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Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 03: Recording with Camtasia

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 03 - Recording with Camtasia

    • 2. 01 Check Your Presentation

    • 3. 02 Tips on Scripting and Storyboard

    • 4. 03 The Camtasia Recorder

    • 5. 04 Recording

    • 6. Project

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About This Class


Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 03: Recording with Camtasia:

In this class you will learn how to record your power point presentation with camtasia in order to have nicely animated video classes or marketing videos.

I show you

some tips on how to use powerpoint for your storyboard and scripting

everything you need to know about the camtaisa recorder settings

we are having a live recording

Tip: In class 4 of this series, we will edit that recording!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint 03 - Recording with Camtasia: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata and I'm a business coach, and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. So what will you be learning in class Number three? Last number three is all about recording with Kim Tae Zia. Kim Taser is still the best software at that price for recording your classes. There's other software around, but, um Kim, tastiest the cheapest to fulfill all what you really need for recording classes and for recording marketing videos until show you how you can do the recording with Kim Tae Zier. So we have finished the presentation, and now it's time to press the record button. And there's always you be looking right over my shoulder and we'll watch me how I record my presentation while going through it. This is what you will learn here in class number three and then the next class in class number four. We will edit this the same recording we're doing here now, But now this is cast number three. It's all about recording, and I hope you like it, and if you want to watch it, then just press enroll and see you at the other side. 2. 01 Check Your Presentation: Okay, so before you start recording you off course, want to be sure that everything is okay with your presentation? So what you should do? You should go through the whole president presentation once more, and that's what we will be doing right now. So what you do is, you click on slideshow, and when you want to start from the beginning, you just say from the beginning, Or you could also say from current slide. So what we want to do is check if everything is okay if we don't have to do any amendment. So we just say from the beginning and I click with my mouth and you could also use the arrows instead. So I'm clicking it through. So what's happening? First, this comes down and of course, you also check it for spelling mistakes. So keeping your teeth healthy and fight And then this appears three Shore Ray's how to say hi and bye to your dentist. And then you have to still do you have a toothache and it grows. And the next are you afraid of dentists and this gross and then you have t fear. So maybe who afraid that you will soon have your 30 for example, he could say here And then there's the second text. Here are my three show race for healthy teeth and then we have to tip number one. Tip number one is half good equipment. Then tip number two appears and it says, OK, go to the dentist regularly. And then tip number three appears and it pisses. Brush your teeth regularly. So I was going through it. It seems everything seems to be in order. There were some minor thinks I I still saw that I want to adjust. Adjust. And so what you do is you press escaped and you have the overall view off the presentation again. And what did I see? I saw that the number two has to be pushed a little bit to the left side. It wasn't really scented. And then, just in case you want to do any other amendments, for example, if, like, for example, animation for the dentist, is that this assuming in? So if you want to use something else, let's say, for example, you want a dentist to be appear in a wheel, but this doesn't really look nice, so you can of course tested, or you can have it float in like this. Okay, let's keep it with that one. So any amendments? You still have to do your doing them right now. And you check if your whole presentation is okay Off course. Sometimes it happens to me that even during the presentation, I maybe didn't do the animation in the right order. Like in 1/2 a slight with lots of different animations and now found Find out hoops. There was a mistake in the order off the animations. I can also fix it during the recording because I'm editing anyway, so I can edit it afterwards as well. But of course, it's better. It's always quite annoying. And, you know, you get out off your flow, so you should have your presentation in good order and everything nice and clean. And this is what you wish. You check first. So do that. First in the next video, I want to give you a little deep. What else you can do about your presentation? 3. 02 Tips on Scripting and Storyboard: Okay, So here are my tips about your presentation, especially when you're working together with other people. Like when you're, for example, during the videos for clients. It's always very useful if you have a storyboard and one could be off course that you're drawing one. But when you do presentations on Power Point, you have kind of the storyboard already here. So this is what I usually use, and I want to show you how to do that so you can just se file and print, and then usually it would, sir, chest as default to have a full page, a slight print. But you can select here that you have nine slides either horizontally or vertical edge. Trustee order. It's presented, or you can also have six slides. But I would I would usually go for is nine slides. And then you have, um, Havel. This lights on one page. It's actually it's just nine slight, so it really fits in here. But otherwise you would just have more than one page, and this could either be a good foundation for having a presentation for your client. Or on the other hand, it can, of course, also be your guide through when you're doing the presentation, so that you just know which slight Wilkie next. When it's more than nine slides, you maybe don't know it by heart what the next sleight will beat, and then you can easily just look at this. You just print it out and then it guides you through. So this is my tips on how you can easily make a storyboards. And the second thing that I want to tell you it's about scripting and said I usually do not script only one onto short marketing videos then and then I script, but some people feel more comfortable if they script, And if you want to do that, then you can do the following. You go on a few mold and then you have notes. Page here it's at the fourth options and says notes, page view, and if you click on that, then you have one page per slides and you have half off it off. The view of this light and underneath you have the possibility to put to add text, so if you look, you can scroll up and down. So this will be the first slide, which is our masters light. And when you call now down and choose the next one, this would be the 1st 1 So this is the heather. We don't really have toe put any text in because the text it's already on this life. But then, for example, if you go for the next, this is the tooth, the aching tools. So you might say, What did we say? What we want to say to you. Experian spat, tooth ache, Okay. Or whatever you want. Whatever you want to insert yet. So you would just insert the whole text you want T o you want to say and then we go for the next. This would, for example, they are you afraid off the dentist and things like that. So you often it will be more than just one sentence. But I just want to show you how this works. And you can also print that so you can just say file and print, and then you don't go here for then nine slides horizontally as I was showing you before that. But you're going for the notes page and you see there is a page for each are slight, So we didn't have any notes on the 1st 1 So this is why it only looks like this. But when you go for the sec for the second, we also didn't have anything. But for the 3rd 1 we have have something with Haftar sentence to you experience Bad toothache. Next one would be Are you afraid of the dentist? So what you can do? You can You can script it in the in the notes view and then you can also print it. And this could be your guide through the presentation when you're holding the presentation . And of course, also, this could be your present. When when you're presenting your your video to your customer and you can can actually don't talk about discriminating to with the customer. Yes. So these were my two tips about scripting and story boarding and now I want to introduced to your the camp Tasia recorder in the next video 4. 03 The Camtasia Recorder: Okay, so in this video, I want to introduce Camp Asian studio to you. Um, it's a software for recording your screen and also editing the recording afterwards. And there is a lot off different software out there. Off course contains your costs. About 260 or $250. I think it's 260 something heroes, and you can, but you have, ah, 30 days free trial. So if you're not sure, if you want to take it, you can can take the 30 days retrial and then you decide if you want to actually pie it or not. There is software for free and those cheaper, softer out there. But from from all what I have experienced, nothing really fits suits for what? I want to do. All the other different video classes and marketing videos. Sometimes you cannot edit it properly, and sometimes you have to have some kind of watermark off the off the soft euro. Things like that. Off course. There's more expensive software that you can use you. So if you want to spend more than these 252 160 euros or dollars, you can find a lot of difference after. So what I would say about Kam Tasia? It's easy to apply. You can just use very simple things, but you can also make it more like really video art with it. Um, and I think it's the cheapest from from what many want to have all these features that that contagious, too dear, actually has and actually can't Asia's to do consists of two different Softwares. One is the recorder, which he used for recording your screen and the other Eastern, the studio where you're editing. So what this class is about recording, so we first only have toe take a look at the recorder and the recorder looks like a panel. It's not that huge is here. It's just that you can really see it and this panel A soon as you open the recorded this panel appears on your screen. I only have screenshots now because I am already recording right now, and so I cannot record in the recording. I saw people doing that. I just can't find out how they did it. Maybe they just had a second software and 11 for recording and front for recording in the recording so I hope it's enough for you that I go through that with you by Screenshots. So this is a screenshot off the panel. It's only about half that size, and before you start recording, you just have to make sure that you have to write settings for your recording. So it's actually three things that you really have to take care off. First of all, the left part and you see minus and chairman's who? Never mind I will. I will walk you through in English. It's just that I have toe Germans after so the left part is all about the screen, and it says either you can have full screen, or you can also customize what about section off your screen? You want to record, so usually you should record as huge as you want to show later on. So if you want toe, make it possible for people that they watch full screen, then you should also are also record full screen and not only apart off it, because otherwise it just it gets pixelated, and, um, then I show you here when you click on the customized field. So if you say you don't want to record who was great but just a part of it. Then you can either go for certain set things like HD or or some part of HD, and usually today I would record in full HD, or at least in HD, like when you when you want to do classes and you to me or skills. Year HD is fine, but like, for example, I'm awesome video direct or it already asks for full age she's or to be on the safe side to enter into, not build any blocks for my future. I now started to record everything in full HD, which is the 1920 by 10 18. In earlier days, I was only recording in HD. It's of course, a meta off off volume. So if you are recording everything in full HD, it's just a lot. Lots Mawr doubt almost doubled it much, but okay, also, storage place gets old cheaper, and you should have some cloud or some hosting, or at least some some YouTube where you have it hosted or something, so it shouldn't be any problem. So what you see here, if you select the customized screen screen recording you can either have standards a deist ratios like HD, for example, or you can make it completely customize that you're just you see these green dotted line and Yujun just can drink it any any way you want to have it. You can. Also, there's a little change sign. You can also keep it in a certain ratio if you want to make sure that their ratio is properly. But if if for some reason you want to have some, not that usual ratio and you can just go for it and can make it anyways, you want to have. So this is different thing, that on the left hand side that you just make sure how much of the screen you want to record. Then second is the Web cam. This is in the middle, so you can either take the Web came off your off your computer. Or you can also have any other webcam, Uh, and you can record yourself vials. You are recording the screen so this things would mean that there is. There are two recordings, one is a recording off the screen, and the other one is the recording by the Webcam and If you do that, then you can afterwards, like people are from inserted. Small pictures are a small picture off themselves talking, and they put it in some corner. You could, but you can also make a huge like You can also say Okay, some some parts. I'm showing myself in other parts. I'm showing the screen so you can just record both off them. And then you can decide how huge each of them should be afterwards by editing them, usually, as you see here, the Red Cross. Usually I don't have to webcam on, but this is just a decision you make, and you can also, you can also have it on and show yourself while you are walking the people through the screen. And if you don't have the webcam off your computer than just make sure that the drop down button is is selecting the right camera so that that the camera is really filming you and the third is to Mike, You see audio arm here. It's a justice green check mark, and you just have to make sure that it's recording the right audio. So you see the black black taught in in the Blue Square. This is my external microphone. It's Ah, it's just blocked in by he was pizza. If you're using any other Mike's, which I would really recommend you to do and not used to internal microphone off your computer, then just make sure that it is selected. This is this is some some picketers mistake that can happen quite often that you applied need in freshly and you don't know and you forget on selecting it. And then it's just recording to internal Mike, and this is not that good off equality. So just make sure that you remind yourself each time you start recording that you Mike is selected and, um, then yourself systems Audiard's the fourth option here, and systems audio means everything. That's that that the computer does like any any sounds, any peeps Or if you, for example, are showing a YouTube video of the sounds off this YouTube video or if you have any audio animation running than this is all systems audio. So if you want to have this, this would also be a an extra trick. Um, and you can decide to either have it, have it selected or in the moment it's de selected. Okay, This is all the settings that most important said things that you have to take before your start recording. And then you start recording. You see this huge record bottom This this is what your press. If you want to start recording, So what? What happens now? There's a counter 321 and then the panel would disappear. This means because, of course, because you're you're recording your screen. You don't want to record this panel, so it just disappears. So how can you press Stop them? Stop would be if you're using the function 10 bottom on your keyboard. So this is stop because you don't see it so you can't just press stop So you just go for function 10. And this would stop it. If you are working with two screens, which is often very nice to do, then you can just push this at the panel out off the screen you're recording and just put it on to the other screen. And then, of course, you can also press stop because then then you see the panel. And then as soon as you start recording, you have stop button and you can just press stop. But if you're just working with warm, screened and just go for function 10 for F 10 and this will be the same. And when the recording is done, then there is this little bar on the lower side of your screen, and you can either go through. You have a play Parton button where you can go through the whole recording again, and then you have three options. You could either store it as a safe it on on your computer or the middle one is produced, so you can go right for for editing. Or, of course, you can delete it if you don't like it. So like, for example, in the beginning you might do some some tests recording just to make sure that everything is OK, that the volumes okay and everything. Then you just press delete, or if you find out that you're recording was just not off good quality than you would press , delete and do it again. But usually when there only some minor mistakes, you can just story, you can save it, and then you can. You can work on all these errors on the little mistakes in When? When we're editing and this is all What? The next class the class about editing is about. So now explained everything. And now we can just do it. We will record our presentation in the next video. 5. 04 Recording: Okay, so now it's time for recording the presentation. So what? But you do. You start your Kim Tae Z recorder, and then you have to panel here, and it's about this size, and it's anywhere where you just left. It's the last time, so it could be anywhere here. You just see it here, and just make sure that you have all the settings as discussed in the last video, that everything is in order in any any way you want to have it, especially take good care that you have selected the right microphone because this is something where I really get mad when I forget that. So because when you do it near recording and you're talking 20 minutes and after what you find out, the audio wasn't good because you haven't selected your mic. And now you were recording with the systems audience that you have to go through that old again. It's just not nice. I tell you to just make sure that you have selected the right mike and then you just press the record bottom. And then, as I said earlier, I can't show you because I'm already recording, so I can't have two panel in there. But I catch that you just can't tell you what will happen. It goes 3 to 1 and then you can start recording. And at the same time, this sign, when ish, is so I'm not just deleted just so it just where knishes and you can't If you say slideshow and start from the beginning, you can't select it before because it just like that before then you won't see the panel anymore. So you always have to first press the record button and make this count on 321 and then you select from the beginning honor from any slight you want to start on. So this means you will always have something to cut off in the beginning. So you always have to add it's the beginning because you always first we'll see this mode. And this is of course not nice. But you come to it the other way around. So you just press record and then you say slideshow and you say from the beginning or from current slides either way and the 1st 1 was only your master's life you have to take here KR. Here are some icons which a show and you don't want to have them recorded. So you just have to wait until the vanish. And they, of course, will only when ish, if the mouse isn't there. This is another thing. Sometimes it still happens to me that your mouth is there and you're recording the mouse. And it's just some very in your hold whole recording all the time. So you have to make it disappear with by editing it afterwards. This is also not nice, so just make sure that your mouth is down there, not seen. Or of course, if you want to use the mouse, if you demonstrating something, then it's fine and what I'm now doing, I'm just pretending a real recording. So what I will do now is that I do the recording as maybe this dentist will do it for his video. So I am just going through the slides by thinking that ero at the errors on my key part. I'm going through the presentation, and I'm talking to it at the same time. Sometimes people, people doing this in to go. So their first recording, the, uh that this light you want and they're recording did in there voice over or the other way around. But usually I just do it at the same time. So let's just pretend pretend we're now starting. So 321 And now we go. Hello. This is your local dentist speaking. And I have some good advice for you on how you can keep your teeth healthy and white. I show you three Shore Ray's how you can say hi and bye to your dentist. Well, off course not for good. But maybe you don't come that often. Maybe you're not that scared of me if you just take my advice. So my question is, first off all, Do you have an aching to? Does it maybe even make like crazy? And second, Are you afraid of me? You shouldn't be afraid of me. I'm such a nice dentist. Oh, and third off old do Are you afraid that you all your teeth are already ruined at that? Soon you will get 35. I do this on purpose so that we have something to edit afterwards. Okay, so Well, then take my good advice here off my three shore race for healthy teeth. So, first of all, you should off course half the right equipment. And you know that I am selling toothbrushes and dental floss. And mine, of course, is the best to just take my quality, protects, and you will have white teeth for sure. Second, my second. Great advice, of course, is that you should come here regularly. Because if you come here once or twice a year, we can repair simple things very easily, and you won't have that big stuff coming up anymore. And number three number three is off course. Brush your teeth. You don't know how many people don't brush your teeth, so you better should brush your teeth and you know which direction to go. You should go from red to white. Did you know that? Okay, so if you take thes three at vices, then your teeth will be in good condition and you won't be sitting around here my waiting room that often. So I think I'm a great dentist. Don't you think so? This is the end. And so after that, you press either function 10 or if you have tow recording panel on a second screen and you can also press stop and then you will be shown the options. I was already telling you before, you can either play it through your whole recording or you can safe it, or you can go producing means editing right away. Or, of course, you can also put it on the big dump if you don't like it so you can also erase it. But usually you would go and safe it so and as you as you experience that, it's some mistakes on purpose. Just that we have something for editing. So this is this was the class about recording and the next class will be about editing with comm Tasia, uh, studio. 6. Project: Okay, so and it's always in the end, a little project for you. So I thought, if you're recording something the only halfway through So maybe this is too difficult for you also, maybe you maybe don't have a dropbox yet or any other possibility to toe upload some video somewhere. So I thought, easiest is that we just do a screenshot. So what the project is is that you just install Camp Asia and just take advantage of the 30 days free trial, and you just open it so that it's on your screen. And then I thought, as this is, as already mentioned, 11 thing that really is terrible if it happens to you, if you forget to plug in your mic or if you forget to select your mic and drop down. So what I would ask you to do is open the Camp Asia so that you see the the panel off the recorder, and then you just click on the drop down and you plug in your USB mic and selected. And just in case you don't have any USB mic and no use be had said or whatever, then you have to select intel on microphone, and then you just make a screenshot out of this and you share it. And maybe you also want to share some birds on why you are using this specific microphone if if it was recommended or if it's a microphone you have been using for a long time and which is really good. So this is the project for this class and has already said this class was all about recording, and class number four in this series will all be about editing the next next class we will be editing, and I will show you how easy it can be and also some more finesse things, some some more specific things on how you can edit your video very nicely and very easily. So I hope to see you again in class number four on simple screen casting with Cam Tasia and Power Point C. Assume