Simple and Creative Way of Making Basic Yarn Doll | Bhagavathi Sankarapandian | Skillshare

Simple and Creative Way of Making Basic Yarn Doll

Bhagavathi Sankarapandian, Creater, Learner and Sharer

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3 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction to the Class

    • Doll Making

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Awesome Way to use Yarn Threads !!!

This Basic Yarn Doll is Simple and Creative. It is make using the Yarn Thread, which are easily available in all Craft Stores. It can be gifted to the Kids and it will attract the kids. 

Enjoy making your own Yarn Princess Doll for your Kids and Surprise them . 






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Bhagavathi Sankarapandian

Creater, Learner and Sharer

I am an IT Professional and I have more interest to create new designs using the Art of Paper Folding. .I am passionate about learning new technology and I love teaching it to others. I have Completed Bachelor's of Engineering in 2007 and started following my Passion.

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