Simplifying Raw Fish: Ceviche, Crudo, and Sashimi | Chef Ken Oringer | Skillshare

Simplifying Raw Fish: Ceviche, Crudo, and Sashimi

Chef Ken Oringer, Toro / Uni / Coppa

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started: How to Shop for Fish

    • 3. Sashimi: Simplicity is King

    • 4. Crudo: 3 Easy Ingredients

    • 5. Ceviche Prep: Filleting a Fish

    • 6. Ceviche: "Cooking" with Citrus Juice

    • 7. Wrapping Up

    • 8. Hungry for More?


About This Class

This bite-sized 40-minute culinary class with celebrated chef and restaurateur Ken Oringer breaks down the basics of preparing fish at home, arming you with the confidence to prepare three unique dishes from different corners of the globe: ceviche, crudo, and sashimi.

Ken shows us what to look for when buying fish, essential knife skills to prep your fish, how to select ingredients, and finally, how to put your own creative twist on each dish.

You’ll leave the table with a newfound appreciation for seafood's versatility, and the skills to wow your next dinner party!





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Chef Ken Oringer

Toro / Uni / Coppa

James Beard Award-winning chef Ken Oringer has built an empire of restaurants inspired by his travels around the world: Tsukiji Fish Market-style Uni sashimi bar and Roman enoteca Coppa in Boston; as well as Barcelona tapas bar Toro in Boston and NYC. In 2016, following the recent the expansion of Uni, Oringer will debut Toro in Bangkok and Dubai, as well as his first project in Cambridge, MA -- Little Donkey.

For more info on Ken's restaurants, visit

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