Simple Sewing : How to Sew an Easy Zipper Pouch

Amy Kalinchuk, Craft e-Revolution: It's ok to be a crafty rebel.

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14 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction: Materials, etc.

    • Choosing the Cover and Liner Fabric

    • Cutting the Cover Fabric

    • Cutting the Liner Fabric

    • Lining up the First Side

    • Sew the First Seam

    • Top Stitch the First Seam

    • Sew the Second Seam

    • Top Stitch the Second Seam

    • Planning the Outside Seam

    • Sewing the Outside Seam

    • Prepare for the Very Last Seam

    • Sewing the Very Last Seam

    • You Did It! Final thoughts, etc.


About This Class

Zipper pouches are so much easier than you think! Zippers are not that difficult to work with, especially for a small project like this one. in this beginner sewing class, you will learn how to cut fabric and sew it to a zipper, so that you end up with a zipper pouch. My way is the easy way--I'm a sewing renegade.  

Get ready for a fun, easy sewing project for beginners!

I am very good at breaking down skills into parts, so this class seems long (for Skillshare anyway), but really, it's just thorough. Once you have made the project, your next one will be really fast! 

It's easy to DIY. I will show you how, step by step. 

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thank you so much for your class!
Anna Lynd

Live simply. Care deeply. Help cheerfully.

Clear instructions and fun to do!
Nina Rycroft

Picture Book Illustrator





Amy Kalinchuk

Craft e-Revolution: It's ok to be a crafty rebel.

Crafty rebel! I'm so glad you found me! Before we get too far into my CV, have you joined my Facebook group yet? Please click the link and join--it's a fun place to share ideas!

I'm Amy Kalinchuk, and I know how to do a lot of things. Skillshare is helping me to show you how to do all the crafty things that I know. Maybe there will be other things too--just ask me! I love making instructional videos and sharing what I know. 

As a public school teacher for the past 24 years, I have honed my skills at breaking tasks down into smaller parts, and ensuring students understand each step. When you take my classes, everything will be clear; my goal is for you to be successful at recreating the project I show. 

In addition to teaching, it feels like I have been crafting for what seems like forever. I have a YouTube channel where I have created a few tutorials and other, blog-type videos which follow a series on my crafty blog. If you want alerts about my blog, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter, too. 

I am confident I can teach you how to do what I know how to do. As far as crafting goes, that's a lot! I know how to:


Sew craft items and some clothing

Paint with watercolor

Make soap

Make lotion

Make lip balm, sugar scrub, bath salts, and body butter


Make videos

Roller skate


I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing your projects from my classes! Thanks for joining my Skillshare school!