Sincerely Yours: Mixed Media Notecards | Lex Leclerc | Skillshare

Sincerely Yours: Mixed Media Notecards

Lex Leclerc, Eco-artist & writer

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction: Sincerely Yours

    • 2. Collecting Forgotten Paper

    • 3. Baselayer

    • 4. Process 1

    • 5. Final Step

    • 6. Final: Envelope


About This Class

Prepare to explore the lost art of notecard writing.  In this class, you will search out the forgotten paper of your world.  Forgotten paper is everywhere: in the magazines that are sent to your house, in the wrapping paper that your lovely friends wrap gifts to you in, in business cards that your saavy associates slip in your suit.  We will use this paper and you own creative imagination to design mixed media notecards and postcards that you can mail to your friends, enemies and secret lovers.






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Lex Leclerc

Eco-artist & writer

I'm interested in ecological art to explore the concept of fragmentation.  My life sometimes feels a bit disconnected.  I find my brain feeling kind of buzzed from my cellphone or the internet, so I use drawing as a way to thread myself back to myself.  I like to use recycled fragments (cut out paper) to create coherent wholes.  


I also love languages.  I really LOVE them, especially French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, and Japa...

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