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Six Easy and Unique Watercolour Landscapes | 6 class projects

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Practice #1 - Glowing golden Trees

    • 4. Class project #1 - Glowing golden Trees

    • 5. Practice #2 - Sunkissed Meadow

    • 6. Class project #2 - Sunkissed Meadow

    • 7. Practice #3 - Moody Sky

    • 8. Class project #3 - Moody Sky

    • 9. Practice #4 - Blushing Sky and a Boat

    • 10. Class project #4 - Blushing Sky and a Boat

    • 11. Practice #5 - Calming Sky and the Moon

    • 12. Class project #5 Calming Sky and the Moon

    • 13. Practice #6 - Glowing Moon and Mountain

    • 14. Class project #6 - Glowing Moon and Mountain

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

Watercolour is one of the most unique and beautiful mediums. Its unpredictability and versatility make it the most loved medium for most of the artists.

In this class, we are going to learn some techniques in painting quick and easy landscapes. We will look into the techniques and paint six unique landscapes. 

Come join me and enjoy a beautiful watercolor walk through nature! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone minding the salmon on a monotonous from India I love working with watercolors and acrylics on NATO has bean my constant inspiration. I like to paint landscapes most of the time and sometimes Florence as well. Welcome to my sixth culture class. I'm really excited to tell you that in this class I was teaching you all six easy and unique landscaping things we will talk about on the supplies required for this class. And there are six class projects. So before moving Oneto every class project, we will have a practice session wherein we will learn all the techniques required on. We'll also get to know the colors. I'll also actually knew them off my face being things so that you guys don't get disappointed when you don't get the desired results. Keep planning on. You'll definitely get better at what you're doing. By the end of this class, you will be able to paint this unique watercolor landscapes. So without any further ado, let's get started 2. Art supplies: Before we start, I'm gonna take you through the art supplies that we will be using today in this class, I'll show you the Calos one by one which I have used for the respective mean things. Okay, so firstly for these two paintings that you see here, I have used beach candy pink are rose on black on deep sea blue from art philosophy core which is from the currents palette. For this painting, we will be using deep sea blue. This will basically be a monogram painting but we will add Tashima. So for this revenues my collection work from art philosophy Call again for this moon painting Reveal use in the go and crimson to get this color of the sky. Then for mountains we will use Guantanamo on black and also Chinese right for mountains and stars for the stormy sky pending I have used in the groin crimson again for the sky on de pelo and indigo to achieve green color for the line time for this painting I have used deep a low born number on black So these are all depend things that you alone in this class watercolors from media's brands so you can go with any alternative brand that you have. Let us talk about the papers not going to be using. I'll be using 100 person Corton rough texture people from Chitra but which is an Indian paper brand. The papers are handmade on a really good for waterpolo paintings. 100 person Court papers are really important when you're doing right on where techniques are performing multiple Leo's because it has high absorbing double. The size of the paper is 7.5 on 5.5 inches, you can go with any other 100 person court in people coming to brushes. I'll pick a more brush around brush. I needed a daily brush, also an old brush. I'll be using these four Russians for all the beatings. He are other details of the brushes, whilst one restaurants to Neptune size eight, then Princeton Neptune size four. This is a more brush, so I were using it for the washes. Princeton. Well, we're touch size for 40 days on a brush. Then, for making the colors, we will need a ceramic palette. Life ceramic, partly because it does not change the colors like the other ballots. A masking tape to tape down all the sides to prevent the paper from bubbling when we add water. Then, of course, two guys off water to clean the brushes. I want to wash off the colors. I one take the clean water, some tissue people to remove excess being worker from the brushes are while lifting the colors, and I be using the sprinkler or a stray border to strengthen the water on the people for were turned. Where techniques are for the mission washes. It easily does the job of reading the people when we have a hair dryer for drying the paper while performing multiple layers off, back on, that's all about the supplies. Let's dive into a next chapter. 3. Practice #1 - Glowing golden Trees: before we start painting, let us have a look at the elements off the painting. If you are still carefully, that is a radiant effect in the painting. And then there is again bluish sky on the top. Let us see how we can do that. I'll be using only deep say, blue toe, paint us and die a painting on Denard. Some shimmer. Firstly, we'll wait the paper and I'd highly pigmented color on the border, but id water. Does this on? Go over this idea again. Way. Want a transition from darker to light okelo. So repair this exercise until you have no color in the water. No, For this part, we aren't some diluted new randomly on the top are to depict the escape for pine trees. I'll first paint the branches on using my own brush. I'll paint the foliage. The autumn pick paint on down on the required area. Brand of the reason behind using or Bish is that the bristles off the brush tend to open on losers, ability to stay in back and hands get damaged while having so I recommend toe over old Our economy measures. No, we have a small pine forest or no, the World Bank's. So we'll paint the pine trees and also pain the reflection off the please on water way. We can do a reflection by drawing straight lines with darker color. Then our this college, by tapping the pain credibly makes we have water. Colosimo. My art philosophy. You can use any, although she wants that you have. If you don't have this, you can avoid it and keep it barnacle. I'll be using this or find forage to create beautiful, illuminating trees. We'll be adding the water on make a based off medium consistency. Do what really no to take. I applied on required areas. Now, if you absorb, then are these wheels on the water? I'll show you how to get the exact brushstrokes and a wide some mistakes. See if you hold your brush cross are like some different angles. You might end up getting thicker lines so holy over illustrate and apply low pressure in order to get final AIDS. Call in the tape off the brush should be touching the paper on. We don't want these kind off thicker lines being to night, leaving some spaces in with me repeating the same action with some mediations in the breast rules would make sure to keep it in the amount of pressure I apply and see the difference. Applying more pressure years may trigger lines. I'm applying less pressure. Gives me tender lights. So practiced this before moving on to final painting. OK, so laters. Morninto our first class project. 4. Class project #1 - Glowing golden Trees: all right. I have seen all four sides with masking tape. I lose this play border toe, wet the paper thoroughly a camo bris and spread it evenly. They move excess water from the people. No, they will makes our deep sea blue. You can go with either indigo or paint screen as a doctor native. Kind off with this. Load your brush with color and apply it on the bottom off the people The shade should be dark. Good at the bottom on. It should fade out as you go upward. Basically creating a transition from doctor to lie Tokelo. So when you reach the top most part, it should be only plain water. Now we're done with this. Our next we will pay the top sky with diluted local. The paper is still wait. Okay, so this is the benefit off. Using 100% Corton people. I like some darker blue in the bottom part to make our painting Duncan way. We live this to drive for some time. Okay, so this is a great completely We will go for a second. Leo again wetting the paper. Totally. We will take our diluted blue color. And I had some pains randomly on the top part off the paper to create some depth on more in the sky Another layer off blue in the border Bark me Oh, no. I'll keep my board tilted so that the colors slow down easily. Let it dry completely on. Then we will paint the riverbank under trees Kylie Big mountain blue paint the ground in the bottom part, blended with water so that we don't get any sharp bridges. Now let us paint our pine trees I lose Princeton Well, wait out side score for painting the fine lines and the other detailing things We will first pain the drunk off the trees There is one huge street in this picture Brought a drunk meeting the dog off the people Okay, now our branches toe this drunk invidious directions way we lose our old brush To paint the lose on these branches Load the brush with paint and start dabbing on the branches Leaves a gap in between No , I had some ranchers on this for years. Not be painting toe. Give it a natural look. Being fine lines on tickle lines as well. - Do you next on some branches on the smaller pine trees on the trunks that we created, painted irregular on random on media's directions. But from the same grabbing exercise on these modern buying, Does I have shown some? Are those style off spine trees in my previous concert classes do Take them out. Yes, you are Frito Pain. Anything off your choice? There's no specific rule to stick to what I tell you. So make swivel paint the reflection off the trees on more so we will pay the straight lines right below the ground and then aren't some foliage effect by having some pain with the old brush? I already explained in the previous after, Why not to use your expensive on good quality brushes with this damning exercise? Next step is to Archie must I'm using this metallic shima from artful lost vehicle. Take a medium consistency issue book on Start painting the pine trees once you're done than a bit off reflection off this goal on water. I love the way our painting looks after the touch off this golden shimmer. It's beautiful, - Okay , so make step is to paint the veils underwater. Cover the bottom off the paper with dark okelo on gradually start adding the wheels with the same dark alot painting lines, leaving some gap in between way as you a port. Paint these lines with diluted paint. Make sure that or little tip of the brush is touching your paper. Who that you get them on Chris planes. These 10 lines are barely visible to the spectator, but it is needed to add some depth to our painting. I think I should part some use in the reflection area so we'll damn some pain on Make it look a little bushy. All right, so we're done with the simple, elegant painting. Look at the shine. Wow! Amazing, right? I hope you enjoyed watching District Auriol. Laters. We want to A second painting tutorial on else knew there. 5. Practice #2 - Sunkissed Meadow: the colors like I really was in this class are alot deep black I'm going to move from art philosophy Cool. We will be painting this in our next project session so later slash the colors and law Boredom open black This is a painting that we will be learning today. Okay, so let us west the colors first take Did alot in medium consistency on Apply the ticker pain there and then gradually I water to give it on the radio. Chief, this is called Snatching Way will repeat the exercise for born Dumbo on black Hello. Okay, Now if you mix equal proportion off Hello and more Dumbo, we get unusual. We will have a clear seven shares for this painting. Makes me really makes Baltimore on black to get our darker brown cheese So we have fisheries all together. Next we'll see how to pay the glass. So are painting is going to be some rising So the Sundays are falling on the grass due to which the grass is your lighter in color country values Any diluted color to paint these glasses on the bottom We will paint with coconut like this, depicting the shadows. Okay, So now, later Spain, the grass First we'll take small amount off board number and then we learned ample amount of water. Tow this mixture. So now we have a diluted hello bigger detailer brush and started making the grasses I'm in the bottom areas were allowed shadows in Dhaka on the main painting goes like this for us to be painted with talent and then at Dhaka alone on one number and black. Okay, so let us want to our next chapter on Learned a painting in the deal. 6. Class project #2 - Sunkissed Meadow: So first we will writhe sprayed the water throughout the paper with the help off a brush. Take a small amount off local O on our ample amount off water to make a dilute, make sure now we will randomly applied this mixture on the paper. I'm applying it on the same card of the people. Take a small amount of black color on an ample amount of water to make a dilute Black makes you apply this diluted black color on top part off the paper. Since this is where Tom, we're techniques were getting links. We have painted the basically or for painting. Now we will dry abusing ahead rail. Okay, so I only made the paper begin. Now we will take equal amount off. Hello on brown makes them together to create a yellowish brown color. Apply this mixture on the center, off the papers randomly on blended along the bottom of the page. People on. Make sure there are no sharp edges. Now, while the paper is still human or a little bit at some aloe toe this Leo to make them back down vibrant in color and water. I'm doing my own trials to make the background looks, there's no hard and fast with in particular the end result. Should local tax a minute way will dry this layer with our trail. It's now we will apply the same color again, but this time it is No. Wait a minute. I'll be painting using wet paint on dry surface that will be returned. Writing me. Apply the color evenly in the sector of the people, uniquely none of us and loaded with clean water. Okay, so keep your board in. Working on slightly glide along. The patriots are faced with brush. Repeat the same step with plain water until you have no color chart betters No, no, no aboard and at night, the same pains below the Sena Because, being Donadio, let's indict this Leo using, trying. Or you can wait for it to dry naturally but not drying big from the same way with this time seven people around this painting is all about you can see you can keep it simple by making one of Julio's, but, well, this will give us a nice and background painting. Well, keep it in treated position so that the colors slow down naturally, play another layer of same color to make it more vibrant. Well, right again, Let us read the paper again, using the spring clothes. Now we will use our phone number to paint the bottom off the painting. Apply the pains randomly on Kim the board created so that the colors slow down and create a small No. I have some brown pains on this by leaving some a little gap in between. This is to create a nazar looking misty effect, blended well with damp brush on. Make sure not to have any sharp interest next bill on some black paint on the bottom off the people. This black color indicates a shadow in our painting way. Now we need to make this brown and black color together, so I do that with Tom Brush and keep your board tilted so that the colors were down. Easy paint have dried completely on the people, so we will want to paint the foreground. So first we will pay in the grass on the foreground, so we will paint the grass using born double being a mixture, often frantic lines to depict the grass on bend them in different directions. The grass in the painting is very late on. The subject is barely visible because of the sun. Like so, we will use diluted one number to paint the lives. To make this diluted mixture on an ample amount off water to small amount of boredom. Apply this that you don't make sure on the L original painting very swiftly now being the bottom part of the cross with darker draw state lines in various direction. - No , they black alot on. Apply tiny lines on dot at some random places that would be a big side off the grass. Way to spend three on the left side of the paper pain. The drunk with diluted brown color that is very less callow on water. No. Load your brush with the more dumbo and gradually add the color at the left side of the trunk while the city I still the sister dipping that the light is falling at the right side of the truck. The branches invaders direction. - Wait for plain water on, then Abda pains on this water area. No, Wayne, some tiny books using Also, we will Sprinkle some black paint on grass to give it a night e o, creating side Those are like the three college by tapping some black color in between. Let us be loved them asking date on. Then we'll be done way. We're done with this painting. Let doesn't want the next chapter. 7. Practice #3 - Moody Sky : all right For our next painting, I'll be using these three colors in devil Crimson on Deeper, Low from art Philosophy Co. Okay, so we will spies the colors anti the tonal values and also the maxim off colors to achieve new sheets first I was vast this deep. Hello. Next is indeed Go last one this crimson. Now, when we makes a low and indigo, we get a darker green color This we will use for the line on the grasses. Next, When we makes crimson on indigo, we get a quality no shit on. Then when we mix all three colors, we get a brown issued. So now we will briefly see how to be in the sky and the land for the sky. Firstly, I read the paper on Apply the basically only dieter in the co which will be very subtle in color, huh? Mix well. Pain The second male in the actual painting. The layer should be dried before applying the darko pit. So here I'm just explaining obliquely. We really are a second layer by mixing equal amount of indigo and Clemson. Then apply it randomly, leaving some gaps. Then lastly, we will paint the darker plot. Then moving onto land, we will make a low and indigo toe get or green color on Well, being the line in the bottom, Off the paper? No. Okay, I'll show you one more building off mine that I have done with similar technique. I have used more crimson unless indigo and give me a pope was guy. I'm in the spending. I'm also I did a small house. You can pick a Nikolas on element off your choice when timings and let's want to a class project session. 8. Class project #3 - Moody Sky: Okay, Let this were the paper with plain water. Make sure the paper is completely now. Take small amount off. Indigo on on. Um Bill. Amount of water. We just diluted Indigo. We will be in the base. Clear off our painting later. Being randomly on leave some white speaks is here in there. Painted neatly on. Leave the bottom space. Anything. Okay, we will try this for some time. Using a blood trail? No. Let us revert the people for us again. Leo, we will pay the clouds using indigo on crimson, which will give us our darker while it colors the application off. This war led color would be depicted as the shadows off or are strongly clothes. So apply this pain randomly on. Make sure to leave spaces in between. In the upper part, we will paint a big old old shadows on. Then as we go downwards, those cloud size will be smaller in size. The world lead color Your looks dark of any this way. But I drive. It gives us a little and muted shade. So we will use that other shadows way. Have a plan. The pain at required places leaving some white faces in between. Now we will let us try for some time. Okay? So the pains have dried completely. We will wonder next layer by meeting. People think this time we will use docker indigo with small amount off Crims Um, that is around 80% in the go and 20% off crimson. I live very being rendered she because he won't disclose to be very dominate and dark like in the previous layer. We left like bigger clouds in the dog on and know loads in the bottom park won t apply the paint. Make sure you blend the corners of the clouds evenly. You see, even though the paper this way that our chances that you might end up getting dark or patching corners so we will need to blend this out. There's no particular rule or matter to follow to get the desired result. What colors are unpredictable. So you need to be baby toe trial and error and everything. I want my own trial and error in everything thing that I do sometimes with black bears. You get it right. And sometimes out of expedience, you surely we learned something new. Okay, Now in the bottom part, we will be in some greens way will use deep hello on indigo to create a green color. Now we'll paint it in the bottom on Blended well with water. No, dad. I'm painting the greens in an abstract manner because a sky is the hero of the painting way will try this layer you think of dry off. I think this is a great Now let us paint this tiny glasses. As you can see, I knew her clean brush to pull the paint down. This is called pulling technique. That is, your bulldog pains down using clean brush with plain water. Now I'm randomly applying pains because my idea here is to keep it extract. Okay, so now a few makes low crimson on l o we get a brownish it. So I'm applying the pain. He Oh, give it a abstract feel. Okay, I see my painting is getting a little shape now. Okay, So I live the pain from the paper on Create a tiny but Okay. So this was the last moment decision. I had not planned this. Keep lifting the pain from this. You see this part? You can add deuce. Tiny glasses in the foreground are You can keep it simple. Less well, it's totally up to you on your Frito. Any new element are add some details to the painting. That's all about this. Okay, you more next chapter. No. 9. Practice #4 - Blushing Sky and a Boat: all right. In this chapter, we learn toe paint. This gorgeous sent it. Before we begin painting, I'll walk you through the colors and techniques like we didn't dot the chapters. Okay, So for the uppermost part of the painting, I have used deep sea Lupando and in the middle. But it is candy pink color on the other horizon. We have you speech on a bit off orange. Okay, so legs. So I stopped Carlos and see its tonal values. OK, our first color is sweet. Since which is a muted color, I will add a small amount of orange to make it a bit library. Okay, So let us to ask this callow way need to create a greater share. So keep applying water until you reach gets transparent state. Then we will watch our kind dipping color. It seemed technique. You can also go with those matter. Leak or crimson as an alternative color on our next color is deep sea blue. Alternative for this color is indigo beans. Great. Finally, we will use a black color for painting the trees and work. Okay, let me briefly explain the steps needed toe. Do this painting. Imagine authorize online in the think of the people. So I have all this horizon line is the line on below that is water. So in general terms, the reflection off things about the horizon. Will a pure inverted lee reload a horizon line, which means everything will be reflected in the water on it will make symmetrical in shape have done a similar painting with different color. You're amused trains great for the other banking which, when mixed with pain, gives me off poeple chill have painted the trees lovely in the painting, whereas it is little would be killed in another one. All right, so let doesn't want a class project session. 10. Class project #4 - Blushing Sky and a Boat: All right, let's start off by reading the papers. Apply even got off water through the paper. I'll be using the color speech and Orrin from art philosophy. Go toe pain the center area. So imagine a horizon line in the centre off the paper and apply paint on board the site in symmetrical fashion. In order to depict the reflection on water, I'm painting with diluted pains in the first layer mixed I left like the candy color. You can even go with those matter. Leak all crimson if you don't have this candy color, I know for the top part, I'm applying deep sea blue. Or you can go with any darker shades like Indigo Portion. No Payne's gray. If you don't have this particular shoot, no, load your brush with paint. Debut brush slightly to create clouds in the sky. Make sure your paper remains with while painting it. This three colors should be painted in one. Go by. Any chance if the paper dries, then you came pre vetted again. One so previously is our great and then apply paint. Okay, One thing you need to remember is that whatever you paint on one side has to be same on other side because it does reflection, it cannot change. For example, the reflection off a cloud in water should be off same size and shape. You cannot do something totally different on expected to look good. So we will keep this. We're trying before going on to our next Leo. All right, so our paper has right now against, like those related Make sure your paper is completely wait and do it very gently. I want the painting, Toby Weibring. So I will add some colors again, under painted surface by slightly dabbing brush on the paper. Notice I'm not lifting my British. I'm gently dabbing it on. This will help in naturally leaving the gap. Apply some highly pigmented dipsy blue on the blue part of the sky. And also in the reflection on, make sure to leave some gaps in between so that it depicts the shadows off the cloud. Now our painting looks much my brain than the previous lier. Little grey again. All right. The paper has great. Now at the horizon line, we will paint some tiny hills or helocs. It is far from the viewpoint, so it will appear with this morn, so we'll paint it in two colors. Burn dumper on next layer in black. I'll take small amount off Bondo on diluted with water paint hillocks with diluted pain on also painted reflection on Leave a small gap in between painted on the left side as well, with same steps. Now I'll paint the pine tree in the foreground. Draw straight trunk, touching the edges off the paper on I'm branches in various directions. Now that's some pains randomly depicting the lose. You can add some small dot in between. Make some tiny lines to keep it more natural. So are pine tree is done. Okay, so now we will add some details to the hillocks with black color. Make sure to leave the gap in between. - Makes will paint a tree on the left side. Initially, we will pay the branches off the tree on later. Fill in the college. Okay, so we'll pay the main trunk and extend its branches way between the branches swiftly from inside to outside on. Make sure the tip of the branches are thinner than it. No, keep it irregular. I'm let it look natural. Okay, well, let this branch is dry and then come back and win the foliage. Meanwhile, we will pay the grasses on the legs. Claudia brush with paint US Fine line of rush, paint a combination off board straight on curvy lines and apply very low pressure as you go outwards. Wait the same strips. Once you have been good a grass. You can add some dodge by diving it with a brush, which will be built where the flowers on for painting the waves use the tip off the brush on applied the lines very gently. If we apply more pressure, you'll get thicker lines. So very your strokes on. Keep it in antic as well on. We will pay the tiny board on its reflection using black color. If you're not confident about painting the board, then you can go and practice on the rough paper. First. Practice is always help me to paint with confidence because you know where you are weak and maybe a strong, so keep practicing. - Now let us paint the foliage on our tree and have some tiny drops on the branches. Or you can follow a different style that is, that some plain water with your brush on the branches area and apply some paint on this water area. Doing this will allow the pain. Stress breaks Moodley on. You won't get any sharp edges. Let us carefully removed the masking tape way. We're done with this painting. Let's jump into our next meeting section. 11. Practice #5 - Calming Sky and the Moon: let us see the colors on techniques required for painting on faster colors that we would be using on. Get familiar with the tonal values. I will make speech on gun nipping to get a PCI being shed makes this deep sea Luca Lo, which has been used in most of the paintings, give this tutorial for the please in the bottom park. I'm repainting with a darkest years. So for that makes black and deep sea view, and it gives me a beautiful doctors shoot. Okay, They just want to techniques. First, we will see how to create this. Okay. For this, I'll apply an even coat of water. And then I pains no acre tissue and lived the pain from this data using your tongue. Uh huh. Next, we will see how to paint the misty line. You know, painting being some small pine trees with Then clean your brush on with plain water, slowly pulled up pains into the water through this will create a mysterious shaping up. Next is buying trees. Thing is the normal procedure. So we lose. Doctors follow on being the pine trees in different sizes and shapes. So before moving on to our class project. I want to show you on some off my feelings. Okay, so these other paintings that I didn't before getting this final, please, This quest one was really good. But I found that the moon was not visible. And in the second painting, I feel colors applied asking for the but it ruined the painting while unmasking it. Then finally, I did this, which I felt waas pretty good. All I would say is, keep trying until you succeed alike. So let us one. 12. Class project #5 Calming Sky and the Moon: later. Start with waiting The paper I sprayed the water. Tow the centerpiece on spread it even see with crushed. No, I'll mix beach on candy. Pink toe. Create this new share that is almost a darker beach. Color it like this. Make sure randomly in the uppermost part Off the people way will create our moon using a tissue paper by lifting the paint off the people. No, we have the circular room in our painting way Will paint around this area on Give this a nice shape. Next we have to be in the congress off the paper with darker blue. So let us makes deep sea blue on Start applying on the dog Most cardinals off our paper Now if you observe carefully the color speech and their contrasting with each other So if we makes them we will end up getting among the ship So we will try as much as possible to keep them separated on If it all that makes then we can live the pain on Keep it transferring That this why didn't you? Well, he also tape If you want to avoid the risk in the painting, you can use a candy pink color with the same because pink and blue, when mixed together gives us a publisher. So even if the colors mix together, you we would get a nice couple chair in our painting on. We will not end up getting a magician. I have used the same color combination in my first culture class that this candy style landscapes. But today I really want to pick the speed on blue combination on. I'm trying with this to get it right. There is no space to follow your own trial and enter. I mean, thing is they will give up if you don't get the desired result set Initially decks keep trying on you never know you might get lucky and find your unique style off being being in this process because the next we will add some highly pigmented deep sea blue on the corners off the table to create depend mood in the painting. We're almost done painting this guy. Okay, so let this layer dry completely. Next we will paint a misty layer pine trees dig deep sea blue paint off medium consistency on start painting pine trees on both the Conners. Now clean your breasts on blended with plain water. This is the step. When we get misty effect in our being, - I let it dry completely toe either. Next, Leo. Now leave some gap on Start painting. Second, layer off my entries with highly pigmented deep sea blue. Take some seem callow on paint under this area. If possible, you can leave some white spaces to depict the mild, misty effect again . Let it dry completely. Now we will be in the last layer off by increase with the darkest years together darkest, saying I'll makes a bit off black toe the deep sea, local being the trees. With this darkest, make sure in the bottom of the paper in different sizes. - Now with Billy was our white water colors to create these tiny stars in the sky. You can paint them one by one. Are you can choose to Sprinkle them by damping on your brush on. Also Sprinkle in the bottom part of the painting. All right, we're done with our painting. Let us we want to Ah, next painting session. So you there 13. Practice #6 - Glowing Moon and Mountain: Okay, so in this chapter, we learn to paint this. Let us walk to the colors. Made way will be using indigo and crimson for the sky and for the mountains we will lose black born Dumbo on Chinese weight. Let's see how we can create these colors. I makes crimson and indigo to achieve this quality blue color way diluted color that you see your way will be using this color to paint on the moon that is value this lighter in color. Next for the mountains v values Born Dumbo on for the closest one reviews Black Alone way will be making the textures with dry brush technique. So for a slow your brush with paint and dab off the extra acting on a tissue people. Then when you dumped the same brush on the paper, you will get this tincture. Next we will see hunger daughter Munger make a regular ship mountain. But keep any one side of the mountain empty as an apply very less pain on the other side. All right, like a painting in detail in the next chapter. See you this 14. Class project #6 - Glowing Moon and Mountain: all right. Before this time, the painting like this case, the outline off mountain and I first wrote the mountain on at the line in the central toe depth to the painting way will make a circle to depict the full moon Amusing for us to make the second consistently drop off circle using cap on they start are waiting by writing the paper around the room using fresh, I will use clips, um, and indigo to create a darker color. We'll make a diluted share Doctors on a flight on the back surface. I'm using wet on wet technique voters. Okay, so avoid painting in tractor circle. Keep the SoCal dry. Like now we like some darker color on this. And make sure the paper is pretty big. Gets more blend pain that on this idea. And I were painting the big blended with plain more. I make sure that no sharp edges don't I need around. Then you can lift it up using a damp brush on Keep it very lighter. The entire sky evenly with the same color waiting areas about the mountains. Make sure you don't go apply the paint on the market. Wait. No, I indigo on the corners of the paper. Leave the area around the moon as cities. I'm really being the corners off the people with this stock. Okay, so having this, like, local will depict the blow that is coming from the moon. - Leave the area and on the circle on blended with plain water. Okay, So you can repeat this step until and unless you feel that your sky is okay. So, Theo, now we will go with another lay off. So we will makes crimson on Indigo into government assistance e and start applying the beans in the car. No, on the word painting that you don't. All right, so we have to go sky enough. Let this pain the bombings Now the pain the Duncans we will use drivers Take me that this the pains on obra should be damp on a church Give us a picture by tapping it on the sentries. So I have taken bondable in my brush and I slightly dabbled on the surface off the people way will pay the other half of the month And when darker color to create a death in the fifties played only on left side off is Morgan. Some dark coping are in random places kind of business. Now we use time. It's white or Tikolo give a muted texture toe that takes one amount of Chinese wife and apply very little water to make it a thick paste. Brush with data that you want. You I think so. This is done will come back to this later. Now I have some water to time his wife and makes it to medium consistent. You rush with ample amount of wiping and brush with some object that the white color speakers on the people remember. Having watery consistency will give you because I start on it. Will. Fatally. Having the call size will give you a smaller at least us. You can do that as well and also independent of pleasure that you have lying by tapping practices to understand how it goes. Way to take some small amount of black, and we need a little darker shade differential between the other month. Things on this one makes a joke alert, and we're inconsistencies now draw you small, tiny lines. I add some three days wear done painting this. I hope you enjoyed watching all the painting tutorials 15. Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed watching this class. I'm really looking forward to see your take on this class. If you paint any or all of these artworks, then please post them in the project gallery. Or you can tell me on Instagram Instagram Handle is water pools. I'm really happy to see your works on. It would be really helpful if you could leave a contract. Probably will or feedback on this class. Alright, guys, Thank you for watching this class. I'll see you next time. Bye bye.