Singing confidence in 30 days - Chapter 4. Intermediate Vocal Course.

Jayne Norrie Singing Coach, Vocal Coach, Full Stack Web Dev Coder

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Know your voice secure your voice chapter 4

    • 2. How To Find The Bridge In Your Voice

    • 3. How To Control Your Bridge Zinga

    • 4. How To Manage Stage Fright Nervousness

    • 5. How to Memorise a Song

    • 6. Start Ear Training


About This Class


Know Your Voice - Chapter 4: Secure your voice

To do this course at your best, you must complete as a pre-requisite:

Chapters 1 & 2:  Support your voice & Map your voice

Chapter 3:  Build your voice

Section 4 - Secure Your Voice.

Working with your knowledge of your mapped out voice, we now go into greater depth about how to do more advanced exercises.

Then we look at how to control your voice in the bridge, which is the most vulnerable parts of your voice.

Some people talk about this area of the voice as the "break" in the voice.  I don't think this description is useful.  It makes people think their voice is broken when it isn't. 

Thinking of your voice in a sightly different way makes it much easier to understand the long-term goal of vocal technique. 

And no, it's not to expand your vocal range.  This is likely to happen as a result of good technique.  But it's really unhealthy for your voice if you pursue increases in range for its own sake.

You wouldn't give the keys to a Lambo to someone who's just passed their test