Simply Watercolor: Paw Print/Baby Footprint Wreath and Florals | Paula Whitmer | Skillshare

Simply Watercolor: Paw Print/Baby Footprint Wreath and Florals

Paula Whitmer, WaterColors and Puppies

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7 Videos (36m)
    • Intro

    • Prep Materials & Color Mixing

    • Leaf and Flower Practice

    • Floral Piece 1

    • Floral Piece 2

    • Floral Wreath

    • Thanks For Watching


About This Class

In this class we will create a set of 3 watercolor florals that all look different, but are tied together with the same color scheme. The video will take you through a practice session to learn everything you will need to complete these beautiful watercolor pieces, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, everyone will be able to enjoy this class. 

These pieces would be great for a nursery, a gift for mother's day, or just as beautiful pieces to hang around your home. 





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Paula Whitmer

WaterColors and Puppies

Hi! I'm Paula and I like animals, being in the outdoors and being creative! 

About 2 years ago I was in an accident that caused me to lose my left ring finger. During my recovery I picked up watercolor painting to help pass the time. I love creating simple and delicate works of art for my family and friends! I have an adorable dog who I treat like my child and a pretty cute husband who I feed sometimes.  

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