Simple and Easy Umbrella Drawings! | Suman Aggarwal | Skillshare

Simple and Easy Umbrella Drawings!

Suman Aggarwal, Artist and Educator

Simple and Easy Umbrella Drawings!

Suman Aggarwal, Artist and Educator

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Simple Umbrella

    • 4. Mickey Mouse Umbrella

    • 5. Cute Umbrella

    • 6. Unicorn Umbrella

    • 7. Project Work

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About This Class


In this class, I will show you how you can easily draw Simple and Cute Umbrellas that you can use in your Drawings and your Journals.

These umbrellas are of various themes such as :

1. Simple Umbrella

2. Mickey mouse Umbrella

3. Cute Umbrella

4. Unicorn Umbrella

These will be very easy to draw and color.

I will use simple Sketch pen colors to add colors to my drawings, You can use any other colors if you want.

These umbrella drawings can be easily done by kids also.

You can use these in your Project Works, Student's File, Journals, Presentations, Illustrations to enhance your presentations.

These are easy to draw and will make kids interested in your work too!

So, What are you waiting for?

Let's Start...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suman Aggarwal

Artist and Educator


Hello, I'm Suman Aggarwal, an Artist and an Educator.

I love Art and Crafts and I want to share all my experience and knowledge with you.

I have a few classes for Illustrations that I really love. The best part about Illustrations is that you don't have to be perfect, You just have to live the moment while illustrating that particular thing.

I have a few classes for Crafting and I am still trying to make a lot more for it, I find Crafting a great way to Recycle and Upcycle. I hope through my Craft classes I would change something for better.

You will also notice various classes in the ART CLASSES section of my profile, there you can find a lot of classes that are for multipurpose, may be for Schools, Home Works, Presentations or FUN. It's a compete package.<... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my Skillshare class. I am zooming level while an artist and an educator. In this class, I'm going to show you how you can easily draw various kind of unreal as you can easily draw these umbrellas, even if you have never, ever drawn any umbrella. So this class is for attest as well as for non-art test. And the next video, I will talk about the ad supplies for this class. And then we will draw a radius umbrellas, such as the Ramallah Mickey Mouse umbrella, cute on della, and unique ana Maria. Now, and in the end there will be a class project that you all have to submit, select Stat. 2. Material Required: In this class, I'm going to use a pain might cheat to draw on, and some sketch pens to add colors, to add drawings, you can use sheet of any color and any other colors. Also, we will start drawing the umbrellas in the next video. 3. Simple Umbrella: Let us start with the very basic and the simplest. Am Briana. For this, I'm going to use a brown sketch pen to draw the umbrella. You can also use any other pen if you want. Firstly, I'm going to draw an arc like this. Now, I'm going to draw various small dogs, as you can see here, to join the two points of the other arc. Mocking an approximate center point of this umbrella and drawing a small point over it to show the tip of them Rayleigh. So this is at the center of them, Rayleigh. Now, keeping in mind the center of them that allow, we are going to draw the handle of this umbrella. Finally is I'm going to draw two parallel lines from here and then a small curve like this to make it look like a hand do. Now enjoying this from the center of them dry lab. So drying the I-V that is very much closer to the ion that we draw real and doing the same thing on the other side also. Now making small surplus at the ends like this. Now the drawing of this unrealized done. Now, let us start with the coloring. For this I'm going to use, we use colored sketch pens. You can also use any other colors if you want. Firstly, I'm going to use pink sketched pen. Took I loved this last part of this umbrella. Now, similarly, this part of the umbrella, the pink color. You can use any other color. I'm doing so to maintain symmetry, you can use various different colors to each part of this umbrella. Right now, I'm indenting the symmetry, so I'm using the same color as I did in the first column. I'm now using a yellow color to color the center part of this umbrella. Now to color the rest two parts of the umbrella. Now using the red color to color the tip of the umbrella and also the handle of the umbrella, that red color. Now, using orange color to color all the small circles that we do to make it look more realistic and vibrant. Also, the remaining part of the handle is colored with orange only. Now the first umbrella is ready. We'll move on to the next umbrella, and then next we do. 4. Mickey Mouse Umbrella: We're already done with the simple umbrella. For the next one, I'm going to use a black unit. I might group pen of black shade to draw the umbrella 1st December analyze a Mickey Mouse umbrella. That is why I'm using a black color. Firstly, I'm going to make the similar kind of art that I did in the first one. Now just take in the ends of these umbrellas just to make it look like it's a different kind of firm, della. So just to make it look more into the team of a Mickey Mouse I'm doing so you can choose if you want to do this or if you don't want to take in the end of the umbrella. Now, I'm going to make three dogs over hill van from this side, from this side, and the biggest one from this N80. So let us start with it. Firstly, a small run from this side, another one from this side, and a center one that will be a bigger one from this thing. Now, making small circles like we did in the other one. Now, at the center of this, I am going to mark a point and going to draw like this. And you can, you know, just market from the compass or you can do it roughly. And now we have to join this from the smaller asked that we drew earlier. Doing it to the same way as we did in the first one. Now I want to turn this into a Mickey Mouse theme. I'm going to make a small bow tie over here using this small colonial, going to make this straight line like this and a small curve from this tip of the line. And returning it and do a bulk. Similarly doing the same thing at the site, also, donning this into a bowl, this straight line. Now, this is very much looking like a bow. And you can add these kind of two lines over 0. Now making circles like this overhead to denote the Mickey Mouse. Now making small, small circles. The umbrella of Mickey Mouse from the center, just as we did in the first one. So now this is Dan and driving factors. For this, I'm going to use red sketch first and then this will die. Now I'm going to color this umbrella of its red color, just leaving this space that is between those goods that we already do. To make sure, like we leave that space, we have drawn those circles. Those circles will remain white from inside and will be covered outlined with the red column. This complete them. They allow it to be of three colors, right? Red and black. Hello. Okay. Next to a deal. 5. Cute Umbrella: For our third cute umbrella, we are going to use brown color to draw this. You can use any other colors if you want. For the first step, I'm going to make the similar kind of I as I did in the first two umbrellas. Now here also we are going to draw three as we did here. So making small to add some the two sides of this big arc and one big R from the ends of these two smaller acts. Now from the approximate center of this umbrella, to make the handle of the umbrella. And making a small tip of this umbrella. Now joining these two points to make the eyes of this cute smile and two circles denoting the blushing t of this umbrella. Now for decorations, I'm going to extend these arc ends like these. And I'm going to draw a small herd over like this on all the four strings. And then we're going to cover these and these will look really beautiful. Extending the strings to make another hurt like this, we are going to add this second lead to all the hosts that video earlier. Now we are done with the drawing part. Let's move on to the coloring for this, I'm going to use pink sketch pen to add black to the cheeks of this smiling umbrella. And now adding pink color to the Hertz, which are like hill. All the four hertz we are going to fail the same color. You can choose any other color you want or you can use various colors to fit all the hearts over. He'll also going to in the lower part of the handle you at the pin Carlo, now called ring the four rest of the foal hertz where the red color, because red is the color of the herd mainly. So we're going to use the red color over here if you want, you can use any other color. Now, I'm going to use two sides of this. Side parts of this umbrella. Now I'm going to use this blue color to add dots on this yellow color. You can choose any other color combination if you want. Now for acquiring the upper part of the umbrella, gambling to use this blue color, but I'm not filling the complete it, complete length of it. I'm willing just a part of it. You can notice here in this close up like this. So we're done with that third umbrella also, these really cute. Let's move on to the fourth and the last one in the next video. 6. Unicorn Umbrella: For our food umbrella, that is the human economy alone. We're first going to draw the Han of the icon. For this, I'm going to draw a triangle over here, a triangular shape, basically not a particular triangle because all the edges are rounded a little bit. And now I'm going to make the half lives on the both side of this han to turn it into an umbrella. Now I want to join the two sides of this unreal am going to make radius small, small arcs like this to join this and turn it into an umbrella. Keeping in mind the center of them. Well, I'm going to draw the handle of them were ala first. Hello kind of shapes like this. One. To denote like the ears of the unicorn. Making a small cute nose of the unicorn over hill. Now making the eyes of the unicorn for this, I'm going to draw two big circles like this. And then in each circle is I'm going to draw two circles. One will be a little bigger one and the other one will be a smaller one. It doesn't represent that the IAEA shining a light. Now making rate is lines compete. Black colored just leaving the space that I made with the torso close to the light. So we're now done with the drawing and the cheeks of the unicorn without being clever to make it look like it's blushing. Using new colored took a lender, Han went back end of the unicorn. Now using light blue color to color the other part of the hall, not the unicorn. You can use any endocarditis 31. The sequence is really not fixed, so you can use any color in any sequence two. Now I'm using the remaining part. So now all the forums. 7. Project Work: So guys, here is your project work. Try making these umbrellas own your own. Click pictures of it and upload these pictures in your project section of this class. Thank you so much for joining me. Keep creating, keep growing nearby.