Simple Stretches for Stress Reduction | Aubrey Gail Ferreira | Skillshare

Simple Stretches for Stress Reduction

Aubrey Gail Ferreira, lifestyle

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ease the Mind

    • 3. Neck & Shoulders

    • 4. Relax the Back

    • 5. Conclusion


Project Description

  • Before you begin the stretching sequence, write a few sentences describing how you feel. Where is the tension? Do you have a headache? Are you feeling anxious at all in the belly? What is running through you mind?
  • Formulate your intention. Maybe you want to feel more relaxed, get rid of a pain in your neck or shoulders, or let go of some unhealthy thinking. Write that down.
  • Complete the class, following the instructions and remembering to take deep breaths.
  • Compose a few sentences having completed the exercises. How do you feel now? What has changed? Check in with your intention and reflect upon this experience. 

Remember, you can repeat this class as many times as you want. The more we meditate on our intentions and care for our bodies, the more healing and satisfaction we will experience. I promise :)

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