Simplify Your Brand and Get Noticed!

Haylee Powers, Brand Strategist + Brand Design

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10 Videos (46m)
    • Intro

    • What Is Branding?

    • Why Do We Need Branding?

    • Neuroscience And Branding

    • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

    • USP Categories

    • Creating the One-Sentence USP

    • Testing the USP

    • Making the USP Tangible

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want your brand to stand above your competitors, while you make that sweet cash? You need a compelling and unique difference! Join Emmy Award winning designer and brand strategist of Bad Bitch Branding, Haylee Powers, to learn more about how to take a commodity and create a brand with a Unique Selling Proposition. Branding is all about highlighting your unique attributes while telling a compelling story. Learn how to rise above your competition by creating a compelling Unique Selling Proposition that brings customers to you!

You will learn:

  • What is Branding?
  • Why we need Branding
  • Neuroscience and Branding
  • The Unique Selling Proposition
  • Creating the Unique Selling Proposition (4-5 categories)
  • Writing the one-sentence USP
  • Testing the Unique Selling Proposition
  • Making your USP tangible in all touchpoints

This class is for beginners looking to make their brand or business stand apart in a compelling and powerful way.

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Valuable. Excellent info and actionable, to-the-point instructions. One of the best branding classes on Skillshare. Highly recommended!
Love very insightful!





Haylee Powers

Brand Strategist + Brand Design

Haylee Powers is a Denver based designer and brand strategist working with companies as large as CBS and as small as the solopreneur next door. She founded Bad Bitch Branding in 2016 to empower women through brand strategy and design. She spends her time coaching female entrepreneurs and startups on their brand strategy as well as designing brand identities.

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