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Simply Create More Confidence: By Taking Command of Fear

teacher avatar Paul Gowin, Leadership and Transformation Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome Aboard!

    • 2. Create even more CONFIDENCE!

    • 3. BONUS: Workbook Walk Through

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About This Class

If you are a person who believes in converting your high potential into even higher levels of sustainable performance, then this course can help you!

If you are a person facing:
-Imposter’s syndrome

Or if you are a person who wants to:
-Learn even more confidence
-Create greater peace of mind
-Enhance your self-care routine
-Lead your team even better
-Be an even better spouse/partner

Then you’ll LOVE this course.

Take Command of Confidence - A Quick Win Course from the Take Command Project

This course teaches you how to create even more confidence in any situation, relationship, or business challenge by:

-Focusing on building an even stronger personal foundation
-So that you can enhance your personal and professional relationships
-So that you can then sustainably advance your business

Join international Leadership and Transformation Consultant, Paul Gowin, as he guides you through proven, actionable steps to create more confidence.

“This is the course I wish I had a few years ago!” Paul proclaimed as we were creating this course for you.

Paul had a successful career in the military, but was faced with trauma from childhood and combat. Overwhelmed from his combat experience, Paul sunk into an alcohol fueled depression. This led to an end to his career, divorce, and homelessness. Paul started forging the techniques you’ll learn in this course to help him come back from thoughts and plans of ending his life. He now works with clients and students around the world and wants to share his techniques with you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paul Gowin

Leadership and Transformation Consultant


Paul Gowin is a Marine Corps Mustang Officer Combat Veteran turned Leadership and Transformation Expert. He brings together hyper-unique military leadership experience, international level military strategy, personal development, and harnesses it with the latest research in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience to produce immediate, foundational, and sustainable change in his clients’ lives, relationships, and businesses. Paul has utilized these same techniques to come back from childhood traumas and PTSD and grow his own international consulting business. He is on a mission to sail around the world promoting sustainable peace with his lady, Valerie, and service dog, Izzy.

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1. Welcome Aboard!: Hey, thank you so much and congratulations. So many people have the opportunity to invest in themselves. But then doubt creeps in. Maybe I don't have enough money, maybe I don't have enough time. Maybe my spouse isn't going to support me. Maybe I'm not worth it. My friend, you are worthy. You took this investment. Congratulations. So here's some things to set you up for success. As we go through this training. Eliminate all distractions. If that means you're going to take me in your phone and go walk around your neighborhood. So that way the kids aren't yelling you, there's husband isn't yellow NGO. The coworkers aren't trying to call you, then go do it. Second thing, have a notebook ready to take notes for those things that speak to you more than what I have for you in the worksheet. So take those notes and then that final piece is that worksheet, print it out. It's going to guide you as you are learning how to implement those steps in your life. Treat it like a fire extinguisher on a boat. You won't want within a hand's reach of wherever you are. Print one out, put it in your bill fold, put it in your purse, put it up on the bathroom mirror, put it everywhere you are so you can use it if you feel that fear or anxiety. Congratulations my friend. I am so excited to be working with you. 2. Create even more CONFIDENCE!: Fear. Even the mere sound of the word can put people stomach and nots create racing thoughts or feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. By the end of this video, you're gonna know the five-step process to take command of your fear and move through it, not fight it. And why is that so important? Well, there are three universal reactions to fear for all animals. And then there's an opportunity to do something different. Let's jump into the training. Those three universal reactions are fight, flight, and freeze thing about that deer in the headlights, right? That there is scared and is going to be frozen. That fear creates a paralysis. What happens when you're in that fight flight or freeze mode? What activates this thing in your body called the sympathetic nervous system. And don't confuse it with having sympathy or feeling sorry for yourself. Nope, different words, different origin of the meetings. What this means is that your body is setup for survival. The bloodflow from your extremities is going to go to your major organs and major muscle groups. Your eyes are going to dilate to be able to focus more on the threat or what you perceive to be the threat. You're flow in your brain is gonna go from this front part of your brain that makes advanced decisions and go to the back part of your brain so you can survive. Sounds like a really great time. Ha, your breathing is also going to shallow out to attempt to oxygenate your system. And you might feel even a little lightheaded when you're in these fear states. And here's the thing. You're not going to usually make the best, long-lasting decisions in this fear state. Because when you are scared, you're focused on survival. And some of the things that people are scared of might not make sense to other people and that's OK. All people can take command of their fear and work through it. A lot of people are scared of public speaking. And that can create that fight flight or freeze response. If you've seen it before, somebody gets that microphone for that speech, then their tongue tied. Or maybe you see that person getting ready for public speaking. And they're angry. They're just like picking a fight with everyone. And you don't know what it is that you did. Well, it might not be anything that you did. It could be that they are scared and they are expressing that fear in a fighting belligerent way. You could also be that person that is scared of public speaking and you just bolt. Whatever that is for you. When you create this opportunity for focus, you can shift your body and your mind out of this sympathetic nervous system response into a parasympathetic nervous system response. And what does that mean? Well, you're going to take command of your breath to be able to slow down your heart rate, to be able to slow down your mind, to be able to push the blood flow back out to your extremities. And that breath is the first of these steps that I'm gonna train yet. So here we go. Step one to take command of your fear is to take command of your breath. And I want you to say this with me. We're going to say take command, but a little bit of a different rhythm. So it's gonna go like this. Take man. And I want you to do your hands with me as well, just like that. Take man. Let's do one more take man. And what we're gonna do is we're going to breathe in quickly through our nose on the tape cut part. And then we're going to push the air out through our mouth on the man depart. Here. It's going to look like this. I'm gonna do one and then we're gonna do it together. Here we go. Do you hear it? Take Cut, Man. Alright, let's do it together. We're going to go ahead and do three rounds of this. Here we go, ready? Good job. Full air in. You've got one more. Here we go. So one of the questions I get is Paul, why the double breath? A. Well, you've got these little air sacs and tight inside these giant air sacs called your lungs. The little air sacks need to get popped open, kind of like a balloon. So you know how like you go to blow up balloons for a party and you go. It helps pop that blue and open so that way you can get more air inside of it. Same thing here. You're going to pop up and those little air sacks so you can get more oxygen in your system, exchange more carbon dioxide, and have a better blood flow throughout your body. Step one, take command of your breathing. Step two, take command of your language and your gonna get a little sassy about this. You're going to tell the truth, even if it seems super obvious. But we're going to step away from whatever it is, it's scaring you. And the way I like to do this as a treat it like a map that you can zoom in on your computer. And I zoom way, way, way, way, way, way out. So this is what I mean by tell the truth and get sassy as off by saying, I am on planet earth and I do it just like that I have on planet earth. You see the smile. Do you see the gestures, DCT actions, get a little fancy about it with myself. I'm on planet Earth, I'm in the northern hemisphere, zooming in one little notch. I'm on planet Earth on the northern hemisphere. I'm in North America for a continent. Zoom it up one more notch. I'm in the United States of America. I'm in the great state of Montana because I'm here visiting my main man, Derrick Mitchell, filming this course for you in his studio. So I'm in callous bell. And then let's say that there was something that scared me while I was in Callisto, Montana. So can I stop right there? There's no need to zoom in any further, because what I wanna do is tell the truth activity. My voice, building upon taking command of my breath. Okay. So step one, take them into your breath. Step to take many of your language. Step three, take command of your body. And we're just going to. Have some tactile stimulation. Another way to say this is touchy-feely. I prefer it that way because it's a lot more fun. I labeled my fingers 1234, and I touch them with my thumb. As I say, the number is out loud. The first one we'll do is just counting to four and then back down. Do it with me. 12344321. Great job. Now this was my writing hand, my dominant hand. So if this is familiar or easy for you, then mix it up. Put a little bit of a challenge. We're going to have to put in a little bit more intention to this exercise, 12344321. Now maybe you are a video game master. Maybe you're that guitar rock hero and you're like Paul, I have so much sticks 30, great. Mix it up. 13244231. Do it behind your back. Deal with your left hand. Do it cross, mix it up. Make it fun. Become more aware of the sensations in your body that's going to help you to take command of that fear. Okay, step one, take command of your breath. Step to take command of your language. Step three, take command of your body, and that is going to give you the momentum for step four. Acknowledge your fear. When you go to acknowledge someone, there's a different level of confidence because there's a different level of familiarity. Because of that familiarity, you're not really as scared. If I was the greet my friend and acknowledged Derek and walking down the street, it would be like, Hey, Derek. And I'm not saying that from a place where I'm gonna judge myself or think that I'm like less of a man or less of a person because I'm acknowledging derek, That doesn't make any sense. So I'm going to have that same confidence, that same familiarity, and acknowledging my fear. When I first got started doing this, I was scared of being out in public, scared of talking with people. When I acknowledge that fear it was, I am scared of going out in public. I am scared of interacting with people. I am scared of sitting with my back to a larger group of people. And I would say that until I developed that familiarity, until I felt like I was acknowledging the fear. So that's that fourth step. When you do all of these steps, it's gonna prepare you for the fifth step. And that's to choose your aligned action and buy aligned action. I mean the one that is aligned with your goals of your business or the goals within your relationship. The goals to strengthen your own personal development foundation. When you do any of these steps and you're still feeling some fear problem, go back to step one. Take command of your breath. You remember? Move on to taking command of your language, telling that truth, yellow sassy about it. I'm on planet Earth. I'm in North America, I'm in Montana. I mean, callous bell. Move on to taking command of your body, 12344321. And knowledge that fear with that familiarity and that confidence. And then choose your aligned action. If you don't, then you're taking this time that you only have so much. You're taking this imaging that you only have so much, you're taking this emotion and you put it in it towards fear. When you take command of fear, you're taking that time back. You are taking that energy back, you're taking that emotion back. So you can build an even stronger foundation. So you can enhance your relationships, so you can advance your business. When you take command, you are free to lead the life of your dreams. And that's my hope for you. My friend. 3. BONUS: Workbook Walk Through: Hello from future paul, As you can tell, different set, different shirt, different beard, St. Paul. As I was getting ready to release this course, I saw some opportunities to serve you with even greater excellence. So I completely redid the workbook. I wanted to make it more interactive so that way you can fully game as much as you possibly can from this course on how you can create some confidence, taking command of that fear. So let's go ahead and jump into the workbook here. Don't print out the first page unless you want to burn a bunch of ink. But here you go. That take command quick, win series with me, your host, trainer and instructor, Paul Gaussian. And this course is on competence. Let's jump in. So here we go, how to create even more confidence by taking command of fear. Quick note for me, remember, keep an open mind, keep an open heart. I am a guy I made fun of like seven years ago because of the growth that Ive made. The growth that I'm continuing to make. Keeping an open mind, taking a look at different techniques, techniques that I have shared with you in this training. So when you think about in that moment that you're lacking confidence, what are the emotions that you're feeling? What are the physical sensations in your body, and what is the energy? And here's what I mean by that, because it can get a little vague here. The emotions, maybe you feel sadness, frantic, Miss excitement. Maybe you feel anxiety or panic, whatever those emotions are, those physical sensations in your body? Are you constricted? Are you breathing shallowly? Are you feeling that your stomach is tied up in knots? And then where's your energy at? Is it scattered? Is it like really hot up in your chest? Is it sunk down into your gut? Think through that piece because it's going to help you for this next part of the question. How do you feel when you are full of confidence? And if you print this out, if I have to set it up correctly, you'll be able to print this out and be able to see both pages at the same time. Go through this once a week for the next month or so as you are increasing your awareness. And that's going to help you take action. Tracking what you feel is the first step into changing how you feel. So put some work in to this step. I know you're going to really enjoy it, especially as you get more in tune with your emotions, the physical sensations of your body. And that the energy, practice and repetition that is the key to this. Let's go ahead and jump onto the next page here. Alright, how are you going to increase your awareness to your surroundings? So this is step to tell the truth and get sassy about it. So at the 100 thousand foot view, I'm saying things like I'm on planet Earth and then I zoom in, I'm in North America, I'm in United States, i'm in arizona now and auger in Dallas bell with my main man, Derek. And I keep zooming in. So ahead of time, right out how you're going to zoom and near your situation. Because here it is. Each altitude is safe ground yourself near your current situation. We're not getting down to the one foot level here. Because if there's something that scared you, if there's something that suck the confidence from your body, if there's some anxiety or panic, we don't have to jump right back into the situation, okay? So I want you to zoom in near. Don't zoom yourself back into the situation. We're going to build momentum through this next step. How are you going to increase awareness to your touch? So I do some clouds here. I want you to think about, well, if I'm going to have my hand and my fingers, I could use Paul's counting technique. I could practice guitar chords. I could meditate and I could feel myself moving my teeth and my, my jaw and my tang inside of my head. I can use my legs. I could do some air squats. I can march in place. I can go for a brisk walk. I can feel my arms and my shoulders and just think about how these different things can connect. If I'm meditating, when I could be aware of what my hands are doing and my hands might just hold a light touch with themselves. Get in here and have some fun. Think about different ways that you can use your touch. You can use one of the techniques that we talked about in the training, 1234432113244231. You can use whatever it is that best serves you. Use this to explore, jot down some ideas. Ultimately, we're looking to use your touch to center your awareness, to center your self, and then some journaling. Why is it necessary to decrease fear, panic, anxiety, overwhelm and end crazed confidence right now. Because my friend aligned action alleviate settings IT, IT will create that confidence. So think through, how will you benefit when you take some action? How will your relationships benefit? Maybe you don't have the courage and the confidence in yourself, but you know that you must do it because people are counting on you, that team, that family, that spouse. Who, what is counting on you right now, your clients, your customers, your stakeholders, just some ideas down there. Write this out and then say it out loud. This is aligns with the fourth step, acknowledge fear. So why is it necessary for you to do that little journaling exercise for you? Final step in the workbook here. What is the aligned action you are committed at taking now? So write that out and then write down why it's so important. What does it allow you to do? You are moving yourself forward and creating more confidence, my friend. And this starts with trust in yourself. Remember, confidence comes from two Latin words, the con, meaning width, and the evidence comes from phonetic, which means trust. So with trust, trust begins with yourself. Take command, refer back to this framework to help you out. Here we go a little bit about me saying, No, that's a different shirt there for visual air. Alright. Here you go. Use this, okay, this, you can cut it out right here. And you can post this where you can quickly refer to it. Same thing here. Cut these little bad boys out, put one in your wallet, put one in your car, put one at work, put one near the dishes, but one near the stove, put one everywhere so that if you're not feeling as confident as you want, if you're feeling that fear, if you're feeling that panic, you're feeling that anxiety. Don't worry about memorizing these steps. Refer to them, have this within an arm's reach of wherever you go. So that way you can refer to it and work through those steps. And then a disclaimer and if it comes down to, I cannot guarantee success for you. You are your own person. Put in the work, get their results. Alright, let's come back. Maybe. Ok, here we go. There it is. My friend. Congratulations. Now, couple of things I want you to make sure that this post is marked complete. Because when it is, you're gonna get an email from me and I'm going to offer you a complimentary consultation call. That's right. A 20 minute video call for you and I to connect. There's gonna be some questions on there. Be sure to answer the question of how did you find out about this application? Put in that quick win series confidence course in there and complete those questions that's going to help me orient to you, your life, to what's important to you, to what's holding you back. And there's 20 minutes jam packed. So couple of things that sets you up for success. Have Zoom downloaded on your computer or on your phone, on your tablet, whatever it is, have some headphones ready to go, have a notebook and something that we're ready to write down everything with because we are we are going to move so quickly. We've got 20 minutes for me to be able to come in and help you out. Congratulations my friend. The quick win series about creating confidence is now complete. Your journey is taking off. And I'm so excited to be a part of it. So look out for that email, check your spam folder, click on the link, scheduled that call, and if you have any questions, be sure to put them down in the comments section down below my team. We'll be looking through those and from time to time, I'll be popping in to answer some questions as well. Connect for this call, look for additional opportunities within the quick win series. And that wraps up my friends, you know what time it is. It's time to get back out there on your journey. Take command so that you can lead the life of your dreams.