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Simple Tasks in Microsoft 365 SharePoint

teacher avatar Bharath Chennu, Consulting & Training

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Class Intro

    • 3. Task: Create SharePoint Environment for practicing tasks in Microsoft 365

    • 4. Task: Create a simple communication site

    • 5. Task: Create a Scrum board

    • 6. Task: Create a header and footer in SharePoint

    • 7. Task: Create reminders in SharePoint list

    • 8. Task: Create a leave approval system

    • 9. Task: Merge Calendars in SharePoint

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class


This class is all about learning how to do real time simple tasks in SharePoint. This class mainly for the audience who have intermediate level of knowledge in SharePoint.

The aim of this class is to show

  • Step by step process of implementation of tasks using sharepoint.¬†¬†
  • Also approaches we need to think while solving a problem or task.
  • Best Practises to follow while exploring the solutions for a SharePoint Task.

For better understanding of this class students must have prior understanding of SharePoint Basics.
You can learn My SharePoint Basics class here at SkillShare at: .

By the end of this class you will be able to create solutions in SharePoint for real time problems.

Regarding the web platform , SharePoint is number 1 CMS tool developed by Microsoft bundled with office 365 and  used by many Fortune 500 companies. 

Happy learning.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bharath Chennu

Consulting & Training


Hello, I'm a Microsoft Certified Software Consultant with 10+ Years in Microsoft technologies SharePoint, PowerApps, MS Flow, Azure and .NET.

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1. Trailer: Hello, everyone. Thanks for choosing shape. Want us? Class she'd want is the number one Seamus to use it in many fortune filed companies in this class, I will explain how to do few real time tasks in shape point, which may help you when you get into any SharePoint related job every week of lead. One task here. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Let's start exploring the less. 2. Class Intro: Hi there. Welcome to my class. Simple tasks in SharePoint. This class is exclusively for the people who already have the basic knowledge of SharePoint in this class. I'm going to teach you strip district procedures, how to take the here. Same problems in shape, point and open. Get our hope, creative reasons. But that by the end of this class you will be really comfortable in creating the solutions . But the real thing scenarios you hear things starts in shape. Want Thank you very much. 3. Task: Create SharePoint Environment for practicing tasks in Microsoft 365: Hello. Welcome to my class. Simple tasks in shape point. Before going to practice this simple tasks in SharePoint we need to create in office 3 $63 per account so that we can create SharePoint sites and shape with any Roman. So where we can practice comfortably although simple tasks in SharePoint. But so go now. Get to the offices. Should a leper website who was going to great enough message to pay a dollar per program? We need to have one outlook or a heart, my lady. So let's create one. What, my lady? No modelled codino. Yeah, so no, we're creating a new wow look, our Hotmail account No create fear country. You you take on here Species student 2019 22 June Don't let this be a student click next. Then again, we continue the current process for click next new. Here you are able to create They hurt my hope. Look, account Fresh name become turning spinach. Well, quickness country. Okay. What? Iwas miss grij like 29. Uh turned it down. Clip proofed. I'm so Austin 36 King three. Or in the B six. Click next and no, you can add more numbers, if you want. Soon core so that it will approve. Okay. The creation of the old crop dot com No gorgeous in this which, but sick with thinking. Yeah. Yeah, you Texas coach, we got it. Click next and you were outlook dot com accomplices. Jerry, No. So the next step is we need to create shape point office, extra developer program. I can't. Okay, now let's go to the such engine often. These these extra training for gram. Look here and please join now. Well, here. Just feeling really sending It's obviously she broke my wand, Mr. And escalation. Something happened. You want one year? Same old your lips. Well, mall click off this year Blue laws call your sexual today. Well, you can pick up when I called. Like whatever you create No student. I gave a look. Go calm. So let's see. It will be clear. Yeah, touch. No. You could see the some of the options which they're asking. Like country. You got me something You see court now even click except except here and click next. You can just throw money like more things even select year until you want source kings and What about doing so? Senate off selections like Join Once it is done. No love, we are created or Office six. To develop a program, click close. Let's set up the subscription by this. A subscription. We need subscription because it will consider the number of days. That's right. He had a user account like user name. Whatever using them. You will give people come as a sub going for the SharePoint dot com. So here we can all right, like learn esprit online and clear doing looking Also saying commute no more or less for your online. Do you mind checking? It's sticking. They don't mind. Germany's only taken since Lohan mess beyond language can be one number like 123 Blueness beyond Ling Step first, step by stick. Let's see whether angry and already a level Lauren SP we need to see this Several Moranis be on Lee. Yeah, I noticed you stare so quite McCurry the password on And oh, after entering all the values Move this click Continue years See you, can you My phone ambush may in San cold for the verification purpose. Listen, one could be you. This just record picks it up so it will take some time to set up these. Maybe sometimes it will take five minutes and sometimes you don't take more. Danwon are stepping on the sometimes the country we cannot say exactly, but we need to wait for some time and no excreted for me. That account and my site name is learned a speech. Take Bush tiptoe around Microsoft Torkham. And if they want, they can add. Users are It's not necessary. No for me to add users. And you can see here my name with all these things go to subscription. Let's go to subscription and can also observed here 92 days the argument, this thing for us. Good. No, let's move on to this. And no, you see all this nicely a counter created for us and be as a shape point a little Now click save point in years moves. Let's see, the phones are sitting, not one shape. No. Here, take some few minutes. Once this creation off Thesis office six triple dollar problem. It really You can see all this icons here and our work is on shape. Points of inflection point. No see? No, you need to signing and now we got over Loeb, such as communication site. So here we can crack, please on the tasks. No models. You can create ice additional to create classic game site here so you can create more development activities. What tasks here? So from the next listen, we will create some communication sites on some few tasks. So that you convinced family here Wonder can I saw some real time Tustin ship. Thank you. 4. Task: Create a simple communication site: Hello, everyone. In this lesson, let's see how to create a communication site. This site can be created using Admin Center. If you have admitted rates, Charles, you can create from SharePoint Step click SharePoint tab, and you can see here creates side. Create news pushed. Just click. Create site and you'll notice team site and communication site. Click here communication site and name it like something like Try on it and you can write something like in decide description and let's elect Language was a design. You can also choose a design like topic Folkies Blank now, so we will shake like it's like a Okay, so we can shook is conflict rookies and click Finish, and it's creating the site. It will take some time and you go to the site. Now. This is how you can create ISS all Internet for your company, using communication sites in shit point online 5. Task: Create a Scrum board: So before going toe, create this scrambled in SharePoint. Let's no what is scrambled? Okay. The scrum is the methodology. Isn't it a jail methodology for project management? So before, like we used to use waterfall model. So for the project management implementations. So what is waterfall? Model 44 model is like we will complete are we will do task one way one So which is a the disadvantage Because if anybody wants to test, we need toe complete whole project and then only will be released to question. So we'll overcome these problems if they release from our agile methodology in which the past will be shared simultaneously and they will be tested simultaneously. So you create that strum metal. Some mothers are in SharePoint. We will make use off basic SharePoint lifts and libraries. This class is exclusively for the people who are Are you ready to learn? SharePoint were beginners, so let's start now. So the scramble hell's a few members and when will be this can muster and there will be some tasks assigned to them. And every day they will see what is the status of the task and what is started and what is not started. Is there any important like and the how many tasks are completed? This kind off discussions will be going on in. Scrum Master are in this cramped Bayliss crumbs in the project. So let's start. No, let's create one task wished so just totally say incidents and will decide contents and create one list with the name like this week in Great are we can make use off, Oscar wished asked. List will be available if you click seven. Zing, click. Okay. And if you check videos of past polished, slick tusks when you're really just news from orange, which and once you this created just to go to this crumbled when the chick year it's a pass play so you can see the task time, then in everything and none, you create a few gusts with pending not started and completed and click new bus and you some injuries. Sloan Ah is aimed off image designed. The image started review. Some started like Today and Jurij and, uh, while Lauren's and the same to a center you can do you one. But some somebody stroke man personally desperation. We can do it in person well in the past polished you can like in bogus save. And no, you create one more us new dust and development Parliament and started like Christine do be very changed months wardens, the same two. Okay, So sure. More on and tasks jealous. Not started. We went clicks there so and mission analysis this is and you understand it. More stock about one united movie are dirty and you're done anything. Legs. They may be a saint to some much thumb. Okay, who and here you 100% Wait, can you completed? I miss you. I will be helped. Created three dusts and that one dusts the bus keys More like the pending Gustin One is not structured and Nani's completed it. So how to create a springboard? No. So let's cleared one beach, Google side convince and Goto pages and you can see here You should click new You can see here we're part page if report pension is not available in there were pages are site bilious Just goto the like the recent things here and go to advance your ship things and enable a low management of content dates here and come back and go to content here and go to content types, and that's from existing site content tapes. You can see the Partridge since I'm already added, Report it. It is not fun. Well, if you have the same problem, just you can see here reportage. After reading the report page, it will appear in the abundant bites so that you can creative apart page movie, Click New and Just Go to the Partridge and the Name It is some bait strum strum page Brahma Bold speech Something like that and choose a layer of tempered We can take this header Scooter Vineyard three problems. What is first columnist Not stuck it? The second column is improved. This last column will be completed, so I think we're pretty mama. 30 months better with water. Three problems pH and no can you know you can see that they're part. It's so firstly, let all these left column Real Poland, right? And dick here Arabic much what we're looking here we can make use a scramble published edge and we will be We will add in all the problems. No left column with little problem. Some good mag. No, no likes you. Well, it also you learn from obscene and no, we have Philidor our page with all these same task finished, which is minus Graeme Wood. No, we will need to differentiate Ege. Okay, once again, click Edit Page And this. Ah timeline. We can remove this task trying than their task Get String that we can move it must read the festival botch unit with parts. Yeah, it very much. And now we'll see here it currently you very current and you can see task name Judy it the same way we need all this information. The same was also needed. And when you have one more thing what is it? Past the status. The task strategy is not necessarily because you can see it is already the same thing. No, you do solitary dope also with what we need to fill that out. Pastor Status percentage last status. The person is not a big person is a person is equal Geo, it means Ah, the past is not started. Okay, You can also add one more. Call him here. Hospice Did this past status. Zeke, where did not started? Moment. Can you legs on? When you do have distributor that some you know this is the development. It is already the notch Doctor Dust game When we need to a little bit change the part. We need to change that. I love the report. When we need to remove that I'm way too much and short and standing off billions will be appearance in here not started. Morning started. They broke it. Let's see how the will be. No. Yeah, we can see Open not started. And one task which and same thing. We will apply to the other way parts here in the middle. We must get the Brokenness Tufts Just click edit with much. And what you're coming to you, then? Yeah, You need to lay the builder in What is that person days Language greater than zero. And that wasn't big bomb bleach. Use less, then hundreds. No, big. You write like this begins name No. No one which is in progress. The past inches in focus. They know you can see that. Asked which isn't broke this and now we will change the people. Doff, why do you need between the punch more and come? You clicked shooting re motion for standing in the place in and this coming before you can see the progress past saying Wow, the door. One minute page, Come here. And it's this they're doing for the operator Tusks. Google There it for interview. Man killed us. The person days Congress, you people 200 cannot play 100. Come down then. Let's see you ensuring like Mom we bought Always stuff, then? No, we will do. Some properties were part of this year. We didn't get much. And no timeline in the opinions. This computer and groomed Bateman. I drink coffee. Small. We're pretty much good now. And we got all this. Ah, tasks. No, You know, you asked everything we got. Oh, but we, Mr their titles. The parts. Okay. Okay. You need toe, get the much and just do the opinions. Then the chrome type. You keep just a title. Only a lonely our place, but the other way parched place in things. No other with other two parts. We need to save the page of beauty models. You lost the top puppies who lose about this. What would be James being just didn't Even with the big march, you get paid longing. Yeah, and, uh, play for the last two. Big bunch. Maybe but And he didn't do much brilliance. Yeah, I do. Longer now here's almost done. So now you can see the scramble. Creative it on these Not started in pervious in completed. So no election this So Graham boarding scrambled. Everybody will discuss about the bottlenecks and there was a place in the world there. So you lead one Discussion the area further. Their listeners were all these public. So we just appropriated page, click air every part And you can I heard your social celebration hasn't been aired No food or site. We cannot state website with abundance might go blogging And your insight Pretty Zenit and knowledge in both the bridge Really Look stop it. And here the people will discuss it with the topics Like cool How much much Dan Village and bleach designed auction rich and we can portage Azarias Calm Master, We have posted about the status of the same documents. So like this we can create the simple scrambled in SharePoint And you can also add fuel things here. Like here you can add some colors you want like so you can take one content editors and and flicked new content in years and years. Kinnaird Lee Scar. Whoa! Well, Roger, Mom, you convey just yet. Morning, Bond. Something like that. You can have something we can. Being to McGee language. We can do some grand off our whatever we need. Like some designs. No, we have created No, Just remove content. A little, uh, ideally, years, maybe a bunch and opinions were you born Will be. Yeah. So no, you know, created a simple that bunch simply strong world using shaped orange. This is the skin simple slumbered and the spirits can appreciate it of it. Anybody so that they can see water the tasks, same toe. Then you're in the water. The progress of the tasks and water the completed tests if you are admitting for this list . But if you are the contributing party list, you can add their new dusk helixon in the lake bass turning. You can plate like the garage commission discussion standard. You can send something like this. Lines bends the same toe so we can hire more people more. Slink notch, Dr Julianne. See, we were never rewarded this between Bill on this crime watch so that all the members cancel . This is, uh, prosecution discretion like this. You can maintain its combo particular project and share formed. And you can see the developments happening and she on in your posit. And you can have the discussions in the new speech years and the very nice. Without any cold, you can create a scrambled in shell point. If you have any adults we can do is ask me. No. Okay, so weekends, like in this certain, if you don't have any adults. Thanks for joining this. It's nice to meet Jewel. Yes. Okay. Thank you very much. 6. Task: Create a header and footer in SharePoint: class. We're going to create a tow task in this. Listen, I'm going to clear a solution for SharePoint communications sites where we can have a header and a footer. Okay, so this is a very simple task. So to create a header or food or for the communication side first checked the options in the sittings. Just go to the right side and you can see here change the look because header and footer related to the You are user interferes. Just click this change look and you can see the options here had their navigation food. Just create hander and change here Something compact standard and you can see on the left hand side something is going to change. Okay, so but you don't have any items here and there is no option here on the homepage to create any items. So we need toe goto site sittings from the site content. Okay, orders Just keep create site contents and you're able to see site settings here and go here to pick Claunch and create here You're items. So that which will appear on the header. Okay, here I'm giving like something like double living dot com here you can give your SharePoint pages. Also, I'm giving you okay. And if you notice the reason, we will create one more Harding or now a new navigation, Linc. New hurting. I want Yeah, and created you who book on you. Can you initiate one site page? Okay. Yeah, Who? And if you want new navigation link So under any kind, end off may know first menu item. So here you can you? No, they come slash I bad. I don't know whether this link exists or not. Lipstick on que Well, The species extinct. So this must come under a bill. Click OK, and no over. A little menu is already so Go to the homepage and you can see here something coming. No, you do the changes. Whatever you want. Change the look header. Make it Come back to gender Whatever you want. The navigation You can go, Madonna. No gas skirting winning like this search. See here the mega mineral Because it's like you know this saving more space and this is how you can create headed And she point like a mental. And she went on Main Communications like No, let us see would hopefully in a food just quickly sittings again. Change the look on with food and make it. This will be on and never cares for her name. Copyright 2019 I kept here. If you want, you can change. Click, save and come down below. I think it's coming up. Coming. Yeah, skin here and this Copy. Little's coming. Click it and some few items here. Click here as you are. I already have. Does convict us. Contact us. And if you want, you are gonna hear something going off you. No, if you want three schools, Technologies Just you. This you want you hear? Okay. Did you hear this? For the name on courses, click. OK, and if you want to move up, you can move up here on the contractors came down like Yes, you can do some kind off, rearrangement off items in the footer and takes it. And let's see the photo travel. And you can see all this contact us so No, This is how you can create a simple header and food er in shape One communication sites. Thank you very much. 7. Task: Create reminders in SharePoint list: in this class. Let's see how to create our set. A reminder on SharePoint list items. Sometimes in real times in Argos, we need toe. Have a reminder on some particular date to remain viable. This item are to remind revolt leave kind of thing. The resources are taken for the manager. So here we will create one list with namely every question. You can help columns like what is the start date of the end it off the leave and reason for the leave. Okay, who is the manager? Okay, so what we'll do here is like when you create an item here, create one item here with title. Something like Leave reason is fever and started. Let's we started with today Onda uh, ended tomorrow and when it can you hear manages name, he is so click save and you can see here the one item came, like created here. And if you go in the top and see on the floor there is an option settlement. The settlement will be unable. If you have any date, column and list models, it will not enable Loki needed column is available. Then only this sacramental will be coming. The option will becoming here mochi and said remained on the start date. Click started and it will create a flu. Now it's creating a floor which is in the Microsoft Power ultimate. Previously it is known as flow and it is asking, Get any mail? Drummond remind me these many days in advance. Okay, whoever creates this leave request in 11 day and wants the male will go to the manager and he can Ah, this course aboard that live with the results. Just click here, create and it's creating this. I understand the mineral floor was created No. Okay, So if you want to observe this whether it is created or not, you must goto or are to meet or are to meet he on Microsoft bore ultimate and you can see in my flows the remainder floor will be created automatically like this. Get an email reminders. Okay, If you want to read it here, you can average this flow. Are the details about the flow This is, ah, flow on the behalf of us. It's created mochi recurrence once it every day like this until every day. So every day it will run. Are we Cleveland's we can turn this. So this is how we can create human inter since your point with the help of our autumn, it 8. Task: Create a leave approval system: in this video lesson. Let's create a leave request approval system in SharePoint using Microsoft flow here before learning this. Let's give me a small introduction about Microsoft flow. Microsoft Flow is Alderney to for SharePoint designer so that we can create workflow us using the stool. Okay. And also, apart from this, we can connect so many other services. Lakes like lake wondering kind of things. Okay, so Microsoft flow is renamed as power art image, so this is a very, ah best tool took, create work flows in SharePoint. So no. For this leave request approval. We need to create a few things. First, we need to create a list with ah which the Lee request Details must be available here. We can create the columns like, what is a start date of the league and what is indeed after leave. And what is Ah ah, reason for the leave. Okay. Like that. So here I am demonstrating this leave Request management with do users. One is a manager, and one is, um, team member. Okay, so let's create the list. First. Go to the site settings on the right hand side and you can see here side continents in the side. Continents create a new list. Leave. You can write, like leave okay. And click Create. I know you can see by default. The title column is already available. Men and at column you can write years ditch and then the date you can take like started it on, uh, click See date column Craig ng dictate color with Enrich and Dixie And you can mention the reason for the leave. Okay, So involved Opulence of description. You can write reason or leave and click suit. And no, this form will beings usually all the team members to raise early request so that the levy cost will go to the manager's approval. Okay, No, let's first configure the Microsoft flow workload, but this list. Okay, so if you observe here on the top of this here, we can see a few options like flu New quickly, it like this year. So here you conflict, you click create its law for delish. And on the right hand side, you can see start approval when the new item is added. Are the Coast man is irreparable for selected rate? Um, you can take whatever you like. I will take your start up to Google when the new item decided. OK, click this and, uh, you can see this some of our ultimate way you'll automatically comes to the poor automotive . It is no formerly known as Microsoft. You select it is already selected No, in build. Okay, just click Continue. She don't have Microsoft flow licenses. You cannot career this workflow If you observe your carefully are built in workflow has been already created with whatever Mr name withheld created here. You can see here when a new item is created, cited received is automatically come English name. And you know this You know this toe know how to create this league management our live approval system. We need to have some basic area on the Microsoft flow. OK, so you can see here the condition If it is approved, it will go If it is approved unless and it will create the email here. Your request for title has been approved by approval name or we can ended this year like mayonnaise years could play. You are managers looking again right? Like this we can edit this. So this response here if it is approved, it will come to this strip excess. And in this step, we're sending them email. So if it is No, it will agree and go to this trip. You neither Another steps and, uh, no, we will save this. And if you want to check whether any errors are there here, you can also check here, Lord Checker. And you see, there is no errors, right? So in the start and approval, it is asking a same toe. You won't be a sec, so normally it will be a cento The manager on here. I'm giving the manager in name and it will automatically take this user name here and it will pick Matematica. No, I click Save. I know I have created What a load of this. Okay, workflow parts leave and you can see here to start a pool When the new item is that it? Okay, no, we will goto the We will use the remember account from his ego on. We will raise a leave request. Okay, so what does the listening here and the list name? Here, Uh, this list name just based here in the boozer. And let's see how 13 member will raise the lyric. Wished So this leave you are really be given toe all the a team members so that they can raise a legal question here? No, As a remember, I will go here and click Now. This new I will recently requested started Don't let from 1 50 toe General reason for review resentfully family function. Okay, this is there is a family, even our family functional Let you get a bunch like family even. And click save. Okay. And once if you create this leave request to raise and it will send a female toe the main easier asking him from the approval. Okay. And let's observe the manager's email whether we got any meal approval. If you see here, he got on approval here. Right? And click the outlook. The manager will see my name is like, please review years flicked it on. Uh, yet it is asking like the question obey did created. You can see all the details from Prasad. The user name Ram Prasad has raised this levy question. OK, if you want, you can click this and see Yes, the details off their leave. Okay. And one secret is done and, uh, just click here. Approved okay. Not a sub much. One city submitted. You can see here. This is approved. And once it is approved, the Ram Prasad who is a team member. Get notified about this. Let's go to Is a conference, See with Reebok. Any notification? He's around. Press on second. See here. Any outlook? Notification came for him off report? Yeah, he got his leave off. Seen You're leaving. Your request for Blue has been approved by your managers. Okay, So like this where your manager, We have added this in the book. So against him. Thank you. Semen will go through his minutes. So this is home. We can create my leave operable system in SharePoint using Microsoft Club. Thank you very much for watching this lesson. 9. Task: Merge Calendars in SharePoint : Hello, everyone. In this video, let's explore Herbal calendar list and how to merge. Two calendars. Okay, so to create calendars, Goto, right, Say sittings. And here you can see at an app. Okay, click here tonight. Here you can see different APS. You can see here contacts, announcement, slings. And here there is calendar a calendar, and and and name it something like holidays, public holidays, public Indian public holidays in your company's. So if you is working around different geographical areas, you want to see qualities from different countries like us on Indian Hell Indian Year. We will help different holidays. So So, in the same calendar, if you want to see both us even in the Indian Neiman's, you can create like this. So here we will create Indian public qualities. And in that calendar, we will match the U. S. Holidays. No, First creating in public holidays calendar, click bridge. So once it's done, you can notice disappear in the site contents in public holidays. So click it and add two or three events here in January. There is a public plea so we can add here has a public. This is it. Are they even talking, so mention location anywhere. Description. If you want to convert category, it's like harder. If you want, you can spit Sphere, you are so click save So no, this is if anybody comes, can see this calendar. They can notice all the public Indian public this year. Okay, but some names a few off programmers will work according to US timings and US calendar. They want to see both US calendar and also Indian Calendar in the same calendar. No, for that hope way can do this is like create one more calendar with US holidays Goto here and create one more calendar You can make like us US holidays this year. Let's see water use holidays Don't don't. Okay. And New year. Okay, Monday Memorial way. So in the U. S. Calendar, let's say three. Okay, fresh monies. Yeah, you You. It's a three day. So they click. Save on What is other one like Martin Luther King Day? Okay, on it. Also in our day you can hear quantity Click save yet So Memorial Day on tickets he's on May Okay, leave it. We will see on only on January. So now these U S calendar okay, So first we will goto this Indian public calendar on there. We will create you made to this year's calendar there. Lim Public calendar. So for managing off this calendars, SharePoint is given an option. Like if you go into the top of the calendar, you can see two deaths even send calendar. You can see an option here. Calendars overly here If you see, uh, can manage additional calendars in the current of you. So this is Indian public Whole rescue. I'm adding additional calendar. So here you can click New calendar in the calendar name. You can write whatever you want, like us can. And this type of calendars, she went right. Okay, you can you hear the green or brown whatever color you want or are green So already overseas blue Indian calendar and we can do this is a dark green, and then the baby water you need to click resolve. And once you click result, you can see the list. Here are like so many calendars. I have Japan holidays, your Solis, and selecting US holidays here. And a list of you missed. You must be like my calendar. Okay? Our calendar? No, because I it is a US caller. This is a calendar and click all of its show you and click OK here and let's see how this will comes. And now we have a new additional calendar. Now go to the normal. Our Indian public calendar. No, you can see both US holidays and the Indian holidays. Calendars chair merged. See blue color in the presence Indian public or less Green color presents us harness. Okay, this is how we can Mitch, or we can add one more original. We can add more additional calendars into one calendar in point. Thank you for watching. 10. Conclusion: after practicing all their goal ISMs hope that no, you are comfortable in creating solutions but really doing simple tasks and shape. Thank you all.