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Simple Wordpress Design Tips That Will Get You More Sales

Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

Simple Wordpress Design Tips That Will Get You More Sales

Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro & Class Trailer!

    • 2. The Basics & Why of Wordpress

    • 3. The MOST important piece most websites are missing!

    • 4. Simple Branding Tips & Tricks

    • 5. Simple Design Tips & Tricks

    • 6. Project time!

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About This Class

Learn some simple tips & tricks for great Wordpress web design for your business or nonprofit, but also learn the most important tip that is hardly ever talked about online - how to make your website help more people and make more sales by being really effective in both design & communication! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashlee Geheb

Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives


I want to live in a world where entrepreneurship is simplified and possible for anyone! Because even if you love your job, a side hustle with extra income is just smart in this day and age!


That's why my classes are short, sweet and perfect for both full-time entrepreneurs and freelancers and side-hustlers too! 


I teach classes on Simplifying Entrepreneurship, creating an awesome Etsy Shop, Becoming a Virtual Assistant and more! 

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1. Intro & Class Trailer! : Hi, guys. Welcome to the skill share class in this class. We're going to talk WordPress and doing your own WORDPRESS website. We're gonna talk. Why? WORDPRESS is probably the choice for you. It's the one that I've been using for over 10 years and I cannot switch. I've tried. We're gonna talk some design tips and tricks of branding. But we're also going to talk some really important pieces of the website puzzle that are hardly ever talked about that they are essential toe having a website that is really effective in getting you more sales or donations or whatever the goal of your website is. So I hope you'll join us because this is really important to talk about. 2. The Basics & Why of Wordpress: So first I want to just give a little bit of the basics of WordPress because there's a lot of different website platforms out there. There's a lot of choices. There is constantly ads on YouTube and everywhere else for picking a different type of platform. And they can all be great, of course. But I've been using WordPress for about 10 years now, a little over 10 years now, because it offers a really simple, customizable way toe. Have a tiny website or a lot of really complicated websites, and that's what I love about it. It's really easy to just change things up. There's plug ins, there's themes. There's all that stuff, but we're gonna talk about that. But I want to give you a little analogy where press stop orders what we're talking about, and it's a little bit different than the others that you're seeing online, because it's not really like our inclusive. So you got to think about it versus, like, an apartment with everything included all utilities and all that and a tightening house. You've heard of tiny houses. I'm sure you have there really popular, but that's what we're gonna talk about so is essentially wordpress dot org's self hosted. WordPress is kind of like a tiny house. Ah, lot of my friends in my area that have tiny houses. What they did was they worked with a builder to get a for a name like a trailer frame. If you can see a lot of these, um, are essentially built on really nice trailers, and then would they had it was a builder in our area. It could be anywhere from a, you know, regular contractor that those big houses to even the Amish will build you like a little log cabin on trailer, but often to save money and make it their own. Because it's really important. When you're living in, like, 200 square feet is to make it custom. They just get sort of the walls and the roof and all the shingles and everything done siding and then inside. The electrical and plumbing is typically done, but it's less expensive that way, and it's better to customize because you're just getting sort of, ah, shell of a tiny house. All done really nicely. You didn't have to spend thousands of hours on it, and then you can go customize it yourself. You know, go get your kitchen stuff at a Kia or hardware store. Whatever you can do Really expensive common cops or you can do really budget countertops. You can even get stuff for free on craigslist or whatever, but that's kind of the same thing. But the thing was, tiny houses. Where you gonna put it Where you park it gotta rent land or, you know, campgrounds a little about your family's land similar with WordPress a wordpress dot borg is sort of the shell of your tiny house, if you will, and then you're hosting is sort of your rented land. And then we're gonna get into more of the design tips and tricks CSS branding themes, which is sort of whatever you're buying at a Kia or the hardware store to put in your tiny house to actually make it like house. So my favorite host that I use is host Gator, and I'm going Teoh put more links in the class notes and even some coupon codes to help you sort of get that stuff. I'm also gonna show you some of my favorite sort of hardware stores for websites. Um, my favorite almost like Eos, if you will and all that stuff. But I wanted to sort of make that give that analogy to hopefully make sense of it all because there's wordpress dot com, which is not so posted. Its all inclusive have to buy a plan with them, but it's less customizable, their stuff like Squarespace and Wicks and Weebly, and there's tons of them. Those can all be great, but they tend to be more expensive than less customizable. And, you know, for me hosting Aiken, spend listen $50 a year to host all of my business websites, which is a pretty good deal. Um, so anyway, beds that we're going to get into the next video, which is the most important tip that I wish someone had told me 10 years ago. 3. The MOST important piece most websites are missing!: video to the most important part, really wish someone had told me this years ago. It's important. I have a lot of clients that come to me. They've been in business 6 10 12 months, and they haven't really made any profit. But a lot of them have spent thousands of dollars on getting custom website designed from a really well known designer or whatever the problem is is often their websites when their clients their ideal clients there lifers, their dream clients. Whatever you wanna call it when they come to the Web site, there's a lot there. There's like buttons and flashy things, and they don't know where to click. They don't know exactly how you can help them. They don't know if you're the right fit for them, and so they click away. It's too much, you know. It's like going to a restaurant with a menu that's like a mile long, and you just end up ordering a cheeseburger because it's overwhelming. It's all in a different language. It's like just too much. You want to make it really simple and concise and clear. This is definitely part of your project. I would suggests a kind of almost journal about this to brainstorm on this. Who are you serving? What what's your business? What's your nonprofit? What's the goal of your website? What do you offer? Who needs that? Who's your your tribe? Your ideal client. And when they come to your website, make sure it's really, really clear. This is how I help you. This is who I help. I help YouTubers be more confident for the camera. I help mountain bikers pick the right mountain bike for them by reviewing lots of bikes on YouTube and my blanc. You know, you keep it really simple, so I'll go over a few examples. But that's really important. I suggest a lot of times to my clients, and this is how I've been redoing my websites again. I've been really old them this summer, and that's why I've tested out all those other kinds of website platforms. And I'm still with WordPress. So I like to have one goal on my website like, really clear goal. 23 goals. 123 goals um, sign up for my email list or go by this product. That's pretty simple, that kind of thing, that 123 rule is really helpful. It doesn't mean that you can't have other stuff on your website or whatever. But you know, if if your people tend to come to your website from your YouTube channel, you can keep that in mind where they've already seen you on YouTube. So what do they need next? What's the next step for them? You almost want it to be a road map. You start here and then you go to this point and then you go to point B and then you go to point C, and that helps to simplify and clarify. So when someone comes to your website, it's not like all kinds of pop ups and things. It's Hey, I can help you click here. I can help you download this. I can help you buy this. I can help you read this article. So, so, so important. So we'll let me stop you happen and show you a few examples. Um, let's go. Teoh this website first, This is the founder of Studio Press and he is one of my just favorite designers with my favorite WordPress sort of gurus. When you come to his new website Authentic, which is about branding and design. This is what you get. It's called like a welcome gate. There's different plug ins asked me in the comments if you want some help with this because I've I've used them for Sina Simple. Then you could enter site. And this is a great, great example. You've got some good branding here with his little A in the background. Really simple good photography really important. We're gonna talk about that. A couple different fonts and a couple different things to click, and then you keep reading about. And this is, you know, hiss stories. Who he is, how he can sort of set himself apart from other people to talk about WordPress, which is like a 1,000,000,000 people. Um, you know, he links to a few of his other income streams, which is certainly going to get him the income he needs. I always talk about you wanna first care about their impact you're making on the people that you're serving in your business, and then you need to care about income. I mean, even if your nonprofit, you need donations, right? So you gotta have those two things or you're really not gonna be ableto have a business, Really? So you know he's giving you his story. He's telling you how he can help you. And then he's also pointing you to either his email where you know you can get more help and he can point you to Studio press and his other sort of income streams. This is a website that someone sent me the other day. I want me to take this test. Um, it's beautiful. Of course, there's great graphics and colors and everything, but this is sort of a slider that goes back and forth and you've got all these pages and create an accountant by this and by this, and get this for free and get this for free. This newsletter, lots of blog's another news, other things and tweets, some a lot of things to click. This isn't necessarily bad, but it is a lot. You know, Andi, that's that might be too much. You might lose the people. It's all I want to say is not bad, but you might be losing people. And that's not a great thing on this is Derek servers. I mean his. His website is very, very plain, but, um you don't have to make it this minimal, but I want to suggest that he has a really great thing he's doing with this now. Page, um, you might want to consider doing this or some sort of start here page because it helps you to show people. Ah, showcase your current. Um, products were working on the current projects. You can even put like, some affiliate links on there. This is the book I'm reading right now. Go buy it. This is the, you know, this is how you can work with me. All that stuff and his home page also is just really good. There's a lot to click, but, um, just this is a good example. I would definitely recommend that you kind of check out his site because the now page is a really great idea. A lot of people you start here, Page is so you can start just walking people. This is what I do. I can help you. Maybe with this breathing, and I can help you with this paid thing. That's a great thing that I suggest to a lot of my clients who are photographers or Web designers or whatever. Give them something they can download but also give them something they can buy That tends to work pretty well when they download stuff. You could follow them. An email. All that jazz we get is that in other classes if you want. But you can ask me questions about that, my comments. But essentially you want make it pretty clear you want to give them just a few things that can help. Um um, a few things that they can download or buy a few ways they can connect with you and learn more that everything on about page. Maybe your home page can be what I'm doing now. Kind of Page. Here's how to work with me. Here is something I can give you for free. Here is an article I wrote that might help you in. Here's one of Philly Link or whatever. It's important, just though that you're not asking people to think too hard when they come to your website . You're not asking them to, like, see all kinds of different things popping up in different ads everywhere. You're simply saying this is how it can help, and you don't want them to have to think you part or burn too many calories in their brain or have the wheels spin because they're gonna go somewhere else. We're gonna go back to Facebook. They're gonna go email our friends that sent you an article that sent your article to them and feel like I can I just What do I do? Hear what I click? Uh, so you wanna be able to make, like, a good impression? You want to be able to get them started on that sort of road map with view of that make sense, super important, not always talked about. But in the next few days, we will talk a little bit more about branding CSS, and we'll get a little bit more nerdy about how toe customize your wordpress website. 4. Simple Branding Tips & Tricks: so first and foremost, I really want to talk about branding. This can get complicated and there's a lot of skills her glasses on this that can kind of dig you deeper. But right now I'm going to summarize it. Very, very, very, very, very minimalist ish for minimally, I guess the cliche that you see a lot of times on instagram and Facebook your vibe attracts your tribe. But it's important has it is pretty. Hate is pretty important if you are a youtuber that has a passion for mountain biking. And you, your website that you're building right now is basically a place to showcase your mountain biking videos on YouTube and Teoh sort of host all the affiliate links and different articles you're writing about it, put your, you know, embed your YouTube videos and it all of that. You're probably not going to be posting pictures off. Um, cupcakes are golden retriever puppies. Oh, well, maybe next to a bike. But my point being is your colors. Your website. It might not look like rainbows and butterflies. It might be totally different. You know, it's gonna be probably more like outdoorsy pictures of trails and obviously bikes, Um, maybe talking about camper vans or drones like really great GoPro's and stuff different different spin offs of the mountain biking community. If you are a life coach for women in their forties, your website might not be black and red colors. It might be more like pink and green or, you know, sort of spa lick colors. You know, greens and blues who will get into colors and stuff. But I'm gonna show you a few of some of my favorite places to get websites. So we've already talked about Brian and he runs Studio Press and these air my favorite themes. I have used them for over about four years now because they are a little bit of an investment, but they make everything so much simpler. I've had, um, link three themes or cheap themes that have actually crashed my websites, because when WordPress is an update, sometimes they don't work well with a new update, and that's a headache and 1/2. It's doable, but it's a headache, so I really recommend a lot of their themes. If you have the budget, they're about $100 they're very worthwhile. I mean, a lot of you might recognize this the smart, passive income from Pat Flynn. Um, but this is a different. I mean, this might be your mountain biking review website, but this might be your, you know, life coach for women in their forties kind of website. If you have, um, a website where you sell home school supplies, you might want something a little bit more like minimal like this. A little bit more education based. If you are photographer, you're gonna have a different website. Then again, someone selling mountain bikes. There's a lot of really great ones for photographers. You know, this is more for, um, you know, Web designers, coaches, that kind of thing. This is great for photographers. There's a whole slew of things, and there's also ah, whole nother world of the Genesis Studio press Seems so. There's a lot also on etc. And the reason why I bring up themes is because it's important. Your brand, your vibe attracts your tribe. So you gotta know your tribe is, and you gotta know kind of what emotions and feelings and things air attracted. Teoh, if you know, totally different between mountain bikes and a life coach for women totally different. You know, these are very good feminine themes, and some of them are pretty, um, budget friendly. So I search for Genesis child being, which means you don't need to buy one of these websites. You could just buy the framework. So that's is a budget way to stand out. But these seems although there used quite a bit online, they're not used as much as some of the free ones that you can see on WordPress when you log in to your website. So that's why I really suggest them. They're beautiful. They could be pretty easily customized, but they already you're gonna kind of stand out from the crowd. You can see some of these. They're literally sobering. I'm not gonna keep clicking, cause that'll take forever. But there's also creative market. This is just the most popular WordPress themes, and you can see how some of them are a little bit in a little bit of an investment. $65.60 dollars. But some of them are actually pretty budget on here, but this is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Aside from focusing on the main goals of your website. That's really important to minimize it and just have what you need on there but a great theme. He's gonna help you stand out more than a lot of other things. And you don't need to learn all kinds of nerdy code to do these air again. Some just like regular WordPress. Seems a lot of these are not using the Genesis framework. They're just using regular WordPress, but they're usually a little bit less expensive. But again, they stand out there so many, um, interesting ones. And the important thing is you want to kind of go back to that video where we talked about your goals. You don't need ah website. Um, like, this is a great example Studio overseas. Some of them have a home page. Some of them just have a blob like foodie pro. This is just a blawg. You can of course, make a home page out of it. Ah, lot of my websites right now, I've made them more minimal. So my home page is I use a blob theme like this, but, um, I'll show you a demo, but I make sort of the about page my home page. This is gorgeous, so I will click, like Full with content, and I'll make this my home page, that kind of thing So we can talk more about just different design stuff. But it is important to kind of get that The element of branding in mind of your vibe attracts your tribe. You're going toe. Want to really think a second about who you working with? What are you doing? Where the goals on your website? What are you selling? What are you offering? How are you helping them and what do they? What are they looking for when they come to your website again? It's totally different between, like mountain bikers or skaters or surfers. Then you know, homeschooling moms who are looking for resource is Teoh help teach their kids on a budget. Or someone who's looking at camper vans is gonna be pretty different than someone who's looking to buy like a Mercedes. Well, maybe Mercedes sprinter. But you don't mean like premium car salesman is gonna be different than selling VW camera brands. Or, you know, being a custom homebuilder is different than you know. Being a d i y blogger, it's gonna look different, so that's important To get across Brandon does not have to be complicated. You just have to kind of focus in on the cliche of your vibe. Attracts your tribe. Who are you working with and what are they looking for? What is going? Teoh? Draw them in with different colors and all that stuff. 5. Simple Design Tips & Tricks: So let's talk a little bit more about the design elements, talk CSS hacks, and we're gonna talk sort of the design and photography element. So I'm gonna show you some of my favorite my favorite tools of the trade, which are mostly free. Um, but the similar sort of vibe thing we just talked about the kind of colors and who you're working with this matters as well. So one of my we talked about the different websites you're looking at. Obviously there's different, like feminine themes of modern themes. If you are sort of running a business as your name kind of like ideo or you're just kind of the face of your website, you are gonna definitely want to think about doing your own photography or having photos done often. If you have a university near you or some sort of high school or college, there might be students there that can help take some photos on a budget. Just that's a good investment to think about. Also post my favorite sort of photography resources below in the class notes. My camera that I used all of my photos are done by more or my husband, um sometimes done on my nice little Moto e phone, but often done on my Sony camera, which was a budget camera. Fantastic, very well worth it. But also, let's talk about free photography because this a little bit of investment and you can get really nice photos for your own website. Like your about page, which is important. It's important to have you on your website. Even if you're running like a coffee shop, you might want to have pictures of the interior, the exterior pictures off your team that's working for you that kind of stuff, too. But one of my favorite resource is in the online sphere is unspool ash thes are free royalty, royalty free images that are free to download? Um, and they're just really great. You can find so many good ones for your social media here for your website. If you will get some of these websites, the actual, like background is a photo. So that's another really easy, simple way to stand out and just make a big impact on the people coming to your website. Simply if your coffee shop look at that picture. If you are, um, here we're talking about the mountain bike Blogger example. This photo would do really well. Or maybe this photo. If you don't want to take your own photography, these would work really great. Um, if you're a d i y blogger, this is kind of a good holiday themed, um, image to use all of these air. Really? Great. If your travel blogger, some of these would be really great. Keep exploring. That's a great one to use as sort of your background on one of these studio press themes or another one. But you also want think about colors, um, and the WordPress in the WordPress world on the web design world that you may not know this , but you may hex codes are the way to get colors into your website. We're gonna go over this in a second CSS. But let's find color hexes. My favorite websites on this matter and with the Vibe Attraction tribe. A great tip that I have is to come into a website like color hacks and find I like to use the rule of three. We're gonna talk about that. So if I was doing the mountain bike example, I would probably do a green and maybe a red with maybe black as my sort of base. Kind of a neutral color. Um, the sort of life coach for women. Example. I might do a spa theme to to be that color. Um, it would be good sort of pop color. And then if you scroll down, we'll show you a couple different sort of color schemes you can use. And this is important because you can use this to help you go in and tweak your website, which we'll talk about in a second, and it can help you with your photography. So for me, I have my colors, and I take my own photos, often in places that are very similar. Teoh These like you can see I do it in the, um on the beach. Often I would remains. That's pretty easy. I also have a few on here. I think I can show you have different ones taken in front of like bright colored walls like this because, you know, my brand colors are literally these two right here. So that's important thing about because when you come to a website, look up slash you don't want your you know, you don't want your mountain bike blawg to be lying green and blue. But then your photo is sort of this purple one. It probably won't work. So you're wanting to seem similar colors. This would be a great one If you have bright colors, these ones are great if you're choosing sort of right earth tones coming sense. So colors are important. Colors are for the other thing I can show you is. So this covert here is called a hex code, and I can highlight this. And if I want to come over here to WordPress, let's just go with the genesis for rain work. I'll show you the demo. So on my mouse, amusing extra miles on my Mac book. I can right click and you'll see this little button right here called Inspect. And so I'll do it on this newsletter portion right here. First, scroll down, over over it. Click, and they have C E news, which it background color. And then if I just paste in that code right here, you can see that it changed it and it changes the look so much so there's a lot of different themes. Others you don't necessarily need to know this changing the color theme because even some some WordPress themes have it built in. So you can just change it really easily without having to go into the editor. But this is a good kid. So when you hit the inspect button, this doesn't actually change it. It will go back to normal if I refresh the page, but you inspect again and you'll want to click this little style. But CSS right there and then it will show you where in the editor. But this lives. And then it's very simple defined on your WordPress back end. It just is under appearance and editor, and then you just go into that you can. I like to copy and paste. Copy what's above this and then click. Um, you know, control F and find it, but then you just simply paced in your new code and then save it, and then it will go right back to your website. You do usually want to back up your website before you do that. Let's see it. Don't go right, um, to the main party website. So that's a great thing to do is just change up some colors. You don't need to. But if you want to just make it stand out a little bit, make the vibe of your website a little bit more unique. That's a great way to go. I suggest you get a theme that's pretty close to the vibe. You want first, that I really do. WordPress themes on acts of your creative market. Um, theme forest. Those kind of places are just amazing to see if the new last week's So we've got over kind of your own photography idea and the different colors. And now along the same vein, is the rule of thirds. Um, an important trick. Teoh. Just be able Teoh offer Cem graphics on your websites and graphics on your social media that, um, are unique but not overwhelming, not boring, but again, not overwhelming. So in this one, you'll see there's two different thoughts on my website. You can see I'm using two different faults all in the same color. Um, if you look at my brand colors that I've saved on Cambo, which Canada dot com, by the way, is free to use, and there's a lot of like easy ways for you to get really good graphics here. They have a lot of stuff already done for you, but I have the rule of thirds. So I used these three colors in different ways. If I'm gonna use all three colors on something, I would probably keep the font the same. So this is like the same font, but it's like bold, um, different sizes. So the rule of threes is simply, um different Colors are different fonts for this one. It's obviously about the bold and the not pulled on. And then maybe I would change the color and then add a graphic. So we're into black and blue, and then I might come over elements and add, Let's see. And this is gonna change it to maybe my change it to agree No money to black. But my point being is the element of third so often I will do on a social media post. I'll do two different thoughts in the same color, and then I will highlight one of the more important words like by now, or I don't know, whatever the word is, and I will highlight that in a different color. So that's sort of the rules of thirds. You got one color popping and then two different vaults or on your website. You've got one font for the blawg and one fun for the header. Um, on your website, you might have two different colors. Here you can see Brian has two different colors and in the background, really simple. And then he's got sort of two different faults going here. So you're not adding in five different bonds and five different colors, all kinds of flashy things here, just keeping it somewhat simple. If you go to his other pages, I think uses other photos, but they're all black and white, so it's kind of a cohesive thing. If we go back to no sidebar, it's pretty much the same. There's black and white photos on the home page. There's two different fonts and buttons have a pop of color that makes sense, so that is a really great way to do things. This is obviously black white, and then they have this pop of red. I guess you'd call it two different fonts. So you're just trying to tie things together a little bit, and that's why I love this website. The color dash, hex because it shows you, um, like a color scheme of three. And that could be really helpful as well. When you're trying toe sort of design a website, you don't need a color scheme like this worth a lot of things you want, especially if you're starting out. Keep it simple. Just a few little tweaks can make a big difference to take even a free theme to be something that helps you stand out. Good photography really important. The rule of threes on canvas is really important. And all of these parts tax free, but they can help you stand out. That's what really important. The next video. We're gonna talk about your project. 6. Project time!: so your project again is up to you. It depends on where you are in your business and your website. But I would love your 123 goals. Your important really pieces. I would love you post a link and ask for feedback to your website. Um, a screenshot of sort of. This is what I started with. Here's my blawg. And here's what I've done now, after I've applied these tips. But you can also post just some brand elements, if you will. That makes sense. Maybe your logo, your hex code colors. You can even design a mood board, which would be really cool. I contribute to do that. The comments if you want. But thank you for taking this class. I hope this really helps. If it does give it of thumbs up a good rating. And let me have any feedback in the comments in your project. Ask me any questions. I'm so glad you decided to join us for this really important outside of the box. WordPress tutorial by guys. Thank you