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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome to Plain Old Journaling

    • 2. Three Easiest Ways to Keep a Journal

    • 3. Get the Weird Out of the Way

    • 4. What's Near You?

    • 5. When In Doubt

    • 6. You are Officially a Journal Keeper

    • 7. 05/2020 - Update & Check-in

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About This Class

In this class, you will discover how easy it is to keep a regular, plain old journal.

If you've felt the call to keep a journal, but didn't feel like you could commit to a daily journaling habit, don't have the best penmanship, or have nothing to write about, then this class is for you.

I'll show the three ways journal, and I'll let you off the hook for spelling, grammar, and being a jerk.

I hope you find this class helpful.  

Happy Journaling to You All!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

B.A. Burgess

Writer | Writing Facilitator


I am a writer and founder of Pilgrim Fowl Press.  I was born and raised in Tennessee.  Despite that fact, you will never hear me say "Y'all." 

When I'm not writing, I'm working out.  When I'm not working out, I'm eating, knitting, painting, or watching Frasier for the thousandth time.

I want to help you write by showing the systems that work for me.  Maybe, they will work for you.  Maybe, they won't.  Regardless of the outcome, you will have started which is all it takes to finally do the writing you've been thinking about doing for years.

Please, enjoy my free journaling course called Simply Journaling.  This course does a couple of things:  shows you ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to Plain Old Journaling: hello and welcome to plain old journaling. Pretty handwriting art skills and perfect grammar are not required. It is February 2019 as I record this and it's raining, so if you hear thunder in the background, you're not crazy. It's just raining as I record this. So in this class, we're going to go over what it takes and what you can do to keep a journal on a semi regular basis. I mentioned the thing about handwriting, art skills and grammar, because this journal is just for you. And it's just for venting feelings, venting thoughts and maybe even finding clarity amongst your feelings and chaotic thoughts . There's a lot of merit and keeping an art journal and a gratitude journal and things like that. Those are all very beneficial. But those those journals have a job, and the kind of journal I'm talking about keeping in this particular course is a journal of pleasure. It's just for fun. You like doing it. Maybe you find it therapeutic, but if you don't expect anything, if your journal, your journal will not expect anything of you, and that makes it a very free place for you to Rome So before we dive into the course, I want to tell you a little bit about who I am. That's me There on the left of the glasses. My name is Barbara Burgess. You might know me as Barbara and Burgess. I'm the author of four Children's books, three of which are in the Fernando series. You can find them on Amazon. You might also know me from another class that I taught on this particular platform about writing Children's books. You can find those by clicking my name in the teacher section. You can see the other class if you wish to take it. Also, that picture down in the bottom, right, that's Mia's. Well, feet up. My other job is yoga instructor. Just a side note. I highly recommend everybody become a group fitness trainer of some kind because it keeps you playful. It's a lot of fun, So something that you won't see in any of these pictures is that I'm a person that's been keeping a journal since 1995. That gives me many, many years of experience in journaling, and I hope to pass on that experience to you in a timely manner just like my other course. This course is going to be directed to the point. I hope to make this a quick course that you can digest in a day very quickly, hopefully within about an hour to, um, I like the classes that I take to be to the point an actionable. So that's what I strive to create when I create courses such as this one. So if that sounds like the kind of course you're interested in. And if you're interested in just learning a little bit more about journaling than please stay tuned and I will see you in the next section. 2. Three Easiest Ways to Keep a Journal: Since you're still here, I imagine you want to explore journaling a little bit more. So we're going to do that now by looking at the three main ways you can start keeping a journal right here. Right now, the first way is video. Everyone has a smartphone or a laptop or a tablet of some sort that has a camera built into it on Matt book computers, you will have the photo booth app, and you can open that up and you could make a video that stored right on your hard drive. And you could even use the photo booth at and its library as your video log. And you could make the videos as short or as long as you wish. You can keep an album on your phone. That's just for keeping a record of how things were going, and you could keep your video diary in there if you wish Same thing for tablets or iPads. I use this method myself from time to time when I'm either too tired of writing because writing is my one of my other jobs. So typing and writing sometimes can get a little much in the wrist area so video is good for that. Also, videos really good when you're just feeling chatty and you either aren't ready to chat about the things that you have on your mind with other people or you've done it so much with other people that they don't want to hear about it anymore And that happens to me a lot. Audio is another way that you can keep up with a little diarrhea. Little journaling While you're on the go, your phones all have some sort of voice recording technology built into them. You can use that again. If you have a Mac, you can use a program like GarageBand if you wanted to. To keep an audio diary, none of the files get automatically uploaded anywhere unless you have it set toe iCloud, in which case your eye clouds probably not public. If you're using a PC, something like audacity would be very helpful to you. But if you're a talker and you're not really a video person, or maybe you just aren't comfortable making videos, they feel little much. Keeping an audio diary is very helpful. I find that when I take really long walks, if I don't want to fiddle around with my phone and hold my phone up in front of my face to make a video. Aiken, turn on the voice recorder and put it in my shirt pocket or right my ear buds around my neck. In that way, I can still just here nature. But I can talk into the microphone and I can record my thoughts, and it's really nice. It's a nice way to keep a diary. The third and final way that we're gonna talk about here is pin and paper, So I am a pen and paper person. I love stationery and love pens. I have a collection of fountain pens, and I just I do enjoy the act of writing. So if you're a person that enjoys the active rating, this will probably be the main way that you journal. But I encourage you to keep all three. Don't feel like you have to log in to your video every single day, or make a recording every day or right in your notebook every day. Journaling does not have to be a daily thing. You could journal once every two years, and it's still keeping a journal. No pressure your journal is not meant to put pressure on you. It's meant to relieve you. Um, I do not have on this list keeping a journal in a word document or Google drive or pages or whatever. So I don't have word processing on this list for a reason. And that's because all of my creative stuff happens on the computer. So if I'm writing a book, I'm going to open a scrivener file or pages file and start writing a story. So I associate that with creative writing, and I'm trying to keep the two areas of my life very separate. However, if that's not you, you could certainly add to this list word processing program or a machine like the free right. If you're not familiar with the free right, you should certainly look that up. It's F R E W R I T E Um, it's like a typewriter that doesn't take paper. It's fantastic. I have one, and I love it. So there are lots of different ways for the purposes of what we're doing. Going forward, we're gonna highlight video, audio and notebook and pen. So now that you know what it takes, let's talk about how to do it. 3. Get the Weird Out of the Way: Now it's time to choose your tools and make with the journaling. So if you don't have your notebook and pin near you, or if you don't have your phone near you for making a video or a voice recording, then grab those things now because in the next few slides I'm gonna give you a Siri's off prompts that you can do one right up together just a warm up. You're journaling muscle. Now, if you get carried away with one of these prompts and you write for a long while and you feel like you're spent when you're done, come back to the other prompts later. You'll have access to this course as long as this platform is up and running. So there you go for our first journal entry in our first prompt. We're going to address how weird it is to keep a journal. Anyway, um, it might be a strange thing for you if you've never kept a journal before. To write down all of your thoughts and feelings, take them out of your head and put them onto the page or into a video we're onto recording . It will be very strange for you imagine kind of alien feelings you could write about that. Or if you're a person that kept a journal in high school or in elementary school and you remember what it felt like. This would be a good time to explore those feelings as well. So if you do nothing else in your journal for this prompt right down, this is weird because, and fill in the blank at the end and see what comes of it. So if you're limited on time, then you should probably set a time or otherwise just right, until your heart is content and see what comes of it, and then I'll see you in the next slide. 4. What's Near You?: Now that you've gotten the awkward stuff out of your system, you've written about how weird it issue you've gotten. The I'm too cool to journal feelings out by addressing how awkward and strange journaling is. Now you can start to write about things that are near you, and often times will start writing about objects that are near as things that are outside of us, and it will kick up dust inside of us and let us event feelings and thoughts about other things. For example, if I were to write about something near me right now, I would write about how my current neighbor likes to shoot guns. It's really aggravating because the shots are inconsistent and it's loud and it's really close by. So I would air my grievances to myself and probably use swear words. There it is. Did you hear it? There's another one. So that would be a thing that I would write about right in this moment. And in fact, me just talking to you is making me feel better. Talking about it makes me feel better. So something else that's near me is a glass of orange juice that has about 1/4 of a cup left in it. It's always good to write about food and drink so you could talk about what you're drinking . What you're eating, what is around you that you can see something you can reach out and touch and just right? What? It is not in the list form. Write a sentence about it. Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end. A lot of these entries Air going to feel robotic. At first. I never said it was gonna be beautiful. I never said it was gonna be pretty, but it's always going to be an entry no matter what. So find something near you. Set a timer. If you are limited on time, of course. And if not, just start writing and see where it takes you and we'll see what happens. 5. When In Doubt: congratulations. If you did those 1st 2 journaling prompts, then you're a person that keeps a journal. That's really all there is to it. So whenever you feel the call to journal, you just sit down with your tools and you go, It's really that simple. Just remember that your journal is a safe place. You don't have to be anybody but you in that journal, and no one's ever gonna read it. Unless, of course, you decide to publish your journal as Moon Mars or his essays. But if you decide to do that, you're going to rewrite everything you publish anyway. It's gonna be fine. So there will be days when you aren't called to write in your journal or use your video journal, Rto Journal. Whatever. And ah, you just won't have anything to say on those days. I recommend these three prompts. I find them very helpful. Um, the 1st 1 on my list is today. I feel this is a really good one. It does lend itself to writing more about negative feelings and emotions. It's easier to write about negative feelings and negative emotions for people, I think. Generally speaking, of course, make sure you write about the good stuff, too? Um, it's very important to write down your positive feelings when you feel loved when you feel appreciated. Um, and you know, it's it's just nice. It's nice to fill in all the good stuff, too. So, for example, you could right today I feel more flexible than I ever felt in my life because I've been doing yoga for months. Or you could write today. I feel groggy. Maybe I got too much sleep and then you carry on from there. So the next one is today. I noticed this is a really good one. This one's better for writing in your journal at the end of the day, of course. So if you decide that you're a morning journal, or you could always change the word today to yesterday I noticed. And, uh, then you have pages upon pages about about things. Yes, so an example of this would be today. I noticed I'm the only one that does the dishes, or today I noticed while doing laundry at the Laundromat that I am the only person that folds my shirts this way, that kind of thing. The next prompt is really good as well. I think this one's my favorite. I can't stop thinking about blank now. If you're a person that takes on a lot of projects or has ideas for a lot of projects, then let's be best friends because I'm the same way and people get project fatigue around me because I talk about things so much and I will talk about an idea over and over again before I execute on it, because I'm getting to know it. And if that sounds like you today, I can't stopping about blankets. The perfect journal injury for you because if you get stuck in loops, not only for positive things like new, open new projects and new ideas. But if you get stuck in loops about feelings as well, I can't stop thinking about my terrible break up I had five years ago. Then maybe writing about it over and over again will help. Um, it's not a guarantee you, but it might help. I find that when I write about things that I cannot stop thinking about, that are negative. The more right about it, the wine near I feel and it makes me get over it faster. I also find that with projects like books that are in the works and things when my friends and family just can't stand to hear about it anymore, writing about it my journal gives me the same feeling that I get when I talk to my friends about it, because I'm getting the ideas out there. I'm working with them and I'm seeing them and helps me find holes or new paths. Um, that I could take the idea down, You know what I mean? So that one's very helpful. I enjoy that one. So when in doubt, try these props. I think you'll find very helpful. 6. You are Officially a Journal Keeper: So there you have it, folks. All the information that I've been collecting on journaling since 1995. Of course, there's a lot more to say about journaling. We could talk a lot about integrating art into your journal if you wanted to. You could have 365 daily prompts if you want to. But things like that bother me because I don't want my journal to have to be something else . I wanted to just be for me, um, import to be in a place where there isn't a lot of structures, so that if someday I'm just really angry and they just want scribble on the page, I can do that and it doesn't mess up anything. So remember, as you go forward that your journal doesn't care about grammar or spelling, or if you're a jerk, sometimes it really doesn't matter. Your journal doesn't judge you, and it doesn't expect anything of you. It doesn't have any preconceived notions of you. It's just really happy when you show up from time to time. I do hope that you found the information in this class helpful. I hope it encourages you to keep a journal from time to time, maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe monthly, maybe just whenever you feel like it, because there are no rules. So if you want to know a little bit more about me and what I'm working on and what I'm doing, you can always visit. Hello. This is barbara dot com. It's my personal log. It's certainly not a teaching blawg. It's really just a personal long. So I'll talk about things that bread would have watched what I'm writing and other things like that. If you're curious about my Children's books, there's a link on Hello. This is barbara dot com in the book section, where there will also be a science fiction book coming out very soon. Um, if you're only interested in Children's books that are pre K two K age, you can visit my website for that, which is We are making stories dot com on. We're making stories dot com. You can also read articles that are written by other Children's book authors. So it's not just me talking about the books I've written, and it's not just my illustrator talking about her work. It's a place for a bunch of other authors to shout out their books and talk about what they do and how they came into writing. So if you happen to be an author of the Children's book variety, you can go to that website, click on the contact form and let me know, and I'll feature you there. It'll be fun. So until next time, happy journaling. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. If you have questions about journaling or if you need some clarification on something, don't be afraid. Toe. Leave a remark here on this platform, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much and happy writing. 7. 05/2020 - Update & Check-in: Barbara and I just wanted to show you something that I've made for you. So if you're watching this, then you have made it to the end of one of my courses. So thank you so much for being here. I have directed you in this course a couple of times to visit. Hello. This is barbara dot com, which is my personal log, which is essentially my blog's version of sharing my lunch with you. It's just a place for me to dump all of my thoughts. Um, but I've had some interactions with some students, all positive, where they've asked about writing advice or they've asked for more writing worksheets or something like that, just spreading advice in general about the craft in the business of Friday. So what I have done is I have created Not now. I'm writing dot com to service you in this way, So if you will go to not now, I'm writing dot com. You'll see that it is exploring the craft of business of writing with author Be a Burgess, which is me. And there's a place where you can sign up for a weekly newsletter not required, but you certainly May I also have showcased some testimonials here. I'm gonna try to switch these up. These testimonials and reviews of the courses. They're not for me, though I do appreciate them very much, but they're for people who are thinking about writing a story. So every review you leave get someone a little bit closer to finally taking the steps to writing whatever it is that they want to write. So don't be afraid to leave a review. It's helpful to the people who are looking for class to help them write their stuff. But I'm not. Now I'm writing dot com. I'll show you these top. Well, let me show you these top few. Um, I have blogged posts such as this one and this one which provide downloadable Pdf. So So some of you have asked me to make a 32 page picture book book map like the one that I show in my how to write a Children's book course. I have done that, Um, and even though you can obviously just number a piece of paper 1 to 32 I know how valuable it is to have something visual that you can look at a little guide to help you while you're writing, and this is what I've made for you. So once you scroll down to the bottom of this block post, there will be a download your pdf's here button. Once you click on that, all you have to do is download this five page pdf that includes two different versions of the Children's book map. So every Wednesday there will be a worksheet or a booklet like this that comes out. I'm not. Now I'm writing dot com, so worksheet Wednesday is what you want to look for. It is a tag that I'm using on Instagram. I think I'm using it here as well. Pardon me on Fridays. Um, I'm doing flash fiction Friday, so there will be a prompt so that you can have a reason to sit down and bang out about, you know, 500 to 1500 words. Ah, home. But these little prompts air here for you. You can use those. You can download my flash fiction e book that I wrote for Mother's Day licorice in the time of Cove in 19 if you're interested. But there are all kinds of fun things here I do hope that you decided to come over to the site and see what it's all about. And yes, OK, I think that's all of it. So just to reiterate, not now. I'm writing dot com. It's a place for all the writing, all the writing. Hello, This is barbara dot com is a personal log, and I'd still love to have you there. And if you're interested in checking out my small press, you can do that by going to pilgrim foul press dot com. And that is all I have for you today. Take care of you happy writing, and I hope to see you all in another course very soon.