Simple Watercolor series: 10 mins Bird - Wood Thrush | Ze Ze Lai | Skillshare

Simple Watercolor series: 10 mins Bird - Wood Thrush

Ze Ze Lai, Watercolor + Wildlife artist

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4 Lessons (11m) View My Notes
    • 1. 10 minutes bird - Wood Thrush

    • 2. Basic tools

    • 3. Basic technique

    • 4. Painting process


About This Class

"Simple yet beautiful.  Less is more"

This lesson approaches painting through a minimalistic way with freehand brushstrokes. Rather than the often focus of fine details, the goal is to paint with confidence, vividness and life.


1. 10 minutes bird - Wood Thrush: Hello, my name is CC Emma watercolour artists in Hong Kong. In this series of lessons, I'm going to show you how to paying birds in a minimal style. My favorite paintings, objects are animals and flowers, attained a lot of animal portraits. I also like to paying the misty and atmospheric style that I believe every painting has a story behind. I have exhibitions around the world. I met a lot of watercolour artists. I traveled many places giving demonstrations and workshops. Today, I'm gonna show you how to paying the spirit would enter minimal style. So let's get started. 2. Basic tools: Let's see about the basic tools. We have several things that we needed. Firstly, we need watercolor paper. We prefer a cold press type for this painting. The most important is the texture of the paper. It keeps a medium grain, which is best to work with this lesson. Then we need one small round brush and what to kind of paint. There are many kinds of pain in the store. If you do not have watercolour paint before, I recommend you to buy a watercolor pen SAT, which you can choose 12 colors or 24 colors according to your needs. These sets might come with very fancy packaging. Some even have spaces for mixing your pain and put your brush inside. In this lesson, we need three colors. Payne's gray, Cepheids, and finally, burnt umber. Also, we needed small round brush. 3. Basic technique: Let's start to have some basic technique. To small brush can handle very small and delicate stroke like dots as well. Painting the eyes of the birds, which is very small. So this small brush is very useful. It can pay very narrow lines, very tiny dots, and also bold strokes. The dry brush on dry paper will leave the very coarse and graph effect. If we have more pain on the branch, the color will become Docker and solid. And we press on the brush. Stroke will become wider. So that dry brush technique will lead to different effects depends on how much to paint on the brush and how we use the brush. Mostly when we paint the tail of the bird, we will use a rather dry brush with little paint. One very important point is the speed of the stroke. The fastest stroke as better than a slow one. The fatal like patterns can be created by wet on wet. After wetting the surface of the paper, we immediately drop the pain on it. Another method is to whet the border of the pain. Dry brush. 4. Painting process: Before we start, we need some reference photo. This is to give you an idea of how the important features of this bird is. They can search on the internet for the images of good fresh dt. Then it will come up with lots of photo. You can pick the one you like. To start. We use a small ram brush starting from the I withdraw an outline with a little Payne's gray. This is the position of the eye. Then we did a little paint of burnt umber. Starting around the eye with pained to had of the bird. We can draw some tiny lines over is had to make it like this fader. To intensity of the color is by adding more pain and less water. After that, we'll lift the area of the big prank. We then go to praying its body. Starting from its wings. We are still using burns on Buchla in between will leave some white. Then we can add them the two Sophia and brand the color on it. We will use a dry brush to make a longest stroke for the Wing. At the end of the stroke, the pain is faded out. We add a little water and deep lead to pain. To add at the tip of the wing. We then watch our brush. And when Stowe EDTA sweat, we pull out the color on the winks border. For the bots, Tommy, we add a very light layer or Sophia from the hat with Atletico dots of burnt umber on it. Then we can add more. Under tommy S, The paper is still wet. The color of the dots were spread out. We keep going on at a more using the docker Sylvia parlor. And then finally, we use a stronger color up fear and pain spray. And the tail of the bird. From the beak of the bird, we use a very dry brush and a very light color for shaping the beak of the bird. Finally, we paint the eyeball with paying screen. And remember to lift a little white dot on it. We then add the crow and a feat using a very dry brush with burns Amber. So we've finished this painting and the minimalist style. Hope you like it. If you have any question, you can send me a message anytime. Ceo, a next lesson, I'll see you in next class. Bye bye.