Simple watercolor exercise: Step by step how to paint with watercolor lesson for beginners | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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Simple watercolor exercise: Step by step how to paint with watercolor lesson for beginners

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's Sketch First

    • 3. Watercolor Base Layer

    • 4. Watercolor Layer 2

    • 5. Final Artwork

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About This Class


About this watercolor class:

This watercolor class is made for all beginners who love to paint with watercolor, and, their desire to evolve his/her creative skill to become a successful watercolor artist. This simple watercolor exercise will bring significant learning how to paint watercolor cityscape scene, and various basic fundamental of watercoloring. This entire watercolor process has been categories in four different module with proper step by step explanation. I believe this class will be highly beneficial for all watercolor beginners and semi advance learners.

What you will learn:

At the end of this watercolor class, you should be familiar with

  • How to draw the subject for watercolor painting
  • Watercolor drawing composition¬†
  • Color mixing harmony
  • Watercolor layering
  • How to paint shadow in watercolor
  • Random human figures
  • Depth & light

Prerequisite Knowledge:

You should have basic understanding of watercolor principle and color theory. Moderate drawing skill is helpful. Apart from that, what is most important thing required is your high spirits and enjoy this process.

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor paper (quarter sheet)
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil
  • Dry cloth
  • A bowl of water
  • Watercolor palette

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Cheers & happy watercoloring!

Nitin Singh

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: Hello, my friend. Mine isn't saying I want a lot of stuff. I'm walking in this medium from From a decade now. Yeah, I love teaching watercolor. You know, to all heart over on on our no watercolor lower who want we'll get expertise on. Wanted to go beyond the period. Do we need to make one of affordable are so I have been helping all of those people who loved you Get expertise that so what you long for this class is this. See this scene? This This is a neighborhood, you know, some apartment in nearby. So I've taken inspiration from there on. This is what I'm going to teach you in this loss. But Fundamentalist remain saying whether you are you being the your neighborhood or any other city escape are anything fundamental remains same. I wasn't born in Italy. The joy the you know, the happiness making off art so that something like, I'm gonna teach you. So I hope you have a great nine. You would be learning how to make sketch, how to compose you being being draw the object on how war with serious, you know, technique, watercolor techniques, various way toe make your being things like a leading system texture on all that's dry kidney on all doors. So I hope you have a great time learning this so watercolor working class. I want you guys. You. Once you have done this watercolor class, you have to something you want to blow project that will give you more ability, toe Lord and practice, right. This is how, actually grow. Right? So unless you're not practice, it's it's always It's always good to have a practice. What? Your lord, and I'm going to give you off it back. I'm going to give you a lot inside. What's what's so wrong? What? You have dried on all the doors in one exception. So I went to all of you to be part of this article. A glass on. Have a great time, you know, going through this water, plus. See you there 2. Let's Sketch First: Hello. Everyone does anything here. So today we are going toe make a this subject on. Before that, we have toe make a sketch. So this is the kind of for the story. We have the buildings that on and, uh, you know, uh, the feels and people are walking it on, so you are actually absolutely free to choose your subject. You know, whenever you want to make a radical art on before that, you have to do a lot of sketch. As I said in most of my videos that you must have toe, you know, spend some quality time learning a watercolor. You know, if you want to grow with a watercolor, Dan, you have to have oh, sketching skills. This is really important. So let's keep that in mind. So currently I'm making the kind of for no and the ambience off for the cityscape. It's not appeals to disk A, but it's just like some of the buildings, probably a residence of building on Duh. I'm sorry on, uh, you know, the people are walking by and the kind of story you wanted to build it. So that's all you need to choose in your in your painting as well, because we know you. We you know, we don't really, you know, and need did to, you know, struggle to find the subjects. Subjects is all around us. So, um, pick that, which makes a lot of sense to you. So that's the thing. So you really don't need toe, you know, give a lot of details on it, because the watercolor, but typically I, you know, I teach people is more like an impression, not too detailed out. It's like a more aboard the lose effect. So keep that in mind. But if you want, If you want to make a very realistic Oh, you know, painting, then then you have toe, you know, Then you have to do till it out everything in the drawing, so you'll find a lot of resources available all over the internet. So please follow that. Also, um, so yeah, so there are some building here and there. One, It's, um, architectural building, which is slightly far. So currently, I'm not refering any of these. I'm just visualizing one of my the neighbor. Uh, you know, a place where such kind of tambien sorry of liberal. So I'm just recalling that on making this catch off it. So this is the front building on behind one, the other fuel building on the Windle's. So make a lot of this sketches. I'm using a good fight. Lead six b pencil on. Uh, most of the people are saying, like, you know, when we sketch the you know, this depends ALS. The outlines are remained same. So should we keep it? Oh, are we should remove it and also all of those questions. But the thing is like I would suggest you toe don't worry about that. The pencils, the stocks itself is up. Ah, unique. When you complete your painting, you really don't need to raise anything. Just keep it as Attar's if you follow the proper process on the proper leading off the painting than this will not be as highlighted. These sketches in the outline so will not be visible much. But even if it is there, don't worry. Just go for it. I don't need toe, you know, thinking about that. My stocks are visible on all that it has to be actually, so keep that in mind. Everybody has a different perspective into it. So here the tree in front of this building. And just below that, there are few persons. No. On the on the field in front of the building. That is up No 11 garden, sort of right. The people are came out of their flats on the spending time talking, you know, So everybody should have a story on. This is the story we have. We'll give that story. So does the a person who came with their pact enjoy that's important train. You have to enjoy the process on here. It is the final outcome. So this the kind of the painting we have on, uh, we will go with the first layer off this painting. 3. Watercolor Base Layer: So we have the this color which is ultimate and blue on, uh, next to that the ultramarine blue We have a say Piil than we have Green, orange, yellow Accord, Right, Bonzi in a black and the red So we're using this pure ultramarine blue Onda. Now, I've just taken a little bit of water on just poured into here. Okay, if you want to mix and add another color so you can do that. So I've taken this sepia on mixing with ultimate and blue, and I've just given a little Sade in top off door. You know, the paper sweat beads, it bleeds very small Klay. As time goes I and it blends with the with a blue club so you don't need toe. You know, I think more about it here, but make sure that you should have a proper water in your brush. There's not much water that should not be known less water. And this comes you know, after a sudden, you know, officer, then exercise. So you need to be very consistent. The very important aspect of watercolor. I'm digging this born sienna for the wall off this building. So we have we will have on a multiple killer pull this apartments on. Uh, I used this for the very front of this subject on. We need to just makes a little dark. So I used saipi. It's a comes up rule that any object comes from Dr Dawn. It starts from the light door, and the way it goes down, its ability darker That gives them the videos and into your water are does it the another side of this on the white space? I have kept it for the tree. So have you amusing this sap green on? Uh, just pour into it a little bit off yellow yellow walker on, uh, just with all the white space here, I will be dealing the father and next layer as if no, you just keep it. Does it is just collect space. Yeah. So we need to keep that a lighter on the side. Won the left side extreme left out of the wall, which in the happen, her doctor, because the source of the light is from the side. So I'm taking the sound of the building which has or red color predominantly. So for the roof, it's ah, probably this roof has terracotta roof. So you can have that The orange color on. We're leaving the white space. There are some human, so we will be walking later. So we're keeping this space there as a white just below there. Yeah, that's the one. So we need to leave white space there. I'm I'm sorry. And now the another the dorm there. We just need to give a little, like, tickle of this time because And that building is a slightly far right. So we really don't need to give a more and more that there, So that is lighter. So the color on your brush should be much higher this time night. And, uh, it's a little bit off work on this is the roof. So we need to develop early death there because at a selling, Onda has a reflex. Um, but the source of light is from the left side, and we wanted to keep this building. Has many move. Probably beginning. We can keep the tassel white, some dry stock on the A Lot of people are saying Okay, how to make that drive that. So the answer is not to have much water on your breasts, and if you have them, just mop it on on the no, No. One drag lot. So it observe, although what on the bridge on left only to some some color, which will have, which will give you the dry effect into your art. No, Now we have to walk on the ground, and we have to start with a using this ultimate in blue and a little bit off sepia, I said. We are leaving those white space for people on. We will be walking on later part. Now there's only after deciding which color and you know, what's that off the background? I'm the foreground and all of those things you need to deter mined very first. There is so important, by the way, because that directs your painting. That's a personality. It doubles the personality of your work. Yeah, so as I mentioned, this will be a ground. So I'm just keeping green color for the ground, which has that it's like a garden, and it hasn't a some bit of grass into it, So yeah, perfect. So this is our first layer almost done. Now we have to let it dry. Don't work until it's not dry. So this is the all Come off your first layer. Okay, Let it dry. Let it dry completely. 4. Watercolor Layer 2: All right, so our first layer is completed Right on Now we are in a layer to so in layer toe is very critical. Oh, this is where and also we have to define the entire painting. So this is where you also need toe. Think about the the proper amount of death on the light on the reflection on all of that. Right, Uh, dimension. So you need to be little. Cost is about the the second layer, and it's very fun. It's not rocket science as well. It's a very simple process. So what I'm doing right now here is since this is the very front off the flat, So I wanted to make it a little darker. Okay, I've used this. So are common and blue mixing with sepia. So that being so the damage him. So here I'm just giving but the doctor. So So it gives it a little, You know, the damage send into the buildings, right? So you also need to think about the where the source off the light. So So most of the the lighting sources from the left side of the painting so automatically this side off the building will be a little darker. Devolves will be little darker because the exposure of the light is very less there. So it has to be a darker and I'm just living this, Uh, you know this piece for free? We'll walk very shortly. Here. Uh huh. Yeah, this is green on. Uh, here were Mr Tree is coming More daft. More death, more dust. Death has no it Ask some charisma. Okay. It's a beautiful expedience, you know, walking with top death and light on a sprinkling as well. I'm sorry. Just here, here, on their little bit of patches. I want to keep this very simple for you to understand. Okay? There are various way to make the tree and the entire thing, but I think that this is the best way to let you know how the whole process works. Right? So just observed the deafness where I'm keeping death where I'm giving light, right? And that's defiance. Your painting, Onda, uh, now we're going with the another building, so I'm just giving a little settle for the roof. Just mixing with the red, Uh, a little bit off once una on a board badge. That's all there is. Ah, batch on, uh, delivered of work here on the dust here and there. Okay, um, so a little bit of walk on the rooftop? No. We need to give a little effort on the dorm side, which is slightly behind of this building and that, uh, that should that should be all a little lighter. So it means that we need to add a little more water. Let's go on more water. I'm using mixing ultramarine blue and the sepia and under strain to make a little bit off. Mm. Amend under the border. Not more color in my breasts. Now we have to give up slightly more death on the windows selling, which has a lot of exports. It all for the light on. And And that's the reason there is a fall of saddle every board bad chair. So that's what I'm just keep saying like, you You need to be what apple is all about. The the freedom expression. So be free. Just make whatever you want. So I just tried my Bruce. So there is no much water. So and that is the reason I'm getting a little bit off far texture. These are on the apartment windows. Similarly, we need to add here also, we can make go those windows here and there a little bit off, deft. 5. Final Artwork : and now we have to walk on the people there on the ground. So I just need to, you know, play around with the color on top. I'm just using different color Andi for the pants. I'm using a little darker colors, so it gives in a reflection off. You know, the person is, you know, So it's a complete attire off the people. So that's what you need to practice a lot. So what really matter? Here is the proper amount of the Sadow. So if you're giving the Sadow in in a proper way, then things will get pop up automatically. So this is this This Eddo actually comes from the building on, uh, the tree. So you need to have another more dark here on don't effort sprinkling your breath. And if you're not confident than 200 don't do that. But it's always recommendable. Such kind off craziness will help you toe, you know, be border in watercolor because a lot of people they scared to do something. I've seen that people are so much of scared. They really do want to try anything they don't really do want toe, you know, do ready to experiment anything. So I would rather suggest you to change that mindset and just go for it. What happens? Your pain demon get spoiled. Right? But just think in that way, if things are going in the hallway and not in a one painting but in a different, different work down, actually, you will see that confidence building up in your artwork. And you feel very confident you'll not, You know you will not be hesitate taken out some step which you would never ever thought about. No, do that. And yes, here we have some Sadow. And so this is so we have a pool there on this head. Was there the people the right amount off, deft under light? It's so much important. In what of the left. And I don't think I don't think so. Just only for the watercolor. I think it's put on the medium. Do we get it, Frank? So I would just suggest you to do a lot of sketching Onda, Uh, let's do this. The ground, the green ground, a little walk on here. So this patch this green bat in the bottom actually package your painting so you need to understand the completion. Also out of the end of the you know the lesson I'll be taking. So I'm just trying my brush. See, Just trying. Now you will see somebody for dryness. And if you feel like that is a too much Afghanistan, you can differently. Just go ahead and take the little bit off. Oh, water on. Go for it. Yeah, just see it in their little little bit off work now way have toe, make the fish off the bulls. And like people there, foreign face will help this bold orange. So here is the time when you are giving the personality off his character Let's do the cerrado off this possum. Yeah, pretty good. So we need to just play it on with a deft, um, making just so the extra work here, like electric wire going all around the apartment. I'm sure you you're not able to see that, but I'm just using a very 10. Uh, you know, long hair breast for the Why on for detailing, out some part of the character and the little puppy We'll be onda. Uh, I think we are almost done. Don't overwork. So that's still another good way to learn Watercolor Onda. Uh, thanks so much, everyone. I hope you understood a lot of concept about watercolor from this. I hope this would you have been jaw. You have enjoyed this region. You know this water procession? Um, So I would request you to do a lot of this on. Let me just pull out this paper tape. Stanton and banking. A lot of people are saying that I enjoyed this process. I don't know how in driverless this, but yeah, it's very satisfactory. You see your aneurysm on, uh, the white outlined old falls edges gives a very flys looking What? Look, so, yeah, this is a wonderful season. I hope you will get to benefited from this session. Onda. I look forward to hear your comments, your sedition, and that will help me toe, you know, create many of these, you know, uh, tutorial. Thank you so much, everyone.