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Simple and Easy French Onion Soup

teacher avatar Irina Abramova,

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction to french onion soup

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Frying onions

    • 4. Adding sugar

    • 5. Soup is ready

    • 6. Ready to eat

    • 7. Pinterest Inspiration

    • 8. Final thoughts+homework

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About This Class

Hi everyone welcome to my class. I wanted to teach you how to make simple and easy French onion soup that my family loves. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova


Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Introduction to french onion soup: Now from handmade by I'm a blogger, I'm an educator, podcasts to have you on Skillshare as well. Shema, various creative ideas with you. And I thank you so much for enrolling in my class. See you soon. Thank you. 2. Supplies: Over some of the things you will need to make the French onion soup. So amusing, the constant here, the B flavor and the tricking player. So on the Keeping neutral, not using any broth among the cupula. No meat or chicken so that people will have different diets, can really use this recipe. Now I'm going to use cooking white vinegar bread. So this is a ketose or anything you, how you want to use. I'll use some bread that I had over. Leftover, sugar, salt, pepper, pot with water. I'm using Minister cheese. You can use other types of cheeses. Missouri has goods, but that's what I'm using today. Onions and extra virgin olive oil. Obviously, you would need also to have a pot, a ladle, and the plate to put it after, and the sport pipeline, obviously. But for the purpose of the video, you will need on the spoon that's necessary to make all the ingredients and the stove. Still talk obviously, will be also useful in this case. So yeah. So thank you so much and I'm gonna see you in the next video. 3. Frying onions: Let's begin making our French onion soup. So we're going to add one cup of extra virgin olive oil. And then we have here two medium onions. So I already put in the oil because we want to heat it up. So for the purpose of the video, I were to put in the oil and we're going to add my sliced onion to Spanish onion was an acetate first. So that's about 2 million onions. Some kinda, because obviously we're going to be adding liquid inside. And we wanted to make sure that we wanna make sure that it's not enough space for the water. Well, this is sorted. One, stop the video for it to get ready. And then we're going to continue with the other ingredients for this French onion soup. 4. Adding sugar: So now we're going to add a drop of sugar, sugar, sugar. And we're going to formalize it a few minutes. Once that is done or other ingredients. So we have everything in there. 5. Soup is ready : Okay, so our findings are normalized now we're going to add our other needs. So we're going to add kosher salt here. This is all to your taste. How much you would like from when I was with the sugar, I did took ventures and saw the module about four, alright, proximal four countries really don't. Now, let's add our Popper. Using basic. This would be two punches of copper. I'm just using this for, but that's how approximates approximates. Good. Now, so I'm using a non meat. Beef. This is just a neutral comes to me. I don't want to use nothing that is nothing that's going to make it meat or chicken in it. So I'm just going to be using this kind of broth Modelica vegetable type. So I'm going to put in, this is at 1 third of a cup of that chicken consumer. The consumer also 1 third all that in there. Now, when I take six cups of water here, we're going to add it in. Now. Cups of water. So now the noise stops from are similar. And then we're gonna do to 14 cups of white cooking wine. And we're going to let it simmer until all the flowers are binded together and then or than a plate it and show you how you're going to be eating it. So let's give it some time and I'll be back. 6. Ready to eat: Okay, so now boiling and we're going to play it on a plate, and I'll show you how we're going to do this. So I'll put it right here. Put more up until the middle. I'll show you why. All right, so you can use baguette, toast, but whatever you like, I'm using a bread that is fresh and it's not a bigot. That's just around bread. And so we're going to take it. So what happened halfway and tight? We're going to put the bread. Now let's take a slice of cheese while it's still hot. Okay, so we'll put it over. Now. We're going to still take another hot sponsor one, the cheese to melt a little bit more. I'm split over. Our cheese. Can grab more on the onions. And he loves. So this is an easy French onion soup. Hope you enjoyed it. See you see you in my next video. 7. Pinterest Inspiration: Pinterest some ideas how you can weigh your tongue, Chinese, silk like in a nice way and different types of recipes if you want to play around with it later on. Because it's a nice delicious soup and you couldn't do some variations and there's different methods to make it. I make my way and the easy way that I found that to be. So let's, let's go here and right, friends. Let's just do that. Let's see what comes up. So you have tons of recipes coming up here. Many things related. So you can definitely use what I want to show you here as well. These dishes, they meet very, very cute. See this looks like a hollow bread that they use on top instead of bread or toast. You can do that, which I also do a begets idea of how you can top it off topic and put like shredded cheese fan. This is another great idea to show. And then if you have those little dishes here like that, these are perfect for that as well. So you can see there's some irradiation and ways of making good and different ideas that you can get from some gong on Pinterest. I find Pinterest to be a very good place to get inspiration for different things. Cooking, especially if, obviously. So if you can look around and see what kind of recipes they have here times. So you see a lot of these just reuse this here. And it's beautiful. And then they may different other things. Some he made a French onion soup. So so yes, So when you're going to be doing their soup, you can try out my recipe, then. You can try other ones. You can look around and see what they have here. You can go down and a lot of different versions and ends the way it looks. Plc guests you now you can definitely make it. You can have CSIA gut feeling friend Sue. So yeah, I'll see you in next video. Hope this video was useful and you plan to Mario your own research as well. And Pinterest. Thank you. 8. Final thoughts+homework: Thank you so much for enrolling in my class. I wanted you to please share with us one of your projects so your classmates can see and as well, so can all comment and learn from each other. Thank You. See in my future classes.