Simple Watercolor Techniques: Make a Personal Mandala | Ria Sharon | Skillshare

Simple Watercolor Techniques: Make a Personal Mandala

Ria Sharon, Practice Makes Better.

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10 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Lesson 1: Supplies

    • Lesson 2: Dry Surface

    • Lesson 3: Flat Wash

    • Lesson 4: Gradients

    • Lesson 5: Textures

    • Lesson 6: Blending

    • Lesson 7: Resists

    • Mandala Demo

    • Parting Gifts


About This Class

Join artist/illustrator, Ria Sharon for this fun 20-minute exploration of watercolor techniques. You’ll learn how to make flat washes, gradients, and a variety of textures — all while she demonstrates how to make a personal mandala.

In seven short lessons, Ria shares her thoughts on:

  • Managing water and pigment
  • Water is your friend: how to harness its natural properties
  • Art for self-expression and self-awareness

This class is great if you want to add watercolor to your arsenal of techniques as a designer or illustrator or, just for the pure fun of playing with watercolors!

Watch to the end to receive Ria’s mandala templates! What you’ll need:

  • a starter watercolor set
  • a round brush and a square brush
  • watercolor paper
  • a light box

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Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.

There is no path to mastery that does not involve doing something over and over -- that's been my experience as an artist and illustrator!

So I encourage my students to take small consistent steps by creating bite-sized classes that make art a simple, easy, daily practice -- one that is joyful and fun!

Come visit me on or follow me on Instagram. If you're interested in what goes on in my art-making process behind-the-scenes, join my private Secret Sketches group. T...

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