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Simply Perfect Sunhats - Learn to Sew a Gorgeous Reversible Sunhat with Wired Brim

teacher avatar Nicola Duffy, Designer Maker and Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choosing Pattern and Adjusting For Fit

    • 3. Fabric

    • 4. Choosing Brim Wire

    • 5. Sewing

    • 6. Finishing

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About This Class

Create Simply Perfect Sunhats with these step by step instructions for reversible, full-brimmed, wire-edged, non-droopy sunhats.  Ideal for students with intermediate to advanced sewing skills, this class will teach you how to take any basic hat pattern and transform it into a truly sensational hat.  

Lessons include:

- Choosing pattern and adjusting for fit

- Fabric

- Choosing wire for brim

- Sewing your hat

- Finishing

Enrol now to learn how to make gorgeous hats for yourself, your friends and family.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Nicola Duffy

Designer Maker and Teacher


Nicola Duffy - creator of Buttons by Benji and Ginger Mint. 

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As a child I spent hours creating Fimo pieces, most of which were heavily dusted with gold powder 'for extra beauty'. Ten years ago I rekindled my love affair with polymer clay and started creating buttons galore. Tens of thousands of buttons later, I'm just as passionate about polymer clay and I'm constantly seeking to push the envelope with what I can create. 

Seven years ago I started dreaming. Maybe I could replace my part-time job with button making. Maybe I could turn it into a booming home-based business with customers all around the world. Maybe I could work when I want to and do something fun and cre... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm nickel adopted. Welcome to my class. In this class you will learn to make simply perfect sun hats which are reversible and picture wired broom. This class is suitable for intermediate to advance sellers, and it will teach you how to take a basic sun hat pattern and turn it into a simply perfect sun hat. See you in class. The project for this class is to make a simply perfect son hit. And the deliverable is to put some photos of what appear in a project to inspire us all. I've been making some heads for myself and my girls for years. This all started due to my frustration at the expensive, unsuitable offerings. In many stores were a pale skinned bunch and a one inch broom just doesn't cut the mustard . Plus, I'm a sucker for a matching hat in San Dres. Along the way, I had a few disasters, some nearly dear models, and I finally developed what I consider to be the perfect reversible for brimmed wire. Ridged No droopy, some head. Now I'd like to share with you in this class, you will learn about choosing your pattern in size good fabric choices for your head, choosing wife your broom age, selling your head and then finishing it off. The listens include detailed, step by step instructions to take your existing sewing skills and produced a high quality head that will look fabulous whilst performing its basic function of protecting the wear from the sun and the Knicks. Listen, you learn about choosing your passion in size. See there. 2. Choosing Pattern and Adjusting For Fit: this class will teach you how to adapt a standard hat pattern, and you may already have a preferred pattern if you don't have a favorite. There were free patterns available online, plus many Children. Summer closing patterns include a some head. This method will work with any six piece crown or bucket style head. As long as the Brimage is basically round and the broom is designed to stand out from the head, not droop straight down, you do not need a pattern for reversible head. Just a lying Ted, which they typically are. Here is an example of a six piece or six panel hat, and this is a bucket style head adjusting for if it is really the trickiest part of sewing hits, you're investing money, time and effort into these projects, so it's well worth preparing at the start to ensure a good fit. Having made many hats, I know that some people have fairly standard shaped heads and others not so much. I typically have to head circumference for heads for one of my daughters, which means adding width to the base of each crown panel and increasing the broom size. Accordingly. I have exaggerated how much I adhere. It's usually only a millimeter or two on each side. I do this by pinning my petting piece to a piece of paper, drawing the extra work and then cutting out my new pattern piece. I cannot just enlarge the whole person on the photocopier because in the deeps is too great for her flattish on top heat. The same applies if I just choose a larger head size as I need to increase Only this. A conference off her head's not the deeps being able to adjust just one dimension of a hat . Passion is a really useful skill by increasing justice. A conference. I end up with a head that's perfect from my flattish on top hit daughter, not a head that's far too long and stopped her seeing she really appreciates this. If you do a justice, a conference of your head, then you need to increase your brim length accordingly. I'll show you how. If you read one millimeter to each side of six panels, then you have added a total of 12 millimeters, and you'll need to increase the length of your broom by 12 millimeters in total again, just pin your broom pattern piece to some plain paper at the extra length and then cut out your new pattern piece. I always add at least an inch to the outside of the burn pattern piece of board patterns and all of the sun hits showing here have a broom, at least eventual so bigger than the original pattern. Again, I simply pin my pet in peace to some plain paper and using a ruler I edin inch all around the outside, each transferring all markings. Then I cut it out and use that as my pattern piece. Remember to label your pattern, size and number so that you can store your patterns away for the next time that you want to make the same size. If you're new to head making and at least you are really sure that the Hegel sewing for is very average in size and shape, I strongly recommend cutting some scrap fabric off a similar weight to your chosen fabric and making a mock up one layer version before cutting your expensive fabric. It doesn't take long to make a one layer mock up, but remember that your final version will be slightly tighter due to it being two layers. So allow for that when you're fitting. Once you have a great fit in your mock up their brick thing, you are ready to create your simply perfect son hit in the next Listen, we'll be looking at choosing fabrics for your hat. I can't wait to see some of the fabrics that you choose. 3. Fabric: welcome back on this list, and we're going to be looking at fabric choices for your hat, pre washing and caring for your finished creation. My preference for these sun hats is a craft cotton or printed cotton on one side and the light to medium weight drill on the reverse. With a wide age in this fabric combination, I have found that there is no need for interfacing. It is very important pre wash your fabric particularly drill as it is prone to shrinking in the wash once you've finished your perfect head. If it's a snack finish, you don't want it to shrink the first time you wash it before you begin to cut. Wash your fabric according to manufacturer's instructions. Once you have finished so in your gorgeous head, you will only need to wash it if it gets dirty at that stage, I would recommend gentle hand washing, then reshape it and drip dry. This will protect your wide broom from unnecessary strain, which may damage it in the next. Listen, we're going to look a choices for your wire broom soon. A day 4. Choosing Brim Wire: Welcome back and this. Listen, we're going to be looking at the important choice off wire for your broom. The calf each is out, but it must be kink and rest resistant, depending on where you live. You may have plenty of choices for specialised military products, including plastic broom or fabric covered wire with join, is it Citra? But if you don't have access to the specialty products, you can improvise as I do. Your main consideration is to avoid shopping's that may pierce your broom. I need to take any special precautions other than making sure I don't insert why, with Shopping's and I have never had a wire come for a room yet. However, if you are concerned, then you can rep kept or fuse your ends to make sure that your wire does not PS your fabric . Cheap plastic or vinyl chipping from your hardware store will form a good kept. If you're using steel wire, just make sure that it was tight enough to form a secure kept when the wires pushed into it for the heads pictured here, I used stainless steel bicycle brake cable that I borrowed from my husband's bike. It it was clean and unused at the time. I also visited my local fishing store, and I bought nylon coated stainless steel leader wire that the experts tell me they used for catching shocks. I have friends who have used 2.4 millimeters trimmer or we later line with great success, and I think that one is probably the best value. However, you want to make sure that the weed eater line is the stiff type that always springs off the real when you undo it, not the floppy kind hangs down. So with you have a 1,000,000 resupplies shop, a bike shop, a fishing tackle shop or a gardening shop nearby, there are plenty of choices with a good memory lous y broom. You can fault the het up stuffed into a bag, and it will spring right out when you unpack it. And you never have that dreaded droop that so many son heads get in the next Listen, we will be so in your head. See you there 5. Sewing: welcome back. It's nearly time to serve their heads before we threat the Navy. It's just check that we have everything we need. You'll need a fist adjusted passion. Your fabric should be prewashed, and you'll a sourced a good kink and rust resistant wire. I recommend making a look up single. Lay ahead, but if you're drill, fabric is a good price and you have enough of it. You could try going straight for your drill layer, and if you don't need to make any changes, your heads have made already. You need a sewing machine and I and 32 dimensional fabric. Seven sisters, the same report or quick unpick some things you may like sundries such as fabric marking pencils. If you're going to add an optional under chinstrap, then you also need some soft, wide, elastic and two buttons. Now let's look at putting their heads together in each of your two reversible colors. Follow your pattern maker's instructions for putting your crown and room together, and then so your crowns onto your brooms. You're person maker will almost certainly tell you to clip your seam allowance with your crown Joint your broom. This is an extremely important, steep, and you should not admit it because it may cause an otherwise well fitting him to be too tight to make this easier. I saw another line of stitching very close to the first and then using us chaps, Holmes says. I clip at once two inch intervals all the way around the age. As shown the next exciting step is distinction to head pieces together with right sides facing and rear seems matching, pin away around the edge and then stitch using a one seem to be two seam allowance. Now it's time for some finding you're going toe iron back your seam allowance of one fabric for about 10 centimeters on either side of your rear seen. Then you go to flip the head over and do the same on the other side. Don't worry that it appears you have no way to turn your head in the right way. It will become clear soon. Now, using your seem ripper, you're going to unpick the sitting in the iron section and then pull the head through the unpicked section so that it is right side out. The learning now forms a nice, neat age for top stitching the head closed again. I am the remainder of the brim seen so that you have a nice fleck age all the way around and then pen your open section together. Once you've tied it up, any remaining unpick stitches, you're really too. So your wire casing neatly top stitch once into me from the H around the entire broom. This forms the channel for your wife. Top stitch again, very close to dej, taking care to close your unpicked section neatly, leaving just a small section open to insert your wire. The wildlings should belong enough. Trover let by a few inches within the channel. There was no need to join it, but make sure that your genes are not sharp or that they're kept or they may poke through. Inserting your wife may take a little bit of jiggling on once you haven't nearly all the way around and see what the trailing edge into the channel in the other direction and give it a bit of a jiggle until it all season stand nice and flat. The final step is to neatly top stitch. The little open section and your son had is looking gorgeous I'd love to see your pictures and projects in the final. Listen, I'll show you how to add an optional chinstrap. I hope you have enjoyed this. Listen, and I look forward to seeing your projects. I'm Nikola Duffy. Gentlemen, talk indeed. 6. Finishing: Welcome back to the final listen, adding a chinstrap. This is an optional extra, and you'll need to consider Have a hat will be worn before going head. If it's a child's head and they'll be wearing it unsupervised, particularly during active play leaves a chin strap off, as it does represent a safety hazard. But if your Children will only be wearing the head supervised as minded, it can be a handy extra to keep the head on in the wind. Having ricin strip to reversible head is easy First identified the sites of your head and ed to pattern holes that will fit your chosen buttons. Used the automatic buttonhole on your machine for this, and make sure that the two layers of a head are well fitted together. Before you start sewing Knicks, take your soft white elastic and cut a piece. It's long enough to fit under the chin between the two pattern holes, with a little extra furnishing Nate in your jeans and so on your buttons. Then said the spiritual blessings through your pattern holes. When you want to reverse the head, simply unbutton your buttons, push your head through the other way and really battered it with your chin strap on the new side. I hope you have enjoyed this. Listen, I'd really like to hear your feedback. And I'd love to see your heads when you make them. Thanks very much for joining my class. I'm Nikola Duffy. Judgmental indeed.