Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches (Architectural Technical Drawing 101) | Michael Neatu | Skillshare

Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches (Architectural Technical Drawing 101)

Michael Neatu, I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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4 Videos (12m)
    • ATD 101 Intro Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches

    • FD Cube

    • FD Cylinder

    • FD Cone


About This Class

Technical drawing is the rational, problem solving part of architecture drawing and is the corner stone for developing a strong, capable and precise problem solving mind and a logical, concrete results-based approach in architecture.

Don’t believe me?

How many times did you have a hard time understanding how a volume looks in three dimensions? How many times did you struggle to problem solve functional aspects of your designs? How many times did you struggle to make you ideas take shape on paper?

Come on, let’s be honest: do you think these things happen because of accident or ‘bad luck’ or there’s a underlying lack in skill set? Look, it is not your fault that you do not know these things – this is why you are reading this, because you want to get better and unleash your true potential on that drawing board!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to draw basic axonometrics and simple shapes such as even triangles and ellipses in multiple coordinate systems.
  • Understand and represent all the basic, standard volumes in triple projection and axonometric and the logic behind their shading and cast shadows.
  • How to correctly construct shadows for all your axonometrics and three dimensional drawings.
  • Draw a cube perfectly ballanced on its spatial diagonal in triple projectio nand axonometric.
  • Develop spatial vision with efficient spatial vision-building exercises.
  • Draw complex primitives with their specific sections for a cone and octhedron.
  • A detailed introduction to descriptive geometry.
  • Essential drawing exercises that will ‘get you smarter’ and ‘get your problem solving twice as fast’.
  • The four types of axonometric that you will encounter in 99.99% of all your architecture work from now on.

This is how you will change and grow after finishing this course:

  • Master technical drawing in triple projection and various types of axonometric, be able to draw 90% of architecture you come by in your career in two dimensional or three dimensional architecture.
  • Get much more proficient in the rational part of design work – unlock your architectural rational problem solving part of your brain.
  • Become much more organised and balanced in your artistic drawings (learning technical drawing will get you insane results in your freehand drawing as well).

To sum things up, this is what you will get:

  • Full lifetime access to this training and all the future updates.
  • Over 20 hours of HD-quality video content.
  • 90 videos teaching you 9 essential lessons to learn architectural technical drawing.
  • 18 video crits that show you how your work should look like.
  • 9 printer-ready PDFs.

Look, I want this course to be the best investment you ever made in your professional career. I am most definitely not perfect, but I do believe my courses are the best in the world!


Although I present this course as a introduction, is surpasses the the usual standard of what would qualify as ‘difficult’ in terms of architectural drawing (that is fine, you need to aim higher and want to really get good at this!) You might get the feeling of your head hurting or spinning whilst reading this text or going through the exercises. That is fine as well, it is an indicator that the process of neurogenesis got started and you are learning at a very deep level. If you want to take your drawing technique to even higher levels after and become the top 2% of the architecture field, then I recommend after you finish this course you jump to the advanced and mastery trainings!

Ok, all of that being said and done, I look forward to getting you the great results in technical drawing that I am sure you always wanted but could not come by. (and I am sure you can’t wait to get past all the mental blockages and unleash your true technical drawing potential!)

Michael N





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