Sing Song Covers & make them sound like they're your songs. Simple steps to make covers your own. | Jayne Carmichael Norrie | Skillshare

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Sing Song Covers & make them sound like they're your songs. Simple steps to make covers your own.

teacher avatar Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Singing Coach JCN

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. 7 Step to make Song Covers feel like your own

    • 2. Cover version main

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About This Class


Simple Steps to make Song Covers feel like your own.

Do you wish you could perform a sincere interpretation of a song you like?

We can help you!

I will give advice on how to create an honest and effective interpretation of the song giving tips on thought processes which help you to create a deeper understanding of the song.

When you listen to recordings, your ears have to work hard.  You have to be able to decipher between the basic components of the song.  But you also have to differentiate that from individual things the singer has done which is part of their unique style/interpretation.  For example, this may be a decoration in the vocal line, emphasis of certain words, adding/changing dynamics from the original sheet music, etc.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Singing Coach JCN


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. 7 Step to make Song Covers feel like your own: - Hi guys. They were going to do it quick masterclass on a song interpretation, little bits of advice that will help you to feel more confident that you can deliver your own unique fashion of a song and all of the advice I'm going to give me today. It's all kind of bottles time. Teoh considering shape What she do you want to create with the songs that you're saying? 2. Cover version main : The first bit of advice, I would say is I'm looking at things that rhyme usually in songs like every single A second line in a song the wars will. Right, So you have to get a give a little tiny bit oven emphasis to the forced Werth. Second wooden almost gonna bring the right in such a way that people realize that they match, you know? And I know you have to be very, very careful with these things. Cause them if you do it to march, the emphasis is too strong. It comes out like, really, can all Gordon would send in. So just a little tiny, subtle shape to them. And they're just so people can go. Oh, you look that rhymes. Yeah. And the second, what does this say as well as I'm on the same lines, looking at the emphasis of different words and and is really handy. Sometimes it just plant the athletics of a song and to see them deadpan. So you are noticing your natural pattern of speech and the way that you would see a certain phrase might be quite different from the way that I would say it. But that's a good thing that's you. Bring in that your own unique interpretation of the song and go back to that Bob Dylan thing again. When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace to help you feel my love. I don't know that that was exactly right, but you get the idea. The words that I would emphasize may be different to you, and that's good. That means goal with your natural partners speech. Make the interpretation feel a lot more natural and sincere. And this is the thing that we're going we're going for is and an honest and sincere interpretation. And so you have a really good depth of understanding and knowledge about what the song is about. And there's the next bit. I think, about things like him that might be quite unique. Teoh. Maybe your idea. Your country you're part of Scotland, like colloquialisms is a good example in those couple of in the lines there, but is talking about whole world is on your case, but we're not talking literally. That are way. It's all about leaks. There's something cool. Quill is, um, a phrase of people say Teoh Express having frustration. So you have to make that clear that, like sometimes when you're singing things in the you want to make sure that people understand it's a colloquialism. What a phrase method of expression. It could be that maybe people haven't heard off that certain phrase are colloquialism before, so making sure that is clear is not to be taken literally can really help the next. Like it's going to similar lines of thinking about some cold board painting or magical ISMs , and to give here connected example itself. And sometimes in music like music, they have, AH, awarded Alexei falling and the word might trying Teoh sort of music my trying and describe what the word means falling something like that. You know, that's what ever crude example. Do you get the idea? It's just thinking with them. Also this Bob Dylan song as well there's a partner. It says. I could offer you a warm embrace. Well, it's like about the word warm. You don't want to make it sound like you just said I don't pain or something really boarding like that, you know, And it's also thinking about the intention of the word when you're saying about offering a warm embrace. She wanted to sound in a warm and cozy and inviting relaxing almost a swell secretly. I could offer you a warm and braise to make you feel my love to this, the warm so everybody will keep on doing that. But it is a slight sense of a shape to it, you see. And so the thing about what painted Nissa and you have to be careful you don't do too much is a bit like having song paper with your dinner or something like that, really nice to have it as, ah, gonna thing to bring it the flavors of your food. But you wouldn't sit down time deal with a bowl of just sold, which is a belly that before Pinson that you only do it like carnally know. Even my kind of two or three times I would guess in a song and only use it for assault forwards that you feel inspired by. Do you think all that's a really brilliant, descriptive word on what to cannot play it? I'm a thought and make something of it. That's exactly how I felt when I heard this bit, I could offer you a warm embraces. Like all you could do something with that warm, embracing the thought of a warm embrace. Punitively Kim make it seven cozy and like nice, you know em So Jozic speeding. Like sometimes if you are using it for a song and sometimes year people that Dooley care don't get too much. Kids extract from the meeting detract from the meaning of the song and that concerned about ord and the next legacy as well as them. Something this difficult, I think, to Teoh increase it'll and empathy. You really need to empathy for singing. Teoh. Put yourself in somebody else's shoes if you just help me to understand what they're going through. And so you may have a song that you're trying to get a saying in your mind. The character that's in the song might be doing something that you haven't expedience. Whether that's good or bad, they need to try and imagine what, how they would feel if you were in that situation, you know, and sometimes it sounds. If you can imagine if, like maybe you've had friends or family has been in this situation. If there's anyone that you can asks questions about, then that's really helpful in what was it like when you went through this? You know, and people are always very kind and willing to support people when they're trying to understand things like this and this is what? Nothing, they could fight a little call man is stuff, and you have to do you call desk work, you know when you're doing your second every day practicing. And that's good, because sometimes I feel like I'm a second teach. But I don't feel like second every day. Sometimes something just get to have a little time more from it, because the work on your song without singing I am. But I'm looking at the What's the Who and why. So sometimes when you think about what you're singing now give you an example of somebody that didn't quite think about this. They had a song a couple of years ago and was talking about kryptonite, and the person was second it unusual way. Ah, holo! They were trying to say it to say the word is like two separate words of kryptonite. So ask them, Masayo, the underside Kryptonite means. And they said, do And there's like All right, well, you do is, you know, supermen. And they're like, No, the dinner was talking about It is vital that you do your homework. If you have any unusual words, things you don't quite understand could be cloak. Realism is you don't really understand. Please try and find out as much as you can a bit, um, So I had to go into an explanation of what kryptonite is and things like that. And you can imagine if you went to, in addition and in some of the Astra, but a word. And if you didn't know the meaning of it, it could be a little black mark against you at your addition and the next I just to think about the who. Who's that your singing to? Is it just to yourself? Is it to one person? A small group of large group are huge crowd of thousands of people that will influence the way that you sing it, but I also think it. But who hasn? Who is your character in the song? However, the feeling right now, what can the things do you think that they would want to change, if anything, and that's a little bit. But could a leading onto the last point is thinking about why. Why is the character singing the song? Is it Ticketus vent frustration like, Well, I've had a terrible day and I just need to tell somebody about it. Isn't trying to stay to something that they loved? Um, it could be that they're very happy in the relationship already could be there, trying to tie somebody back to them and thinking about the reasons why somebody singing. And if it's a good song, there's always a reason, even if it is a reason that you may think is rattle exciting, or it may be mundane that maybe just people are happy the way they are, are there am hoping for, ah, something better toe happen in the future. They have an optimism. There may be so making sure that you do your desk work and that's a lot of just deep thought about what you're doing. Like I said, another video and stuff like that. The thought creates a color, and when you invest your time into this process of thinking about your interpretation in these ways, it means that makes the actual performance off it so much easier because you don't have the Kochs turning all the time and your head whirl in all the time When you when you actually in in the performance a mixture mind a lot more calm because you have that depth of understanding and knowledge behaving do so Thanks, guys. I hope that helps you. And if you have any questions, please feel free to say Buddy Bill Jeanette music is our 40 dot co dot UK. If you have recordings you like me to look at, then you can said that to be a able address or you have a side being like tell YouTube video or something. Remember, you can also organize a few escaped consultation with me too. So if you want to try Tryon except of a song while we're on scraped, that's great, too. Thanks, guys. Have a great day