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8 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • Sketching

    • Digitizing

    • LIve Trace

    • Setting up your pattern

    • Create your pattern

    • Illustrator pattern tool

    • Class project

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About This Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to create beautiful patterns and didn't know how. In this class Shelley will teach you step by step how to create pretty patterns. Follow along as she shares her process from sketch to finished project. 

Watch as she walks your through her skecthing process. She then shows you how to import your work into Illustrator and bring them to life in pretty patterns. 

The class project is fun and easy to create. Shelley will teach you how to create a beautifull note card set using your very own patterns. 

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I liked this course, It went at a good pace and was easy to listen to, I did however disagree with what she said about the pattern tool, When using it just imagine a big square, put one item in the top left, then one item in the bottom right, select both items and click 'pattern' then 'make' this will give you the same kind of space as she worked with in her first example of creating a pattern, you can then go in and add your other items and move everything around till your hearts content, the advantage of the pattern tool is that it fills the screen live as you move things so you know how your pattern will look.
Very informative class. Easy to follow instructions. Really enjoyed the class!
Such an interesting class and very easy to follow : )





Shelley Seguinot

Graphic Designer, owner of I'm Inkpressed

I am a graphic designer, momma of 3 and owner of I'm Inkpressed. I have been doodling as far back as I could remember and work with various mediums. I love crafts, color and all things cute! my passion is character drawing and surface pattern design.

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