Singing With Soul - Find Your Own Unique Singing Voice | Kyle De Luca | Skillshare

Singing With Soul - Find Your Own Unique Singing Voice

Kyle De Luca, Creative Genius? Probably not...

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Singing With Soul Intro

    • Lesson 1 Vocal Health & Nutrition

    • Lesson 2 Mindset

    • Lesson 3 Beginner Vocal Process

    • Lesson 4 Vocal Performance

    • Class Project Let's Get It On

    • Lesson 5 Maintenance of Your Voice

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


A class for beginners and pros alike. This video series will cover everything you need to know, such as:

1) Vocal Health & Nutrition

2) A Singer's Mindset

3) Finding & Growing Your Unique Voice

4) Vocal Performance

5) Optimal Maintenace of the Voice

By the end of this course, you'll be singing your heart out and having a blast all at the same time! Each and every student will be well on their way to fully developing their own unique sound & style using easy to digest lessons.

Can't wait to see you in class!





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Kyle De Luca

Creative Genius? Probably not...

I'm definitely a hell of a lot more creative then logical. I'd like to think of this as a signifcant advantage as I do my best to contribute to the beauty in this world.

My main focus is to do with music and performance, though I do intend to break out into any other creative areas that tickly my fancy.

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