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Sing Songs On Pitch | How to Sing in Tune #2

teacher avatar David Daddario, Vocal Coach & Singer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Tip-1

    • 3. Tip-2

    • 4. Tip-3

    • 5. Tip-4

    • 6. Tip-5

    • 7. Tip-6

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About This Class

The first step you need to take to sing a song well enough is to sing it on pitch.

And this class is a short guide on how to sing songs on pitch.

It teaches you some easy tips that by implementing them you will be able to sing any song with better pitch accuracy and control.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Daddario

Vocal Coach & Singer


Hi there, my name is David. I've been a singer and teacher for around a decade now.

Although I can say there has been nothing more enjoyable to me than singing, I didn't have an easy journey towards mastering it.

Although for some people it can be so natural to sing, for others it might be so unnatural and frustrating.

I was in the "others" category.

Fortunately, I love to be challenged.

And that's why I'm a full-time vocal coach and teacher.

Now my challenge and the end goal is to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

I believe singing is a skill, and no matter what, you can develop it.

I feel so grateful for developing my singing ability.

It gave me the best experiences of my life.

And I wish the same... See full profile

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1. Trailer: whether you want to sing foran audience or your having an audition, or do you want to record a song? You won't sing it as good as you're able to. And what is the first and most important said You need to say you're sing a song as good as you can see you don't pitch and this is what you're gonna learn this class Hi, I'm David Addario, your vocal coach and teacher in this class. The goal of this glass used to teach you the things you need to know while practicing a song, and also while they're forming it so that you can be able to perform so slowly and precisely on pitch. Now if you don't want singing off, pitch sharp or flat means Skip on Started Quest from the next lecture and if notes to put it simply, singing off pitch means not singing the exact knows you should've singing, instead singing their own nose, and it's also the same as singing out of tune. Every is going to be extremely can become something like this theme, in contrast to this one. Now, when you're singing off pitch and you're not singing the right notes it's either flat means it's lower than the note that it should be or its sharp means. It's higher down the note that it should be now, in a context. Singing flat is something like this way, and singing Sharp is something like this thing. Sorry for that. Now let's find out what we can do to fix our pitch issues when we're trying to sing songs. 2. Tip-1: What's the first thing you need? Energy. Improve the off pitch parts of a song. First, you need to hear the offish bars in order to improve them. But it is not as easy as you might think. Yes, if I sing like this. No, you're, um uh uh, that's not hard to say. I'm off on the last ward, but most of the time, it's more subtle and you won't quite notice it. Especially when you are in the hit off singing. So what can you do if you want to notice every a slide offish note records yourself. We are seeing a song. You're dealing with a lot of information pitched tone riffs and rounds or playing instruments. If you plan sing and many other things in contrast, when you're listening to your already courted voice, you'll be able to judge your pitch much better and notice the off knows, even if they're going to be so subtle. So recording yourself gives it a perspective you need for when you are practicing and trying to improve the pitch accuracy of a song 3. Tip-2: if you recorded yourself, you probably noticed that you're off in some part of the song you're singing my suggestion to use to know those notes. And I don't mean in a narrative way nor to sing on a ship music. What I'm saying is that when you are practicing a song, you should try to know that Don't you have a problem with? For example, let's say you sing this raises like this a lot again. There are, um, bones age. And you know that the word stand should be be three sage and you found that you usually sing it on B flat three sage Maybe by listening to your recorded voice you found that in any case, now that you know such detail, you're able to anticipated while you're practicing Okay, if I sing it half step floor that I need to go higher Exactly. Ab step upon stage upon sage stage stage 4. Tip-3: hi again roads. These your anything wrong? Did you hear that? Have almost let go the last night of the phrase Here it again. A wish rude one might say That's so slide on subtle. The problem here is not that is slightly off or extremely off. It's the habit of letting go at the end of the phrase that makes problem. If you recorded yourself and you found that you let go at the end off some of the phrases, there's a good chance that it's a habit you have. For example, let's say you're performing your beautiful song. But at the end of each phrase, you let go of the last note What that performance is gonna sound like, I tell you it's impossible to enjoy it. You need to be decisive and finishing your phrases if you want to finish it with a straight song than do it. The ah wish the profits wrote roads, roads, but don't like this roads roads if you want a finishing with vibrato the wall, which the profits roads rolled, but doom did like this room's road. If you want to gradually drop the volume, that's okay, the on which the for office room. But don't drop the volume and notes altogether. Road route 5. Tip-4: Let's say you start a phrase like this. Mama just killed a man instead of this Mama just killed a man. What's the difference? The beginning of the phrase. I even remember at the beginning of my singing I had to struggle a lot with the beginning of the phrases. But the interesting part was that when I had just started teaching, I realized I wasn't the only one. Restores most of his phrases with a slide Uh uh, especially the ones that started with the high notes. And unfortunately, when a phrases starts with a high note Oh, it is much easier if we just to start from a loan and Venice lighted to the high one. Ah, but I'm here to Sally. If he adapt yourself to start your phrases with a slide because it's easier, you're not gonna let go of this bad. I mean easily Try to be decisive. No, the no dishes sorta and aim for it decisively. And if you cannot start easily at the beginning off phrase, we starts with a high note and you have to reach for it like this. Then your problem is your technique, and you have to fix that, and for that it can simply watch my other class, which is all about developing the proper technique. Now let's talk about another problems almost have with starting a phrase, and that's starting with. It's totally wrong notes. Instead of a sliding for the rights one, for example. But I fear tomorrow fearsome are fierce Amaro Cruel. This happens mostly out of not give enough attention to the beginning of the phrase, and that's it. So guys watch for these kinds of mistakes you might be making at the starting point of a phrase or is finishing point. As we talked about in the last lecture, you won't believe how much improvement it can make in your voice by fixing these slide of subtle off nose. And keep in mind that sometimes our weak points in singing or so subtle and elusive that we have to search for them. You know where to find them. 6. Tip-5: If you're going to sing a song like this, nobody would say, Wow, we just had to hide be Why great singer If you're off, it doesn't matter where you're off. It doesn't matter if it's higher or lower or hard or easy still, try to see in your comfortable range. I saw many seniors who has struggled with this to some extent. They just cannot perform in their comfortable range. And I was the one who has struggled with this issue to the extreme. I thought, If I'm not singing too high or too low now, then it isn't good enough. They won't influence any audience. I've been 35. If what I'm singing is not hard enough, especially for me, then it isn't good off. And you better nothing like that. And let me quickly point out something here for you. Wallman singers thing like they always need. I have to perform beyond their abilities. Many seniors don't even try to grow beyond their ability. They they always fun with what they have, and none of these extremes are good. But because our fortress in this class is to fix the office singing one of the common reasons why we go off pitch is pushing to our to reach and seeing what we cannot sing freely. Then we're only talking about not performing what is beyond our ability. You can practice and develop your techniques to sing as high end as powerfully as it's humanly possible. But do not perform what is beyond your ability at the moments. Keep in mind that pushing for something you cannot sing freely is one of the most common reasons why you might sing flat specially in your high notes. So trying to choose a song and it's keen away that it's more comfortable to your own voice . 7. Tip-6: Did you ever see a person who put her hurts that stone to listen to her favorite song and she suddenly start singing with it like a fool. As you know, this happens cause she cannot hear her own voice quite well. So when you're performing, you need to make sure that you can hear your own voice well enough. And if no, there's a good chance that you go completely off pitch, what can you do if you couldn't be able to hear your voice properly? Maybe you have a show with your band, and the drummer is just right behind you, or the monitors aren't working well for you to hear your voice. Or you might be singing for your family and friends in an open area, and you do not have any mantra phone, and you cannot hear yourself enough. Should you push your voice to make more sound? I hear yourself better like this. You should never, ever push your voice and any coast not only you're gonna sing flats, but also you're not gonna sound good either. So what can you do about it simply by tomorrow? You're three years into your ear, tested right now to see how much you can hear yourself. Better not only it gives you a better perspective on your loudness, but also gives you a better sense of pitch. The are thing you need to do if you can hear your voice will, is to consistently remind yourself that if I can hear my voice well, that doesn't mean autres can't either. And I know it is hard to not give in to the air. You're pushing your voice because if he can out here, your voice enough in the first place, then it is really hard to notice if you're pushing it sweets really hard thing to control. One important known here is that trying to hear self better is not only beneficial for when you're performing, but also for when you're practicing to. And as you might already wash my other class about singing on pitch, I mentioned that it is much better if you are able to here self better while you're practicing. And for that, you can cup your ear like this while you're practicing your songs, or get your mouth closer to a surface. Still venture so that your voice can be able to travel faster to get to your ears. Test these Sampson. You will be amazed at how much improvement you will get in your pitch, accuracy and control. 8. Tip-7: Is there anything you can do to improve your pitch? Accuracy right at the moment of your performance. Shortness. And that is not to think about anything ready or performing. It is not the time for you to check if your high notes are on pitch or their flat, or if your riffs and runs are good enough or to have any internal dialogue at Dad moments that will only makes you onshore and fearful. And this is the exact thing you don't want for singing on pitch When you're performing, you should not pay attention to the things you usually think about when you are practicing and out. Sally, Dad, the Maurin sterile dollar you have when you're performing the worst you're gonna per for. And if you have any experience with Daddy, you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to tell you not think about something, and you simply don't think about it. It doesn't work that way like what happens when I tell you. Do not think about a red elephant. Do not think about it. You're only thinking about red elephants. So this advice one want to tell you now think about something. But what if I tell you to think about a blue elephant now? You're not thinking about the red one anymore, so you might be seeing them right beside each other's anyway, you know, or do not analyze your voice and not go deeper into the internal dollar in the middle of your performance. It's better to put your attention on your energy into something else, like the letter your singing. Be the one who's speaking those wars seen for the audience. Put your energy more outside instead of inside that outward energy and emotion will definitely help you to sing much better and with a mawr pitch, accuracy and control. 9. Final Words: faster putting your time. I'm watching this glass. I hold that it has been helpful to you. I'll be happy to read your review about the experience you had with this class, General. So follow me on skin shirt and asked me any questions you might have in regards to anything you can tell me about the exact singing topics. Do you have the most problem with? And I will try my best to Carter for you guys. I wish you all the best. Keep practicing and keep saying See you next time.