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Sing Better & Easier: Ultimate Vocal Exercises

teacher avatar David Daddario, Vocal Coach & Singer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. How the Class Works

    • 3. Hum

    • 4. Lip Roll

    • 5. Go Go

    • 6. Fry Ng

    • 7. Mum

    • 8. Staccato Legato

    • 9. Sustained Note

    • 10. Final Words

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About This Class

The daily singing exercises for improving your techniques and overall tone quality while eliminating strain and vocal damage.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Daddario

Vocal Coach & Singer


Hi there, my name is David. I've been a singer and teacher for around a decade now.

Although I can say there has been nothing more enjoyable to me than singing, I didn't have an easy journey towards mastering it.

Although for some people it can be so natural to sing, for others it might be so unnatural and frustrating.

I was in the "others" category.

Fortunately, I love to be challenged.

And that's why I'm a full-time vocal coach and teacher.

Now my challenge and the end goal is to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

I believe singing is a skill, and no matter what, you can develop it.

I feel so grateful for developing my singing ability.

It gave me the best experiences of my life.

And I wish the same... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Hi, I'm Jimmy D'Addario, your vocal coach and teacher in this class. Let's say you want to sing a phrase and you singing like this. Just kill a man. I would have gone a guess. You pull my finger now he's dead or singing like this just or even like this Mama just killed. And you might ask yourself why cancer? I sing it properly that me and the people around me can enjoy. It is it's a hard thing to us for if you have nuts trained your voice properly. Yes, that's a hard thing just for let me give you an example. You've just but an expensive piano to start learning piano. Would you set at it and ask yourself, Why chance I play beautiful songs with it off course not. Bondi Piano doesn't make one a pianist. First, you need to learn practicing properly and for sure practice for some time and then expect the time you've been putting into practicing will pay off unless you play the songs you love to play. Your voice is the same. How can you tell if your voice is an amazing one or not until you haven't trained it properly? you never know how much but ensure your voice might have. Actually, if you have any off the singing problems that are showing at the beginning, it shows that you have not worked on your voice properly. On this glass is all about helping you with debt. It gives you the time tested exercises that can build up your voice and eliminate the technical issues that most seniors struggle with with other beginning roids or media singers. Now let's have a quick look at the content of this class. I will give you seven times just of exercises that will build up your voice in every lecture. I will give you the demonstrations of each exercise, which teaches you the right way of doing them. You'll also learn has eliminated the technical issues of your singing voice by VL Pub. These exercises I also made the MP tree falls for each exercise so that you can practice them with ease. Also, each exercise contains two different files, one for male and are born for female voices. So you're not going to have any range issues while doing the exercises now before starting . A class considered these things first, although inside of all of the class shows that it's for beginners and can be It doesn't mean that the exercises are going to be easy and are only program for beginners, actually very challenging. Second, you need to be active while you're watching the class. And if you can't simply save this 30 minutes of your life for the things you enjoy doing the most. That was a good sense to finish this lecture with. But I should add another thing. Third, the only way to get results is to practice consistently, and if you practice consistently, I guarantee you will progress. I also tried my best to make the whole class as short as possible. Not its preview. You might assume so I can wash it odd once and then start practicing, searing the next lecture. 2. How the Class Works: How does the class ward first watch the lectures actively and do the exercises with me on whatever you learned the rights way of doing them. Practice with damp a tree falls and feel free to go back to the videos whenever you felt you needed some assistance or re Jap. Keep in mind that he shouldn't push your voice while doing the exercises. So if an exercise waas too high or too low for you, just leave it. And don't try to push your voice to reach of Eno's. Expanding your range takes time, so respect your voice and give it enough time to grow. Also, give your voice some rest between doing the exercises you can arrested from 30 seconds up to five minutes. It all depends on you and how you feel at that moment. If you feel OK, move fast if you feel your voices fatigued, given enough time to rest before moving on to the next exercise. Also, the more you're new to practicing, the more time you need to rest. If any of these exercises is familiar to you or you've been practicing them before, don't skip over them. Instead, listen to the proper way off doing them. It's not important if you do an exercise for years. If you don't do it properly, it won't do any good for you and the last note. In the beginning, you may not be able to do the exercises perfectly, and probably you won't. But that's not a problem at all. This program built in a way that all of the exercises assist each other, and gradually you will become better at them. And by doing the exercises better your singing, we'll get better. Just know that it's strengthening, and coordinating a voice takes time. Like every other skill. You need a good set of exercises, but you have. You need to know how to do them properly, which you will learn on. The only thing left is to just give yourself enough time to lor. Let's start learning 3. Hum: our first exercise. Sounds like this. The goal of our first success is to warm her voice without putting any extra attention on it. And what's better than a starting with some we already know. Well, huh Uh, it's a very easy Sam. Close your mouth and say Hmm Mm. Don't say mm. More tried. Please, It should be easy. You should not manipulate the sound. Just let it come out by itself. Um Mm. Now let's did on a piano. I don't sing it like this way. The way you're doing this exercise, you need to make sure that your face and neck muscles are totally relaxed. For example, let's say you are in a group and one of you is singing, huh? Let's say it's you. Your face needs to be completely blank, like there's nothing in it in a way that by senior faces, I should not be able to recognize that its use being singing. You can also use a mirror while you're singing to make sure you've loosened up all these muscles. It seems like that Steelman melody I can see also keep your job tongue and lips very loose and relaxed and also do not braise your raise your chin at all costs. Also do not push the air too much like this, or even holding back like this. Your breathing should be relaxed and easy. 4. Lip Roll : our second exercise sounds like this. What's our goal in this exercise? Singing from the bottom of arranged itself without putting any strain or tension on our voice? Interesting, but a hard thing to do. Why? Because most of us have a problem. We think that we need lots of air when we think about singing, especially in our high notes. Well, that's not true. Blessing there, especially in high notes, will put a lot of a strain on our vocal courts. Actually, good singing is more about holding and controlling the air that it is a bowel, letting it out fast like this. So you, as a singer, need to learn this skill. The skill of controlling the airflow on the best exercise that helps you to get good at it is the liberal because it lets you have constant airflow throughout your whole range. Now let's street to get her first, put your lips together and make this sound. It might not be able to do this right away, so don't worry, work on him or if you have a problem and try everything with me Now we're gonna make a sound with it Now, High one now What can you do If you have problems? Do Philip roll? Place your fingers on your cheeks on, then press your finger chips and then make your whole face relaxed. Revenge. If you sound like this, it means that your lips or two sides you can push your chicks a slightly forward like this to take the tightness out of your lips. Now, if you sound like this, it means that your lips are too loose. You can push your chicks a slightly towards the ears to take the slack out of your lips like this. Now let me make it easier for you can place your fingers on your cheeks and move them around and experiments on Syria liberal becomes steady and easy like this. Wait, wait way it's Berridge. Inhale through your nose instead of your mouth with Also don't push it while you're going up like this. Raise your chin thing. It should be easy. Just let the sound come out easily by itself. Sing it as you speak. It 5. Go Go : are mixed exercise. Sounds like this. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Let's say you're seeing a phrase with, uh Does this ever happened to you that while you're singing your voice suddenly breaks into falsetto? And I and I of course it happened. Especially when you're trying to reach the high notes, your voice might suddenly disconnect and break. Ah, uh and that's one of the reasons I put this exact exercise in this class. Actually, the G sound in this exercise added to help your vocal courts not to slip apart easily. So if your voice doesn't connect easily, this exercise will do wonders for you. Also, this exercise increases court closure and get mawr presence. Your voice. Now let's street on piano. Go, go, go, go, go, go, Go! So if you sing it airy like this Go, go, go, go! He got extension The g sound more goo Goo seo! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Also, if he cannot maintain seamless like this. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go on! You sing like this. Go Go, Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! At a cry tone to your voice. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Keep in mind that in the beginning it's OK to have huge breaks in your voice. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! You don't have to perfect this exercise or any other exercises before moving on all the seven exercises assist the charter and eventually your break will disappear. 6. Fry Ng : and now the fourth exercise, which is fry in JI. And it's my favorite exercise in this program. It sounds like this. It works on your resins and your court closure at the same time. It's a perfect exercise for vocal rehab. It saved many of my stones voices. It's a combination of vocal fry, uh, on the energy sound. Mm. Together to sound like this. Um, Now, let's work on each separately and then combined them to get her First. We go for vocal fry, pick and notes and make it as relaxed as possible. Like this. Uh uh. You should not force it or push it like this. Uh ah. I should be very easy. Very easy. You need to pay attention to two things while during the vocal fry. First, your voice should be at its most relaxed state as second. Your volume should be as little as possible. So with a scale, it sounds like this. Oh, now, let's go for Vangie sound. Say the word sing, but don't stop at the end. Keep the sound sing. Um, there should be no boys coming out of your mouth. And all should come out from your nose. um, safe. You hold your nose. Uh huh. Your voice must be a stop. Also, if you open or close your mouth, Um, your sound must not change at all because nothing is coming out of your mouth. So we just scale It sounds like this. Now you're not shell fry. Angie Sound is a fin raspy sound. That's Onley coming out of your nose. That's it. Uh uh. Now, let's do it on the piano. Keep in mind that it's a laser sound on. You should not make it big like this. Don't push. It just would come out by itself. Also, if you have tension in your voice event dropping your job, we really help. You should be very loose and easy. 7. Mum : our fifth exercise sounds like this. Do you remember that for the liberal exercise? I told you that the higher we go, the more air we bless and Vance wrong. Well, that's one problem might encounter by going up high in our voice, and we try to solve it with the liberal exercise. But another problem you might face by going up high is the tendency to raise our Larry X. And it's especially war sport male singer. So let's fix it first. What is the lair? Inks sickened. How does it feel like when it's risen up and less? Is it bad to sing with the high Larry's position? The answer to the first question. What is the lyrics? Place your finger on your Adam's apple. Behind it is your larynx. Now, if you don't have a prominent Adam's apple and you chance find it, just place your finger underneath your chin at the top of your neck and a slide down until you feel a slight, deeper tooting V shaped notch. This is it. Your larynx and your vocal cords are in that. Now we know what the lettering says, and where is. Let's get to the second question. How does it feel like to sing with high larynx? Gently touch your Adam's apple and then swallow. Notice how it immediately rises? That's the extreme High Larry Exposition. If you sing or speak with the Extreme Highlands position, your Sandlin was so fan. Or you might end up with something like this. Ma jazz Common, which is not singing but yelling The zone is unnatural and unhealthy. Off course. Sometimes that might be the artistic effects you might be looking for, but that's another topic for another day. Finally, the third question. Is it bad to sing with high Larrys position? I think it's one of the worst things you can do to your voice. Actually, the tendency to sing with High Larry's position can cause a lot of problems. What do I mean by that? Well, sometimes you hear or feel a specific problem in your voice, but that might not be the rial problem you're looking for. That might be the by production off another problem you have, which you can see at the moment. For example, you might say, Oh, my voice is so flat. How can I face that? Well, you need to find the rial curse off, singing flat. I fixed that problem, not senior flat itself. Actually, by doing these exercises correctly, I mean the whole seven exercises every day you can eliminate most possible bad habits that can occur in your singing voice. And the Highlands position is just one of them, which we can eliminate by the help of this exact exercise. Now, let's do it together. Keep in mind that is, you know, spread the vowels like this. My mom, my mom. Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama! Keep them narrow. Also, if your larynx goes up too much like this, or you seem with a lot of a squeeze on hardship like this, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, Just try to dark in your voice like this. More more exaggerated. The dogger is sound. The more release you will experience your high knows more. More thing also, don't overdo it like this. Just an easy doobie sound 8. Staccato Legato : our next exercise. Sounds like this. Ah, first staccato. The most important thing for the staccato part is that he should not have an airflow first and then slammed the course together. Huh? How it should be like this. Oh, Oh, so don't sing it this way, huh? But seeing it this way. Way. Uh, if your voice is too airy like this, you can't sink this way. Use vocal, fry. Uh huh. Ah, By doing this exercise, you are refining your courts closure so that you have more power and control in your voice . That's why you put a staccato before the llegado so that the courts trained to stay connected like this, uh, and not easily split apart. Ah, and if in the llegado part, your voice breaks, that's totally okay. As I told you before, these exercises are not meant to be easy. There are basics, and walking on the basic techniques is what will make you progress. And no matter what, if you really work on this self consistently, you will see the results. But at the same time, you should not expect to see the results so fast. It's just like muscle building. You won't be able to press £200 in the first month off exercising, or you may, if you push yourself too hard too soon to reach a level faster than your body can adapt you a damage. Some of your tendons and ligaments. When it comes to training your voice, it's the same. Just practice daily and he will build your voice Gradually. You won't be able to make the voice you love in just one week off practicing. But you can make you better and closer to what you love in just one week. Now let's do the exercise together. Make sure you're not singing it too loud like this. Uh ah, Sing it gently Way. Keep in mind that the starting point of the llegado part should be like a cicada. Oh, like this. Uh like this, huh? Um uh, Also, don't push for the high notes like this the way If you have problem with the high notes, you can really drop your job just like this. Ah, but it's important. Onley, open your mouth vertically and not horizontally like this. Uh, keeping narrow 9. Sustained Note : and are less exercise, which is the hardest exercise of the program. Sounds like this. Ah way. Start with Val Booth and owned than actually. We start narrow and then we sneak up to wider Val without trying to yell, Whoa! Ah ah! Or flipping into falsetto Whoa! Uh, now let's see together, huh? Way. Ah! Now, if on the all Val your sound gets out of your control, for example, like this, keep your mouth. Now, er if you're flipping into falsetto, try to sing with less weight If you sing it heavy like this Ah, you will probably go to falsify That's up. Ah, so singing with less weight like this. So if you sound like you're pushing too much like this Ah, you can lower your Larry's by darkening your voice just like this. Oh, if you sing it area like this, try to use local fry or staccato. One last golden said, is to add the cry quality to your voice. Uh huh. Uh ah will do wonders for your especially if you seeing somewhat dull. Hey, 10. Final Words : Let's go for the big final wards. It's all about consistency and quality meats. You need to exercise daily and try to gradually get better at performing the exercises. And that's it. I congratulate you on finishing the class and I will be happy to read your review about the experience you had with this class. Also, you can follow me on skill share and ask me any question you add in regards to anything you can tell me above the exact singing topics you have the most problem with. And I will try my best to cardinal for you guys. I wish all the best. Keep practicing. Keep singing soon extract.