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Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 04: Simple Editing with Camtasia

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 04: Simple Editing with Camtasia

    • 2. 01 Editing

    • 3. 02 Watch the Whole Video

    • 4. 03 Rendering Your Video

    • 5. Project

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About This Class


Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 04: Simple Editing with Camtasia

In this part of the series we will be editing our recording in Camtasia studio. Editing means much more than just eliminating mistakes! By editing you can insert callouts, transitions, further images, video and audio and thus make your videos great and outstanding!

As always, you can look right over my shoulder how I do that.

Meet Your Teacher

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Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 04: Simple Editing with Camtasia: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata. And I'm a business coach. And I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. Okay, So what will you be learning? Impart for off thesis Siri's now we created our presentation on Power Point and we already recorded it. And now it is time to edit it. And editing video off course means on one side that you are just polishing minor Mr Accidents, but editing can mean much more. You can still add lots of value to your video by editing it. You can are at like, for example, pictures of music or some sound effects and many other things. So Kim tase you can do really lots and lots of different editing things, and I will show you the basic ones the main wants that you will need in order to have great , um, videos for for video classes and also marketing videos. And this is what it is all about impart for. So if you're interested in how to edit and finally render your videos than this is the course for you to go and just click, enroll and see you inside 2. 01 Editing: again. Now it's finally time to do the editing and for the everything we need to Kim Tasia studio and I just opened it and you see it's in German, but never very because I will tell you old the oldest elections I do, and the arrangement is just the same in English. So what do we have? You can see it's mainly divided into three different parts, and you can decide on the size of each of these parts, so you can can put it any way you want it. Sometimes you needed more, more any one part more than others. So and mainly this one is the main selection part. It's the main menu, like, for example. Now you just have to clip clip bin. But you can also select a library or call out, and you have many more different menu bars here. So these are all the different selections you can do on how to work on your video. This is the preview video of the preview window, so as soon as there is anything there, as soon as we have created any kind of video, you can click the play button and you can just watch what you have done so far. And down there you have tracks and you can have as many tracks is you want to. So now you just see one track. But if you need more, you can just go. Plus here, just by adding anything here you open a new trick. So this is like a time line throughout your video. But as we don't have anything there, there is nothing to be shown. So let's first start by taking our recording. So all I do, I just opened the Explorer and this reds file here. This is a T wreck file. It's cold. This is the recording fire off the camp Taser recorder. So and I direct this years and now we have a recording in here. This is the T wreck file, but you can put many other things in here is well you will see later on. You can also put in audience like like, for example, if you have any sound effects or if you have music. You can also put in already rendered MP four files or you can use pictures and many other things, so anything that you need in order to accomplish your video, you can just put there. And as soon as you want to start working on it, you just take this from the clipping to make sure that nothing else is to select it. That the Clippers in the first option here selected. And then you just take it and you just track dragged down on the track. And this is what happens. So what happens now? You see Now, on track number one, we have this track off our recording, which we were recording in part three off this this class and you can see the audio here. This is when I'm talking and it's just one trick. If I would have selected the systems audio as well, then I would have to tracks Mon trick for my audio plus video and the second trick with just before the systems audio. But it wasn't activated. And another track would, for example, be if I would have activated the web cam. This would also be an extra trick. But I wasn't happened activated this So for for now, this direct file just consists off one track, and this is the audio and video trick, and you see, it's now here we can we can put it. We can shove it if you want to. But of course we want to have it at the start. And I said, This is the Progress Party. Stroll it. This is going along the time line so you can can go through the whole video. Or you can, of course, press play here and then it starts to play. And if you maybe remember I told you that we have to start the recording and then we can put using other sound is starting. And that told you that you first. And I told you that you first have toe press record and then you start the presentation. And this is what's happening now. Now you see now the presentation is starting. Okay, so you see, Actually, we do not need the part until here and said the presentation is starting. This is just what I told you that we always have toe cut something from the beginning. And you see here this cursor has a green and red little wing and all you can do is you can select certain areas. And now if I select this, then all the things we do not need are selected And you can also play that once more. If you want to make sure that you have taking the right choice. See, it just plays again, as you can see. But we know that we have taken the right choice of what we want to do now is that we want toe cup this we don't need this. So what people sometimes would do, they would just go on the delete button. But this is not it. I just tell you so. If I would go for the digitally delete button, I wouldn't cut it away. I would only delete the contents. But what I want to do, I want to cut it that we have a new beginning. So therefore we have you have tow click here on the Caesars and the new click on the Caesars. Everything is cut away that you that that you had have been selecting. And of course, if it was a big mistake, then you can redo it. This is redo, but we want toe cut it. So this is the first thing that we did recount a little piece off in the beginning. Okay. And then what you usually do. Oh, you will Just watch what? You what you did. You want to see if everything is in order and as soon as you find some mistake, you want to edit it. So that's just the other. Listen a little bit to what we what we recorded or what I recorded. And as soon as there's something to work on, my will stop it. So let's just press here the start button and maybe one more thing I have selected full HD . You see that Here? It's 1009 in 20 by 10. 80. But you could select any other measurement. This well, for example, only HD. This is important and you can change it any any time. But just going hear clicking on that. But I'm using full HD now so that my videos also appropriate for things like Amazon Video Direct. So now I press play. Hello. This is your local dentist speaking, and I have some good advice for you are how you can keep your teeth healthy and white. I show you three shore means no, you can say hi and bye to your dentist. Well, off course not for good, but maybe you don't come that often. And maybe you're not that scared of me if you just take my advice. So my question is, First of all, do you have an aching to says it? Maybe even a like crazy. Okay, so this first part was fine so far. If you like this dentist, no evil like that. And this was a nice role I was acting in. So But I want to show you some. Some get it. Some features that you can have with Kim Tasia. So, for example, one thing I want to show you, you know, here that the mayor means mawr. So there are several features and, like, there's really Tom's off things you can do to your video. So it just want to show you the most easiest ones. So And one, for example, is to call out. It's already selected here. And what call outs means that you can add anything. Um, and for example, you can add text so you can add, like you see different, different shapes you can add. And, um, let's just do that here. So, for example, I could take this arrow here and at it so but I have to make sure first that I'm I'm here at the time London. I'm where I want to add it. So I think maybe I just have it grow full length. It stops growing. And now I want to take some arrow to just point out this aching piece here. So what I do, I say, um, adds a coal out first time. I don't have to say it any next time. I have to say it cough. And then here this had dropped out and you have many different options. And for example, I could take this arrow here and when I selected you see, it just goes here on my timeline and you can see here this create this is where it's supposed to be. So usually by default, it's is put into the center and you see these little shaded things and this is the fade in and fade out. So, like, now it's slowly fading in, and it's there and that it's fading out. And you see, we already we don't have to tooth anymore. So if we have it too long so we can do it shorter and it see where where does the dentist. Come. I'm just going here on the heroes I ever saw you. One thing here, this selection can make the whole trek larger on more narrow. Like, for example, if ago here it's enlarging to track. And this is good for, like, four things that I wanted to right now that you want to go make it very exact your selection. And on the other hand, you can also make it more narrow. And this is of course, great. If you're working with a lot of tracks and long treks and you want to have an overview. But now in the moment we want to go into detail and we want to find exactly the part where this changes the changes from the tools to the dentist's. Just go here and I say, Here is this change here. So this this means if I want to put an arrow, I only a couple can go so far. So this means this is well that two stops growing, and now I can add to this arrow and this is where the arrow starts and there's first They fade in and then it's there. And then there's a fade out and Maybe we don't need a fade out because then the dentist comes. So I would say this is fade in and fade out. So I just said no fate out and see Not advantages here. And I just put it here until the end. So what happens now? I go back once more you have to tooth growing and then the aero fades in and then it's there. And as soon as the dentist comes, it's it disappeared. But of course, this aero doesn't make any sense here. I just want to do the timing first. Now we, of course, want to put the aero into the right direction. So I think I make it smaller but fatter. So this means I I take the way off the off the lines and make it really fat. This is a fed arrow and then he in the middle. I can I can turn it. You see, just contar knits. I want toe pointed toe the egg, of course, and then let go. And then I take the whole thing and I can put it here. So now this is better. I think so. What's happening now? We played this. Okay? You see now what we did. We just edit his arrow. Okay, let's add another call out with the dentist. Just that you that you see what what we did. So now the dentist starts and mean I'll say, we want to add another call out so basic it call out, and by default it just adding the same again. So what would happen is that there's just another aero coming. But of course, we don't want that. We want another Kolata. Let's, for example, have some text and just a normal text box will produce. Or you can also have a colored or special special shape. That's half. Let's have a real call out like the dentist stays. Don't be afraid or don't panic. And of course, you panic if you have a bad tooth. So and I was right. Think this? You don't see it yet because I'm here before it starts. So it just put the cursor. He is it. Did you see what happens? So there is the don't panic and we see the writing is much too small. So what we do, we select the writing and then we just say like 48 can even go for more. Let's go for 72 and we make it bold and he can have a nice color. What would Maybe Maybe we should have like, um, the color off the the form should be read and feel the color off. The caller should be yellow, and now it's a little bit too small for the right thing. So we put it here. Now it's OK, but it's actually not really where the dentist iss. I would put it this way. That's OK. It's not It's not OK, But I think you know what? I'm what I'm talking about to the dentist says, Don't panic. So we have to make sure. How does it start the dentist first? Gross. Like when it is, there is the full growth. And now we want to say, Have him say Don't panic. So let's see how this looks from here. And second, Are you afraid of me? You shouldn't be afraid of me. I'm such a nice dentist. Oh, and some, Yeah, is very dentist stops. We can go like this just to go back there and you see, by default a Z a zit was first copying the old the old call out it now also copied again that I don't want to have any fade outs. If I want to have a fade out, I have just to add this, but it's OK because we have again this break were then some data 30 That coming. So now what? We have afraid of me. I'm such a nice dentist. Another teeth are coming. I really had on awful dentist. So let's have one more may say Ed. Call out and you see by t fold. It's using the same one again. And, um and let's just have, like, a normal text. And so we add some text. Third teeth. No, wait. So you see, this is really small. You can hardly see it. So what we can do? We re market and we go for 72 again and for bold and then the black doesn't really look nice. So we can take the Houston for the form and we can have this eye dropper and we can choose any color. So let's just take the red off the teeth and you see now we have to read off teeth and we can just put it like here. So now what's happening now? And third a whole do. Are you afraid that you all your teeth are already ruined? You see, this is the GIF animation goes into the writing, so we have to put it a little bit higher that soon you will. That 30. This was my nice break down. So it's until here, so we can put this call out until he is. I hope you get it now about cool outs. And now what happens is this coughing so on purpose. So if you have something to edit after wards Okay. So you see the coughing starts here, you see it? It's really loud. And here it ends. So this is what we want toe what we want to delete. And as I showed you before, you just marked the whole thing. And then you go on the Caesars and this is deleted. So this is a good thing to show you how to two transitions. This is another. Anything that we can do and transitions. I just show you the huge a big churches to see where we are. You see, this is all the text on the's Are the three call outs we added So far and now the richest. Cutting this and transitions, it's here. This is transitions and you know it. It looks like a little bit like the power point once they're they're quite similar, but not completely the same. And transitions can always be there where there is a cut and we don't really have a count. It looks like a count. But you see, when I want to move it, it's moving the whole thing. So there is no real cut. So what I want to do first, you know, you see there is a transition because there's at the teeth. And then afterwards, this text again. So first of all, I really have to cut it. Otherwise I can't add a transition. So what I do, I have to market. So it must be blue. And then here, this desist splitting text. So when I go here on the split now, I really cut it into pieces. You conceded by Eva directed Now I can I can move things separately. So now there's really cuts. And now I can choose any transition that avant, for example, here this career thing. So I take it from up there and you see the little Plus, I'm just adding it there. When you see you can also watch it when it's bigger than your seat. Better this year is the transition to little yellow greenish thing here. So what will happen? That's just what shits there are the teeth on. This is the transition with Joe's. Let's just have another transition that you see something else like, for example, this is called Curtain. So it just it just replaces it if I go over there and let's see how this looks. Well, this wasn't very big because, okay, there was always almost no effect. So let's have something else. This is, of course, something you will see, but this doesn't look very nice, but I just show you Is this this career transition you? Well, it's also not big effect because it's so much fight. So not everything really looks like this. We can have this one here, for example. Okay, this looks more like the like. The video is broken. You see, you have lots of different things. Like, for example, let's take this. This is a real thing, so well done. Ok, They, most of them don't look that great Because there's so much fight in the background. Let's just take some easy von. It's this is This is, for example, like a slide show or 11 of my favorites, which is very simple, but but still people see that there is some some change in the topic or in in What you see is this year. It's just tilting so well. No, thank you. So, you see, I lived living with this now. All I wanted to show you is how you can can put some some break, some, some some that you show that there is something else, some separator and the transitions are great for that. So this is what you do about transitions. Let's go on a little bit. Well, take my good. At wise, here are my three sure ways for healthy. So first of all, you should off course. So this, of course, would be a great way off putting in the local. And we could off, of course, already have put in the logo in the Power Point presentation. But another way to do it. You can always include pictures here, so I found a nice picture and let's just pretend that it's the logo off the dentist. So I go back to the clip bin and I want to add this picture. So I'm looking for it in my Explorer and here this. It's called tools and again I just have to drag it into here, and it's already there. So now I have this picture of a man and the tools, and it's his logo off the dentist. Let's say so. All that do I drag it down here on the Put it where I wanted. Of course, it's too huge, so I can put it like this. This is his logo, and this is him, and we want to insert is at the moment where he recommends his his brand. You know that I am selling too precious and dental floss of mine, of course, is the best to just take my quality protects, and you will have white teeth for sure. So this is take my quality protects, and you will have white teeth for sure. So this is where the local comes in. You can make it larger. It's another P and G's A. We have to take care that it's not not over over overlaying something. And now I want to show you something else. You see, it's on top off the off the track off the video. If it would take the video trick and put it up there, then suddenly you won't see the doctor anymore because the more the layer is up, the more you see. So this is now hidden underneath off the video. But if I put it back there, then you see the doctor again. So just do it once more. Just that you can see it. Doctor is gun. Doctor is there, so just make sure everything that has to be seen in from means here in the layers, it means up above. So let's go here. And that's you. How the doctor appear. So Doctor is not there. And then there is his brand. Okay, this So this was this was on how to insert images. So you can enter any images P and cheese and KPIX, and they will just appear mother want to show you now? This was all about the drill. And you can also insert sound effects. Okay, So where do you find sound effects? For example? I like to take all the U blox. It costs me $99 a year, and I can take us many all your blocks and also music as I want. I'm locked into my account now, and you can see you can choose music. Sound effects and loops means just the music. Loops very can start over and over again. So I'm now going for sound effects. And I said it costs me $99 a year and I am looking for a dentist. Sound effect. Let's see. You just have to hover over. Ah, uh, this is the section section section. It says It's already a I'm looking for real. But that's let's just go for the 1st 1 here and we downloaded. And now the clip in is still the lack selected. So I go here and now I I put it into the clip bin dentist drill looping, Terrible. And then you can put this one here down there. Let's see where we need to start it. Whether dentist comes here, it's okay. Here's in full size and I put it here and I see right away that that this is too loud. It's control you. It's as loud as my speaking. And of course we wanted you still understand what Mr Dentist is speaking. So what you go, you go on more and you to see all the your selection, and then you can put the volume down. That's like put it to about 15 12%. I think this is enough. Just as we have just selected to all the older. You have different options on making your sounds a little better, and you can also, like, have to sound faith in our afraid out. Or you can also put anything at silence. This is silence. So let's see how this is. Wife, of course, is that you should come here regularly because if you come to your once or twice to here, we can repair simple things very easily and you won't have a big stuff coming up anymore. Some You see, it was too long, and I think we can even make it a bit of a little bit louder. Let's just moving a little bit up. So here you see, here there is when the new thing starts. This is whether we can make it bigger to see it clearly again. So where exactly does the new thing. Come here. Here is over. So we only go until here. This means we don't want to have the sound in the next scene. So this this is things part of the sound we don't want to have. So one thing you have to make sure if you select this and you just go on the scissors, what will happen? You select a whole band with. So you will also cut out this underneath. And you don't want to cut out this underneath the only one to cut out the upper track. So what you have to do? You have little locks here on your tracks. You have to lock the lower track. And you see now you have disgraced signs here. This means this is locked and anything you're applying only to the unlocked tricks. So now I can go on the Caesars. And now I only cut away the upper one and you can leave it locked. You can still play it. You just can't edit it. This is what we wanted to have. I just want to show you a second way. Just that's redo it. And if this is not locked, what you can do is you can go to the starting point where you want to cut it and you make sure it selected its blue, and then you just go on the split. So now you have split it into two parts, and then you just mark this one, the surplus ing one, the one you don't want to have and go on your delete button. This is the second possibility. Then you don't have to to lock that the lower track. So these are two ways off Just getting rid of any surplus. So now we have this trill and number three number three is off course. Brush your teeth. You don't know how many people don't brush your teeth, so you should brush your teeth and you know which direction to go. You should go from red to white. Did you know that? Okay, so if you take these three at prices, then your teeth will be in good condition and you won't be sitting around here my waiting room that often. So this was the end off the recording and afterwards it's just it in the final part, off the lessons that we don't want to have this after that. So all we do is we mark it again and we can delete that. So I want to show you some more things. Let's go back toe all your blocks. We said you can't only have sound effects. You can also have music. And you can select music by by like a certain mood, for example. So what do we want to have? What what does the does the dentist want to have? Maybe some happy up beat sounds And then you can also shoot. It used to show, um that's, for example saved. He likes classic rock, for example. And then you can also choose instruments. And for example, he wants to have piano music. And then you say search. You can also of you search for the tempo and for the durations they just say surge. And then there's no result because I still have to help dentist you. There's no special dentist music now. It should be okay. Yeah. Okay, so in D c. The hot things is on the new This is This reminds me on little shop of horrors off the dentist. This is good woman. I like this one old party. It says. So all you do, you can download it again. We go to the clip pin, you select it. Old parties called So and now you just take this old party and your toe also put it on the track and you see it's much longer, so we will have to edit it. And, of course, this way. It's too loud. Just choose the audio option and you turn it. Normally alternate between about 50 nets between 10 and 20. So let's have it. 17 for example here. So now let's see how this looks. If we have some music without trick E i e. I think it can even be a little bit louder. How you can t healthy white. No, this is quite good. This music with it and usually, after all, the a trick on the meat everything's about you can do. You can select a mall and now they're all selected about the audio track and it just put them up there. So now the audio trick is to lowest. I prefer that say hi and bye to your bench. Well, ofcourse so and this is now we have music undulate and here's the end Good condition and you won't be sitting around here my waiting room that so this is the end. So we don't need that. So we selected and we can delete it. And then what? I usually do that there's this, that there some fade out and all you have to do here is you select this and now you have to make sure again that your only selecting your order, your track and not your not on your music audio track and not the audio track off your recording. So you lock this one here and now you just say fade out and what this does, you see, it makes it slowly go it lose volume. So let's listen to death. Your teeth will be in good condition and you won't be sitting around here My waiting room that often. So this was it. So let's just see if I I pointed out all the most important things. So maybe what's what's on more we had seen. I told you about the clip being on the life where you get in safe, different actions that you want to do more often. We talked about all the also what you couldn't do any. All you you can either produce silence or you can make it fate in the afraid out. And you can also to some settings on the audio. And if you're looking for them or the call outs, we have been talking about the cold out. What else can you do? There is the transitions I told you about the transitions, and one more thing I want to tell you is the cursor effects. So if you have to select it, so that's unlock it. If it's like this year, you can you can make the chorizo be seen. But of course, in the marketing video like this, you usually don't want to have that. But you see, here is the Kurds, and now you can have different options. How you the cursor is seen better. You can also choose if there is a left leg of the right click. If it showed it, turn ripples and things like that. You see that here? So you would use that if you're for example, showing people through a program through a softer and people should exactly know very occurs at IHS. But like here in a little marketing video, you usually wouldn't use that and maybe some more. More thing that's quite important is assume. And Pam, this is this. And when I'm using the Suman pen, I can soon into something. So I take the assume here and what I do. Like, for example, I say people should only see the word keeping doesn't make much sense, but just for for showing you and you see here in the window, I'm selecting what people should see. So I say people should only see this word. And you see here what's happening here. You have this little arrow here, and you can also make it make it longer or shorter. This means how long does assuming time take? And what's happening here is now that here it's starting to assume in, and now it's It's stay summed in until you press this year for full size again, and you see this is not a blue arrow. So what's happening? It's zooming in, and then when the blue arrow starts it zooming out again, and if you want to delete it, you can just mark them and pressed your village buttons. So this is also important to Suman pen. If you want to assume, like, for example, again, if you're showing people through a software and you want to assume them on tour some box where there is some difference Elections, for example, so that everybody can read it clearly s set. There are many, many more options in can Tater Contagious. Really great. And you actually can can arrange your whole presentation only income tasty if you want to. But still, the easier way is to do the most of the things in power point. But you have lots and lots of options, and I have company producing explainer videos. And I told that holding him too easy an Kim Daisy is really great. You can to really many things, but from what I showed you here, this is a good basis to start on, producing videos for your for your online classes or videos for your marketing. And in the next video, we want to go through it from agencies so that you can see how are our video now looks and so see you in the next video 3. 02 Watch the Whole Video: Okay. Now we gonna start one whole walk through, and you can watch what's happening down there at the tracks. And you can also watch what's happening here in the preview screen. So just watch it one long, go through everything so that you see how this all comes together. Hello. This is your local dentist speaking. And I have some good advice for you or how you can. Pretty healthy. I show you free. Sure. Raise how you can say hi and bye to your dentist. Well, off course not for good. But maybe you don't come that often. And maybe you're not that scared of me if you just take my advice. So my question First off do you have aching to maybe even crazy. And second, are you afraid of me? You shouldn't be afraid of me. I'm such a lie. Standees. On the whole, are your own teeth already ruined at that? Soon you'll be that 30. So Well, don't take my good. At wise, here are my three sure ways for healthy. So first of all, you shoot off course, have the right equipment and you know that I am selling to freshness and dental floss of mine, of course, is the best to just take my quality protects, and you will have white teeth for sure. Second, my second grade at life, of course, is that come here regularly? Because if you come to your once a 20 year, you can hear simple things very easily and you won't have that. People stop coming up at number three. Number three is off course. Brush your teeth. You don't know how many people don't brush your teeth. So you better brush your teeth and you know which direction to go. You should go from red to white. Okay? So you could take these prices. Then your key will be in good condition and you won't be sitting around here my waiting room that often. Okay, so this was it. Now we saw the whole video, and in the next video, I'm going to show you how to render it 4. 03 Rendering Your Video: So Okay, what does rendering mean? The rendering means that now you have here, like three different treks and it can be less about the can. Of course, be more. These are all different treks, and you want to put them together into one bundle, which is usually then in a MP 44 months or some other for months. So this is rendering making a finally a video out off it. And of course, we should say, if it's always say, um, file and safe and we should give you the name should have been better if you will have done that before ready. But I do it right now. So I called a dentist video, and when it is safe, that is it. This is a green file, the project file. I see. Okay, so now I have safety, and now I'm doing the rendering. And here you have a button that says produce and share. And what you do you say you put, want to produce and share it, and then it's asking you for what? For what you want to produce and share it. And you would say MP four and then you would I'm using Now that, um, full HD, you can also use simple HD or any other measurement. And you can also tow costume set things like, for example, I have setting that I called myself. You get me. And this is for all my own line classes and for my explain a video. And as you can see, my custom setting for you to me is full HD, which means 1920 by 10. 80. And it means that the file is gonna be MP. For then you just say continue. Then you can give you the name. I already I will give you the same name. Name is for the for the project file, and then you want to know where you want to put it afterwards. So this is already to write file where I want to store it afterwards. And then if there's a check mark in, then it will arrange an own file for justice protector. Usually don't select that, and then you just say, Finish it. And now you see, now it's it's rendering. And how long that takes depends on quite some things and on the doctor that you have in the video. And of course, on the processing quality off your computer. But this video is two minutes long, and it takes about, I don't know, one minute, maybe, or so you can watch it. You see the progress and this is the rendering. And when it's done, then you will find a nice MP four file off your video wherever you said that it should be stored, which us electing to distort. And this is it. Then you have your complete video. Isn't that nice? I think this is great. Okay, so this is it about how you can edit your videos. As I said, Kim taste, You can do terms in terms of more things than only that. But this is just the start On on what you can do. I hope you liked it. So I wish you a great time producing your own videos. 5. Project: Okay, So this was it for part four off our class on simple screen casting with Kim tasty and power points. And as always, in the end, I have little project for you. So I thought by not just take you can take you take your 30 days free Kim Tae Siem and opened the studio and just fiddle around a little bit. Put in some video, put in some pictures and arrange them on on your tricks. And then you just make a screenshot out of it like I'm doing a screenshot year off my intro video. And by the way, this is also what I want to show you. Impart five off the Siris in apart five. I will show you how I do my intra video. This this special intra video I'm doing here for this class. So I show you how to do lower thirds how to add also video that you were filming with a video camera with with your mobile camera, and I will show you how toe at this all up into a nice intra video. So just I'm looking forward to meeting you again in part five off the Siri's. So have a good time and have fun experimenting with you. Kim Tasia. See you soon.