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10 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. The Bad Advice You Must Ignore

    • 2. 2 Simple Steps That You Must Apply For Six Pack Abs

    • 3. The Practical Anatomy Of A Complete Six Pack

    • 4. 3 Simple Methods To Measure And Track Body Fat Percentage

    • 5. When Do Guys And Girls Begin To See Visible Abs

    • 6. How Genetics Impacts Abdominal Muscle Layout

    • 7. How Long Will It Take To Get A Six Pack

    • 8. The Formula For Creating A Winning Ab Workout Routine

    • 9. Brad's Favourite Ab and Core Exercises

    • 10. Ab Exercises And Back Injuries

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About This Class


If you have heard or read the following myths about getting a six pack...

  • That you need to eat "special" types of food

  • You need to take special supplements to "melt" away your body fat

  • That you need to do special exercises, routines, or body hacks

  • That abs are "made in the kitchen" (I wish...)

Then you need to take this course!

By the end of taking this course, you will be able to apply the precise nutrition and training strategies necessary, to get the six pack that most people are chasing- without all the BS associated with it.

  • I'll give you sample exercises

  • I'll demonstrate how to perform those exercises

  • I'll teach you how to track your body fat percentage

  • I'll give you realistic time frames and expectations

  • And more...

Come along and join me inside the course, you will love it :-)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brad Newton

Fitness & Travel Adventure Vlogger


Hey Everyone! Brad here.

I create fitness video courses to help you get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire your next travel adventure.

I have also won multiple fitness model/ bodybuilding competitions under a drug-tested steroid-free Federation. I’ve also helped thousands of people get into shape with my digital fitness courses.

I am also passionate about flying planes, drones, cinematography, and visual storytelling.

You can watch my fitness and adventure vlogs on YouTube:

Have an awesome day and see you inside one of my courses.




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1. The Bad Advice You Must Ignore: Let's look at some of the bad advice out there about what it takes to get a six pack. This son would be s out there that you need to do all these things in order to have a six pack. So before I moved into the class, I want to get all of that out of the way first. So all of the misconceptions, all the lies so that when you walk into the rest of this course, at least you have a clear idea of what it takes. So good. Some notes here in front of me, which all references Well, So it's common for a lot of programs out there that claim that you can have a six pack to say that you need to do special exercises all too common that if you do this thigh slimming exercise, then you'll get the six pack of your dreams. If you take this special settlement, actually, read this. If you take this special, mention the company. If you take the special supplement, you will melt away belly fats and reveal your prize possession of a six pack you for real. People are buying this. If you take a special type of stuff on them if you do a certain type of exercise, I've got notes that this is a fine looking down if you take if you do a special kind of exercise if you eat this special kind off concoction of food. So if you have this in combination with this, there's gonna help speed up the process of burning fat over the abdominal muscles. And that one's gonna bring out your six pack, my all right, and then you've got people. And I used to do this Motors in the gym annals years and years ago, making all the mistakes you can imagine was jump on that stupid I'm crunch machine. You know what I'm talking about? It's where you do crunch up crunch, crunch, crunch of the crimes. But I did hundreds of those. In fact, if we rewind the story before I even stepped into a gym when I was like 19 or 20 years old , that telling have been going to gyms for my first gym membership in 19. I used to train in my mother, but my parents was to train in my bedroom, so I said, Do hundreds of push ups 100 sit ups because as a teenage guy, all you want is bringing ABS to pick up girls when you go to the beach. And I still lived in the page in Queensland, in Australia, so that was a big deal for May. And so, you know, I did all these crunches and crutches and crunches, crunches, crunches and push ups and everything like that. And then when I eventually got a gym membership, I went straight on the crunch machine because the little Plock says that it works the AB muscles, and that makes sense, doesn't it jump on the AB crunch machine? I do hundreds of these crunches. I'm going to have ABS. Here's the truth. There's more to it than that. We'll talk. We'll get to that in a minute. But I'm here to tell you right now that the AB Crunch machine will guarantee nothing in the way of ABS and then why seem obvious. But there are still a lot of people out there right now. When I go to the gym, they on this machine all the time. It's ridiculous. You need to stop buying Daniels direct machines. You need to stop buying into the crap off. You need to have this crunch machine in your life. I haven't used in ab crunch machine for about six years. I have not used that shooting machine about six years on. I have some of the I have the strongest abs you can imagine. Also, I have to show you this. Prove it to you like this. Is these my abs? Right now? I'm not used ab crunch machine in years. You don't need it. We're gonna get to the exercises. That is most likely. Get a benefit you lighter in this series. But I don't think are hard to stop first, so there are no special exercises. The added crunch is not going to help you get the results you want doing special exercises is not gonna be eating special types of food is not the answer. Having a special type of supplement is not the answer. There are most secrets. If someone says I'm going to serve in this pdf document for all the secrets to getting a six pack wrong because there Charlotte, they're trying to trap you. They want your money. Don't buy into it. There are no secrets. There are no short cuts. It's just the truth is just the true tried and true backed in science and take it from somebody who has it is achieved it the science and all reference this a link this belies. You'll see the scientific research at the bottom of your screen, and that is. Some people claim that we need doing endless crunches that you are burning the fat that's covering the muscles but your stomach. So your abdominal muscles, you have your abdominal muscles, your abs of six pack, and then you have the fact that's covering them. And so there are claims that there, by companies that if you do enough like crunches that you'll melt away, that's these are the terms, like you melt away the fact that's covering those abs, and that's just not true based on the science. That scientific article at the bottom of your screen conclusively says that although when you are doing at crunch and that kind of thing, you are increasing the blood flow to the muscles in your abdominal region. The amount of calories of your burning in the fat that's covering those muscles in your abdominal region is negligible, so you can't make a claim based in science, that doing crunches will burn away the fat That is so obvious that it's the answer. It's just not true. And I stopped back there any reasonable, reputable, reputable science. And then these same companies will say, Well, how about you by our targeted fat loss program or a spot reduction program might weaken. You know what areas of the body do always back from? I want to lose fat from my obliques. My love handles always fat from my thighs. That's BS. Sure, it's a hard science that conclusively says that targeted fat loss is effective because there is no conclusive scientific evidence that supports targeted fat loss. In that fat loss is a whole body process. So when you were putting this off in this situation, where your calorie deficit so you're losing bat, it's a whole body process. Your body decides where that fat comes off first. You don't make that decision unless you're getting liposuction unless you having invasive surgery to have fat physically removed from some part of your body. The programs out there, which tout spot reduction of that and targeted that lost is complete bs and just another way of trying to sell you a program or a system that's gonna make you frustrated and not gonna get you the results you want. And then some people say, Well, all you need to do to build a six pack is do squats. Do lunges do overhead press do dead lifting in that kind of thing. And the truth is is that they are important in helping to build your core muscles. There is a scientific article that I've found which does claim that statistically significant that if you do those compound exercises, you're absolutely work and build your core muscles. How is doing those exercises alone will not give you the deep cuts that you want in a six pack. It just won't like for me, right? I have a six pack that I have now not because I was only doing dead lifting, only doing squads only doing lunges. I was doing all that. In addition, I was also doing targeted at work training. So is doing both combined. I was doing dead lifting and all that kind of stuff, and I was also doing Abul roll their captain's chair leg raises. I was doing air bicycles, planks and all these other pieces to directly target the abs so you can have abs without training them directly. But you're not going to be impressed with them when you start reducing body fat levels. And then some people say, Well, all you need to do is ab exercises like once you reduce your body fat percentage right down so that you can stop seeing your abs. Some people say, Well, we need to do is ab exercise and nothing else, which is also not true, because when you look at ABS, I'll show you this real quick. I'm going to be more demonstrations later on. When you look at someone's abs, you know, this looks impressive, but because I have a six pack, it's because I have the muscles that are around it. They're framing that six pack. I have a lot this development as well. I have big Stokley. I have the psoriasis muscles here. These are all the framing muscles that completes the six pack look. And to build those muscles, you need to do dead lifting squads. I bet you need to do all those exercises, not just about doing targeted AB exercises, so That's the beginning off this class. You know, the misconceptions are Absa made in the kitchen is complete bs because I don't show you a photo right now. Oh, exactly why that myth is not true. It's a myth because when you only focus on nutrition, when you only focus on absolute in the kitchen like only bring down your body fat percentage and don't go to the gym and train you absolutely don't do dead lifting. Don't do squat study lunches in that kind of stuff. You will be smaller, but you will not have the definition in your abs you want it would just be soft. And I'll show you this butter on your screen the moment I took this, but I looked at it and I was unhappy. I'm like, I can't believe this worked really hard to bring my body fat percentage down. And I have nothing I know abs to show for because I was no training. I wasn't doing direct AB training. I wasn't doing squats, dead lives And what That So I have nothing to show for as are not made in the kitchen, then made. Now, take note of this, I'm gonna finish this video with this last piece absent made by a combination off. My body Fat percentage is so when you have a body fat percentage, which is quite high men and women, when you bring that body fat percentage down, that's when you're in a position where you will see abs and see the framing muscles around the abdominal muscles. In addition, abs are also made when they're trained directly and when you do exercises such as the loans dead lifting the squats and that kind of thing. So abs amazing the kitchen and then made in the gym as well. So I hope this hasn't been informative. You have any questions? Reach out to me. Thank you very much for watching. I look forward to seeing you in another video very shortly. 2. 2 Simple Steps That You Must Apply For Six Pack Abs: listen whether to simple steps that you must apply if you want. Six. Pack abs. Tuesday's their simple, but it doesn't make it easy, and you must supply both steps. You can't just apply. Step one and Step two. You will step 271 The first step is you must reduce your body fat percentage period. Both men and women watching this youth. Your body fat percentage is too high. Then not only are your abs not going to show, but you're just not have definition in every other aspect of your body. So explains. So what that means is that you have your abdominal muscles. We'll have abdominal muscles. We have to, because abdominal muscles work to stabilize the spine. If we don't have abdominal muscles that you just snap in half, that's a simple story. But if you want your abdominal muscles to show than the fat that's covering, those muscles must be reduced. The body, your boarding, a total body fat percentage must be reduced. If you want those ABS show now, How do you do that? Well, this is where people say what Absa made in the kitchen, and that's really just a B s statement anyway because it doesn't really give us a solution . How are they made in the kitchen? What is this special types of food that I need to be eating? Don't need to chop my character certain way. Do we need to combine foods a certain way? You need to have some kind of special goji berry juice to get my abs in the kitchen. No, this is what Absa made in the kitchen means. It means that you must control your calorie intake so that you are putting your body in a negative energy balance to reduce body fat. So, in other words, you need to eat less calories. And when your body needs every day now I'm gonna throw it out there. I teach people how to do this in other courses and other classes. I have meal planning mastery. I talk about that in that cause. Six hours. I think it is. I talked about how and everything you need to do step by step by step, to reduce your body fat percentage. It's actually a really good course. I teach people how to make real plans in that cause around the food that they enjoy. The most, so you can still have your favorite food, and you can still lose weight. What? I want to call fat loss in a weight loss, but don't check it out if you're interested. Meal planning Monster. So you need to create new plans around the food that you enjoy to reduce your body fat percentage. If you don't use a meal plan, you can use mine, it darling. A smartphone application. So it is my fitness pal. And by using these applications, you can plug in calories and you can plug in macro nutrient requirements. And I again I teach all this in another course. Ultimate body two wins, right? But you just do your own research in line from a It's up to you. It's completely up to you, but I'm teaching you how it's done, and so you bring down your body fat percentage. It takes time. It takes of impatience. You're not getting it overnight, and that's why not everybody has a six pack because it does take time. It does take patients. You need to slow the strip away their body fat percentage. And what happens is that when you're on a meal plan or using my net. Die on my fitness, pal to monitor the food that you're reading so that you're putting your body in a position to burn fat. You're a negative energy balance. Then what happens is your body will start chipping away at the fat stores throughout your entire body. Not just your abs, your entire body. Remember, fat loss is the whole body process. Your body doesn't go. I'm I'm gonna lose fat from the abs because that's where you wanted to come from. Not enough. Your body will tight fat from where it feels like taking fat from. You know, it'll start taking misters depending on genetics. You have no control over this. All you have control over is controlling your calories. You know, if, for example, you're a guy watching this, you know, if you capital calories at roughly 4200 calories and you can calculate this with more accuracy yourself the view capital calories that, like 2000 calories and you set up your macro nutrient requirements so that you get like, 40% off the 2000 calories protein on like four day, 40% from carbs and 20% from fat and you plug those numbers into my net. Diarrhea on my fitness, pal. And then you maintain like you just be patient. You. What will happen is your body will lose fat from wherever chooses to lose back. It'll take fat from places and then it'll start taking fat from your abdominal region and we usually start taking fat from the top part of your abs. It will slowly make its way down, and demonstrate is for guys watching this. So what happened? I know this position for May Is that where I'm losing fat on a deep on a cut or they call it cops or calorie deficit. You'll lose fat from the other part of your abs first, and then the fat will slowly come off, and usually the last place was back. Is this area right here just for the lower part of your abs? It's the last place that you will lose fat from around here. Guys, right. That's what happens. You lose back from here, and this is the last area that will come off from that's all genetics, you know. And so girl's body 1500 calories. Or so you know that you cap yourself at. I'm just giving you arbitrary numbers. You do your own calculations. I teach people how to do this. Go check it out. We can do this online yourself. So for a woman could be 1500 calories you campus or bad and no more than you know, plus minus 100 calories off 1500 calories. Put that into minor during my fitness, pal. Give you protein nice and high. One grand per pound of body weight per day. Same with guys. One gram What great one gram of protein. The town nobody went today. Keep keep maintaining that each day, even on your rest days. Keep training in the gym, Do you? Do you have every compound lifting? We'll talk more about that very shortly and be patient. Your body fat percentage will slowly drop. That's what will happen. It will slowly decrease, and then you'll find that things start showing up. Your abs will start to reveal themselves if there will developed. If they're not well developed, you'll need to take down. Your body represents even lower so you can start to see that definition. Does that make sense if you have a very poorly developed six pack because you've never trained directly where you've never done any, become training like lunges and squats on that kind of thing. Then you might find that you need to be even lean up in terms of your body fat percentage so that you can see your muscular development with your abs of about to sneeze. In addition to that, when you are losing factory, your entire body is remember that lost the whole body process. You'll start to see definition in every other aspect of your body, not just your ass. Like you. You have definition places where you have basket clarity in places you've never had before because you're losing that. Everywhere you have vascular charity over your cars, for example, just have to see this stuff. When you start to lose body fat, you aren't just loose back five. Your abs. It comes off everywhere. The second step is really important. Is regularly that this is Kate regularly performing heavy compound white training, cardio and direct abdominal training or direct abdominal ab and core exercises, abs and core exercises. What was it that made? Really, That's just a long way of saying that you need to train in the gym or you need to train somewhere so that you're working your core so that you're working your abs and you do that through doing targeted AB training to doing targeted abs and core exercises in addition to doing heavy compound weight training as well. And you could do some cardio as well, but it's technically not mandatory. But it does help if you incorporate some cardio as well. So you're as a beginner watching this. If you're wanting a six pack, you must. I say this very seriously. You must look at incorporating the four major compound movements in your training program. I talk more about this, an ultimate body to Windsor, I hope. Absolutely Guinness Structure and training program around these major lifts, such as the dead lift. If you don't know what that is, write it down. I'm flashing up on your screen. I explain what the deadly is in that program going. Check it out. You need to look at Bob Bell squats. Check it out, flash up on your screen. You need to look at overhead. Press military press for shoulders straight up. You need to look at chest press or bench press. So these are the four major movements now there are other ones that you could do which also effective. But these like a good place to start. If you're just starting out, you need to learn how to do these exercises. If you don't know how to do them, get someone to show you get a friend to show you get a personal trainer. You need to figure it out. Watching YouTube videos. I'm telling you right now, these exercises will absolutely 100% help you. In fact, I found a research article and I'm gonna throw down below on your screen right now. Which talks about how effective doing these heavy compound exercises are building your abs and your core because everybody thinks, well, I need to do ab crunch to go, My abs. No, you don't. You need to do squats. You need to do lunges because when you're doing a squat, go to YouTube and type in hot into a squat. You're actually training your time on Your whole body is being trained as a whole body system. Your only your muscles are interconnected, that interconnected as a system in when you're doing the squat. Yeah, you're focusing predominantly on your legs and your glutes, But you're also training your core to stabilize the movement and you go down and and you come back up again. And when you're doing chest press, it's the same thing. Yeah, you are predominately tightening in your chest and your triceps, but you're also targeting other parts of your body as well. Your core is going to stabilize you so you don't lose your balance. You're working your core muscles and you don't even realize it. So that's why you need 100% absolutely include these exercise into your training program. So, you know, dead lifting, bench press squats and the shoulder press of the overhead press right, so throws up on your screen so you can see what they look like. It sounds of cardio. I don't want you doing any more than three hours a week. You don't need to do any more than three hours off cardio every week, right? Forget about spending hours now is in the gym during cardiac. You don't need to if you control. If you fall a step number one and you got credit, your planner and the food you enjoy the most. If you honestly in your heart, follow what I teach in your playing mastery. You don't. You have this. You have that six pack that you want. Ladies, you have those lines you want. You have that cool that you really want that you really proud about when you go to the gym ? I know I'm passionate about this because it's so true. If you follow step one, get two calories down. Get your point of percentage down. Step number to incorporate these movements into your training plan. You absolutely have that call that you want. That's how I've achieved mine. I have it. I know what it takes. I'm telling you right now, this steps that easy, but it does require work. It does require work. So why don't you doing any more than three hours of cardio every week Number than that? You don't have to do comedy. It's gonna open, absolutely gonna help you. But, nobleman, three hours a week off low intensity cardio a week, and then the next one is ab and core exercises. Right? You need to incorporate direct training off your abs because, yes, you need to bring your body fat percentage down. Yes. You need to do squats. One just ive impressed and chest press and all that kind of stuff. But you do need to directly trying your abs. If you want your abs to really shine, I'm gonna talk about those exercises in another video. So this has been clear up two steps. How simple. It is hot. If you have any questions, reach me directly. And I mean more than happy to help you out. Details on your screen right now. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you in the next video. 3. The Practical Anatomy Of A Complete Six Pack: everybody. Welcome back in this video any of your practical demonstration off the anatomy? A six pack. This might seem obvious, but if I show you what to look for and what looks good as a six pack on somebody, you have a better clarity about what it takes to have a six pack, not just a £6 but everything that goes with it as well. All the framing muscles that make a six pack really appealing. So I'm gonna start with my physique explaining it to everybody. So don't mind. I dropped the camera down so you can see using my physique as opposed to using photographs of other people's physics, which I will do very, very sure you want to start with my first. So as I'm doing this right now, I'm getting ready for this model. Competition will just bring that up again. So get ready for this model competition in six weeks from now. So this is now the biggest thing that I get jumped on. But the judges is having a well defined six pack. Now I've got that now and so I need to show you that because I'm not just telling everybody how to get a six pack, and it's really embarrassing if I don't have one myself. But I'm here to tell you right now that you know, this is what we get. Judge Stone is a fitness model is that we have a world above six pack. And so they're not just looking for the six pack we're also looking for. The whole package is all right, so let's get straight into the discussion off the various parts of the six pack. Now course, this is the six pack. That's obvious, but we have other elements of the six pack, which make a six pack really appealing. So we have the external blink which runs around the side. As such, we have the internal Blake Bridges and obviously can see we have the external blink. And, of course, that runs all the way down. Be careful how much I show the camera you right, so we've got this year, which is usually called V Cuts. This is a vehicle which for some guys is very pronounced and it's very much raised quite high. A. Some guys have very pronounced beat cuts, which is developed by doing a lot of AB exercises when they're raising their knees in their legs, above the hips to doing lots of leg raises and that kind of thing to really bring out the V cups. Now, some guys have a pickup that so defined, but they have development is really poor, and it doesn't look really good. So it's important that you do the right I've exercises so that you develop this entire area in symmetry. Symmetry is really important, you know? So I don't have a really big V cut, but I've got everything else. And this is perfect as a package, you know. And so if this vehicle was any bigger than what it was now, then it just looks suing without developing other parts of the abs as well. To get the six pack here, we got the V cop and with the external oblique and then you move up higher. We've got these single like muscles here, so there's nothing like muscles of the Suraj is muscles, which are the muscles which fingerlike and they really between the rib boats, right? You can see because it unless I flax you see them so this helps to frame. So you have a T V a right transfers the donor's, which kind of frames the six pack. And then we've got the surrounds his muscles over here, external bling every year as well. So the TV A ve cup acceptably surrounding muscles the six pack. It's a complete picture, right? We're not just trying to build with six pack when you're doing crunches, everybody, I want everybody to pay attention. When you're doing crunches on that stupid crunch machine, you are predominantly working the upper part of the abs and you'll see that my upper part of my abs were to stop the camera back down again. Sorry about this. You see that the upper part of my abs are actually the CEO. That's more developed than these two here, because I started my journey by doing endless crunches. And so, as a result, I over developed whatever developed upper abs. That's what happens. We need to focus on AB Crunch machines. You're only working in the top part of your abs. You need to incorporate. I'll talk more about this, the right types of exercises upcoming videos, but real quick. You know you've got your abs, which really stopped from the borough of your chest and they got away down here. Right? So this is what we're looking at. So we're talking about. And so way need to train the core muscles as well with the core muscles that wrap around. No, just your abdominal muscles that sit in front here to remember. We're looking training. This is a package. Now there are photos off. Throw this up on your screen. Right now, off guys that they don't have the TV A. They don't have that 46 pack, but they have the V cut or they've got a six pack, but they don't have with Suraj is muscles. So they've got the six pack, but they don't have this. I don't have those framing muscles which really give a six pack. A good appeal like that makes you go. What about like, That's a really awesome six. I just want that And great plates is one of the guys that I like and I was really inspired by. Here's a great physique. Don't throw photo up on your screen right now. Now that is an outstanding visit. You can see that he's abs and the whole package is there. He's got the abs. He's got the Siraj's muscles. He's got a TV. I just got the beacons for everything. And so you know, that's a great package, and he should be. He's developed that package by reducing his body fat percentage down really low. Just some temps for a guy. If you want your six pack to really show, you need to be below six by 10% body fat. For most guys, if you've got the underlying muscular development in your abs for guys and girls, then you know if you don't need to reduce your body fat percentage by nearly as much, then if you have no abs, then you can keep reducing your body pepper sage and nothing's gonna show it. Just don't have that muscular development, so you know it comes back to you during your heavy squats. You bob lunges chest first. All that, plus doing targeted AB exercises as already mentioned and saying The time goes of girls well, right, do for girls. So we'll talk about have exercised not coming videos. But it's important to realize that we need to work the core and do ab direct Direct AB Court Direct AB training exercises as well. So I hope that's this clear things up, you know? And then you clear up what looks good having a six pack. So just that six pack that's about the framing muscles around. It is no different. Having a picture I have a picture on my wall is so different having a picture on your wall and it's got a frame around it. You know, having a picture in your with no frame can completely change how that picture looks. And the moment for a framer in that picture can make that picture really beautiful or really terrible, like even a she, even a she framed could make a good picture of terrible. So the frame is just as important as the picture itself. You know, the all these muscles around the six pack just important, as important as a six pack itself. So thank you so much for watching baby questions. Reach out to me. The details on your screen Thank you so much, but I'll see you in another video 4. 3 Simple Methods To Measure And Track Body Fat Percentage: So let's talk about the three simple methods that you can use to track and measure your body fat percentage as a man or woman watching this. The 1st 1 is you can use Body fat percentage charts flashed up in disgrace for both men and women. You see that these charts are good guides. If you want to estimate your body fat percentage without spending any money going and buying caliber on which you talk about next four going NVIDIA Dexter scan, which will talk about as well. So on your screen right now is a body fat percentage, child or not. Show the one for men first, and then we'll get to the women afterwards. So you will see that this supreme guide, which you can use to estimate what your body fat percentage is now because it has already mentioned in a previous video that it's essential a step number one. Remember that you need to bring your body fat percentage down. You need to reduce your body fat percentage if you want abs or deltoids or carbs or external obliques, where you're the Siraj's muscles, whatever you whatever it is you want exposed so people can see it. You need to bring your whole body fat percentage down. Remember, is not a target of that loss. It's about whole body fat walls. We need to bring it down. We need to reduce your body fat percentage before we do that. It's good to know where you are right now, right before we can figure out where did you want to go? Which is you want a six pack? That's why you signed up to this course to figure out how to get one. But we need to establish where you are now. So how long did the child on your screen is? A man and your city? And I'll just use my phone because I got the child on my phone and I'm referencing Matt, is that we've got super lean top left hand corner. The guy's a bodybuilder, 3 to 4% body fat, right, competing, getting ready for a competition, getting ready to get on stage as a bodybuilder, 3 to 4% body fat. And the next one is 6 to 7% body fat, which again is competition level Levels of body fat is probably bodybuilding. We're probably doing physique and then The next one is 10 to 12% body fat, which is probably more fitness model level. Right? And then as we move down through the rose, we've got 15 2025 so on and so forth. So if you're watching, this is a guy and you're like, Well, I'm definitely 40% above if you're, you know, in that bottom road, like if you're in the two. I guess if you're from 20% 25% onwards as a guy, then you know you absolutely need to bring your body fat percentage down. If you bring your body fat percentage down, then you'll get to see your abs. So this is like just a rough guide. Now, this child is not accurate, like you might get to as a guy watching this, you might be 35% body fat. Now, you might be 40% body fat now or above, and you might get to 15%. And then you might look at this child and go. I look nothing like that guy in the photo. And the reason being is because, you know, we're just looking at Body fat percentage alone. The chart you know these guys look the way they do at these body fat percentages because they have a certain amount of underlying muscular development. So, for example, if you are 67% body fat as a guy and you've never lived Dumbo in your life, you're not going to look like the guy at the very top There in the middle of 67% body fat, this guy 67% body fat he trains are lots. If you've never picked up a dumb bell, if you've never done a squat in your life, you're not look like that. At 67% body fat, you just won't. You just be you'll be smaller. But you want me to find you won't be ripped to be unimpressed. If you like that photograph I showed you before, I'm gonna flash back up on your screen again. That was me. Low levels of body fat, no definition to show for. Okay, so that's remember we talked about step number one. You bring your body fat percentage down. Step number two, you need to lift heavy things behind. Otherwise you don't have the underlying muscular development. So this chart is a good guide. It doesn't cost anything. It's up on your screen or flash it back up again. Take a snapshot of that usual phone. Take a snapshot of a boy. You could go to my website and you get down like this job from my website as well. And you can use it as a guide now for women. Because the ladies, that super cane, right, we'll get to the ladies now. Now the ladies, the ladies, you'll see that we again we have the bodybuilding woman top left hand corner who has a six pack. Most women don't want the six pack look, so they slide across and are quite happy at 15 to 78%. Have you ever look 15 70% in the photo? Looks quite good, shields quite toned. She's not overdeveloped, she's not too hard. And so that looks like a more achievable target and it is 15 to 17%. Body fat is definitely more achievable, and it's definitely more maintainable as well. To remember at tender tow, opposite body fellas, a female, you know you're getting to a stage where you're getting ready for a competition and your levels of body fat, which I'm not sustainable, and you only sustain them for the competition. And then you bounce back out of that again and put on some more body fat. But again, same thing applies with women. If you haven't got the other underlying muscular development, you're not gonna look like you know the girl that 15 to 17% body fat, which, by the way, these women at 10 12% 15 to 17% body fat, probably. And I would say most likely 99% certain they're lifting very heavy weights. This is a good guide now, as a woman, if you're watching this and your 45% or you know any body fat percentage that you are not happy with example, you might look at this and go while I'm 30% or 25%. And I just want to get down to 15 789 and 20% body fat. Fantastic used this child as a guide, but don't expect that when you get to 78% and you don't look like the girl in the middle at the top, that you get upset. Remember, you need the underlying muscular development as well. I would like to go in the photo. So 78 15 16 17 90 up to 19% body fat for a woman is what women would classified as a nice toned physique that is definitely achievable and certainly maintainable. About the only way to get there is through correct dieting. So nutrition. Remember stuff one. Bringing calories down on a meal plan using minded diarrhea, my fitness pal and talk about this in I'm planning Monster. If you get on my website, go and check it out. Meal planning mastery right. You'll get there if you follow a bill plan like I do like these women do. And for guys are gonna quickly flash back to your you'll think just for just a moment. You know, if you guys you can quite, you can quite easily get down to 10 12 13% body fat and be happy. I was maintaining my body fat percentage around 12 30% body fat, and I had a physical like that guy there similar exactly the same but somewhat to him, and I was very happy maintaining that what you guys are happy with like 10 11 12 13% body fat provided you've got the underlying muscles will remember on DSO 678% just becomes a little bit too difficult to my time. Right now, I'm singing about 8.3% body fat right now. But the camera, this is 8.3% warning. Now that's what it looks like on May right. I want 3% body fat. And you know, guys, remember, if you want that complete picture, the Siraj's muscles really start showing out at some 10% body fat, so you'll see on the chart on your screen. This guy, as a lot of muscular development, tended to office in 25. He has psoriasis development and the external links as well. A lot of guys don't have that 10% body fat. I didn't have a syrup tous development attend tow opposite body. So this guy, he's being lifting heavy weights for a while. So he's got very nice underlying muscular development, in my opinion, and so remember, you need to lift heavy weights. You need to do direct ABS and core training exercises to build out that muscle. To build out the Surat is muscle to build out the ABS and so forth. So this is God. Only the 2nd 1 I will talk about is the AK you. Measure 3000. This is a simple Calabar. You could buy this, actually buy this off my website and they will go through the Amazon. Now, I put this up on my website for South. This is authentic Documentation 3000 Super cheap devised. 20 bucks or something like that. I use have been used this for years and it cost 20 bucks. Cost nothing. And be careful because there's the authentic one. And then there's the fake one that's getting around as well. One of my website is authentic. This is the authentic one. So this is very simple to use. I'm not going to explain how to use it in detail in this video. I'm actually going to supplement in the next video. I'm gonna show you how to measure with this, but very quickly. This is what it looks like. So we have a scale inches millimeters and we have a slider right here. And then we've got a notch where that clicks into You can see that. And so you're essentially holding it like this. And then what happens. This is the skin, for example that clicks. When that clicks, you release the pressure. What that are quickly show. I'll spend 30 seconds, but then I'll show you the video afternoon would go to a full demonstration. So essentially you wanna pick an area the right side of your body, and you want to pick it around here and you set the sky like this. You grab a decent amount of skin, and the fact that we're measuring is directly below the skin and it's above the muscle. So that's where most of the fat stored. So then we do this. It's a hearing click and then we measure it. No, today are measuring eight. Don't explain why in just a moment. So again, I'm gonna measure this. Drop the cover back. Technical. I'm sorry about this. And eight and eight, would you explain this is just a moment. Eight. So what we're doing is we're grabbing a caliper measure off the super really excite belly bottom. About an inch and 1/2 above our hipbone. It's around this area. It doesn't matter if it's not precise. Just grab around this area on an angle downwards in line with the belly button. So this up, pinch taking days, Amanda scheme with fat, you hear a click? Stop. That's eight. What I do is take to several of these samples and then I take the average, but in this case would be measuring 888888 Now, last week, when I last did this was measuring 6666666 Today, imaging a eight. Something happened yesterday, which I haven't mentioned. Teoh. I knew that this would blow out. And this is a very important piece of warning for you right now, because if you don't understand how to use this, your results are going to be inaccurate. What happened yesterday was I had a Hying Cobb day because I'm getting ready for a competition in six weeks from now on. My meal plan, I am to have 303 150 grams of Cobb on a high Cobb day. I had 3 50 probably close to 400 grams of carbs yesterday. That's a lot of cops. So what happens is if you have too many Cobb's, I'm going a little bit of a tangible. I'm gonna come back to the punch line in just a second. You're too many carbs. You're glycogen, will fill in your muscles, and then we'll start to overflow, something they call spillover. So what I've got is what they call carb spillover. Cover hydrates, spillover. It's where your muscles can no longer absorb glycogen and water. It's when you taking cover hydrate, your body will say, Could you need also more high hydration as well? So what happens is you got this glycogen and this water, which is not absorbed by the muscle. It kind of sitting between the muscle and the skin. So you have this kind of really soft look, and so it's actually, if that's really soft, you know, you probably you probably can't see the difference, but I know my physic very well. This is very soft, and what that is is a glycogen, and the water hasn't been drawn into the muscle cell. It's a overflowing. And so I have this very soft physique, even though I've got a six pack or whatever. What happens is that this has got to reflect on a reading, and so I've literally going from 6 to 8 and literally just by having ah high carb meal. So when you're using, this is the punch line. When you're using the occupation 3000 when any pinch an inch, make sure it's not the day after you have a cheap meal. No, the day after you go to a restaurant and have a meal that is full off, you know, is sodium or full of salt because you're going to retain more water and it's gonna throw this out. Now, I know I've picked a really bad time to do a course about having a six pack, because I'm actually very bloated today. Like I have that spillover. As I mentioned, I'm still come still lean, but this will pass by tomorrow to expect two days, 23 days to flush excess blockage it out of the system that might be hanging around between the muscle on the skin. So make sure you use this. It's, you know, middle of the week. Wednesday, right, and you don't first thing in the morning and you don't before you go to the June right. I've already been to the gym. It's like four o'clock in the afternoon, and yesterday was a high carb day, so I picked the wrong time to use this right now, but I'm doing it as a demonstration only so I can show you how to use a. And I just needed to be aware little the wig. And before you go to the June 1st thing in the morning, the variables, the same mission, the same spot and used the charts. Once you have that measurement here, then you're going to the chart, which this comes with the child Provide. This from our website, comes sent to you with a chart. And there's one child for men, one child for women. Make sure you that, right, what could be different? And that's what you do it. And then that's only leave that at that. Discussed more about this in another video. The third thing I want to mention real quick. The third way you can measure your body Pepper sage is more expensive is the decks of scan D. E X. A all throb when your screen is an X ray machine, scanned your entire body and will tell you exactly how much body fat you have, how much muscle you have. It'll tell you how much lame ass you have, how much muscle. You have your left on your right. Your left leg is very detailed. Usually cost about 70 bucks from a clinic. It is expensive, but I do suggest that you get one before you start a weight loss program. And after you finish a weight loss program so you can compare the before and after. And so, as I said, you will get a report. I'll throw this up in your screen. I had this Texas can done probably about three weeks ago. It was like literally two days before I stepped on the stage from my first ever competition on the fifth of March, so that I had that scanned on. I think of the third of March for the second of March 7 2008 and you see those 8.3% body fast. Now I am still about 8.3% body fat, even though retaining more water now, which, of course, that's just waterway, no fat mass. So debt to scares is when you can get done as well go to Google type indexes scan your local area still comes up 70 bucks. It's worth it. Get as a once off as a bit of education for yourself, so quickly wrap this up. You have the body fat percentage child's, but you can use as a guide man or woman and use it as a guide. Only you can use the ACU Mission 3000 which I've been using for years. Make sure you buy the authentic one if you want. You bought up website directly, and I sell these off my website and all third option is you can go and get a dexter scan done, which is more expensive, but it will give you a more accurate, complete picture off. What is going on with your physic? How much muscle you have, how much I hope this has been helpful. Thank you very much for watching. It's a little bit longer than usual. Hi. Because in value from it. And I'll see you in another video 5. When Do Guys And Girls Begin To See Visible Abs: So when did guys and girls really start to see a six pack? What body fat percentage will you start to see? A six pack is a guy or ago. It's a good question. It's one that I do get every now and again. And the truth is, it depends like it's homicide. It really depends on your underlying muscular development. I can tell you as a guide high if you just get really laying down to 12.376% then you're gonna have all of your abs in your surroundings, muscles and your TV A and everything's gonna pop out. And for a woman, I can't just say if you had 19% that you're gonna have those three vertical lines that most women aspire to have. I just can't say that The truth is, though, generally speaking, you know, for women will start. Let the ladies first is that when you hit a body, Pepe sit around 17 between sort of 16 17% up to like 19% even 20% depending on your underlying muscular development is usually the sweet spot that most women are happy to achieve in their physique. You know, if you ask a woman If you were to show No. If I want to show you a line up of girls like I guess the body campuses child, I'll show you In the previous few videos which one inspiring to achieve most women, women would go for the body Peppas aged between 15 to 16 or 15 to 18 90%. And you know what? The exact percentages is Very individual. You know, you shouldn't really. It's nice to be. It's nice to have a number that you're aspiring to achieve that at the end of the day comes down. It looks like at the other day, like when a competition level judges don't care about what your body fat percentages. They care about how you look that I cared about 8.3% body fat. They just care that I have a six pack because you could be 8.3% body fat and you can have an unimpressive six pack. And so it doesn't matter if you're I 60.3% or 38.3%. If you don't have impressive six pack, it doesn't really matter. So use the body fat percentages as a guide only as a reference markup. Don't swear by like a religion that it's going to dictate every single thing that you do have a goal that's concrete that's measurable by having a body fat percentage in mind. But do you realize that it's not going to be fixed? You might get. You might think yourself is a guy you might think. Well, I want to get to 38% body fat. I want to get to 9% body fat. But what happened is when you apply step number one, which is to reduce your calories down and to send a few macronutrients using meal plans and that kind of stuff. Talk about four and you get down to 9% or 10%. And you go. Actually, I don't like this look. In fact, I don't I don't even have any abs. And then what you find is that this is exactly what happened May was that I started to, you know, do more weight training and the exercises that I talked about. Remember that bench press you ever had pressed? Lunge, squat, those kinds of things, and I'll throw that up on your screen, having already going. Check those out and doing direct AB exercises. Abou rollout. Captain's chair, leg raises, a bicycles, that kind of stuff. When I started doing all that bend, I started to see my six pack at, like 14% body fat, 50% body fat. So I was then able to see my my six pack and even greater body fat percentage levels because I even had even greater levels of underlying muscular development. Where is when I got to remember 9 10%? I had nothing. Nothing was unimpressive. It's a numbers mean nothing. At the other day there great as a guide, but at the other day is paying Look in the mirror. You know, if you don't like what you see in the mirror, no number is going to save. You know, no must get help you. It's gonna make you feel even mawr like shit because you're you will then come back to me. Say, Brad, what you said about body fat percentages doesn't just doesn't it's not true. But I'm saying to you right now use it as a guide and then go from looks You don't like the way you look. You need Teoh. If you get to 10% is a guy and you're not happy with your abs, you need to stop bulking. In other words, you need to go into a meal plan and more calories, more calories when your body needs. Remember calories service, eating more calories when your body needs, you need to lift heavy weights consistently. A structured way training program around dead lifting squats, overhead press and lunges and that kind of stuff. And then on top of that targeted AB training exercises on top of that, but about your abs and your core and it consistently high amounts of proteins and one gram one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day, even on rest days being a calorie surplus. Do this for about three months or four months. Your body fat percentage will increased completely normal. And then when you get for a guy, when you get to about 20% body fat Ben, you'll stop cutting again so big in a calorie deficit where you're eating less calories and when you put it needs every day, you keep your protein levels nice and high. Your structural. This in a meal plan so they try and memorize everything I'm telling you. Just rewind the video if you need to also talk more about this in great detail in meal planning. Mastering. I know. I keep mentioning it because it works. I use it all the time. I use moonlighting mastery every day. When I get ready for fitness model competition, I use meal planning mastering. So I know it works. I believe in the product, so get onto it. And so I teach people how to maintain a negative energy balance of loose bat and how to maintain a positive energy balance to build muscle. I go into more of this, done it on going a little bit off track. But it's sick ways back into if you get down to 10% body fat as a guy and you're not happy with the absence you have like they're too small. They're not developed enough. You don't happy with them. Then you must apply everything I just mentioned. You have to, and then you have to come back again. By reducing a body fat percentage down, you have to do a full bulk and then a full cup. Bring that body pepper said is down again and I can guarantee you like I can almost guarantee you you'll be much more impressed the next time around. As I said, I was a 10% body fat, and I wasn't happy. I was like their honor. Abs, look at the body fat percentage. China, like I have no abs. 10% body fat. Nothing. I want that picture on your screen right now. Nothing that I bought that I can't that I got down to 14 50% body fat and I started to see ABS. I never saw this before. Now I'm at 8.3% body fat. They could see everything, and I'm happy with what I got. So the same concepts applied women. You need to build that underlying muscular. You need to do core exercises and ab engaging exercises to really bring out your lines in your Corp. So I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to me directly. I'll throw my details up on your screen right now and you'll be able to reach me directly if you have any questions about anything I've just talked about in this video, dont hesitate contact mean thanks very much. And I'll see you in the next video 6. How Genetics Impacts Abdominal Muscle Layout: a little about how genetics can impact your muscular development or annual abs. And this is important because I didn't know this when I first was going through this journey off chasing a six pack because I looted guys that had six packs. And we're like, I just want a six pack like lattes. And the truth is, is that you know they have a certain genetic disposition to have a six pack the way that I see it. And the reality is that you know you don't need special genetics to have a six pack. Anybody can have a six pack if you just apply what I've talked about in this video. Siri's. However, the look up your six pack will vary depending on your genetic makeup. So for some people, they can't have a six pack because the genetics doesn't allow them to have a six pack that can only have a four pack a day or four muscles for dominant muscles. Some people can have a PACs. They're locking. They've got an extra to have an AIPAC. Some guys will have a six pack or a full pack or a pack, and they're not symmetrical. So that out of symmetry, you know, and that's all. Genetics is no control. I have no control over this. You can be. You do everything perfect with your diet with you. Nutrition in all the best food in the world, you can train exactly as I explain in this video, Siri's and not have the symmetry that would make for perfectly looking. Six pack. It's still a little good. Don't get me wrong People that have six packs that are not in symmetry. I still look really good. I still really shredded, and it is something to absolutely aspire for. But don't be disheartened, because there's nothing you can do about it. You can do. Remember genetics, always pie role in everything you do with your physique at all times. But you know you can only maximise those things you have controlling. You have control of the nutrition, and you have control of your training and you have control. A B had direct this thing up here. Your mind. They persisted, being patient without lovely stuff. Always talk about that so many people have, so I'll show you. I'll show you a quick I'm super lucky that I have. I have a symmetrical £6 it's because of my genetics. So again, right, this is completely symmetrical, completely symmetrical, completely symmetrical, but said some guys have this six pack kind of out of alignment. There's nothing they could do about it. Off course. Nutrition controls have a funny that you have calories in calories, out macro nutri ratios in that kind of stuff I talked about and then the development of these muscles and his psoriasis muscles and your Blakes and your biceps and everything else comes down to what you do in the gym. You train core exercises, heavy compound lifting, all that kind of stuff. Were you told to go? But symmetry? You have no control over that. So I need to bring this to your attention So you don't get this house and when you so you don't get disheartened when you look at some photographs of guys that have six packs and you use them in your vision board and get upset that you don't have what they have. Okay, focus on don't focus on the exact six pack that you want on your vision board. That's what I did. You want to focus on getting your body fat percentage down your total overall body fat percentage. Remember? And you want to work on, you know, those major lives and your AB exercises. So that was clear. Thank you very much for watching you have any questions? Like always reach me directly. My details are on the screen right now. I'll see you in another video. 7. How Long Will It Take To Get A Six Pack: Another question I often get when it comes to getting a six pack is how long will it take to get a six pack? It's crazy. It's actually one of the most common questions I get. And I always tell people the honest truth. I don't know. I have no idea. That's the honest truth. And if someone tells you that you can have a six pack in a week or a month or three months , they're lying. They don't know. They're just pulling numbers out of the air there, just pulling arbitrary numbers so that you are hearing what you want to hear. And it's a live we don't know if a short nobody knows for sure. What I do know for sure is that it won't take nearly as long as you think it is, provided you follow what I teaching this course because it means that you now know that you need to reduce your body fat percentage that you need to work on this certain exercises in the gym. If you can work on that, be persistent, it won't take you years. It's not gonna take you weeks. It's gonna take you months, but it's not going to take years if you don't follow what I'm teaching this course, you probably never have a six pack, so you probably never have won. It could probably take years before you maybe come back to this video. Siri's and I, Brad was actually writes. This is what it takes. So realistically, it doesn't take years. If you follow the right strategies like what I teaching this course will not take you years . There's not gonna take you weeks. It's something to take you six weeks to get that six pack that most people want that they're impressed by, and not just a six pack because you can have a six pack and not be impressed by it. You can reduce your body fat percentage down, which, remember, if you are depending on what your body fat percentage is now, it could take you. You know, it could take anywhere from, you know, two months to four months to bring your body fat percentage down to arrange. That's conducive off seeing a six pack, but then you might go from 30 something percent body fat. Down to 15% body might have your body fat percentage in three or four months and go. You know what? I don't even have any muscle because you've never lived with a dumbbell in your life. So that means you've got to stop training in the gym or training somewhere with heavy weights, and then might take you another three months to build up your muscular development. Not just your abs and core, because it's gonna look ridiculous if you don't train any other part of your body and you only train your abs and your core, that's going to look really stupid looking at somebody that just has abs and no development anywhere else in the biceps and triceps. That's why when I talk about having a six pack, I talk about it as a whole body process that your your emphasis will always be your compound movements. Always, that's gonna be the underpinning aspect of your training course of your weight lifting program. You know, bringing your calories down and my entire negative energy balance, bring your body percentage down and incorporate heavy weight training. This all could take six months. It could take eight months. It could take you with 12 months off, doing everything right before you finally get to a position where you are genuinely happy with this. Expect that you have in mind only taking three months. You know, if you could say that you've been lifting weights, you could be lifting dumbbells and doing barbell sports dead lifting. You might. You might be doing that. You might have done that for three years and you might have done Abul rollout Captain's chair leg raises. But it could be that your body fat percentage is too high and all you need to do as a man or woman is reduce your body fat percentage and you have impressive abs. And I was saying that as well. I've seen cross the people that you know being doing CrossFit for years, and they don't have abs in the moment they bring in their body fat percentage. I've seen this. They have impressive abs. And for a woman having an Impressive Corp it has taken them, you know, no more than 2 to 3 months off. Just reducing their body fat percentage is down. Is there already got that underlying muscular development through during years of CrossFit ? So the bottom line is that there's no definitive answer, and I'd be lying to you If I said that Waas, it just depends. If you're already trained in the June while outside the gym and you've been training for a number of years and you don't have a six pack, it could be that you've got a body fat percentage problem on. All you need to do is bring your body fat percentage down so that you could start to see all that work you've been doing for years. But you have nothing to show for it because it's been hiding under all those layers of fat , so it could take you few months. What could be You've never lived to the Dumbo, and it could take you torments. So I hope this is clear. It's honest, it's brutally honest, but I don't want you to walk away with false pipes. You have the truth, so if you have any questions, you can always send me any amount. Maybe if you wanted to, you could send me photos of your busy. I can have a look at it. I give you a better idea, but again, it's highly individual. And don't focus on how long it's gonna take. You do everything right you want taking more than four months? Not in 10 years. I'm telling you now, if you do everything writes, never lived in a dump bill in your life. Do you have right abs? Mustard troubles? Absolutely less than 12 months yet, right, abs, you are. You have to do the work for a time. It doesn't come easy. So thank you so much for watching very questions. Reach out to me. You are awesome. I'll see you in another video. 8. The Formula For Creating A Winning Ab Workout Routine: Welcome back, everybody. I'm gonna give you a formula for a winning AB routine and work out a cool workout. And it is not the only one out there. I mean to that it's off the best one you could possibly. There is no best work, our team. But there are workout routines for your ABS or your Corp. Which are more effective than others. So the one that will give you is very effective. In fact, first of what I'll do is own a flash up PdF on your screen right now. So what I suggest to do is you take a screen shot of that with you fired to take a photograph of it, and I'll give you a list of exercises that you can do that you can choose from and which have found in science to be more effective and others. And so they didn't studies on this, and I found that soon AB exercises actually engage your core mawr than other types of exercises or core exercises so that pdf's should be up on the screen. Now take a photo of it, and you're gonna use this is kind of a selection tool for creating your own at workouts, but I want to give you the formula in this video so that you can take the exercises from that. PDF. I need to slot them into the formula now in using this formula for years, and it's a formula that I like. And not only do I like it, but also it's produced great results from May. Remember, as a fitness model, competitors with an ab region that I'm very happy with. I want to share what I do and what I've been doing with you as well. So I use my phone is a reference point, but what you'll do is that you will select to body weight exercises from that list, preferably from the top of that list. Somewhere at the top of that list, you get us like two of them. Even if you don't have it, do them. We have this wonderful thing called you chewed where you can go to and you could type in the name of the exercise, followed by how to and then somebody on there will show you how to do it. That's how I learned. I'm. For example, the AB will roll out. Was exercise that I didn't know what I don't even know what Awas So I went to YouTube. I was like, how to use the ab Rohloff. And then, of course, someone was doing it and I tried to do it like this is too hard. And so it was like, Screw this stupid thing, I'm not gonna do it. And because it's too hard doesn't mean there is no effective problem. You find that the most difficult exercises are the most effective ones. So just taken a baby step at a time, this small steps. So the first thing I'll do it looks like to body weight exercises from the pdf. And then you get to select another exercise, which is gonna be white. It it's an exercise that you're gonna be adding white to, and I'll explain the reasons for that in just a moment. So I'm gonna use my thing. I'm gonna throw it up on your screen as well. Formula. So you got the pdf already you picked to body weight X exercises and then one waited Have exercise. Now, remember, Ah, body weight exercise can also be waited as well. For example, if you decided to do the captain's chair leg raise. Then you can do that using your body weight, just using your legs. Or you could snatch await a plate or a dumbo and between your feet, and you can use that. And now the captain's chair leg raise has gone from being a body weight exercise to being awaited exercise so that that can work as well. And then what you do is your start your ab routine by doing your body weight exercise, the one they've selected until value. So, for example, if you're doing you're starting off by doing air bicycles. You're going to do their bicycles until you can do any more their bicycles anymore. So you gonna go until filed until you physically can't do it. And that's gonna be different for everybody. If you decided that you want toe plank, for example, then you will get a plank for as long as you can and have a stopwatch. Time yourself. And that way you can try and get yourself the following time, so you want to go for long as you can until foul. And then when you do your viewers off 30 seconds of rest, that's it. The new seconds of rest. A maximum of one minute, but 30 seconds. Arrest. Don't go too easy on yourself. And then what we'll do after your rest, period is you're gonna go straight into the next body weight exercise that you've got in your list. So, for example, if you start with air bicycles, you go into a foul, you dear Bicycles until Fowler, 30 seconds rest. And then you go into the next body when exercise that you might do for ABS. And then when you do, you'll do that until failure, and then you'll give yourself another 30 seconds arrest. And they know what you do is your God do the weighted AB exercise. So the exercise, we're adding weight to the exercise, okay? And then you'll do that for a number of reps. You can see it soon. Do that for about 10 to 12 repetitions, and then you need just like the weight that will produce. You know, 10 to 12 rests for that particular exercise for your abs for your core region. And then when you do is you give yourself about 2 to 5 minutes arrest or 3 to 5 minutes of rest, and then you're gonna go back into it and you're gonna repeat that entire cycle from the very top you're gonna go back into anyway. Exercise number one until 5 30 seconds. Arrest, body weight, exercise number 2 30 seconds. Arrest. Then you're going to do wait. It awaited exercise. Then you use off 2 to 5 minutes of rest, and then you go back to the top and you'll repeat this cycle 3 to 4 times. That's it. 3 to 4 to it. I say that it is challenging, but you'll repeat that cycle 3 to 4 times. And what we'll do is that you'll do this routine three times a week, three times a week. You will be training your abs. If you have underdeveloped abs, you're happy with your abs. You know, if you're relatively new to training 2 to 3 times a week is what you can do for me. Personally, I'm training abs like once a fortnight because I don't need to build my abs anymore than Web, where they are now, some happy without now. But once your hats and when you're happy with your app development, then of course you get scowl back training but in the beginning stages of all this, you'll need to look at you do two days a week. If you do two days a week off direct ad slash core training, then you could say a Monday and a Friday session or a Tuesday and Thursday. Give your abs 12 days. Rest complete. Rest like we're not training them directly. Some people train abs every single day. Forget about it. They don't do that's not gonna work for you. Don't do the AB Crunch machine 3456 times a week like daughters times a week. But remember the AB crunch whenever I mention the AB Crunch machine is not the most effective machine in the gym for working your abs and your core. You know I'm going to go into my workout routine that I do for my abs in another video coming up. But right now I'm telling you, I haven't used the AB crunch machine for about three years like that's how unimportant it is in the scheme of building abs. It is oversold, but under delivers. If you're familiar with late night TV commercials, the AB crunch machine is like the pony off the whole workout system because it gets all the attention. You know, it gets all the Faneuil the limelight, but it will do nothing. It'll do some work. Don't get me wrong. You get some results. But I can assure you right now, take this from my experience, I've been on that crunch machine when I was younger, as I'm gonna get you nearly the results that you could get if you go to the pdf and go to the top and go and use exercises from the very top of the pdf on that list. So training 2 to 3 times a week you can do once a week, but you can do up to three times a week. Try and give yourself one day of rest between ab training sessions and important. Very important. When you doing waited at exercises, you must We're gonna progressively. I've alighting the muscles of your abs. So, for example, if you are snatching, if you're doing the captain's chair leg brace and you have a dumbbell between your feet and the dumbo is eight kilograms, for example waiting number one. You wanna work to get that Dumbo up to 10 kilograms by the following week for the same number of repetitions. That's what you want to do. Remember, 10 to 12 wraps that every week you're trying heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier with weights. You're lifting because if you don't remember, your abs are no different than any other muscle in your body. If you want your muscles to get bigger and stronger, you must progressively overload them. This is my cardinal rule off building muscle, whether it be your biceps, whether it be your carbs, you're quiets or your abs. Your abs are no exception. If you do not add weight over time, they will not get beyond. Someone just threw a cigarette on my balcony. There you go, so they will not get bigger. So you must. Progressively, either. Life must like if you take nothing else away from this video. If you want defined abs or defined core as a woman, you must progressively I will end your muscles. I keep repeating myself. It is really important. So that's it. Holding film, asshole. If you have any questions, send an email Brad at sick fit life dot com Change the out of my website. I had everybody's questions. And if you have any questions, of course. Just send me the mouth. I'm more than happy to help you. Hope this is helpful. And I'll see you in another video. Thank you for watching. 9. Brad's Favourite Ab and Core Exercises: Hi, guys. Welcome back. Now, this might seem unusual. I'm on the floor in my lower Andrew and I'm gonna share with you in this video my favorite AB developing exercises that I've been doing for years now. And it's certainly the reason one of the major reasons why I have the absolute have now is because I'm consistent with my training and these are pretty much exercises that have been doing for the last few years. And of course, you know, talk about the importance off doing direct ab training, But it's also essential, as I mentioned before, that you incorporate heavy compel weight training into your overall program. So, like for me, what I demonstrated these exercises to that I do to build my abs. I need to mention as well that you know the development of my core. And my abs also comes from doing exercises such as the barbell squat doing exercises such as the overhead press, doing the bench, press, doing the dead lift. You know, these are major exercises that have really helped not just a build, you know, my back on my chest, on my shoulders and my legs, but also to build my entire physique as a whole. Remember, when you're doing heavy compound exercises such as the lunch, you're not just training your legs and your blues. You're quite in your hamstrings and your carbs. You're also training your core and all the stabilizer muscles right for your body. And and that's what's missed. And that's what's important as well. So, as I said before, if you want to be successful in doing a great set of abs or Grant core, then you must will get incorporating those exercises as well. Remember, we're talking heavy compound exercises, and what I mean by that again is that you're working multiple muscle groups simultaneously . That's what it means multi joint exercises. So multiple muscle groups simultaneously. So this video will show the direct AB exercises that I do to train the ABS directly, and then I'll come to some 40. It's that I've taken in the gym because I don't have this. My apartment is not my gym, unfortunately, so I'm only gonna demonstrate the wheel, the role Teoh and then I have to cut gym for each other. People shop for May, and you'll get to see the other exercises that I do as well. Someone through a freaking cigarette on my balcony is rolling around outside. So you ready for this? One more thing before I start doing this is that you need to be consistent with your training. Like you need to be consistent with training your aps and what I mean consistent. I mean, training your abs to at least twice a week now for me, I mentioned this is a previous video that I don't train my abs that often anymore. The reason being is because once you get to a point where you happy with your that certain muscle group, then there's no need. Teoh. Train it as vigorously anymore, you know, still train it, but, you know, training as vigorously. So if you're just starting and you don't have the underlying muscular development for your abs for your core and you have a weak cord, then you should consider doing this. That just exercises to three times a week. And you can do that at the end of your training sessions, for example, that you're doing a legs day. We're doing barbell squats or lunges or whatever are going bridges or what if you want to do it for your points in your legs. Then you can add being ab specific training to the end of those said. That's what I do. If I'm doing abs, I'll do my dead lifting or doom or my compound movements and then at the very end, or finish off with this guy over here, Right? So that's what I suggest you do it now, Have a position camera very shortly. Okay, So firstly, all will be doing the AB rollout to demonstrate to out stuff that, of course, I've been doing this for years. What's great about this contraption is that you continue to pop and you can travel with overseas If you're crazy, like may, right? I mean, traveling with this for, you know, maybe four years now, through four years, I take this with me everywhere embassies, and it cost me 20 bucks and actually going for sale on my website. If you got a website, finish my store and actually so this red, I believe I might have other colors around. Just send an email if you have any request by the colors. But I saw this on my website and I swear to God to take things apart, so easy to assemble. It's just like that. Easy putting your suitcase and try. But if you want. But remember, I was traveling for three or four months of the year on, and I was doing most of my disease when I was traveling under seats. So I did. My time was doing current Jim's overseas. Taking this with me was using this in the hotel room like hotel rooms that were are staying and it's a great little act wheel. In fact, this is probably one of the most effective ad exercises you can do, Um, and it's actually one of the most challenging as well. And as I said before the previous video, usually the most challenging exercise is the most effective ones. Do so don't be deciding. If you buy this wheel and you struggle with what you try, this wheel, you that's too difficult. That's too hard is not made because I'll show you how to slowly build up your tolerance in your adaptation to using an Abaroa. Now, the apple role actually work your entire core like he will engage not just your abs, but it will work your entire core muscle that your cause is essential of muscles that wrap around your torso. Right. So when you're using the ab wheel, if you providing, you're engaging your core. You're actually going to work entire called not just your abs, and this will actually work your abs from top to bottom is, as I mentioned, your abs are from their stuff on the bottom of your chest. They go all the way down here. And so you're working the entire region. Some may have exercises, actually, only focus on if you're doing leg raises. Your doing leg raises your predominately work in the lower section of your abs to be doing your crunches. You're working the probably the upper section of your abs. And usually when people do ab exercises, they do mawr lower abs or more long than up. In fact, most people do more about because upper AB workout easier than lower at workouts. It's easy to do a crunch for most people to work. This still a graze, so the abou will work all of that. So it's really challenging, so I'll show you what to do. Now you're gonna cut the footage in a minute of me in the gym doing this. So essentially what you're doing is you just set up to you to head just like a handle. You toe two heads as you're going to roll out and but when you wrongly out, you want to engage your core, the entire the entire. So I'll show you how it looks allowed that you saw camera, self position myself, different angles. You can see do it again. A different angle. Always house. 00 and my cause. And guys, the entire time and again away us. Okay, Most people can't do that first, starting out doing this and that's completely normal. It's very rare for me to find somebody that can do one rash away, away, back in on the AB Roller very rare. And I couldn't I couldn't do it either. When I first started, I actually took me a lot of time to get one wrap out of this thing. I want to say one wreck that means away out why back in again, all the way so that essentially you're almost touching the floor with your chest. Now I will demonstrate how you can work up to this tolerance. You see what you do is this? You just roll out about 1/4 of the way, engage your core roll back in again. You could Coraghessan all time and again coral, where doing this money's on the hot Forsythe Cornell lab and then usual core to drag the wheel back in your back, Usually a low back. You are using your core to draw the wheel back in. She was squeezed core to bring the wheel back in. The professor's on this on this range of motion just wasn't going halfway out. And then slowly of the time, you're gonna go further so that further until eventually you're so far out that you can touch the pool and then eventually you self tricks like this, things like that. So I do all sorts of crazy things like this with the wheel. But I do just focus on working out to 11 red, and I can assure you this will absolutely what you call and then what I do once I do these two file, I do probably that 30 of these don't really count because I got to found your bottle time so that it may be 3 40 maybe and then once I failed completely ill, Then move. I've Teoh being footage, actually, because I don't have for each kind of 40 chill. Don't go into the captain's chair leg brace, and they don't do that until failure. So the captain Shelley raises Just do my leg raises on that and they will do that failure. And then from there, move over to the reverse crunch and you see that it's awaited exercise and 30 seconds ago so that I do my crunch reverse that crunch and it's waited. But I do intend to tour reps on that. Now it's a finish on that. I give myself about 3 to 4 minute rest, but five minutes give my ABS arrest. And then, once it had arrest, come back to this thing on. Do this into a file, the second's rest get up again, and then I might do leg raises. Ahmadu laying down late raises and they don't do that until value those idiots arrest reverse crunch for 10 mutual reps. 35 minutes. Rest back to this and then do This is your failure 30 seconds arrest. Maybe go back to the captain's chair leg rates that I do that until failure, and then So that's what I do. And that's what we've been doing for years. And, like I haven't used the captain's chair leg raised, every single workout might switch it with, like some like hanging like it's like a You know, we're doing leg raises, and you really should consider including either weighted or unweighted a leg raise of some description in your training workout, because what do you work? The law section and a lot of people. You know, I have no problems building the the top part of your abs. But the lower part of your abs are underdeveloped, and the reason being is because they know emphasizing like leg raised type exercises or exercise with a raising the legs. So I do suggest it, you know, And for me, it either Captain's chair leg raises well hanging leg raises. Or maybe you'd start with me raises. If you can't do like leg raises, you just rain. Ginny's like this. Imagine. Imagine that to me. It does raise your two needs like this hanging or on a chair, order registration ease and then eventually Rachel aches because the first top to raise your legs just stop me knees, then what she likes. That s that's all I do. There's no secret here is just do it consistently. When I was in the peak of training my abs, you know, I was like, twice a week, three times a week is usually twice a week, and I didn't pretty much the same thing. You know this, by the way, is a fantastic piece of equipment. Ah, highly recommend you get on top of it. It's like, you know, it's so inexpensive. You keep it for a lifetime on. This is the major reason why I have the absolute have on top of doing those hippy compound exercises talked about before. So this is how awful the every questions rejected me. Brad at seek life dot com You guys are awesome and got a website and check out everything else that have on offer. Flash up Monday tells on your screen on having also today, I'm actually going to go for a walk. So thanks again for Julian and I'll see you in another body 10. Ab Exercises And Back Injuries: exercises and back injuries because some, sometimes the other question off, like, are injured. My back log back pain. What do you suggest I do to work my abs and my core? And, of course, the ABA role, which I did before. You're something that I wouldn't recommend. Did you have a back injury like a lower back injury is it might aggravate it. However, you can do other exercises which are effective as well, such as air bicycles, you know, where you do planks and maybe a little bit with a plank. After engagement, I court, but maybe their bicycles is something you can try or even mountain climbers as well. So I don't have any footage of mountain climbers. But just go to YouTube, Taiping Mountain climbers or planks you know, bicycles. You know, we just have a look at that. Pdf flash back up on your on your screen again. There's a whole list of AB exercises that you can choose from, and what I suggested was a lower back injury is it's quite generalized. I've been a little back injury, and I'm still using the ab wheel. Is I injured my back in the gym about five that six weeks ago on, and I injured my back to the point where I couldn't walk, probably for a few days. So I certainly wasn't able to use the ad will, you know for several weeks. But I there after that, I started to use it again, even though I was told not to. So it really depends. It's very individual thing. So I suggest you do what you can with exercise other than I do or that you want to do from the pdf list. And if I heard you backstop, do something else tries in the office and you know there's 12 suggested before a good place to start as well. You could still do. You know, you could probably do captain's chair, leg braces or hanging leg raises, you know, laying down or some kind of leg rise. And you could probably do that with white as well if you have a long back injury. But again, long injuries different from person to person. So it's best off just assessing her on a case by case being your own guinea pig, seeing how far you can go if you feel paid feel sore, you stop your stop. That is it. So I hope this was insightful. And if you have any questions, of course. Please send a message in an email. The bullet happy to help you out. Flashover contact details on your screen. You can track me down and a very is it attracting on these days. And a very approachable as well on social media platforms are more than happy to help you out with a selection of exercises for your particular needs. So thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next video.