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Simple and Creative Way of Making Basic Yarn Doll

teacher avatar Bhagavathi Sankarapandian, Creater, Learner and Sharer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Class

    • 2. Doll Making

    • 3. Conclusion

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About This Class

Awesome Way to use Yarn Threads !!!

This Basic Yarn Doll is Simple and Creative. It is make using the Yarn Thread, which are easily available in all Craft Stores. It can be gifted to the Kids and it will attract the kids. 

Enjoy making your own Yarn Princess Doll for your Kids and Surprise them . 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bhagavathi Sankarapandian

Creater, Learner and Sharer


I am an IT Professional and I have more interest to create new designs using the Art of Paper Folding. .I am passionate about learning new technology and I love teaching it to others. I have Completed Bachelor's of Engineering in 2007 and started following my Passion.

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1. Introduction to the Class: everyone Welcome to my new class. Today we will be seeking how to make these young princess don't like this are two different contrast colors. They're actually amazing base to use the John right from making clothing making bracelets and for making small dogs like these poor with a kids to play around. So this will increase the order creativity also. So I'm going to use a basic yawn for making these princes dog so straight into my class. And I will be explaining You have to make this amazing. Thank you. 2. Doll Making: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my class were talking about how to make this young princess doll. So let's get started and how to make this princess job. So for making the body and for making the head, we need to take two different contrasting bright colors. So here I have taken a big color for making the body on. You can take any size a lot larger sites. So I have used a notebook and rapid 100 times 100 times like this. And in order to make the had portion, I have taken a smaller size compared to the body and they have wrapped it for 20 times. So if you want the really bushy hair, you can wrap some more time. Let's get started and how to make this doll. After making this, I'm making taking a string larger string, and I'm going to wrap it in this trip and you can tell you not que 26 Now you can take this head and you can come to same the santo, and if you want equal there, you can cut equally. Or if you want short hair on the top like this, you can get it on the top. It's and so I'm going toe guarded here on the job. So I'm going todo keep it in different like this and I'm going to pulling this string and say to really take the other string toward the other side. Then you can tell your north here right now we have made the hair for the dollar. So I am going to turn it upside down and I'm going to cut it in the center. Carter slowly how you can turn it upside down like this end you take the head to say I have made have got different heights just to for making the frog to be a little bravery like this If you want equal Atlantic engaged in left equal And also now I'm going to tell you not to make the head portion off the goal. - So can you Told us straight express. After this, you can to make the home so you can just partition the checks. - No waiting to three partitions and meeting. Lastly, - I'm going to tell you. Did the end similarly green to represent 40 Are there Segel's? You can tell you that if you're making a boy, don't then you can December attention to two different things like this and make up on. Since we're making a princess, we're going to make us good. So for that we have to. You cannot in the center you control the extra head, you know, on the hands here. Yeah. Now we have to make the ice. I have made you guys think this all. You can use that googly eyes. Just stick on it and you can decorate with this contrast Colors everywhere. Here it is. Here, with a small piece, we can try to make the no serious Well, that's not backward. And to your cool young dollars really like this. So young princes job. So enjoy making your own urine princess toe off any different size. Thank you. 3. Conclusion: you guys finally. Thank you so much for watching my video on how to make this Iand doll. So enjoy making you know your princess door. Like do post the picture in the project gallery. Thank you.