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Singing confidence in 30 days - Intermediate vocal course with curated Spotify playlists

teacher avatar Singing Coach, Singing Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Singing intermediate course voice coach know your voice introduction

    • 2. How to Relax Your Jaw

    • 3. How To Create The Ideal Mouth Position Nngg eee

    • 4. How to Learn A Song

    • 5. How to Do High Quality Practice

    • 6. How to Tackle Difficult Intervals

    • 7. How To Find The Bridge In Your Voice

    • 8. How To Control Your Bridge Zinga

    • 9. How To Manage Stage Fright Nervousness

    • 10. How to Memorise a Song

    • 11. Start Ear Training

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About This Class




Updated October 2020

This intermediate course is building on the hard work we’ve done so far.

We’re familiar with our voice and where is sits.

Now, we build on this growing confidence.

Our collection of exercises tackle the tricky demands expected of a singer:

Memorising songs. 

Tackling large intervals.

Doing good quality practice.

We hand-hold you through all of it.

Not one minute of your practise time will be wasted on things that won’t deliver results.

Our teaching philosophy?? Have high standards.  

To quote Beyoncé, there’s no passengers on our plane ✈️ 

In our teaching, we re-create the realities of performing live. No matter what.

So, when the time comes...

No matter what happens >>> YOU. CAN. DELIVER.  >>> Each and every time.

Part of this is EMBRACING what you’ve got. Not coveting other peoples voices.  

Love what you have and who you are.


I can't wait to get started! Jayne

====Make sure you check out Know Your Voice Chapters 1 & 2 as in intro to this course.====

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Singing Coach

Singing Coach


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. Singing intermediate course voice coach know your voice introduction: Calling singers who want to take it up a level. You're familiar with your voice and confident about your vocal range. But improvements in your voice may have slowed. You may have experienced that plateau and your ability to improve. It's hard sometimes to know exactly which things to work on and which things improve your voice the most. You want to avoid common mistakes. Punishing to increase your vocal range is the most common and the most costly mistake. You wouldn't give a longbow to someone who's just passed the test. Same here. Before you've worked with something incredibly powerful, you need to learn how to have control. And that's a process that builds up over time. And wouldn't it be great if you could get that support to take your voice upper level, Ghaidan support real polish on what you're doing. Techniques that refine your singing so that you can sing your best no matter what happens. No, your voice intermediate, builds on hard work, builds the stamina you need to take your vocal instrument, make it truly unique, truly expressive, truly resilient, truly exceptional. Exercises tackle the tricky demands expected of an exceptional singer. We teach you about memorizing songs, performing huge vocal leaps, controlling your voice in a bridge which has the most vulnerable parts of your voice. The funny thing about singing, the more control you have, the more freedom you have for your voice to express what it once. We maintain high standards of vocal practice with techniques to protect your voice and utilize your practice timing the best to ensure the reliable vocal instruments that is Agile, prepared, and ready to perform. 2. How to Relax Your Jaw: well known to help you to relax your job. We're going to look at specific exercises that we can do to help. And I think this is very important because I think it's one of the things that if you don't have that, I have absolutely right nursing and technique. It's always been to hold you back. And the problem is, is fellas second can feel entirely different speaking unless it's a problem, is it? People are used to always be to wait when they speak speaking right night and about this Canela collector books. If you want to try and do when he's saying it's almost turned on its head, so it's more open with this, So a couple of exercises will help you to relax your jaw 1st 1 a e about middle sees me. This time I wouldn't do it wasn't your lips. So I never changed on two different bills, says Manipulate. This e you see have been joined. Let it fold, Billy, when we're like spots in the muscle salad on like the door slot died and left it. Relax. You might feel like you're going about like his own beers feels strange, you know normal used to Joel. Relax and as she's not, and it can, it can feel quite strange, please. Parts of here is when she relaxed. Joel. It helps a lot with your singing technique. E If you're you, don't share figuring that by rope you cheese value very gently and you're doing it. Just anybody can. You don't have to be on your face a little place. We were just very gently coax a draw and relaxing so your doors very stiff, like minus sometimes does these extra little bit of help locks give your reference again. Hey, E never could pose a different types of content. And Michael C hey E, try saying alone on this. Maybe a little for me, Bo. It's try for little voices and Middle C again this time, the latest say, and then Ray Allen places to Marie, the only one to deal with this. Did you see that? Say position of what you're doing is really important. No whiter than the edges of your news. That's why sometimes you'll see me going like this because if you were putting, like, speak Google Ray and it could be a little either, but let's get detention sites of your jaw. Just getting used. Teoh Thinking like a bird speak is not very long ago. That can does. It really helps as well is to use a pencil I would like you to do. You may want to get some hand sanitizer stuff in this already, but this one, I suppose it very gently over your griffin it very lately between your kids. Like I take it you just spoke. Explain what like you to do. Look out for e back this time with a pencil. And that's because when you get the pencil and you have to remember it really, really likely almost going when you feel it's going to fall out of your mind lately, can to put a stop basically from fallen night, but no more than that have served until it's gonna surround the muscle groups of your doing your throat. Relax so you'll find it easier. Teoh locks. So we've been penciling and this demonstrate want me. You go way through, get lady. Everyone loses some specific it is. I'd like you to do your action step adjustable through all them. Find yourself a pencil and practices look at phases, but by using a pencil 3. How To Create The Ideal Mouth Position Nngg eee: never know when you need to look is also trying to bring the higher bits of energy wants to be higher. And I can explain this to people in the fight fair. Back to my experience, when I was in primary school, we were taught basic to smell what you're saying. But what happened was that e rig he's gonna is far too wide and then you get a Gorton pension busy. I want to buy that. Old costs can feel really weird. Not gonna really a beer individual this It'll feel so weird when you're first in it because you just don't get Don't put your present with his possessions report. It's really important when you start these exercises in the things that I picked up a bit. You have speaking would and you have singing mood. That's what I mean about little section of being a translator. You're translating what, you see something on page or here in a recording you're translating into. How can I say that? How can make it easier? This is part of this file for me. It some smiling. That's the most important thing to do when you're singing is actually wants you bring a keep one's up slightly. No look, er sailing. That's a little hop. A smile. This is what we want missing helps when you bring, Keep one's up. Helps it make it easier to be a big space inside your mind. So it's no longer a thing can sing with that huge gold like I do. That results right here, he said. That Lord, the draw created big space inside Germany. The front of your mouth may not look much different. Battle relaxing the job also pregnant Ones up. You're creating this Biggs is inside that will make your voice resident Waas makes it able to project your voice a little easier. So what do we do to help with getting nothing into the right position? It takes a little bit. Tell you much to leave Italy safe. It is since if you're trying, is it so you know, the slight inside the fort opened down. It's gonna get to Ngentle for your boys, but also helps forget the ones come into place. Imagine if you were trying to eat a big burger estate people really to be burger or something, and you can hardly keep a hold of it, but it's OK. So you really just want to eat the whole things. You try your possible coming in the when your first beginning. They make feel a bit like that. You've never straighten your soul so so much in your whole life. It can feel really, really weird. So when you're doing that, I interpreted open four notes and then change e because I loved in that because they need something that would really good position. Singing is all about getting into that sweet sport goes and then trying to keep it in that sweet spot. Normal. Anything? Get it that way. There's lots of different things that may go and get it out of the way of the ideal position. But going that, but more limited on. So you think, is this show you started on middle C going up to the top of it and just plain weight notes . So do I. E imagine your people that really big burger Little thing I like about this is if you imagine you're eating a big burger, you don't go white ago. You think Nadal unopened? That that's what you want, and that's the position that you want for singing? A A A. If you're struggling with this folks and make fuel itty bits, kitty, because you're not used to this, sometimes I do with it was suggested. Imagine that killing a born out if I turn off the side here is that if you're really, really, really slowly, sometimes when you see him in your passing things, it just needs a bit of a distraction from know what? Ineffective? Too much. So we went back to the 1st 1 this thing. I'd like you to try singing it, but also pulling an imaginary born at the same time. So nimble in this isn't that you were looking for folks. It's having the little in the right position. Here. You feel like you feel Please use your fingers no wider than the edges of your news, so fingers can be a good way to practice that. And if you're feeling so bold, you might even want to sell. If it does, you feel me but more of the movement. Stop being get used to it. Same sometimes to get used to this, help a small position and takes about time. Souls get used to the feeling of stretch in your bed much of that. So you actually, you do the e thinking it isn't was picking forward doing let its fall back? He is that the sound would almost fall into the back here, the back of your mouth. I want you to think of it. This, like is if you're going to go for something later, that's the good thing. Is that having like in a visual cues of a born nado movement, we still thinking about what you're singing? It's still moving the whole time. You're saying I can make it a lot easier to think about. Where am I going to for Christmas? 4. How to Learn A Song: I never been to talk to your votes. My approach. Teoh learning a brand new song I've been thinking about this well, obviously, for for a long time because I've been nesting but also can be in a singing teacher is something that I'm observed when people have come along for lessons that, like people that are new to singing or maybe the coming back to after the break. Honestly, I think they're just way too hard on themselves. They give themselves too much to do all at once so that it would be my approach. You know, it doesn't really matter what song is. Doesn't really matter what genre it's all about thinking, building up the layers of the soul if see what I mean. So because I passed lately, I can read sheet music. But that's not really the best way for me to learn. And I can pick up things a lot quicker, and I can learn a lot quicker just by by land and by year. So usually if I've got a piece I knew I want to layer in order, went Teoh, Memorize it or something and what do you do? First of all, let's try and find some reference recordings doesn't might be quite different from what you've heard from other singing teachers before. And the some teachers will tell you recommend that you don't listen to and record ins before you learn the song like from sheet music. Melissa MLA legally get him in respectable reasons for that. And that's because when you're first, learning, a song is very different, is ready and likely that you'll pick up some of the idiosyncrasies off that particular performer late. Something that happened. I experience a lot when I'm teaching people really love it l songs, but sometimes when people are beginners, the trying land an Adele song but actually pick up some of her and your sink Christie's in the way that she sings it, but idiosyncrasies, I mean, by am she's from London. She's occult me. So sometimes the horror acts and comes through a little bit in a way that she sings particular words. These are the kind of things that are unique to Adele, but nobody else should be picking them up. Well, they should be. This shouldn't be coping that it shouldn't be saying this, saying it the same way unless of course, there from London as well. They might be from the same media's Adele, but that's an example. Bachelor, I think, listen to different recordings can help you to decipher between what's the core material off the song and what is something unique to the artist. Whether that's the decorated are run a little bit like setting the example of Adele that maybe something to do their acts and they choose particular words peninsula a particular way. So I think that can be quite helpful to get different references them. So my first port of call would be find a recording on things like iTunes. Spotify YouTube is quite good as well as the okey version is a good one. Appellate linked to it somewhere so you can get a north of it. So that's very good for practice in. So what I would say first of all is find the original artists. Whoever that is, find their recordings of it is also interesting to find covers of the same song. Different artists have done the same song. Different interpretations like I say, it can be help you decipher between core material on things that have been added, whether that's decoration or something unique to a particular artists finish. It can try and memorize a malady. Just a malady. Don't what have been the words for just a So with that video, lots of late. This is second dish every time. I guess when you're like, uh and but what? You should try and think of it a Did it with a home. So be like mm. Our home has sound singing the melody but just with those signs So you can feel it a strong vibrations around here and your cheekbones and jaw and a collarbone and chest and stuff like that Only when you feel that you've told them memorized malady Move on, Teoh think trying to learn the words. This is the thing about being a singer. Everyone is that really expected to have everything. The song from Memory E And from the way that I learned from my own personal experience, I think it does take a little but time to get used to it. But I think of memorizing things of life for songs. Isabella again, Who else? You get bad and better and better with practice and become. But you really useful. What you haven't memorized because it's one less thing to worry about. You don't have a screen, our athletic sheet in front of you. So oh, you toe, what about is building up the leaders of your performance? So once you've got the Mala, do you think of that? It's kind of your force leader sorted. Now we want to think about it, bringing in some of the words you want to try and mammoth I some of the words but just speak from Imagine that you're speaking than like as if it's ah the like a script for a film or something like that doing is doing saying the words Just know you could sing the good m speak them, but in the rhythm of the song. So, for example, never mind. I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you, and it sends a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? But helps you taken up going to mammoth eyes. Just the words keep the malady and the board set for just nine. Once you feel that you've got the words done, and then we can move on to trying to incorporate the words into the malady. But we have to do it in a particular way. But what you're trying to do in racing is for the rebels to expand. So this is kind of what we're going to do with the Your strategy for Laird and a song is Teoh. Want your phone? Don't work. Type of the vowels are for your song. Bring the Vettel sends into the malady. So for that little bit down song that just did, uh I, uh uh because the melody under pulls together and the last thing we can have put on top of that his ad, Constance. But we're thinking of the constants and definitely guys and the rebels are the by far the most important thing we're missing. I mean, if we're gonna be yolk in a philosophical for a minute, what is singing? Singing is mostly on available I e. O. There is a couple of continents he can sing with, but there's not that many. So most of the time your law of averages and all that. Most of the time you're going to be singing on a level, and you can be even more specific than that. Most of the time you're going to be singing on a ville and it's gonna be either Ah, a or e Your times will be gone. I I'm moving around a lot than not kind of media, but you have the other Velo sons hoon a in all on a lot kind of thing, but they're just last Coleman, and then you get ones are quite rear and we have to build that up. But we concentrate on the main thing we're gonna be singing, which is Veles Men type of Vettel's on E that can make the transition from learning a song to completely memorizing it and having it absolutely does. It could make a lot easier. So with the coincidence, they are there and don't get me wrong, the out important. But we're changing the way that we approached, Um, so they're very light and crisp in the very gently sit on top of your bills. Always gonna want to go like this when I think of fouls and that's because I think of it like expanding, I said. So what about people's actually this border said imagine Veles air like expanding form. You ever seen that stuff you get in the builder's You can find a little crack in the wall or something. Scratch a little tiny bit of this four minute and go to school. Expand up. Let's get know what you're wanting Valls to do for your soul when you sing it. Would they? Would people first learned to viddy and too much fixated on was a practical singing, which is thinking about the dots and being precise about that. That's the first part of learn and what to do. It's all Friend is getting the North strike at the rhythm, right? And that's why you were working on a malady, first of all to isolate that. But what you have to do that in a second phase of your developing hard to learn a song we no longer think practically anymore. But think horizontally and it's a bit caddying. Novell's so that you're seeing one of her role in the transition between one Delta and next is as small as possible. And it's like expanding for many time that there was a space you want to fill it with a little most of the time, if anyone have you ever heard of people saying about vocal line? The M people have a good vocal line in their voice. That's what it comes from is from the fellows counting over horizontally thinking more about the phrasing of what you're doing that can make a huge difference. So I just took it a Repub top. What we're doing here, ho, I personally would learn the soul, and I do this all the time. And I learned this song and is like singing the shover signal your malady on a really a strong coincidence. I'm like Mars is or something like that once you think you've got them on Lee, when you've got the Mellat, the absolutely memorized you know inside it, you move on into incorporated some of the words look at the words speak from and the right rhythm of the song. You don't have to do the same speed if that's a bit too fast to start with, started like half the speed and then slowly build up speed until it's the same as the original speed of the song. Just speaking, the words not sing in the words, then is the contest age today and corporate e the vowels in the malady. So we're trying to sing the bells of the song just develops and not the fool words Only finally when you feel that you have made your way through that add the constants very lightly on top of the bills But this point you should have Rep malady absa memorized You've got the rhythm down You memorize all the words You're very familiar Fall the vessels as well. So when you come to that final stage reincorporate in all of it together you should have your song completely memorized And you should know it pretty much inside out And so I hope that helps everyone Your actions step The next time that you trying to learn the song were to go through the worksheet gnomic one up for years so that you've got a reference thing Toe hand and you go free each little Lear before you start learning in the song 5. How to Do High Quality Practice: guys? No, I like it to try. And do you know this? Think about how we can create high quality practice. So could we do a high quality practice when we're practicing? Well, I think one of the first things that I said that the absolutely has to be done. No exceptions is that you stand when you saying singers are expected to stand so to do anything else to do a picture at a disadvantage, Because ever say that. But the idea behind it is to replicate the performance situation. It helps you with feeling less anxious and last nervous. If you can try and copy the environment where you might find yourself in at some point. Well, the second in front of other people on a stage or whatever your ambition is stand every single time. And so what we're trying to do is like for high quality practice. It is a little bit engaging. Your thoughts are you practice. What I see far too off the guys is that you find a song. Maybe people find its August fortify and like this all gonna play at the plate, the baby doing the dishes or something like that as their second alone. They have assaulted, Repeat, and it is for the baby. The very first could a part of learning a song. I would say that's all right, because I just helped you learn the malady and stuff, but that's a tiny fraction of what she didn't. When you're properly practicing once you think you've got the that could leave the line of the song. No, it is time to cannot isolate parts of it. And I know not everyone there can read sheet music and things like that. And but it's good if you confined things where you can sing along with the song and do it like a slower speed or something. Once you know the malady, really, pellet becomes easier to market really slowly and stuff. So ever say guys, if you're going Teoh, try and isolate your soul and what you're more you looking for when you more you look at it for. First of all, look for difficult words to saying, I think that's something that's kind of often overlooked. Second is in, English is difficult. Sometimes singing in Italian has a lot easier than singing in English, and that's because they don't have some of these difficult words We called thongs and see if those since the word I doesn't that long on the fungus award has got one or more. Vela's right beside each other. So if I was saying that really slowly, you can heat it more pronounced, I got Ah and an E right beside each other. There, words like that. They're Fung's. They're the enemy of the cigarette. They're difficult to to sing. So you approach for, like, fade to high quality practice and stuff is defined bets. I was the phones and probably number one enemy of the singer. So if you've got sheet music or you got let ICS or something like that, I went to circle these words. These air the difficult words. So we have to isolate these, and we have to practice them slowly. Next, things I think off other difficult words that difficult in terms of what makes your most do that you're my first come down to pronounce thumb. So words that have w at the front or have that west I have no should be more specific because even, say, the word number one. That's a weird sound. Your lips have come down to makeup, make the shape to pronounce the word anytime that your lips want to come down to become small. That's when they want to steal their and stay small. And having a small move is not good. When you're singer, it makes things a whole difficult. So we're when. Why, what's the number one looking for? What's late laps and so all the things to look out for, as well as these big and difficult intervals. So if there's any parts in the melody, we have big jumps and some of them that's often overlooked. One is a dumps between intervals bought late from the end of one phrase and the star of the other one. So, for instance, em. There's actually a song that I was practicing stays a lady antebellum one. And there's a bit goes, Oh, no, I is quite a big jump is even Ones are big higher this winter goes, Oh, though I just looked over a knock tive. We have to can almost have different moods when roasting in, and when we're analyzing guys, this is what I would call desk work in those to be feared. If you're due in particular parts of it, I wouldn't mean just sitting down for some of it. Actually, if you'd actually up singing anything, you should be standing out. So for desk work, it's important to isolate these different parts of result difficult parts. And for that, sometimes you have to think in definitely is. You have to this think horizontally on vertically, horizontally and themes off. What am I doing with my veils? Is already difficult words, and they're they're making it difficult for my veils to to flow easy easily, whether that's like dip films or difficult words or something like that. But we also have to think if it was happening vertically in terms of what we're doing with her notes, a late What's happening is they're big chunks and stuff. If you get too fixated on the horizontal parts of the phrases, then you're gonna miss it. Late one freezes finished another freezer, started bits a lot, Lord, or is a lot higher. You're gonna miss it and not almost river. I guess I would call negative space from the end of the last know of one. Free is being low. Start off the new freeze being high and suddenly don't realize you've got Jumper Award and Activity to tackle. So things like look out for very big intervals have a keen eye for the end of phrases. And the star of a new for is because that sometimes were people often overlooked difficult passages. I don't think so. Look out for everyone is to think about your breathing. Never established what good breathing is ready to think about. How rude could a created a strategy for our breathing, for this is a good example for that, actually, is that's all garbage. Before I really get the deep by Adele because some people get into the quarter Section two sometimes of feeling graphically, it would have a chance to take a breath and stuff. Well, sometimes when you saying it's all a bit pacing yourself and you take breaths own parts or the song that you might feel that put you okay that you don't necessarily need that you feel like you need to take a breath. But what you're doing is actually topping up with here and keeping yourself like relax and under control so you can tackle the difficult bit like at the end of the song with lots of the courts or something like that. So is developing a strategy to help with your breathing in order to tackle these difficult freezes? Because it's a lot more difficult to tackle something when you've got hardly any ear than it is if you feel you've just taken lots of a breath earlier. Orden. So you've been talking up and some things people like about it. If you're a good Skoda car journey e, don't across the UK Before you had all fatal, that's luggage and 4 500 miles or something like that. If you saw that your Carter talking petrol tank was almost empty, chances are you probably couldn't fill up before you head off on your journey. It's kind of the same bowler thing that's happening here with liberty that guys that your top it up so that you've got the fuel that you need. Teoh tackle these difficult parts, and that's the thing about that. When things are difficult, it takes work, concentration of more focus. It's more dreaded. And if you're singing that you'll need aboard air. So sometimes it is like taking a breath when you don't really feel that you need it as long as it doesn't interrupt the flow of the phrases. You have to be cleared a bit that it's only when you're taken be gaps in the song that, like you're not singing anyway. So that's like pauses or just this silence and things topping up so that you've got off breath for these difficult passages against about examples of what high quality practice looks like actually mentioned that I think it might be a board Posters well at university. A bed. Burwood of a friend said he practiced like two bars of music with the shooter for two hours . You know this is host specific. It can be the you can look a tiny part of the music, but but that's warranted a one. It's that focus if it is a really difficult part of the music, and it could be difficult for a myriad of lots of different reasons, but we're deconstruct to get. But then when we build a backup incorporating at back into the song, it will be a lot easier for you. And the thing is a bit Lee. High quality practice guys is that you're always thinking about strategies of it how you could tackle the difficult bits. If you're gonna do some kind of activity and a washing the dishes while you've got the soul would repeat. Like you say a dozen times. Your voice is probably don't gotta ever improve, but that's because you're not being mindful about what you're doing. You're not analyzing lessening. Adjust in adopting. This is important things that you have to do it beautifully for part of your A packs of your songs. Yes, the to be freer, that is. Times were links. If you're committed to work, they have a little practice of your songs. Try and do it with a backing track, and then you could do it three or four times over. But at least then you're not being propped up by the other voice gating year. So you feel more independent, feel more confident in your own performance, but that's only a fraction of the practices should be doing. And I don't mean distraction hasn't you should be taking a long time. I would call that low quality practice just because you can really be thinking and analyzing that much worming behind quality practice. It could actually be a lot less than what you'd normally do. It could be 20 minutes. 20 minutes of really high quality, focused practice is worth more than repeating his home over and over for never. So it can save you time. The medics will be better getting used to with the being gonna main full analytical and quite strategic about what you're doing. But it really pays off dividends when you're trying to learn songs. 6. How to Tackle Difficult Intervals: I never been to talk about how we can tackle difficult doubles. You maybe get to a particular point in your song where you're really stock, because it could be like a huge jump between notes and the ones that are thing. People find the skinny asses when you're going up the way. So, Sir Francis, if it was not too late, like something like, Ah, something like that, that's difficult. First of all, let's see well done. And the you're less than to my advice of high quality practice, not just singing this song order in order and over and over and over again. There's going to be bets in your song. There are far more difficult than others. So the high quality practice means who in and in and really focusing in on these difficult passages, whatever they are annoying her to deconstruct them, to practice him in a very accessible and easy way. And then you just gonna reconstruct it back into part of the song, and you'll be surprised at how early if you isolate these difficult parts of your song, don't like him a little makeup. One thing you often gesticulating wildly here you'd be surprised how that can make a difference when you pay little back into the soul. When you build all back up again and sang the song again, it can make a huge, definitely relatively quickly. So say, for instance, I'm just in a common problem. Would be all tip leaps like that. So the for reference that was not see for middle C going up to the C above the which was See fine if you want to use reference notes on your piano app. So the first thing that I would dio for B I would probably go by in the piano and just baby , it could a be sure I've got the shape of already used as a reference no there. So I was the recommend. First thing to do is the thinking. It's doing some side and signs. Have you ever done that like a scientifically K? If you're like an ambulance or something, mm totally Bigsby yard all the time Entertainment sales come or don't mix beyond. But what could try to do that? The science certain but slate in between the two north's so they think of the dots of river dead was he But why like you to do is to think but aside and send slating very, very slowly going up to the higher notes. Don't worry a bit tempore in him like that. Just name. What we're trying to do is get just get a feel, for we're we're going in to see women a bit like mopping your voice. Sometimes we're one of a will mean by mapping. Her voice is actually mapping it. Were these particular Newt said in our voice, whether that's pretty low for a service in the middle and everyone's different or one person that might feel quite low or for another person might feel kingdom in the middle for another Paris and see if you're a higher voice of supplant all the C C five might very likely to be in the middle of your bridge, so that means that that actively puts actually could be quite challenging for you. Don't worry about being in the temple of the song. We're not just name, so we're gonna go thing. So you see what I mean. That was slate and very gently going up to the octave. Nope, your jaw direction at your jaw can really help us. Well, if you're singing Louie working on a big interval like that big jump jaw should be traveling in the opposite direction of what you're doing is you're door should be going. Dana's You're going up if you never not. Sure, just give yourself a little bit of a rub like this, so try again. Ah, uh, I want you feel you've done that a couple times, and when we can refer back to your piano up to make sure that you've got the right notes, let's try and bring it into a Volvo fl that you should be doing it in your song. So say, finances that's an e were still slide in between the note, but we're going to do on the vowel sound that's in the song so socially again. Robin, you check just to make sure that your draw comes down as you're going up, that they were going to try and do it but bringing it into the soul. We're going to see if we can go into the bits of song, but doing it really slowly. So again, I give you another example, Guys, this time we're gonna look at an Adele song but this time is gonna be rolling in the deep. There's a bit of the song was we could have had it rolling in the D A. That was quite a difficult bit, especially for mental voice is getting a bit high for them. So I would try for that bit like Is those are watching a dual, But can a group of notes Let's try to do the same thing where we're doing a sign in science light in between the notes. First of all, don't worry. But Temple, we're gonna try and just do that really slowly. So I will send a bit like this. Theo, you may need to take a couple of breaths, are managed to get into the end. But maybe know everyone will be able to take a breath whenever you need it. What would do that? What would try breaking develops but still slide in between the notes. So I'll show you what it was like for me the way and never was saying about the draw. Relax and calm dired, I should say, Get up the way. So this time with the try and bring in the words were silkiness laid in between the new issue surfaced Alpha Louis, but comfortable. So this time is gonna say like, this way. So the next time we do it same kinda slow speed that I guess roughly half the speed of what the song is Try and do it very gently without slate in between the notes you feel but more familiar with it Now you can a mapped out that section you've mapped out in your head you map toe in your voice So let's there to be slowly Way So this time, guys, what I like to try to do is like, incorporate that very gently can into the song again. So for that bit, there's a little bit before it where it goes. It stars off your love their me, the breathless I can't help feeling we could have had it. Ah, trying. Sing along with the Salton. Once you're happy with that is very important. Once you've can a bill of this leg of it chocolate and tables and stuff like that. When you've got sections of it door, just rest on your laurels and sing with the other voice. Being there with the real traditional artist, you have to find a parking tracker instrumental track to practice with. That's something that people find very difficult. They don't realize how much they rely on the other voice to get from the queues for what they're doing. So candy Okay, version or your accompanist or MP three accompanist? Those of the sites are recommend are for finding MP three tracks. But you know what? The trans sensible, if I could actually both be really good for friend and instrumental in backing tracks that you can sing along to without the other boys being there. Your actions that guys is when your friend in a difficult, a difficult interval, a difficult group of notes, is to work for Melo work. She that'll put Darden. 7. How To Find The Bridge In Your Voice: This guy is one way to do no, but does talk about fit and both bridge and your voice. And we're trying to find a way it is. And then ten ruined a bit. What we can do it as well. So for those of you who haven't heard that term before, and a few years ago, people used to talk about a grade in your coins is kinda like the same, describing the same thing by a much prefer thinking a bit, a bridge near voice, because we think if it sounds like your voice is broken or something, and that's not the case at all. And musical theater, they sometimes talk about head and chest voice. And a, I didn't explain this. Obviously, I'm a weight of these terms. I don't necessarily subscribe to them too much in that, I don't so much, thanks. Kagan chess voices because similarly it goes in fashion. Is it then when you are singing, you can a move to a change gears in their cars that you've move rapidly from one to the other. I don't think Signal is like the atoll. You have both chest and head resonances for those two different parts of your voice are always present just in different amounts. If you're seeing and really low and your voice, you probably have more of the chat pheasants. But it's important to also include some of the head resonance to help the agility to move between notes. Similarly, if you're singing high-end, Your voice is important that you go into also having a bit of chat resonance so they don't sound like a choir boy or something like that. So finally the bridge Near Voices, a couple of notes, maybe feel a bit in. Its difficult for you to control them. They might sound quite weak as well. In usually people idealize the very top is available and when their voices and they don't have any more. But usually actually do have Wicca. An extra couple of notes passed and put age just that they haven't felt the confidence to go any higher than that. For me, I think of my job as a teacher. It's helped people to control by the same through their bridge to get more familiar with it. To me, I feel in Singin, in how you control your pages, like one of the most difficult things for one of them, the important things to do and you're singing technique, once you've got that under control, is a lot easier to control the rest of your voice. So for instance, for female voices, then I found in my experience as a singing teacher, both autos met Susan sopranos, your bitch, you will one of your bridges you might have to if you've got large range, your bridge tends to be at and see and know the start with middle C. You're 110 city around the sea, Bahasa VC, fine. Usually about 500 peoples bridges. Is it that I need to be C, C sharp? Or content is C B-natural, be maybe even a whole cluster of not so much a bridge seems to sit around there. So say for instance, if you're going a bit higher than your voice, your voice right? Sand columns within the lower notes. But when it gets to this higher bits to the Thank You, feel like you don't have any control. So your voice as for time may sound a bit like it gets then almost people Simon thing. And so that's where your bread maybe if you're a got female voice, if we put i and we run middle C again, you tend to find that usually the sopranos, your voice will be the Lewis food for you met Susan altos. You may be able to sing it but lower. So you're lower bridge if you how one will probably be quite low Hill BY a room, they end balloon middle C. So we're talking, we widen the scope a little bit. From G3, dented and sharp in the both became an E5 and there. This is another kind of couple of notes. You may feel it that's the very bottom of your place, but may not necessarily be the case. I have to speak quite generally because each voice is different. I'm speaking from my own personal experience as a teacher, I've noticed bridges tend to be in these two little clusters. And so if you find that you've got a couple of loops there, you'll weaken. They can't control them, but may not necessarily be the end of the story. And maybe the, you have to work on controlling your bench. So this one is a robot to do it a little kinda exercise. Just try after this one. Exercises that help you to get into the habit of controlling your pitch. And hence we control your bitch is by using the cost of muscle that we did for breeding. So we've done the hard work of activating this and feel confident that we know how to use it. Really wanting. It makes controlling the bridge a lot easier. 8. How To Control Your Bridge Zinga: So we've already seen the various Sam versus the kx assigns a day, give me a chance to control what we're doing over the bridge of your voice. So the first one relates to do starting a kinda quite low. It gives a chance to get used to the feeling of it are gonna hit, you know, I like my m is eight signs. So when I ask you to just 69 since getting this time, I want you to sing Zeno, Zeno, Zeno, Zeno Hasaan, Hasaan. So we're doing it and are paid to women and home to the top and going back down. So we start with this one. And this is the apical middle CDO, S4. So this cause I think is y3. And so we're going to be saying zing. Zing. When you do the synthetic isolate it to zinging muzak MOOC to help really cannot open up your mouth. Remember not, not wide, not on up and Diane Zang not zing. And when we get to the star that it'll even when you start the exercise, Vedic, actually azure going through the exercise of bringing the course of muscle, I think exclusively species VSP squeeze. So then we get to talk with the high note. So you've got your causal muscle coming in. You've engaged it from the beginning. The ASOR drilling have been squeezing factually mood and mood and mood. And so when you get to that memory goes so the top is actually common, quite strong. And then you relax it. Then you'd have to take a bath and recall went into kinky. Then it's the same cooling up again saying, saying, saying and this might be very strenuous for you guys, especially if you're not used to using the course. I'm also quite as much as this. This is the part where we're trying to be a mechanic that we're trying to find a specific exercises help good to feel more confident about controlling your binge. Like I said before, if you can control your bitch, then that's when the most important things you can do to develop your technique games. So eventually they exercise again and then setting down the service. But that cookie to see, I'll be squeezing in my middle. If I do it with, of course, the muscle for just name, just so you can hear that It's saying as same as a central, right? But at the bottom there is send a bit like the bet like that. No, we can uncontrolled Simon during, mentioned before. If I'm saying we're starting to know for this course muscle be engaged right from the very beginning. Gradually it bringing it in and, and v But more than more. So when we get to the top there, you feel is really suck it in and then we really sick. So will is saying, saying, saying what deficits in the qualitative. Let's go up to next, but I'd like to China first. Going up to the next scheme, it is up to the flat. Even Bu Zai magazine as a legacy guys though, this can be very, very tight titin. So just give me a little break between each one. Let's try the next. Saying, saying, hey folks a beer ever not sure if I had to pick a course of muscle, anyone like that? Before you start the exercise, Think about that kinda thing. Whether they're breathing exercises where we sustained for a long time. Use a couple of those. Try your B than it to science is. So you feel happy bringing in the course of muscle and utilizing it. Then try this exercise again. 9. How To Manage Stage Fright Nervousness: Hey folks, this is a bit of a different angle again, as it goes away it to make sure that you guys can see what I'm doing on the floor and stuff. We're tackling with this one. And what we can do to help with stage fright and nervousness. This is a topic that's really close to B and it really affected me for a long time because I used to be really, really BAD with being nervous and things especially a dove is performing in front of people and the whole body would shake. I didn't feel like I had any way of controlling it. But what I found and gradually it's taken a long time, like years and years of gradually become more comfortable with it. I wouldn't say I'm perfects, cell ghetto shaky leg and things like that. But for me to feel him bodies more open and more defended his really helped me to feel better with every type of refilled. Like overwhelmed or anxious about what I'm going to be doing it from getting ready to perform in front of a large and many people or something like that. So firstly, I would do further the kid a funny goal. You may not see my head. Really important. Half of a body is doing. It's all on your behalf or your body. Feel it board a board connected with the ground. So the first thing you really need to do, we're going to stand up. And then it's really kind of squishing your feet into the floor. For me, I'm much in, it is those similar movements of people, the squash grips Italy with the user, but their fetus squish them into the floor. So I do a lot of moving from mere weight from one to the other, have adequate econo white Stan Lee, slightly away, doesn't hit width. And then you move in from one foot to the other. Imagine that you're trying to share, almost say, flatten an array into the ground, you really try a Masha in there. So alternative very slowly between one fit in the other. Because you're taking a slightly wider stance as well. I think that helps people kinda feel a little bit worldly there in controlling more stable, mashing your feet into the Florida, really squished them in the earth. This one. Big circles. The, what I would do is goodly say, wow, we're only moving your arms and big circles is right across the front of your body. But it's usually accompanied with a big wow, resound Saudi, if the maker food clips sort of do this. How end going round and big circles like that for with both hands. Go GSK, openness between the leg so you can see, ah, ah, oh, I know it seems a bit silly, isn't it? But openness of it, feeling it can relax the shoulders and the top half of your body. Your chest is stuff that can really help as well. And we can go backwards to the floor because I would say is do a couple of more late little stretch. Isn't things lie on the floor making sure that your feet are in Florida. It's not your knees connected with the floor and he picked your bend your knees up so that your feet are flat on the floor. And then you come down onto the floor. So you're lying down on the floor. Your head is shoulder and they're bought the bottom your spine, and your feet are connected with the floor. This'll pit candidates, but this actually because your entire body is supported by it. And so the next thing to do is once you take this vocabulary, then always imagine the whole law of your Bach. We have a small semicircle, is not connected to the floor. When you take your breath and imagine that you're almost breathing into your Bach. And you tried to history, and I thought all of your Bach fills in. So there's more of your back connected with the for doing a couple of bees and exercises in this possession and breathe in a way that you can feel like you're more connected or your back is more connected to the floor, can really help you to just feel like you're in control and you're grounded. This is actually good possession and for you to be in anyway. Because one is if your position is where all of the parts of your body is supported, It's supported by the word. And if you've got your hands by your side, your elbows would be connected to the floor with your hands over your tummy. This is a good place just to do a couple of kinda breathing exercises. Breathing into your Bach. And alerted when to do. Actually, if I come back up is to do when we're take your breath and when you're setting up on your legs like this, very gently just stretched diaphragm, TOEFL. You have to push down towards your feet, your job, your feed, pull them towards in stuff. We've always been very, very gentle over what we're doing here. So for this one, soul at bitly feeling but work with your legs and what they're doing if that makes any sense. So you do it have to be the bend is the stretches Paris and here is all a bit breathing into your back isn't being Buddha awaited. You buckle your shoulder blades is a good thing, like I said before, because it can help me to feel that you're being a bit more centered. Having a greater sense of control will help us nervousness. Another thing that is also very good. And if you go back kinda back onto the floor. Onto the floor. But this day, when we have our fee open the floor up, we break these up to our chest, hug them, and then gently rock side to side. While you're hugging your knees to your chest. As also a good one, just to help me feel you're relaxing that I'm Drew Bach and things like that. Has these positions we're feel that you're being hauled way something that'll help as well. So guys kinda Beatrice helped me really much in your fee into the floor putting your wheel MAN leg on the other. It should be very specific about what I mean by that because it can be confusing. This isn't something that you should be doing while you sing. Because whatever criticisms that people, when they get nervous is that the weight on one leg and this is a symbol, that idea. But this is something to do when you're not sick and to help you feel more grounded and more connected with the floor. And so the other things to do as well is lined in an floor. So you've got your heads, your back, your chest, bottom of your spine, and your feet are supported. So visit your knees are bent and your fear on the floor. And then you just breaths when you're breathing in. And so almost Lee squeeze at the hollow of your box and the mold of your buck connected with the floor. And when you're doing that, your elbows are probably restaurant to Florida with your hands on your tummy, relax and when you finish with that, bringing these up towards your chest, hug them or ender chest and rock gently site to site. That's a really good one for help to relax or Bach and things like that. And then wonder could have gotten in. The wind stuff does have these red leg stretches where you set it up. Your legs are still connected to the floor. To stretch down towards your feet is much Jiekun. 10. How to Memorise a Song: And in this case all we're going to denote as what can be done to advice I've got for you to help you patron and revise a song. And I know that this can be very scary for people. And this often people find really intimidating, overwhelming when they start to learn to sing. So to give you some strategies in this, these are little things that I do I personally find helps me a lot when I'm trying to learn. So first thing I'd recommend is this gap and type of the words. And USA. Typically once you've got pentane, often you may want to amend the layer over it slightly so you've got more spaces between the lines of the word see, space, Reagan receivable, don't lose sullying felt Wilson's or circle difficult words and things like that. And once you've got it in silicate speak the words in the rhythm of the song is said you critical motion. It's perpetual blitz is a pivotal moment. It's incredible. This case, this case, it can really help. It's a bit strange, but it can really help you just concentrate on the rhythm. First of all, with the words tending to find when people are learning, singers, learning the notes pretty quickly. And that's especially true if you're happier as being an auto Larimer. And the Lambda Law quicker by ear than they do relate safe for learning something from sheet music and stuff it up. And I'm a belief that as well I learned a lot quicker by land and by ear and just by 11 by eight, copying someone first of all. So the next thing is for you to do and you could have feel happy with that, is to kinda just the words that all of the words of the song and don't say it's like speak the men in the rhythm of the song receiver mean. Just speak the Word through really, really quickly. And I'll give you an example. There is a down Saddam was a cover from the Bob Dylan song. When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warming race to make you feel my love beneath the shadows and the stars appear, and there's no one there if you tie your careers, I can all of you for a million years to make you feel none of it affecting just play, drawl through it, lands in a sense quite monotonous when I didn't like that, isn't it is, it doesn't say modelling, poetic, analytical the way it should be. So just having that as a drill of almost a MOOC and local megafauna can speak in the words and just kinda fly and flinging them out there. That helps me feel that I know it really, really well. The annual, the song and trying to then inside like it see the notes go and really quickly for me and do whatever the notes. And the way that you should be learned in his phone number was we're talking about Lear as folks working with melody. First of all, build and then you try and think a bit, incorporates some of the words and see that they're all signs when you're trying to play with them, analyte memorizing something a bit different. So we're trying to separate the words from the malady because we're working on the assumption. You've done all that work, but new abnormality really well anyway. And generous begin forcing is the melody and the notes are the things that go in the easiest and it's the easiest to membranes. And other kind of you think that receipt is well, folks is use a cheat sheet. And let me just give you a little example of that. Okay, so here's an example of a key cheat. We're just going to use the good old book, pardon pan. And I'm gonna make one up for a Mickey film. I love. This is neutral. Cain isn't exactly what I would do if I was learning this song from scratch. Again, this is what I did when I was in the process of memorizing it. So I put down the title of the song. I love this little thing that we have to be quite specific event folks is that sometimes when people are layer and then it's not that they don't know all the bits of the song. They probably do insist that they get confused over the song structure. Maybe a bit losses to, Okay, well, versus momentum again this time. So sometimes having just a little cheat sheet with a couple of words for care problems to help me to remember. So well, do say for instance, that the star 012 or three words, it can be a prompt of it. What is happening in brass one, Y, but here is when the rain dot-dot-dot. And that gives you the remainder. Okay, this is what it's dark so As and then I'll do the next bit. Evening. Shadows, don't know, know. And you've got a couple of words there that will help in. And then we can go into the bit. Curious. I bill you have it made your mind up until you haven't W dot since they, there's a couple of Persephone kid, but where you are in the song, the way to feel that you have to go completely cold turkey guys when you're trying to learn a song, because that can be really off-putting. They can be demoralizing. So having this bias is really, really helpful. And that's when next little thing on once you caught your cheeks sheet and you can just fill it up with whatever prompts that you need, structure and so on. Then do go into the habit of oven the music Standard right in front of you. I don't want to see people willingness. Haven't this written for maybe once you've got your cheat sheet there habit to the site, but still there is a new proof quotation. You can look at it really quickly. If you do, you can stop by DO E to feel that you're getting into that 0 FEM jail. He can't live without it. But it's also not think is veiled it. So people use the music side. This will hide behind allelic. Ooh, I'm a bit nervous, I'm a bit scared of Eta C into C code in here. Helps you to get in that habit music standards there to help you, but it's not directly in front of you. This can make you feel a bit more exposed in a bit more vulnerable. But this is helping me in the long run. Remember folks were trying to say, you can mimic the situation of what it would be like for you to perform as much as we can. So means always standing up, means they, when you're trying to memorize songs, having a music stand to your site rather than directly in front of you to get used to no habit in front NF-1 in front of it. You'd be really surprised that how it can make you feel a bit like explorers in a bit nervous, just not having these crops to hide behind. So once you've got your key there, eve got used to it being by your side and you may feel pretty confident, you know the song really well. Move it farther away from you, is there's not so much in your peripheral vision by us in the same room. It is off to the side a little bit more. So you can sell them a cat it if you need to. And this is when you have a choice facing new guys, you'll be the best judge of what situation, when is the best thing to kinda look at this? Sometimes when you get stuck with the song, it could be you're gone up to the next housing. I can't remember what virus isn't meant to be singing is usually the viruses because generally speaking, people can memorize codes a lot easier. Why would recommend with this and noise maybe sounds a bit daft. But Josh, repeat the vast that you've done. If the malady is pretty much the same, but the words are different, just repeat the veracity of just Sutton. A lot of people don't even notice because it is here, the lovely singing and that's fine, that keeps them happy. The most noticeable thing that you can do is to stop. Doesn't really matter if you sing this embarrassing Yiddish repeated. I mean, that's not ideal, but you're still performing in a happens all the time book that people have memory blocks and things like that can be a little bit example. I went to an international singing called petition in circles or few years ago. And when did the ladies have second her idea that you must have just had something about flow for some time to find and determine the cancer. Just stall in cough, really violent the cough a couple times. But then she recovered really village of industry McIntyre, a song that was almost as if it never happened. That is a professional when you can have something like that happens, it doesn't stop here. It doesn't mean you never know immune from making mistakes. It's how you manage them, how you cook them. That makes a huge difference to whether or not you can think you just have, you've got a good second technique. Second technique is sometimes a bit coping mechanisms when things go wrong and some things you really, really mess up and you just get really confused as to where you are in the song. Sometimes it's best to just stop and start again. And if that happens, if you're in a performance, please don't apologize. Just say something like all gossip bet module dot f is already feel isn't gentlemen, I'm going to start again and then you start again. It's recovering quickly. So weighted recover quickly is if you're confused by which ferus is just saying this inverter you've just done. Because, well sometimes that happens, you have a mammary gland ketone can really avoid it. You know, that happens sometimes if you think you've really, really mess up, please don't feel demoralized because I hop is everyone that happens all the time as how you manage it that makes a big difference. 11. Start Ear Training: I guess we're going to go into another really important part of what we need to do when you're trading their voice is not just a victory in their voice. I just say submit training or is it soulfulness really late, often overlooked? It's absolutely fatal. We're not just being familiar with her voice and happens both up I've singing technique is a bit general musicianship. And that can only come from having sharper ears. A lot of people go into this. You can have the belief that ear, your ear sensitivity is something a much fix and you can't improve it. Well, that's absolutely wrong. You can improve your ear sensitivity is all about auto training of initially a little exercise that really helped me. In this one, we're going to be doing some words I had seconds. This time. We're gonna be seeing the words zingy zany lemon with us, squeeze of line. And I'm going to put it into the subpattern. First of all, I should explain as part of a kind of scale. M singing is from start from the a below middle C. And if you think of it in Numbers, are solved by first of all, Dory. If I do it in numbers 1234567. And what we're trying to do in this exercise, it covers particular numbers. 1234565653. I created this little exercise myself. And that's for a particular reason. And that once people get to share in 56, if something's fueling and not sure to what they're doing and what happens is that number six goes flat. So sometimes when people do, they go to name two on. And we're going to understand why does it kinda like an ambiguity there? Nodes 56, they are very similar to the major scale. The same modes are gonna make a skill as they are and gives a natural minor. So you will get confused is almost let me get to that point. I feel like I'm a definitely in the cell in a major key or my Vaughn and John Maynard is that thing we feel Lee, All of a sudden you can feel a bit late. You'd exposed. And that's what makes people feel a bit scared. So the cool spot, because if you're scared, I want you to just go for the guys. So for this one anniversary they exercise. And every lovely picked the right lemons or lamb ma, debate are saying, they're saying as well is really good for me, zingy lab. And I want you to really emphasize these things. So if I show you one more time, it will start from the Aimee go. Let's go to intervene. Turn and try and move this. Nice. Let me try it one more time. So you actually sense first face is to have a trial. If they record in a demo that I'll make, I'll make an MP3 file of Sx size for a higher than from lowered voices faster that I've got a list of recommendations of your training apps that let you to look at certain levels died late kit to complete those exercises.