened cycle times, improved quality, reduced costs and manage inventory effectively. Anything that does not advance to the customer is waste. Let me repeat that again. Anything that doesn't add value to the customer is waste you need. There are eight forms off waste. You can remember them by using the acronym downtime. You can review them by downloading the resource material that comes with this lesson. Let's now cover for lean methodologies just in time. Polka UK Cambon Value stream mapping just in time is the production strategy that aims to improve a business return on investment by reducing pro in process inventory and associate ID carrying costs to meet just in time objectives. The process relies on signals between different points in the process which tell production when to make the next part. This leads to producing the necessary units in the necessary quantities at the necessary time with the required quality. Okay, okay. It's meant to prevent the occurrence off defects. Okay, Okay. Is also known as mistake proofing. It uses a wide variety off ingenious devices to prevent mistakes. For example, it employees visual signals that makes mistakes creatively stand out from the rest. Cambon literally means sign board or billboard in Japanese. It was developed by Toyota. Combine utilizes visual display cards to signal movement of material between steps of a product process. So it is a schedule it system for just in time. Value. Stream mapping is a lean management technique that helps companies visualize processes. The goal is to optimize the steps involved in getting a product service or value adding project from start to finish. Vanished remapping can shine a light on possibilities to reduce waste within processes. Adopting lean philosophy can benefit the company in many ways and can result in the following. The liberals reduced lead time, more productive teams, more efficient business processes. In a nutshell. Leans tries to reduce waste and lead time for more efficient businesses. 5. Know all the Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities incl. Yellow Belt: There are four levels off lean six Sigma certification white, yellow, green and black belt. We also have a master black belt and a lean six Sigma champion. The learners move from one step to the next one, from white to yellow, yellow to green, green to black in some organization. And given that the requirements are met, it's also possible to directly certify for the green bell level or that even directly go for the Black Belt certification. Let's explore the differences between the belt levels. The white boat is the foundation off the lean, sexy My methodology all in 16. My wife belt is prepared, illustrates and understand the metallurgy off In 16 months, the White Belt works on a local problem solving team, and he or she helps to complete projects the time that white belt can work as an extra pair of hands and eyes to collect data and offer valuable insight into how, for instance, are working. White belts also can imply some off the lead. 60 more concepts to enhance their overwork and projects further, the project is not required to obtain the certification, instead training on a final test on mandatory lean six in my yellow belt is prepared, understands and applies metallurgy or agency. Seema to a certification project. A yellow belt also can support green or even black belt projects by offering insights, collecting data run analysis in a statistical cold tool, cold meaning top and so on. Further on, we have the Green Belt certification levels. Island 16. My green belt also can apply with these many off Dylan 60 more tools to a certification project. The Green Belt also been support all the types of projects ranging from yellow to green and even black belt projects. By offering insights suggesting improvements, front analysis in minute tab and so on to obtain certification. A project is typically required and usually having not one but two goals primary and a secondary objective. Finally, we have the black vote certification level. But in 60 Mile black Bolt also can apply with confidence every off bill that's exceeding one tool that is required in a certification project. The black belt also can support other types of projects, ranging from yellow to black belt projects to update the certification. The highest number of training hours is required. Also, the project should tackle more balls and significantly transform the business organization . An essential role of a black belt is being a venture to a candidate for a Yellow Order. Greenbelt certification. A mentor will guide the candidate in the certification process. Will answer questions Will help to remove bottlenecks. Master Black belts are responsible for the strategy that deployment off in 16 love within an organization they must master on the aspect of the Sensex mom technology and be involved in training candidates on their way to certification. Finally, the champion is usually the leader offline. 16 mine, a company or a business organization. The Champion coordinates old early in 16 certification projects. Face putting in place the governance he creates, the awareness materials he manages, the online training platform one is existing or the face to face certification training. 6. Checkpoint: test your knowledge: congratulations on your study progress. And now it's just your initial knowledge. This one will be a video checkpoint for this quiz. Ever read you the question with the three options to answer and then pause for a few seconds to give it a chance to say the correct option? Finally, I will give you the right choice. Ready? Let's get started. Select only one answer for every off the questions. What is the current methodology off? Six Sigma A Make B D M A D V C D. Make and the right answer is See the make how many defects per 1,000,000 opportunities are in a six Sigma level A 34 b three, not four c 690 1000 The right answer is B Okay, question On March 3, in which company did sex in my first take shape a Toyota, the General Electric See Motorola? The answer is C martorana. What is the purpose? Off lean A reduce waste the increasingly time see reduced variation And the correct answer is off course. A reduce waste Question number five and the last one What is polka? Okay, a mistake proofing be a just in time scheduling system or see a six Sigma statistical concept. And the right answer is a mistake proofing 7. Master the Team Basics topics. Types of teams: welcome to Team basics. To get you on top of this topic, I will cover the four companies off Tim Basics, which is perfectly in line with the certify 16. My Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge. These topics are types of teens, stages of development, decision making, tools and communication methods. What is a team? A team's defiance? A group of people who performed interdependent tasks to work toward accomplishing a common mission or a specific objective? In this lecture, we will cover three types off things process improvement teams, work groups and self managed teams. Process it with one teen's our project teams that focus on improving or developing specific business processes. These teams come together to achieve a specific goal, are guided by a well defined project plan and have a negotiated beginning and end. Workgroups or natural teams have the responsibility for a particular process for example, a department, the product line or a stage of a business process. They work together in a participative environment. The degree off authority and autonomy of the team can range from relatively limited to full self management. The approach when everybody's participating is based on the belief that employees will be more productive if they have a higher level off responsibility for their work. Self managed teams directly managed the day to day operations off their particular process off or department. They are authorized to make a decision on a wide range of issues. Such a safety quality, maintenance, scheduling, gun personnel. Their responsibilities also include. Process is traditionally held by managers such as gold setting a location, off assignments and conflict resolution teens or for significant benefits to the organization. Five of them being synergistic process design or problem solving, cross functional understanding, improved quality and productivity. Greater innovation, reduced operation operating costs, order benefits teams offer objective analysis of problem or opportunities, increased commitment to organizational mission. More flexible response to change increased ownership and still worship reduced turnover and absenteeism. 8. Teams - stages of development: Bruce Tuckman started to level of the theory on stage is often development in 1965. The idea is that every team goes through five stages off to development. This faces are forming, storming norm ing performing in adjoining. It's now explore these faces in detail. One by one, the forming stage takes place when the team first meets each other. In this first meeting, team members are introduced to each. They share information about their backgrounds, interests and experience and form first impressions off each other. They learned about the project they will be working on, discussed the project's objectives and goals and start to think about what role they will play on the project team. They are not yet working on the project. They are effectively feeling each other out and finding their way around how they might work together. As the team begins to work together, they move into the storming stage. This stage is not avoidable. Every team most especially a new team who has never worked together before, goes through this part of developing as a team. In this stage, the team members compete with each other for status and for acceptance off their ideas. They have different opinions on what should be done and how it should be done, which causes conflict within the team. As they progressed for this stage, with the guidance off the team leader or the project leader, they learn how to solve problems together, function boat independently and together as a team, and settle into roles and responsibilities on the team. 14 members who do not like conflict. This is a difficult stage to go through. When the team moves into the Norman stage, they are beginning to work more effectively. As a team. They are no longer focused on their individual goes but rather are focused on developing a way off. Working together, they respect each other's opinions and value their differences. Working together as a team seems more natural in this stage. The team has agreed on their team rules for working together, how they will share information and result team conflict, what tools and processes they will use to get the job done. In the performing stage. Teams are functioning at a virus very high level. The focus is on reaching the goal is a group the team members have gotten to know each other trust each other and rely on each other. But every team makes it to this level of Tim Group. Something stopped at Stage three nor Ming. The highly performance team functions. We have oversight and the members have become interdependent. The team is highly motivated together. Job done. They can make decisions and solve problems quickly and effectively. When they disagree, the team members can work through it and come to an agreement without interrupting the project progress. If there needs to be a changing team processes, the team will come to agreement on changing processes on their own without the relies on the team leader. In the adjourning stage, the project is coming to an end and the team members on moving off into different directions. The team leader should ensure that there is time for the team to celebrate The success of the project capture best practices for Future is also capture Lesson learned. This also provides a team the opportunity to say goodbye to each other and wish each other luck as they take on their next opportunity 9. Decide with the Six Sigma Decision Making Tools for Teams: In this lesson, you learn three decision making tools for a team brainstorming, multi vaulting, nominal group technique or N g. T. Ray Storming is a method for generating a large number off creative ideas in a short period of time. The basic version off brainstorming is sometimes called free form, free, willing or a structure brainstorming when to use it when a broad range of options is desired. When creative original ideas are desired, when participation off the entire group is desired, the materials that are needed are flip chart, pens, tape and a blank wall space yourself. Brainstorming are no criticism, no evaluation, no discussion of ideas. All ideas are valued and worthy of consideration, and all ideas are recorded. How is it performed? Well, first of all, in to review the topic, our problem to be discussed offended this best phrased as a why, How or what question. Make sure that everyone understands the subject of the brainstorm. Allow a minute or two off silence for everyone to think about the question. Invite people to follow their ideas. Record all ideas inwards as close as possible to those used by the contributor. Continue to generate a record ideas until several minutes. Silence produces no more multi voting, a decision making that thought narrows a large list of possibilities to a smaller released off the top priorities or to a final selection. Multi voting is preferable to straight voting because it allows an item that is favored by all but not the top choice off any to rise to the top. I want to use it after brainstorming or some other expansion tool has been used to generate a long list of possibilities when the list must be narrowed down. When the decision was made by group judgment, the method works like this. Each member selected the five items, or whatever number of choices is allowed. He or she thinks it's most important. Then each member ranks the choices in order of priority, with the first choice ranking highest. For example, if each member has five foods, the top choice would be rant five, the next choice for and so on until the ranking is completed. Nominal group technique, or N G. T, is defined as a structure method for group brainstorming that encourages contributions from everyone. This is not about facilitated speak agreement on the relative importance off issues, problems or solutions. Team members begin by writing down their ideas, then selecting which idea they feel is best once team members. Already, everyone presents their friend favorite idea, and the suggestions are then discussed and prioritized by the entire group. Using a point system, Ngeny combines the ratings off individual group members into the final waited priorities off the group. When to use N g. Use it. When some group members are much more vocal than others, some or all group members are near to the team. The issue is controversial or there is a heated conflict. Some group members think better in silence. This method works as follows when breast forming is done on the capture, ideas are weighted and prioritized using multi voting, for example. Typically, the solution with the highest ranking is selected as the final decision. 10. Learn the Communication Methods Six Sigma teams use: would you agree that communication is extremely important to a team and for the success off any project at any point in time, I want to see where we are in the project and what are the next steps also is essential that the points discussed in a meeting are captured in written in this lesson. We will see how these objectives are met in the next minutes. Where will therefore explore three communication methods available to a team. These are agendas meeting minutes, project status report, a generous. Would you agree that before starting a meeting would be much more effective if we knew beforehand the topics that will be discussed? This is achieved using agendas. The meeting leader is the more responsible to send the agenda for the upcoming meeting and advance so that the at least could prepare for this topics. Agendas are does the one place where the upcoming meeting objectives are captured. Meeting minutes are used to set into stone. Actually capturing written the topics discussed and agreed in a meeting. This is very important as it provides a writing reference for tracking purposes also is the place where revalidated everyone has the same understanding on the topics. 1/3 reason to have meeting minutes is to provide a reference and continuity for the people who couldn't attend the meeting in a project or a team. You could also have a dedicated person in charge of taking the meeting notes another violent approaches to take the minutes of the meeting in a sequential order. So one after the other I want to share with you now an effective structure that I use in taking the minutes of a meeting so that you can get even greater traction from your meetings. This is a template that I use with success for more than five years. You wanna have five columns to track the number off the topic. The topic description, action to be taken, the owner and the deadline. By having the actions, owners and deadline, you reach multiple goals like clarity and a sense of urgency, and you enable excellent progress during the time when you don't meet with the team. Another tip when you have senior leadership attending the meeting is to be very over that they have limited time, So what you can do is to create two tables. The 1st 1 with the top five actions to be taken below that top five table, you can create a similar one that capture than remaining come picks Living on two Project Status report. These reports are a snapshot off where things are in the project. It gives like holders a reference if the project is progressing according to the plan, if there are delays if there are risks and achieving the project objectives, the Project status report includes all the business critical. If Fort progress and risks associated with a single project, the project status report may be used to streamline communication efforts across the organization, and stakeholders make it easier. Together and Semin eight information about major elements of the project and, sure, stakeholders have all the necessary information for decision making. Amplify came messages and goes around. The project also act as a record keeper for past events, actions and decisions. What is included in a status report? This summary of work completed a plan for what comes next. Updates on budget and timeline, a project of hero status, for example, on track or at risk. Any action items or two DUIs also report on risk issues and mitigation 11. Learn the 7 Quality Tools - part 1 : Let's first see the overview of the seven quality tools. The seven tools are codes an effect diagram. Check sheet. Three. Control chart for History Graham five. Brittle Chart six. Scatter Plot seven Flow chart. Let's cover them one by one Ishikawa diagrams, also called fishbone Diagrams and Cause and Effect Diagrams. Diagrams created by cholera Ishikawa that showed the potential causes of a specific event. The most common used is to perform a deep dive and to identify potential factors causing an overall effect. Each cause or reason for imperfection is a source of variation. Causes are usually grouped into major categories to identify and classify these sources of variation. Here, I'm sharing the fish bone diagram for a re a World greenbelt project. As you can see, the causes are grouped into these major categories. All the causes lead to the head off the fish where we show the problem. Statement. We will cover this diagram in more detail in the next course. More jewels check sheet. The check sheet is a form of document used to collect the real time at the location where today it has generated. They it captures can be quantitative or qualitative When the information is quantitative. The check sheet is sometimes called a tally sheet. The defining characteristic of rejection is that the data recorded by making marks checks on it. A typical Czech shit is divided into regions, and marks made in the different areas have different significance. Data are read by observing the location a number of marks on the sheets. Check sheets typically employ beheading. That answers the five wise who filled out the Czech shit, what was collected, what each check represent, where the collection took place, when the collection to place and why did they? Tough has collected Contra chart. Country charts are a statistical process control tool used to determine if a manufacturing or business process is stable and in control. Typically, control charts are used for time. See, we stayed up. You can easily create control charts using the statistical tool called Minute Tab that we will explore in the next lesson. If the alliance's off, the control chart indicates that the process is currently under control. In other words, stable, with variation on Lee coming from sources coming to the process that no correction or change to the process control perimeters is needed or desired. In addition, data from the process can be used to predict the future performers of the process. If the chart indicates that the morning tour process is not in control, analysis off the graph can help determine the sources of variation, as this were resulting degraded process performance. This variation must be addressed, or at least explain. I'll share more control charts in the next morning as we will explore the certification project, hissed a Gram History Graham is an approximate presentation of the distribution off America , or categorical data to construct a history. Graham. The first step Mr put a range of values into buckets that is, divide the entire range of values into a Siri's off intervals and then count how many values fall into each interval. The bins are usually specified. That's consecutive known. Overlapping intervals of a variable is intervals. Me must be a decent and are often but not required to be off equal size. Mr. Grant's give a rough sense off the necessity off the distribution of the date and are used often for density estimation, estimating the probability density function off the variable. They can be created in minutes happened even in excellent. Okay, since this lesson is getting a belong I stopped here and extraordinary remaining three tools in the following lecture. 12. Learn the 7 Quality Tools - part 2: parietal chart. A Beretta chart is a type of charge of contains food bars in a line graph where individual values are represented in descending order by the bars and the community of total is represented. 5 July. The Chartist name for the part of principle, and I think you are already familiar with this rule. But if not, the principal says that for many events, roughly 80% off the effects come from 20% off the causes, as this is an essential tool for prioritization that can be used only six Seema, but also in every other aspect for the professional and even personal life. I have dedicated, ah, full lesson. So in the next lesson, we will explore in detail a case, and we will build together an excellent step by step for Inter Table, an operator chart here. I'm also sharing a porter chart used in a green bus certification project. The purpose was to prioritize on on the root causes that were discovered and decide which ones to tackle in the improved face scatter plot. A scatter plot, also called the scatter graph or scatter chart, is a type of plot or mathematical diagram using competition course coordinates to display values for typically two variables for a set of date. If the points are coded caller shape size, one additional variable can also be displayed. The late are displayed as a collection off points, each having the value off one variable. Determine the position off on the horizontal axis and the value of the other variable determining the position on the vertical axis. Scattered applause can suggest various kinds of correlation between variables with a certain confidence interval. In this scatter plot, the belt candidate tested the correlation between the primary and the secondary goal. Be aware if use this tool and find a high potential for poor relation, please don't conclude yet. Instead, analyze further to proof that the data is indeed correlated. Finally, floor chart flow chart is a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process. Ah, floor chur can also be defined as a representation, often albarino. Then I step by step approach to solving a test. The flow chart shows the steps as boxes of various kinds and their order by connecting the boxes with ours. Flow charts are used in analyzing, designing, documenting or managing a process or program in multiple fields. Iran Sharing the flow chart From the grim birth certification process There are a couple of enhancement that are visible here that you can also parade in a simpler for flow chart. Earth. You can split the teams who are involved in operating the process into different swim lays , making it easy to see where the handovers are happening. Second, you can add the time spent in operating each step, make a potential productivity and provide more targeted. All right, let's now cover step by step on how to create a part of chart and excel. 13. Pareto Skillshare: all right. I'm very excited because in this lesson, we will build together Pareto chart quality tool that Lynn 60 my champions love. I want to teach you now how to create a part of table, an apartment or chart and excellent. You can use this tool for prioritizing in your professional and even your personal life. The Beretta philosophy says that you can achieve 80% off the results with 20% off work. I'm confident that this simple tool will empower you to prioritize and get better results in any area. Here, I'm sharing the defects for laptop components in a fictional company that manufactures laptops. Given that the company budget and time are limited, which products should the company tackle to reduce the number of defects drastically and significantly improved the quality off the end product? Let's follow the steps on the screen to create the parent of table and shark. The first thing you want to do after entering or your data here and in your case you will have a different value in both of the columns is to go and sort the defects for this column B descending. So you wanna have so I got to home self sorting filters, sources that to a you want to have the highest number of defects on top. Then I will teach you off very powerful formula. And I promise you, this is the one that you can use to calculate the part 2% a gene. One step just using one formula. You will be able to do that, and this is there would make it some. And you start from the first value and you want to fix this value. And again, if you have this, then so like the 1st 1 and click on it. And now use F four to fix. There are friends and it would make sense for a plea. So you wanna have this song and you want to divide by the sum off everything. All the defects that you have here also, this should be fixed and close the bracket. All right, so, no, we going to step three. We extend the formula to all the rose by double clicking here. This plus and of course, reach 100%. At the end. We can format this 2% and I will did your shortcut so you can use control shift and five. And here you go. You have 2% that just now the admission More about this formula. So you can see here I have the some and starts from B to to beat us basically is just this self divided by everything but here received. It becomes obvious because you still start from B to, But you moved to be three. So you have the some off this too divided by everything. Let's take another case, the next one. So you have the some starting from B to which is all always fixed. But now it goes to before So some of this divided by the sum off everything. In other words, this free items these three items are causing 67% of the total defects. All right, and so on. So you here have be five, and at the end you would have be 10 on B 12. Now what you want to do is to click inside your table, your data, let's say and use the short about all on if one and you see over there chart was created. It's a column chart, exactly what we needed. But the thing is that the day town. The partner talk rough is too small to be seen. So let's follow the next steps because you have here the condoms. But you want to plot a plot, your PA little data on a line type of chart. So you go to change chart type and select combo. The one on the end come Boston's for combination and you see already you have the suggestion for the line. So accept this very important. Select the secondary access and now productor already is coming into life. All right, so we have to perform this Step six and you wanna add data labels to the line chart by selecting the line chart going to at chart Element. There's the labels above, let's say, and here ago you have also the table. You also have the chart. What is the outcome then? So by working on Lee own the 1st 2 components, the company can potentially cut the number of defects by almost 1/2 as you can see here just by working on the plastic case and pointing device. If the company will be focusing on improving only four out off 11 different components, just this first for the company can tackle more than 80% off the total defects. So here you go the particle chart made easy. It's a fantastic tool that can change your career for the better. 14. Thank You: All right, Congratulations on completing discourse. Feel free to re watch some off the lessons for very results. I am confident that this knowledge will help you tremendously in your career. If you liked this course, then feel free to continue your lens excitement training with my next material on this topic. Thanks so much for watching. And I'll see you in the next class.