Simple Sugar Cookies W/ Royal Icing! | Aly Tinsley | Skillshare

Simple Sugar Cookies W/ Royal Icing!

Aly Tinsley, Your not so average baker.

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Utensils

    • 3. Ingredients

    • 4. Cutting and Oven Prep

    • 5. Royal Icing Prep

    • 6. Icing Color

    • 7. Decoration


About This Class

Today I show you how a simple way to make simple sugar cookies with hand made royal icing! 



1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the sculpture class. My name is Ali, and we're going to be making sugar cookies today as well as the royal icing that goes with it. I'm gonna be showing you all of the ingredients and utensils you're gonna need in order to do this, so I hope you enjoy. 2. Utensils : Okay, So what you need to make these cookies is a large mixing bowl. Um, you're also going to need a roller. Doesn't necessarily need to be this big, but it'll work. You're also going to need one egg, two sticks of butter. I would go with the lightly salted and minor cut in half, but yours could be this way or to full sticks. Doesn't matter. Sugar and then some all purpose flour. Mine happens to be gluten free, but any flower will work some baking powder, vanilla extract and then a mixer. I'm not fancy. I don't have a kitchen aid or anything, so this handheld mixture will do just fine. And then later, I'm gonna be using these different cookie cutters like a longhorn, a flower heart, the United States, a pineapple and a unicorn. But if you go to different bakery shops and make good shops in your area, you can find hundreds more. That might suit you better. So let's see how this 3. Ingredients : I went ahead and added my two sticks of butter into the mixing bowl, and it is very important that they're not cold. They need to be softened. That way, it's easier for you to mix all together with all your other ingredients. So after I put the butter in, I'm gonna put in just one cup of just regular sugar. And then after you've done that, that's when you're going to your first set of mixing. It's only gonna be for about a minute, so I would put it just on like a light medium mix. Okay, Um, right after you mix all that together, you're going to be adding your egg, just one. So just go ahead and put the egg in there. And then this is when you put your two teaspoons of vanilla extract it is well, right, then, this time you're probably gonna mix for about two minutes Now, Now it's going to get all over the sides and is gonna look pretty sticky. But you want to make sure that you're rotating the bowl in the mixture is that way. You're getting everything off the sides, so I have about one minute left. Okay, trending all that here. All right, Now you're gonna add your three cups of flour. Go ahead and do that. I can open the bag, and then my one teaspoon of baking powder go powder makes it a little more thick, and then we're going to mix. Rest together, and it's gonna look really dry. But the trick is when you put your hand in there, if you pull your hand out and there's not any dough sticking to it, then it's pretty good to go. If you pull your hand out. There's a lot of dough stuck to it for some reason that it's not ready. But you can get in there with your hands, and it doesn't mean a lot of dry spots in the bottom and around the edges, so make sure you get all that mixed in. You can go back to your mixer. Okay, so it's looking pretty good. Not seeing a whole lot of flower around the edges got it all mixed in. So now we're gonna move it over into a bag that we could make it like a big, solid mass. So now that we're done making it one big thing of cookie dough in the bag. This is a great time for us to put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes no longer than 20 minutes, because it would be really tough for you to roll out and cut later. So go ahead and just take your bag in your cookie dough and just said it somewhere in the fridge, where there's plenty of room and then set a timer about 20 minutes. 4. Cutting and Oven Prep: Okay, So I just took out the dough from the fridge and went ahead and got out of the bag and kind of made it one more mass again. Started to break apart a little bit, but that's OK. Make sure you go back to using flour and you Sprinkle enough flour on the counter. To where? If you stick this dough down, it's not gonna get stuck. Stay there, especially after you cut your cookies. Um, so whips from quite a bit of lower. I'm gonna go ahead and put a little more just in case. I'm also gonna put some on top of the cookies. So once I put this out, staying out on here, move that out of the way. Sprinkles more on top. Not a whole lot. Just enough. Now, when you use a roller, you don't want to go from edge to edge because your cookies will become like paper thin and you want them to be. Now it's good you don't want them to be like paper thin. So I'm just gonna start from the center and roll out. You start really one way and go another way. Let's start from your center. I'm noticing. It's kind of starting. Teoh break apart on the edges, which is what you don't want. Meaning It might be a little dry, but it's OK. Okay. Looks pretty good. More edges. Center looks pretty good. So now is when you get to actually incorporate your friend little cookie cutters when you push the computers down palm all the way in. I wouldn't really do the rotating thing too much. I would just put it there and then kind of leave it. Let's start with my longhorn. I'm using two hands for this one and then pull it out. Don't necessarily need to touch that cookie, Adams. Believe it the way it is. And we know, Use my unicorn. Try Probably all six. Definitely get these as close as you can to really maximize your usage of dough here. And then my have enough room to do to teach, which would be. And then that happens when you make the long warn, Corliss. But that's okay. Okay, Good. Now this is really important because you don't want Teoh. Waste your dough. You also don't want toe break your shapes and half like I did. So once you have your shapes clearly cut. You kind of just wanna gently separate the dough Kind of break it along the lines don't get crazy, but pushing another hurt here easily separated and move that dough to side. You could even make, like, a brand new pile. Make more cookies. Definitely do this slower because it could quickly tear your shakes. And once you have some cookies, actually clearly defined, kind of brushing off Teoh sheet way. Okay, so All right. So since this is taking forever in a day, I'm gonna go ahead and I'll do all this and then we'll kind of fast forward over and to the finished cookie product. You want to make sure that you do it for about 8 to 10 minutes in the oven. You don't want them to be super brown, but a little brown around the edges is fine. And then after their outs, then I will see you again for the decorating 5. Royal Icing Prep: Alright, guys. So our cookies air out of the oven. They're good to go. They're gonna be cooling while we work on the icing. When it comes to the icing, the first place, the first place you need to start when it comes to your icing is going to your three cups of powdered sugar. It's gonna be a lot. It filled up an entire bowl for me, but gonna go ahead and put that in there. Next, you're gonna add just 1/4 a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Basically, you use this because gonna help stabilize all of your icing later. So just one for the T spirit. Good. After you do that, you're gonna add just the two egg whites. Take out your just rights. We're gonna make all of this just on a low. Now, what I'm already noticing is feeling very thick and like glue like so if that starts to happen, just don't worry. Don't freak out. It's gonna be a little tough to kind of mix this part. But then later we can add some water to kind of soften that up after you makes it for a little less In a minute, go ahead and bang all of the excess flour on the side. Get that mixed in there. After I do that, I'm gonna makes in one teaspoon of vanilla extract again and again. Remember, I only have my half a teaspoon over here. So I'm gonna do to what you would do one after I mixed this. This is when you could put in about a teaspoon of water. It's starting to get really, really thick. Okay, so I really just put in about teaspoon and 1/2 go back and mix some more for this one. I actually mix it longer. It should be probably about two minutes. So that was close to a minute when I do it for one more minute, and then we're gonna start mixing our colors. And okay, so now it's looking, not more icing. So now I'm going to go ahead and separate these into for me. Six different bowls, cause I'm doing six different colors for you. My people different. But before I do that, what you're gonna need is you're gonna need some toothpicks for this piping and flooding. And then for me, I use the Betty Crocker Joe a lot of people use the I think it's a miracle, er, dots of color that they put in there. I've heard that's great, too. But I'm gonna use this and then I have some piping bags for a little bit later. So I'm gonna go ahead and just transfer these in doubles. 6. Icing Color: All right. So I went ahead and separated all that icing into six Super Bowls because, like I said, I have six different colors. I'm gonna go ahead and just put a few little squirts of color because it's easier to start off. Small cannot really go back. Well, you can, but it's not as easy to go back and change the color. So I'm starting my green, which is starting pretty light. And that was with three squeezes. So it was some more kind of still a lion. Me green. So with these, you're gonna have to use a lot more than you would with just the America, our brand ending up having to use about half a thing, which is okay, because this is Joe. It's gonna take a little more. Now. I'm already at like a lime green again. Just little darker, if that's okay with you. But I'm gonna get it a little darker still. All right. So, actually, for the green, because it was so light, I ended abusing the entire thing. All right. Now, you will probably also want to add about half a teaspoon of water just so that it's easier when you start to pipe and it doesn't get all clumpy. Maybe a full. I'm gonna go ahead and make my other colors. You don't necessarily need to see that it's going to the same and then I can show you how to decorate. 7. Decoration: All right. So I went ahead and got all my colors into all of the pastry bags, and I snipped off just a little bit of the ends of each. I just got a basic heart cookie just to kind of show you an example. But you really want to get the icing pretty full at the bottom. You don't want a whole lot of excess and over the top, and then you want to get the border finished first, and you need just like a thin line, not on the edge towards in a fall off, but just along the border. Yeah. Now the border is gonna be needing to sit for a minute or two. That way, when you go back to flood it, it isn't all just truly overflow on the side. So I'm gonna give it community, so, okay? And I'm actually it's not fully dry yet, but I'm going to start flooding it, which means I'm gonna go from one side and just kind of go back and forth, and then it should all just settle. It doesn't settle. Um, that's what you to fix to kind of poke any areas from the filling, then So try that out. - And sometimes things like this happen where you get icing. - Now take a toothpick, go back through. And that is basically it. When it comes to your sugar cookies with royal icing and how to make it all together. I will kind of fast forward through this later and you'll see in products of it. But that is about it. You gotta let it drive. You want to add anything else on top, but thanks for watching.