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Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 05: Create an Intro-Video

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro: Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 05: Create an Intro-Video

    • 2. 01 Adding up different footage and pictures for an intro video

    • 3. Project and Preview to Powerpoint 4 Video

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About This Class


Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 05: Create an Intro-Video

In this part of the series I show you how to create an intro video by adding different footage and pictures to Camtasia. I am using:

  • footage from my camera showing myself
  • footage I have recorded with the Camtasia recorder
  • a lower third
  • a thumbnail

You can use this kind of intro video for all different online learning platforms as well as a welcome video for your webpage and the like.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 05: Create an Intro-Video: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata. And I'm a business coach. And I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. Okay, so what will you learning? Class number five off simple screen casting with Camped Asia and power points in this part , I'm going to show you how you can do an intro video. So internee videos. You would, for example, need for a any online learning platform like skill share or you demean. Or you can also use the same techniques, for example, for a welcome video on your webpage and many other occasions. And what I'm showing you is how you can trade a video that's consisting off some footage off you yourself. So if some food that you made with your webcam or with your video cam, or maybe just video the camera on your phone and also you can also include some males, you can include also screen cast footage, and you can put it all together to make a nice intra video. And I'm showing you exactly how I did that intra video that you are just watching right now . So if you're interested, I'm seeing how I did that just pickin role and see you on the other side. 2. 01 Adding up different footage and pictures for an intro video: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to show you how I do my intra videos, especially the one you just saw before. So the intra video for executives class. So what? Do it. First of all, I get some footage off myself. Some something added ones where I say hello and welcome tothis class. And this is a general one I produced for using it at many different interests. And of course, some people take a new footage for each and every course. I'm not so eager to be in front of the camera, so but I know that people like to see the person who is behind the scenes. So what I did, I did one General von which I'm using more often, and I don't change that that often. But of course you can can film yourself every time you want to You producing a class if you like. That s said I do not like that too much. Then. Secondly, I already did the intro. A short screen cast off off me, introducing it. So this is not footage off me myself. But it's just screen capture. So I also take Take that and put it there and then for the more I'm also including some some lower third. Some like my name and and what I do. And I'm also including the thumb nail off off the specific class. So these are two more things that I have to get from my fouls. So this is the thumbnail, and this is the lower third. So now I have everything I need in my clipping and now it just have to arrange those. So I'm starting off with the food edge, so I'm putting it here, just playing it quickly as you can see what I have. Hello. Important. My So this is how far you usually see means, um, if you have seen more of my off my classes than you have seen that several times and not just see, this is not the original mom, because there is already this lower third here, but never vary. It's an old one. Eso I will show you how to do in a lower third. So as you see, the footage continues. But what I was recording then doesn't apply anymore, so I'm just taking that away. I just say hello to my class, so OK, so This is the first full Dejan. After that, I have the recording. Did my T wreck fire my mind Mind project file And you see, it only starts here first. There's the preparation is always. And here you can see from the sounds here it starts, actually, so I can erase all that. So this is the footage. So first footage off me and then it's It's the screen calf. And from what I see here, it seems that this is not that loud as that one cell. Just check off that the volume is about the same. So this is a little bit louder. So I go for the audio on that. Just lived it up a little bit so that it's about equal. So this would be like the footage and I, of course, have to check if I have toe edit anything here. Let's have a look so I can take a tape. So what do we do playing casting with here? So this is mother have to raise, I guess on Listen to it once more can you should fit. Let's see, still air. So that's I raced his s well. It's a narrative fit Can I take your point in this part, I'm going to show you how you can do it, in truth, so into me videos, for example, me. Any online learning that form, like future or me? Or you can also use the same techniques, for example, for welcome video on your back page and many other locations and them showing you is how you can free says, especially is English is not my mother tongue. Sometimes I'm not. I don't find the right words right away. So what I do, I just pause until the bird comes into my mind. And then I just erased it afterwards that this was this. You can trade a video that's consisting off some footage or you yourself so simple. If you've made with your back Kim or with your again, you know, like I have more arms in English and in German, of course, because even thought I talk English daily. It's seven of my mother tongue, and sometimes I'm looking forwards, so this arm has to be erased. Okay, Still stuck to rigging. Just repeated it with your with your so I want to be put it away. You bet him or with your video cam, or maybe just a video camera on your phone. And also you can also include some males also Dreamcast footage, and you can put it all together to make a nice into video. And I'm showing you exactly how I did that interview, that you are just watching right now. So if you're interested in seeing how I did that, just take in role and you okay and there's a little bit too much of a pause, it's OK if you have a moment off past, but this is too long. So this was all about the footage. So some footage of me and some screen capture and now we want to include a lower third and I was want to include the thumbnail, so I really put them into my clip bin. So you see, I had already won lower Third included. But I decided some time ago that I'm not only using you know means directors Azzam also instructing on other platforms. So now I have to put on an instructor, and that's just changed. How whole outfit off it a little bit. So this is my new lower third. You could have, of course, also just do it by using the call outs like when you want to create a lower 30 could just go here for call outs and you can take any like, for example, this square, and you could add some text in here like, for example, your name. I'm putting mine in now and then usually did. Front is very small, so you enlarge it and you make it bold and things like that. And you could, of course, this put this year make it created yourself in just now in contagion. But I think that there are more possibilities if you're creating it on some other tool. So this is why I created its umbrellas and now just import it as a J pick or as a PNG. So I delete this one and you see it's also related here from the trek and I go for my clip bin and here I have to lower third I created and not just put it here on an extra trick. Um, and I just have it go over it so that you can see the other one. So, like this. Now it covers everything and what I usually do. E I could show it right from the start. But usually when it comes right from the start that just have it go a little bit. I think it's a little bit too large. Okay, so, um then it's not that obvious. If you if you start off without it and then just have it come a little bit later, people would rather see it because it's popping up. So what I usually do is when I'm mentioning my name, I started lower third to this court. So here I'm studying on my name is and this is when the lower third should put up, and then I do it until the end off the footage where you can see me. So now let's just repeat that my name. I have to do it larger. Maybe just stretch a little bit like this because the other one pops up underneath. Maybe we can go now. Okay, I have to do it That biggest long as I'm working with that footage, but that's okay. And then the other thing I'm also putting in is the thump mail off the class so that people know right away in which class they are and this is this and this I usually put up right from the start and this is of course to huge. So what I want to do is when my lower third pops up later on, I want to have it in alignment so that it's not all over the place. So I just find someplace where both us A show like here. So now I can arrange it, arrange it here like that so that there is an alignment here and I just make it smaller like that and whether usually also do is that I add some shades. I go for visual properties and this is shadow. And I did it 20. So you can play around with that on the scene. Other. It's a little shadow here, so this is about it. So let's just play the beginning that you can see it. But you if you if you have seen classes off me before then you have already seen this kind of interest. Hello and welcome to this course. My name is my people business and for news business, calls yourself no another. Is that the usually chew and Onley this'll intra is specific to the class um So this is the one I'm recording for for each and every class. And also the dampness, of course. One specific for each class. But I would always use the same intro for some time until I got border Vitton that I'm just recording a new one. But by doing this, I don't have to record a new one each and every time. I want to show you one more quick other things, just that, you know, I mean, there's lots of different techniques you can play around, and this is just a very simple technique. I just wanted to show you how you can easily make some intra video. But of course, there are many more possibilities. And I just want to show you one quick thing. If you have footage off yourself, um, and you have some some like some screen capture. You could also put them together at once. And now I just at first the footage of myself and then I had to screen capture. But let's just put it here a second time. So now there's both on it. I'll go here and now the footage of myself is full HD, so you don't see anything off the footage underneath. But if I make it smaller, you can see both. Now the bloom, the blue track is this my footage and the great drag is this one underneath the screen capture. So, of course, it doesn't make that much sense as there is a photo off May. But just forget about the photo. Usually most of the times you see it here in the right handed corner, and now you could play put both off course. I'm talking twice. Nothing. Maybe just go here for all the year and for silence so that there's only one Mike it talking, but that you could actually do. You could you could either. You could eat a feeling yourself with your webcam at the same time while you were introducing this. Or you can film yourself with some other camera and just at those two so that on one hand you're showing something in the screen cost, and on the other hand, you're showing yourself, and some people also do like a little bit more of arts. Like, for example, you could put yourself into the screens, or sometimes you see people that are in the screens after tilted a little bit like I'm not doing a great chop. Now, here. Just want to show you what I mean. Perhaps my mouth is too quick, but you can't do that. Five numbers as well. So just that you have an idea of what I'm talking about. It doesn't fit perfectly in its better if you have the screen flat. That exactly fits in. I just wanted to give you some idea. And now Mike is talking out off the screen. So this is it. And as I have already showed you earlier in this series, what you have to do now is you should save it better. Of course, you see safe it earlier, but I haven't saved this year. So you safe it on the your file name, and then you just produce it by going to produce and just pick the set things. You want to have it like I to it full HD and MP four, and then it's automatically stored in the file where you want to have it. This is it. There is nothing more. And then you already have a nice intra video that's showing us person and also showing some intro into the class 3. Project and Preview to Powerpoint 4 Video: Okay, So this Wasit, this Waas the Siris on simple screen casting with Camped Asia and Power Point and this waas class number five on how to create an intra video. And I really do hope that you liked it and with skills Yeah, you always also have a project. So what I would ask you is to take any video that you produced on Kim Tae Zia and just carried in any way you can like on YouTube or some Amazon s three cloud or any dropbox of what you have. Just share it in in the class project. And we would really love to see what about your first production work is all about So this was it about simple screen casting with contagion Power point and if you liked it And if you have the feeling that you would like Toa gnome or learn more than I have some great announcement. So I'm very happy to announce that in some days I will start a new series which I called Power point for video Power Point can be used for many things and I just love power point. Power points can be used for creating just some some thump nails. And it, of course, can be used for any kind of presentation. Not the boring bonds, which it is famous for but really nice ones. And furthermore, you can also create really cool animated videos with Power Point. I have a company called My video to Go and they run, producing a lot off explainer videos and marketing videos and all different kinds of animated with use. And most of them are just created on Power Point when this is what many people don't know that power point. It's a great tool for easily producing great animated videos. And so people are off. I'm asking me, How can you do this effect? And how do you that that do that? How do you make people wing counter? You put hands in their hands that are bringing something in, nor just of I p mean something out and lots of other things. People are always asking me, How do you do that? So this is why I decided that I want to do a class how I do things in power point, how I can animate video in Power Point, and this Siri's is starting in some days and I'm really looking forward it because I really love to do that. And I'm also adding a link to my YouTube playlist so you can watch all my different marketing videos. And if you want to know any effect, just sent me an email and ask me, how do you do that? And I will explain it in one off the classes in this Siri's. So I'm really looking forward to see new there soon. And yeah, I wish you a very nice day and see you soon.