Singing confidence in 30 days - Chapter 4. Intermediate Vocal Course. | Singing Coach | Skillshare

Singing confidence in 30 days - Chapter 4. Intermediate Vocal Course.

Singing Coach, Singing Coach

Singing confidence in 30 days - Chapter 4. Intermediate Vocal Course.

Singing Coach, Singing Coach

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Know your voice secure your voice chapter 4

    • 2. How To Find The Bridge In Your Voice

    • 3. How To Control Your Bridge Zinga

    • 4. How To Manage Stage Fright Nervousness

    • 5. How to Memorise a Song

    • 6. Start Ear Training

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About This Class


Know Your Voice - Chapter 4: Secure your voice

To do this course at your best, you must complete as a pre-requisite:

Chapters 1 & 2:  Support your voice & Map your voice

Chapter 3:  Build your voice

Section 4 - Secure Your Voice.

Working with your knowledge of your mapped out voice, we now go into greater depth about how to do more advanced exercises.

Then we look at how to control your voice in the bridge, which is the most vulnerable parts of your voice.

Some people talk about this area of the voice as the "break" in the voice.  I don't think this description is useful.  It makes people think their voice is broken when it isn't. 

Thinking of your voice in a sightly different way makes it much easier to understand the long-term goal of vocal technique. 

And no, it's not to expand your vocal range.  This is likely to happen as a result of good technique.  But it's really unhealthy for your voice if you pursue increases in range for its own sake.

You wouldn't give the keys to a Lambo to someone who's just passed their test

Meet Your Teacher

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Singing Coach

Singing Coach


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. Know your voice secure your voice chapter 4: new your voice Section four. Secure your voice, working with your knowledge of your map toe voice. When I go into greater debt but hosted more advanced exercises, Then we look at her to control your voice in the bridge, which is the most vulnerable parts off your voice. Some people talk about this 80 of the voice as break in the voice. I don't think this description is useful. It makes people think their voices broken went. Isn't thinking of your voice and a slightly different way? Makes it much easier to understand the long term goal of vocal technique and no is not to expand your vocal range. This is likely to happen as a result of good technique, but it's really unhealthily for your voice. If you pursue increases in range for its own state, you wouldn't give the keys to a Lambo to someone has just passed her test seem here. The most common mistake is the push to increase your four corange. This is the most common cause of lama town focal damage. If you concentrate on improving your vocal technique, brokerage tends to expand, not because you're the better singer, even though you are your voice has what has always had. The difference is you have more control. Before you do the difficult exercises, you have to make sure you're in control. You know what your body is doing at any one time. You have built up stamina because you're gonna need it. You haven't instinctive knowledge off what your voice wants. You know what your voice wants to do. Not you. Your voice lesson toe. What? It lakes on what it wants, be it. Use that knowledge. Then create a rapid part of Solms that sure your voice all after its best. This is an intermediate course. It should not be attempted by anyone who hasn't done chapters 12 and three. 2. How To Find The Bridge In Your Voice: do you know, top of a bridge in your voice? Trying to find really is, and then can you into bed what we could do? A swell. So for those of you haven't had that time before and a few years ago, and people used to talk about a break in your points. It's kind of like the same. Describing the same thing by March. Prepare thinking a bridge in your voice because we think it's a great sounds like your voice is broken or some and that's not the case. It's all in Miskell fetal. There's something talk about head and cast points, and a I really can't explain this, Eisley. I'm a weight of these terms. I don't have Sally subscribe to them too much in that I don't so much thinking about heading case voices because similarly gives the impression is it. And when you're singing, you can move Teoh. A change gears in the cars that you move from one to the other. I don't think singing is like a toll. You have chest and head resonances with those two different parts of your voice are always present just in minutes. If you're saying really low, in your voice, you probably have more chance presidents. It's important also to some of the head presidents. How about agility? Moved between notes. Similarly, if you're singing high in, your voice is important that you go into also having of Czech president's so that you don't sound like a quite your boy or something like that. So for related, but your voice is a couple of notes, the maybe feel a bit, and it's difficult for you to control the inmates and quite weakest, while in usually people that's like very told, with valuable mother voices and don't have any more, but usually do have, like a next a couple of notes past the bridge just that they haven't felt the confidence to go any higher than that For me, I think minded, old business singing teacher. It's help people to control by saying through their pledge to get more familiar with it to be, I feel singing and having control of your veggies like one of the most difficult things for one of the most important things to do in your singing technique. Once you go under control is a lot easier to control the best of your boys So Friends is for female voices. Then I found, in my experience, is a singing teacher with all those Mexicans families, your bage, one of your bridges, you might have to. If you call a large range, you're but it tends to be, and it's see start of metal scene. You're one density around the C C. Fine. I usually find people's bridges. Is that B C C er or going? Time to see be done will be made even a Is this close to so much a bridge here to say, For instance, if you were going about hiding in your boys, your voice right, saying cold with Lord knows when it gets in this fire, it's so big you feel like you don't have any control. So your voice for time e gets then almost a week and people signed. And so that's where your bridge maybe, if you're a female voice, if we don't pay middle C again, you tend to find that usually sopranos your voice. Will that be the Lewis for you? Minutes was a notable. You may go to sing it, but Lord, so your lower bridge, if you will probably be quite Lou will be around the balloon middle c. So we're hoping we widen this a little bit. So from Jeannie, then it me. And that's another couple of notes. You may feel that the very bottom of your voice, but not necessarily the case. I have to be quite generally because each voice is different. I'm speaking from my own personal experience as a teacher, I have noticed that people's bridges tend to be in these two little Klosters. And so if you find you've got a couple of books there, you weak and they can't control them, that might not necessarily be the end of the story and maybe the and you have to work on controlling your pitch on. So this one is a bit too little exercise destroyed after this one exercises that help you to get into that happened controlling your bitch. It had to be control your bitch if I used the car samosa with that for a breeding. So we've done the hard work off activated this and feeling confident, endure to use only one thing that makes controlling the gradual, easier 3. How To Control Your Bridge Zinga: look at the size of China's second full, what we're doing over the bridge of your voice. So the 1st 1 really Teoh quite low gives a chance to get used to the feeling of it. What do I like? My son's gonna ask you to just six in one since this Emily noticing. Zing, zing, zing. Ha! So So miss time with this one. This is the capable middle c c force of this cause I think it's e v. And so we're gonna be seeing sing, sing, sing, sing is that they have really gonna open up your mouth, remember? No, no, White, Not one. And let me get to the star. That would be starting the exercise. Very actually. Address will really size bringing the course muscle, I think. Squeeze peace, peace, peace, peace, Peace, please. So then we get to talk with the time you got your course. I'm also coming in. You've engaged it from the beginning, but as we're drilling, being squeezed in factory mortar, mortar, mortar more so when you get for the baby goes, it's actually coming quite strong. And then you relax it when you have time to take a nickel wanted Frankie. Then it's seen a bit saying, saying, saying This might be very strenuous for you guys especially, you know, just to use in the course of most of its much fits. This is the part where we're trying to be like a mechanic. You know, we're trying Teoh flying specific exercises. Help you, Teoh. Feel more confident Control in your range. Like I said before, you can control your bitch. Then that's when the most important things you can do to develop your technique, guys. So exercise again and then set in diamonds. It is but squeezing. Remember if I do it with a course muscle for just just so you can hear the difference. Saying seeing is a sense. All right? What They send a bit like Bentley that we cannot control something we mentioned before. If I saying start, no, for this course must be engaged right from the beginning. Gradually opinion and we but mortarboard. So when we get there, we feel it is really sucking in. Then we really sick. But that is it is the quality of the notes foreseen, walked next. I would like to try that first going up the next gave it is up to flats, lazy guys. So this could be tightening. So just give me a little break between each one saying it looks a year. Ever. Not sure, but I had a big loss of muscle in it in like that before you start the exercise thinking about that I can think about didn't want to breathe at night. Just leases where we sustained for a long time used a couple of those prior Butin it to science is you feel happy bringing in across muscle, utilizing it. Then try this exercise again. 4. How To Manage Stage Fright Nervousness: folks and this is a bit of Ah, different angle again as it goes away to make sure that you guys can see what I'm doing with the on on the floor and stuff we're tackling with this one might weaken. Do Teoh help with stage fright and nervousness? This is a topic that's really, really close to be and it really affected me for a long time because I used to be really, really bad with being nervous than things, especially that was performing in front of people and the whole body was shaking. I didn't feel like I had any way of controlling it. But what I phoned gradually and it is taking a long time like years and years gradually become more comfortable with the I would say Empower FIC. It's still getting shaky leg and things like that. But for me, feeling like my body is more open and more grounded has really helped me to feel better with every type of the field, overwhelmed or anticipate what I'm going to be doing it from getting ready to perform in front of a large, amended people or something like that. So first like that, I would do for the kind of 40 odd goal you may not see my head better beheads. Not really important. I'm gonna history for you. What a bubble on behalf of a body is doing. It's all a bit your bottom half of your body feeling mortar, more connected with the ground. So and the first lady relate to do with a sudden halt and then what to think about it, like really coulda squishing your feet into the floor. And for me, I imagine that Is this your doing a similar movement to the people that squash grapes Italy with the user, but their fetus squish them into the floor. So I do a lot off river from your weight from one foot to the other, having a great I could a white stance like slightly weightier than hit wits. And then you're moving from one foot to the other. Imagine that you're trying to the archer food almost like flattening it right into the ground. You're really trying a mash it in there so alternated very slowly between one foots and the other because you're taking a slightly waiter stunts as well. I think that helps people to get a feel a little bit. Worley. They're in control, more stable. Mashing your feet into for that really squished them in the Earth. But this one didn't get a big circles. They What I would do is a good league, say wow, but only moving your arms and big circles just right across the front of your body. But it's usually accompanied with a big wire. Ooh, sound Saudi. If the maker food clips were to do this Wow and going round in big circles lit up with with wolf hands, Agogo scope it. This between my legs, I can see. Wow! Wow, it seems a bit silly, isn't it? But that openness of it feeling you can relax the shoulders and, like talk part of your body and your chest stuff that could really help us. Well, we go back onto the floor because I want to do a couple more li little stretches and things like a doe did floor, but making sure that your feet that under Florida it's not your knees connected with the floor. If you put your bend your knees up so that your feet are flat on the floor and then you were come dining onto the floor so you're lying down on the floor. Your head, your shoulder in your bach, the bottom your spine on your feet are connected with the floor. This will put kind of basically this, actually, because your entire body is supported by it. And so the next thing to do is once you take this because breath in, always imagine the whole of your bok Lee, you may have a small lake. Ada semi circle is not connected to the floor. Would you take your breath and imagine that you're almost breathing into your Bach? You're tried to straighten out the whole of your Bach so it can fills in. So there's more of your box connected with the floor during a couple of you than exercises in this possession. I'm breathing in the way that you can feel like you're more connected or your boxes more connected to the floor could really help you to just feel that leak urine controlling you're grounded. This is actually good position for you to to be in any way because I m one of the few positions were all of the parts of your body is supported. That supported by the floor. And if you got your hands by your side, your elbows would be connected to the floor with your hands sitting over your tummy. This is a good place just to do a couple of could've breathing exercises breathing into your park. And the Lord did one to do actually for come back up is to do that. Would were Take your breath in. Well, you're sitting up on your legs. I don't like this very gently. Just stretched out soon. Don't feel you have to push down towards your feet or job your feet, pull them towards you and stuff. We're always gonna about being very, very gentle about what we're doing and here. So for this one, Dole it bit leak feeling, but work undated with your legs and what they're didn't if that big said he sets so you don't have to be the bendy ist of the stretches Paris. And here it's all a bit breathing into your back uses the being border weight of your pocket, your shoulder places. I get thinking like I said before, because I could help you to feel that you're being a bit more centered. That having a greater sense of control will help with nervousness. I am another thing that's also very good is in. If you go back it a back onto the floor will go back down onto the floor. But this time, when we have our feet up on the floor, bigger feet up every burger D's up to her chest, hugged, um, and then gently really rocks. I decide. Well, you're hugging your knees to your chest. It's also a good one just to help me feel that your relax it around your Bach and things like that. However, these kind of like positions, we your feeling you're being hold by something that will help is well, so guys could a reiterate some river little things that helped me really mashing your feet into the floor, put your weight on one leg on the other. I should be very specific about what I mean by that, because it can be confusing. This isn't something that you should be doing while you sing, because what about criticisms of people with the get their service? Is that the put their weight on one leg? This that this is a symbol? It idea. But this is something to do when you're not singing. Help you fuel Morgan didn't were connected with the floor. I'm similar things to do as well is lying down on the floor. So you've got your head. Your box of your chest. The bottom of your spine on your feet are supported. So means that your knees are bent on your feet or on the floor. And then you just, um, breath when you're breathing and trying to all. Mostly squeeze at the hall of your box of the more of your bod connected with the floor. And when you're doing the elbows, are probably resident of floor with your hands on your tummy, relaxing when you're finished with that, bringing these up towards your chest hugged them. Orender chest and rock gently, side to side. That's a really good one for help to kid a relaxing Orbach and things like that. And then, not wonder, could a garden. But get up the way and stuff drinks of these red leg stretches where your set it up, but your legs are still one of connected to the floor, just stretching down towards your feet as much as you can 5. How to Memorise a Song: you guys have been two dinners is looking into advice for you to help you pay to devise a soul. And I know the lesson. Big practice, Katie. People something people really intimidating, the overwhelming when they start to learn to Same. So what? To get the Since Dr Abuse of this, these are little things that I do, I personally find, helps me alot. When I'm trying to learn something, so think of it recommended. This is get a printout of the words and USA, typically when you got printed off from you may want to amend the layer of it slightly. So they got more spaces between the lines of the word See space, where you can hospitable notes like pebbles ends or circle difficult wars and things like that. Once you've got it and silicates speak the words and the rhythm of a song. It's said your critical motion. It's perpetual blitz. It's a pivotal moment. It's incredible. This kiss, this kiss. It can really help. Just feeling a bit strange. Just that can really help with this. Concentrating on the rhythm, first of all, words I tend to find when the people are learning in singer is lying the notes pretty quickly, and that's especially true if your copier is being an auto learner and the learner a lot quicker by here in the the late safe for learning something from sheet music and stuff it up, and I'm a bit like that as well. I learned a lot quicker by learning by ear and just by loving by Cole P and someone first of all. So that next thing is for you to do, you could feel happy with that is gonna just speak the words but all of the words of the soul and don't sick like speak them in the rhythm of the soul. You mean just speak the words really, really quickly, and I'll give you an example. There is a downside was a cover from the downtown. When the rain is pulling in your face and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love. But even shadows and stars appeared, and there's no one there by your peers. I can hold you for a 1,000,000 years to make you feel if I could just play droll through it like that. So despite monotonous when I didn't like that, isn't it? Doesn't sound Mobley and poetic analytical the way it should be. Just having a drill, almost like speaking the words and just gonna fly flinging the light there. That helps me feel I know it really, really well. The handle, the song tryingto then inside, like I say, the note school and really quickly for me and what even the notes and the way that you should be learning in a small number. But we're talking about outliers folks working with milady, first of all, building. Then you try and think about incorporates and some of the words that say that little signs when you're trying to beat it with the melody. But memorizing is something a bit different. So we're trying to separate the words from the malady because we're working on the assumption that you don't know that work with you in normality Really well, anyway. And generous enforcing is the melody in the notes of things that go in the easiest, and it's easiest to memorize. I know that everything that was two years well, folks issues a cheap cheap and let me just give you a little example of that. Okay, so here's an example. Over. She just used the good old little pod pen on. I'm gonna make my milk for make you feel my love. This is like looking This is exactly what I would do if I was learning this soul from scratch again. This is what I did when I was in the process of memorizing it. So I put down the title of the soul. This is don't think that we have to be quite specific about folks, is that and sometimes people are learned. And it's not that they don't know all the bits of the song. We do insist that they get confused with some structure. Maybe a bit losses, Teoh. Okay. What? Various amenities again this time. So something's having dissolution heat with a couple of words with care problems to help you to remember. So we'll do. You see, this is the star or 1st 12 or three words to give me a problem to what is happening Breast One. Why? But here is when the rain it goes through your mind drop. Okay, This is what it start. So as and then I'll do It was the next bit when the evening shadows don't know and you've got a couple of words there that will help you and then we're gonna go into the chorus. Do you have a medium end up? I know you haven't. Don't seem saying this. A couple of words approach you where you are in this home. Do we need to feel that you have to go completely cold turkey, guys, when you're trying to learn this because that could be to the off button, it can be demoralizing. So having this by your side is really, really helpful. That's the next little thing. Once you call your cheeks Street. And maybe just fill was never promise that you need for the structure of the film. Then do go into the happy off, having the music stand right in front of you. I don't want to see people wilderness they don't have in this referee. Once you got your feet, they're having to the sight of you. So it's still there isn't your vision. You can look out really quickly. Do get stop, but don't need to feel that you're getting into that point of them. You can't live without it. It's also that, like assailants, people use his excited right behind. You really do have a bit nervous some of its spirit over to see just a cabin in here. It helps you to get that happened. Music stand is there to help him, but it's not directly in front of you. This could make you feel a bit more, exposing a bit more vulnerable, but this is self imputed in the long run. Remember, for Trans Am, you can mimic the situation of what it would be like for you to perform as much as we can. So it means always standing up means like when you're trying to memorise songs, having a music stand to your side rather than directly in front of you to get used to know Alvin in front, anything in front of you. You'd be really surprised at how it can make you feel a bit like exposed in a bit nervous. There's no having these props to hide behind, so let you go just to keep their we've got used to being by your side, and you may feel pretty confident. Notice on really made it further away from. It's not so much in your peripheral vision was in the same room. Is yourself to the site a little bit more so you yourself. That said, if you need to and this is when you have a choice, you guys, you'll be the best judge of what situation. When is the best thing to look at this? Sometimes when you get stuff for the song, it could be you're going up to the next. Oh, no. Remember what Paris is? A Mental singing is usually the masses because general speaking, broken, memorized close a lot easier. Why would recommend with this? I know it may be signs of it tough, but just repeat the gaps that you've gotten if the malady is pretty much the same, but the words of 15 just repeat the veracity. Just something a lot of the time people don't even notice because it is here, the lovely singing in that that's fine. That keeps them happy. The most noticeable thing that you can do is to stop early marker if you singing this in Paris and you just repeated communicated. That's not ideal but yourself performing and happens all the time. People have memory blocks and things like that could be a good example. I would Teoh an international singing cold petition inside, of course, a few years ago and one of the ladies of singing her idea that you must have just hot like something about for some time flying intermittent. But you have to distort and cough. Really? Let our final probably called a couple times, But then she recovered. Really? Benjamin straight back interest on it was almost like it never happened. That is a professional, But you can have something like that happens. It doesn't stop you. You never immune from making mistakes. That's how you manage them, how you cook them. That makes a huge deficit stick. Whether you know you can thank you. Have you got a second? Let me singing Technique is sometimes about coping mechanisms of anything wrong. Sometimes you really, really mess up. You just get really confused as to where you are in the song. Sometimes it's best just felt stopped again And you if that happens, if you were doing the performance, please don't apologize. Just say something like all golds Bet, model. If it's already feelings and gentle not gonna stopped again and then you start again. It's all about recovering. Quick thing. So we did recover quickly. Is if you're confused about which is just saying the same about you, Justin. Because, well, sometimes that happens. Have a man V blanket. Can't really avoid it. That happens sometimes that you really, really messed up. People feel immortalized is that happens. Everyone that happens all the time. It's how you manage it makes a big difference. 6. Start Ear Training: another really important part of what we need to do when your kid in their voice. It's not just about changing their voice. I should say about training your ears itself. This really like, often overlooked. It's absolutely if I told you know, just being familiar with her voice and happened to close up a singing tiny dissipates. General musicianship not totally come from having sharper years. A lot of people go into this. Can I look the belief that you're here? Sensitivity is something that's pretty much fix that you can't improve it. Well, that's absolutely wrong. You can improve your your sensitivity. It is all about old training of initially a little exercise really helped me. This one provide evidence worse. I had seconds this time Probably same words zinging, zinging lemon with squeeze off line. I have been to put into this a patent. First of all, I should explain his part of a kind of skill. M Singh from stock from the able middle C. And if you think of it in numbers or so personal numbers one. Teoh pay more. My what? We're trying to do this exercise. It covers particular numbers. It was one too many more. My six. My 651 I created this little exercise myself next, for a particular reason in that once people get there and 56 if something's feeling no sure what they're doing and what happens is that number six flat so sometimes And I can understand why does kind of look in on security there? No, it's fine on six. They're very similar off the May. Just feel the same votes or make a skill as they are, and it is a natural minor. So we will get confused. Is almost let me get to that point with Felix definitely in a cell in a major key or MMA of a going and Maynor is that thing you feel like all of a sudden you can feel a bit like you exposed and that's what Mexico retreat. But I feel a bit scared. So the cool spot, because I'm scared. I want you to just cool for the guys. So for this one, saying easy. Oh, wait and I picked lemons with Mom. Like I said, there as thing as well is really good. Zing, zing, game lamb, Elated to really emphasize these things, so if I show you one more time. Way. So you actually sent this? Guys? Is Teoh haven't tried the recorded a demo that will make American MP three file of the sex size for hiding from lower voices. After that, I got a list of recommendations of your training APS that like to look at and certain levels that late. It's a complete in those exercises.