Six Pack Abs Masterclass | Brad Newton | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. The Bad Advice You Must Ignore

    • 2. 2 Simple Steps That You Must Apply For Six Pack Abs

    • 3. The Practical Anatomy Of A Complete Six Pack

    • 4. 3 Simple Methods To Measure And Track Body Fat Percentage

    • 5. When Do Guys And Girls Begin To See Visible Abs

    • 6. How Genetics Impacts Abdominal Muscle Layout

    • 7. How Long Will It Take To Get A Six Pack

    • 8. The Formula For Creating A Winning Ab Workout Routine

    • 9. Brad's Favourite Ab and Core Exercises

    • 10. Ab Exercises And Back Injuries


About This Class

If you have heard or read the following myths about getting a six pack...

  • That you need to eat "special" types of food

  • You need to take special supplements to "melt" away your body fat

  • That you need to do special exercises, routines, or body hacks

  • That abs are "made in the kitchen" (I¬†wish...)

Then you need to take this course!

By the end of taking this course, you will be able to apply the precise nutrition and training strategies necessary, to get the six pack that most people are chasing- without all the BS associated with it.

  • I'll give you sample exercises

  • I'll demonstrate how to perform those exercises

  • I'll teach you how to track your body fat percentage

  • I'll give you realistic time frames and expectations

  • And more...

Come along and join me inside the course, you will love it :-)