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Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Power Point 01: Power Point Basics

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Power Point 01: Power Point Basics

    • 2. 01 Intro Power Point

    • 3. 02 Inserting Pictures

    • 4. 03 Inserting Shapes

    • 5. 04 Duplicating Slides

    • 6. 05 Animations

    • 7. 06 Transitions

    • 8. 07 Recap

    • 9. Project

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About This Class


Welcome to my new series "Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Power Point"

This is for people who want to start creating online classes and webinars

Part 1's topic is "Power Point Basics"

It is thought for people who have not worked with Power Point before.

I am showing you the basic steps you have to undertake in order to set up a presentation

You will be learning how to

  • open a presentation
  • insert images
  • insert shapes
  • animate
  • create transisions and
  • present the slides

in Power Point

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Power Point 01: Power Point Basics: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata and I'm a business coach and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. Hello and welcome to my new Siri's arm. Simple screen casting using kempt Asia and power points. Andi, this is part number one and partner Bomb is all about power point basics. So if you are already using power point on a regular basis, you might not need that. But we'll continue with class number two very show You have to create presentations on Power Point part three, Eastern all about recording with Comte Asia and number four. Is this editing the simple editing with Camped Asia and in part number five, we show you how to create an intra video where he will also show yourself. So how can we do that? How can we have a little lower third and things like that? So, in case you're just starting toe, create your own online classes. I think this is a very useful Siris for you because screen casts a just a very good way of presenting. Your classes were now in part number one and partner move on. It's all about the power point basics. So if you haven't been using power point yet, then I will show you how to start off on that great software. I love Power part and I will show you why. 2. 01 Intro Power Point: the case of the first thing you need its power point and power point comes with the Microsoft office. As you see here, for example, you could buy it for $100. But if you if you have the office packaged and it should be usually included, the most people have power point on their computers anyway. If they have any Windows programs there, um, you can also pay, like on a monthly fees. Or that there's different ways on buying Power Point. And there are also Power Point, like open source software. I have never used them, but I think they're okay as well. But I will show you everything on power point. And if you open power point and say you want toe open a new file, this is what you get. And this is what people classically understand with power points of most of the people connect to Power Point. Boring presentations. I I think it's this. This is what it was created for, but this is absolutely not the way I am using it. I'm using power point for mayor very many things, and sometimes I'm using it a very clear way, and I will show you some of that here. So I would never use any off those presentations. If you have a look here and he had any of them, there are lots of them. You can just go through it and it shows you it's what What? You what you know about power point, Lots of bullet points and things like that and graphs and stuff so you can take any off thes templates like, let's take this one. And this is what a classical power point would be like. But this is not the way I'm using it. And I want to show you here how to use it for your online classes. And I would usually always start off with a blank presentation. So this is what I'm taking here. 3. 02 Inserting Pictures: so by saying blank presentation, this is what you will be getting. So this is how it looks and you see by template, you already could add a title and also a subtitle. But this is what I usually do not do, so you can just delete. It's but just clicking on it on the frame and pressing the delete cream. And, of course, you want to save your presentation. So I called it sample presentation, and this is how it looks now. And first of all, make sure that you have to write ratio, because for using webinars or online classes, you should be sure that you have an HD ratio. So where can you find that if you are using a power 0.2013 than it usually comes by default . But if you have older versions, you might still have to four by three ratio, which you wouldn't want to use as it looks quite old fashioned nowadays, and it also doesn't fit into all the different screens. You might be using it online platforms or maybe not platforms. So you go to design, and here you see, it's a slight size, and you see it's 16 by nine by default, and the old one was four by three. And you could also customize it that you can use for other things, but usually not for online our classes or for webinar. So just make sure that it's 16 by nine. Okay, so you see here, this is the flight you're just working at, and here on the side bar, you have the preview off all the slights and as the only half one slight. Of course, it only only shows month slide, but you can add when you go on the home button, it says news life. You can add slides any time you want to eat, just click new slight, and then you see you can insert blanks. Lights. You can also use all different kinds of templates, but what I usually do I just right click my mouse and just say, news light. It's the same. You see. It's again with the template and the easiest thing. And also the most productive thing here usually would do. I would just click on a slight and then right click my mouth, and I said, Duplicates light and then I get the same one again on By this way, you also take the four months off the last one which you often would need. But now we're starting off with one slight. So I will delete this one. And I was really this one. And now we only have one slight here and now we can work on it in that area. And the first thing I want to show us how to insert images. And for that you pick here on insert and you can you see you can insert a lot of different things, and I we we will go. So several off them, not off all of them. But also one of the most important is, of course, to insert pictures. And you could either use or nine pictures from the creative comments of free pictures. Like, for example, you could started being searched. But this is what I'm not usually what I'm doing usually have my own pictures, and I'm inserting them. So let's just go here and say insert pictures. And so, for example, I'm using this picture here which should signify online class. What you can you or just what you can access in the in the net. So this is one picture and what can you do with pictures? So you first inserted them so you can put them anywhere you want toe just by using the mouse. If you don't like the former, you can make them smaller or enlarged him. And you can also tow that here, like for something. Now it says the high thinks 17 centimeters and you could just say now it has to be five, and then you suddenly have a much smaller. You can also crop pictures. Let's make it a little bit huger for that. If you go here at Crop and when you do this, then you're cropping. It's then you only see parts of it. And of course, you can always go back and onto. What else can I show you about Peaches? Yeah, if you If you want to change the size, make sure that you do that on in the corners because if I would just do it like this, I would also destroy the ratio. So make sure that you use it in the corners if you want to keep the ratio. And one more important thing is that you conform it pictures and you can do quite some things, and one off. The most important things is that you can use all different kinds of frames. For example, you see, I'm just hovering over it, and it already shows me. Just make sure that, like, for example, if I click here, then the picture is not selected, and then you won't find any for marketing tool here. So make sure if you want to form a the picture that you click on the picture and then you see the form it and you can see you can change the color. For example, like them now you can change the contrast. Can you have, like some scored calls itself artistic effects, some old, different kinds of things like that? Sometimes it's quite nice to use them so you can play around and you can do a lot of things to pictures. You can rotate them. That's maybe sometimes important. I just throated take them like this so you can do quite some things to pictures until the fit into what you want to do. 4. 03 Inserting Shapes: Okay, so I'll in this video, I want to show you how to insert shapes. Let's just continue with this. Just rotated back because it okay, now it's right away again, and I'll inside the second picture. I found a teacher here and that put here over here, make you a little bit smaller. Desisted class on ninth lots. It should be percent. And now I want to insert a shape. I want to insert a call out, says they insert you See, here you have all different kinds of shapes. If you click once you see all different kinds of shapes you can use, and down there you have call outs, not just use the 2nd 1 for example. Now you see, now there is a little cross on very Humala's is. And now you just click on the mouse and open it like which, whichever way you want, okay? And then I will put it like up here, for example. And then you see, there's a little yellow dot here, so I'll just put that to the mouth off the teacher. So now I have to school off and you see again as long as this it is selected. You have this for months. Sign and you can. These are all different things that you can do to your call out. So, for example, you have already pre made friends, different colors and, um, outlines. So I could use any of those. For example, I could say, I want to have this one that's still death. Okay, and now I think, Okay, this is a little bit thingies outlines. So if you want toe, make the outline thicker than you just go here on shape outline and you see here you have the weight, and you just can say, Instead of one point, you make it. Let's say, three points. Now it's thinker the same way. You can also change the color soon. Let's make it red, for example, and you could also feel it if you want to, for example, Cray. So this is how you can play around with shapes. You have old, different kinds of shapes. That's just put one more shape. Let's say there should be an arrow as well, so you would just say get insert shapes and then we're looking for an arrow and, for example, here you have different arrows, so I would, for example, just take this one and again years here I've across, and as soon as I click on the mouth and then I can just drag it and I can put it any way I want to. And then, for example, I take this pre selection and make it yellow. And then I think, OK, maybe I want to have a longer than the just go and make it a little bit longer, so this could be, Ah, away off using shapes. Let's say this lady, this teacher says now will come to my first online class. So we, of course, want to insert something, and you could either just right in there if you want to, But sometimes it doesn't fit to go toe. I just show you welcome. Welcome to my first online class. You could do it that way or the other way. If you don't want to write into shape like for example, here, If the shapes are not that symmetric, sometimes it's hard, so I will If if I would write something here, you could also do it that way that you say insert and then use the textbooks, and he could insert a text books here and then he could, for example, say see below. And I see it does. It still doesn't fit. So we could, of course, a little bit like that make it grow older and we can select any tax. So, like with the mounts, it just select the text and at the home at the 1st 1 that all the text tools or you also have it with the right mouse click. You see, here is also text tours over Could, for example, say here I want it to be a little and I wanted to be sent it. And then maybe you want to use another another farm. So you go here and you say, instead of the caliph reforms, you want to have action men front. So you see, you can do all different kinds of things here, and the advantage of using text boxes is that you have more freedom on where exactly the text goes. And here you're more bound to the to the shape off the shape. So let's do it here. This could be much larger, so we could, for example, say instead of 18 we make it 36 you make it bold. And he could also use another formed Let's say the Algerian looks weird. Okay, but this is not supposed to be nice looking. This is supposed to show you all different things that you can dio. So this would, for example, be one thing that you could do. He are adding we have river heading to pictures to images altogether and revert heading to different shapes. This is what we did so far. And in the next one, I will show you how to duplicate that. 5. 04 Duplicating Slides: Okay, so let's put on a second slide. So this is the first slide. And I said most of the time I would just duplicates lights because often you have some kind of form Arctic in former thing in there that you want to use again. So most of the time I would add sliced by, just complicating the previous one. So this is what I will be doing right now. So just right. Click my mouth when I'm here on the slight preview and I just say Duplicate slight and now I have a 2nd 1 So you see there is no different. So you can't really tell here that I'm once on on the flight number one and the Normans light number two as long as we do not change anything. So let's just say her husband also put up Hiss first online class. So I will bring in the husband and I just say, insert big jurors and here's the Mr. And now I can just click on her and just say deletes. Then she's gone, and now I have to mr here and he says, this is my first online class that he also has one class here, So let's put it a little bit further up there and maybe we want to. Let's just do some things differently. Let's say we want to. We have to take on that and you see the format here and let's say we want to have the outline Green now with the husband and we'll take another fund. Savi go here on the home and instead of the Algerian we see Ariel rounded and, for example, we could take this picture. And when we go on the former, you could just mirror it, flip it or something, please. And I looked into the other direction and maybe we'll take some autistic effect with that one. This one looks funny, okay? And and we could even like, let's make it a C c above. Let's put it the other way. Let's put it like this, just that you see some changes. So I put it up there and we'll take the call out and put it down there. So we have to adjust this year and you have to adjust that And of course, also the arrow loops, the arrow and text with it. And, of course, see above means that we also have to flip this 12 forward, rotate flip vertically and now see above. So just to see some changes, let's put the arrow into employees and for civil, because writing is polluted from disposer, just that you have some changes. So what I did now I did some amendments, and this is what you do very often that the basis stays the same. But you just amend some things, and this is why I usually would say duplicate slide instead off creating a new one, because then you have all the forms here of all the colors and things like that. But that's just toward Maurin. This time I say news, light and I say a blank wants a V. This is now a completely new one, a blank one, and, for example, I could say I want to former to the background. I wanted for colorful background and you see these opens here and I just can't take any color. This would be a terrible color, for example, but I could also have it like in the great and feel, And I could have textures and patterns and things like that normally looks horrible. This is no normally what power point presentations are famous for so Grady and sometimes work. It depends on what you exactly are doing. Like, for example, here the's can sometimes look nice, but you also have to know what you're doing here. Like, for example, I make this discordant clip right, and then things could could look like a sky or something. And maybe, maybe if you make it green here, for example, and it looks like grass down there and then disk I. This can look nice depends on what you want to do. Exactly what kind of course also look terrible. Radiance. Very often look very terrible, But let's just leave it like this and now the former to the backgrounds. And we could always say that we want to apply to all than old all the difference. Lights would have to say background, but let's say we just wanted to for this one, and that's insert one more picture. So here's the teacher and she says, and of course, we can also not take care off the ratio and just make this larger. For example, you don't really see that much if you don't have the blackboard larger. And now we could again insert a text books, for example, and could say the topic off class number one is like that. You could use some form. It looks like hand written, for example, before too, this one looks quite handwritten that maybe Tim shiny practice and making larger put it here. And just one more thing. I want to tell you about the pictures. You always have to take care that they are a to write layers. So, for example, if I would click on the blackboard and say bring to front, then you wouldn't see the writing anymore because Layer is now behind that. That, of course, do not want to reserve. I just say bring bring to back again and then you can see the writing again. So any time that something is overlaying something else, you just have to make sure what to bring to from that I usually do that with the right mouse click. You could also do it here in form. I think you have the same things here 6. 05 Animations: Okay. So far, we have inserted different things with the insert bottom. But we haven't yet animated anything. And this is one thing, of course, For what power point is famous for that you can anything. So what this animation mean? This is just the order off. Things appearing are also disappearing within one slight. So if I would want toe look at it now, there is no animation in this light at all. So if I would click on slideshow and that can either started from the beginning or from the current slide, which is the same in the moment, So I can say from the beginning and they look like from the beginning you have a full screen and I'm showing you the mouse so that you can see that. And now you can when you right, click your mouth a mouse, you can you can navigate it like that, but you don't have to press escape by clicking on the mouth. The next thing will happen, whatever you define, being the next thing. Or you could also use the arrows on your keypad and just use the right or the down arrow. So I'm clicking with Mama's and I'm putting it here. Suggest that you see it and you see everything is already there. The whole slide, it's already here. And when I click on it with the left mouse click than just the next slide appears, I'm gonna click again. The next slide appears. This is because we haven't animated anything yet within the slights, and this is what I want to show you right now. So I press escape. Then I'm back from the full screen toe, seeing my working mold and let's go to the first slide and I will show you how to animate it. So each of the items I'm clicking on them can be any mated on about this. Animations mean you can't go here for animations, and you see here already several is, and there's lots more and the colors mean green animations are everything. There's, um, something appears. So you make it appear this is for morphing. It changes somehow. This is the red ones are for disappearing, and then you also have path, so some something is moving from there to there. So this is what you can use for animation, and there's quite some things you can do. You can also time your whole animations, but this won't be subject of thes class because I just want to start to show you very easy animations. So any off the items that isn't animated will be there right from the start, and anything that is animated will appear in the order you define. So let's say, What do we want to appear? First? I think the lady should be appear first and you can just use see by by default. It's numb the animation, so let's have her appear by. For example, let's just say appear. It's easier store and you Shortly, Cyr, you briefly see it. What's happening, then? Okay, next she's should say something. So I'm clicking here on the call out and let's say the call it should soon. This looks like that zooming up, and you have to be careful if you have. If your text is unknown, element or not in the call out with Just were writing into the call out. So it's all one. But here we have two elements, actually, the arrow and the text. So we have to be careful in that show you how to do that. Let's say we want to have the arrow come down So I click on the arrow and I say, I want toe have wanted to fly in And of course, we don't want it to fly in from upside down. But we want to fly, have it fly in the other way. So all you have to do, you have different options for certainly effects. And the CDC says from the from down side up. So just click on that and I can just put it the other way, can put lots of different ways. But I wanted from the top down. So now it's going the right direction but s set The text is an OEM element and you saw that the text isn't coming with it. So I have to any made to text the same way. So I'm thinking on that. I also say flight in and again it's flying in from the bottom, so I have to change that from top. But if I would leave it like that, you see the arrows number three. These little numbers acquired for the different in animations and the text is number four, so they would come one after the other. I might want to have that effect. But if I want to have them come at the same time, then I just mark select the text again. And now on Defaulted always says that every animation haps happens on the click. Now I say with previous So this means that they're coming at the same time. And now you see, I have number three and again number three. So now the error in the text are coming in at the same time. And there, coming both from the same direction from the top. Okay, The only thing I happened animated yet is my my picture here. And I'll just leave it like it. Yes, so that you see that there is anything that is not any mated. We'll just stay there. So let's see what happens to this light show the way we put it now. So we go to slighter. And now we say from beginning, and we just animated to first slides of It'll just be watching the first slide from beginning. And you see, this wasn't animated, so it's already there, and now I have the mouse here against that. You see what I'm doing? I click once. And this lady, this teacher is appearing just by appearing just being there because we just had the appear thing. Then the next this was assume appearance. So this was Soo Ming up. And now the error together with the text should be appearing from our from the top. Okay, so everything worked out fine. And this is our visible. Their offers, animations it. We're all animations for having things appear and that now we want to do a transition. 7. 06 Transitions: Okay, So the first slide is all animated, and the transition is how we move from the first slide to the second slight soldiers show you once more. If you go on the slide show and you say from beginning arm on, which just happened, lady appearing call out appearing Aero appearing. And so now we have to transition to the second slide, and but defaulters no specific transition. So we want to work on their and you go here to transitions and you can find all different kinds of transitions like, for example, wiping the new seeds like slowly appearing, and again you can choose them direction so we can have it from the rights. Or we can also have it from the bottom, for example, that now it's wiping from the bottom up. This is not that spectacle of it. You can have more spectacular ones like, for example, fall over than it's like falling the arm. Or you could There are also more here. You see, there is not say you could like here, for example, a plane than its folding a plane, or you could have ripples or four ticks. This is a terrible Warner. I think so. There's lots of different ones. Switch. It also depends. Always depends on what your slight looks like. So they don't look good with everything. So you just have to find out which one looks nice with yours. Let's just see the crash, for example, Or this one. The fracture. Okay. Some end, for example. Very effect. Whose? Also? The curtains. Where are the curtains? Here. Okay, so let's so Steve it with this. Just have the curtains. So this is not a demonstration. Transition is what is happening between slide one and slight to and now we want toe Any made the rest that we have a whole presentation. So now we're it's like to and the in flight one, we had everything appear. So maybe we just should have everything here already and make it disappear so that you see the difference. So what should disappear appear first, Let's first make the the arrow and the text disappears. We go to animations again and let's look for disappearance. Like for example, you could have it bounce out and again, you could just decide on which direction it should go. And we want the arrow to go. We think so. We say again, bounds and the pounds out, not the pounds in here and again we say we want to have it is not on click but with the previous so that they're bouncing out together. So now we decided number one man be seen again. Number one here is that the arrow is disappearing. Then that's half. This picture hit is imagery ago, and that's a It just swivels until it's gone. I just want to show you different ways. I don't say this looks beautifully. This depends on a lot of things, what looks good and what doesn't just want to show you different ways that you can do that . So now that's half the call outs girl. And, for example, you could have it fly out instead off flying in what we had before, and now it's flying down. If you want to have in another direction, you could just pick it again. Let's say the longest race to the top left. Let's have it fly out there like that. This is number three now you see. And now the man has this a beat Pierre that's just used to believe, for example, so it's like a real wiping away the man one after the other. So we have this now. We have everything disappearing one after the other. Then we want to have a transition again. So we go to slide number three and decided the transition. What transition do we want to have? And for example, we could half what's nice. It's very obvious. Like, for example, this comb you could have like this fly through this. This looks often often looks quite nice, although the rotated one can look very nice. So let's have this one here. Okay, so Na'vi home also want to any made the third slide and the third slide. I really want to do some animations we haven't done yet, so we have made things appear on the first slide. We have made things disappear, the seconds life. So here, let's go for something else. This this huge picture with the lady and the at the blackboard. Let's go on animations again, and that's take something to where it's morphing or it's just more to emphasise, not more things. So let's say we just want is to grow that's growing, so this would be something to emphasise and then we could also use a path. So I'm selected this one. And let's use a path, for example, a loop. Okay, so now we have it all any Matus and have all transitions. So let's have a look at the whole slide show how it looks now. And I said it. This is not to look beautifully. This is just to show you what what your possibilities are. And I can tell you there are lots. There's their terms off more possibilities. This is really just the simplest things you can do. You can really do very, very many things at power point. But this is everything that makes you already go. And And he made a whole presentation for your online class or for your baby. Not so. Let's click on Fly Joe from the beginning and now we will see the whole slide show and I'll have the mouse here against that use even were clicking and you remember, we have is not animated, so this is the reason why it's already there. Then we have to lady appear than we have to call out, appear with assume. And then we have this error together with text appear in a flying in Next should be the transition. So we had the curtains transition to go to the second slide and then a second slightly only had animations toe this appear. So this is why everything is there in the beginning and always starts to make things disappear. First was that the air role should go and you see it's jumping out then next This is rotating until it vanishes than this We made go up to the left corner zoo and now we have the man disappear by the wheel and now this light is empty. And of course, you could also animate things to appear whatever you want to. I'm just showing your your possibilities. Okay, Now there's the transition to this light number three. So let's click once more. And now slight Number three is coming and we have everything there so nothing to appear. You haven't animated anything to appear, but this time we wanted to put emphasis on it. So the first thing was to grow the black port and the second was the path animation for the writing. Okay. And that was it. This waas, the little animation I wanted to show you on the simplest things you can do to any major presentation 8. 07 Recap: the case in this class, I was showing you the basics off power point. And I just can tell you this is really just the basic. There's lots and lots of more things you can do. But I'm sure that if I have never with Power Point before, it was still a lot of information. So I want to do a little recap on what we were using, and you see all these taps up their 1st 1 The fire one is, of course, for saving and for for printing and things like that. The home button is mainly, for example, if you have funds and you can change forms the size and could make it bold, and you can also change the the size and things like that. But you could do it as well. He could can do almost everything as well if you just right, click your mouse so I usually use the right click. But you can find it here in the home, check things and in the home said things. You can also add news lights. This is about what we did here. You see, there are more options, but this is what we were doing in the home section in the interests section revere inserting pictures and river inserting shapes. And we were also inserting text boxes and s. You see you can insert a lot more, for example, videos, audios and things like that. So there's a lot of more options here. A swell, but it's you have to being the insert option. If you want to insert pictures and things like that, the design you can see you can have all different kinds of default defiance at the science , which we usually do not want for for the reasons that we're using this. But this is what what Paul Point it was actually made for, I would say, but what we did we were having a look at this. The slight size to have the right ratio and 16 by nine restoration of HD. This is what you want to have. If you want to make online classes of Abbey notes. The transitions is how to transit princess from warm slight to another, and we were using different ones like the curtain, for example. The animations is to any made anything in there, so how it appears or disappears or how it more. So it was Apophis and things like that. So we've also using that one. This light show is when you want to look at it, how it looks like. And, of course, in the five finally done for the presentation. And you can always start your slide show from the beginning or from and specific slight. And then, of course, we also if the former thing which only appears when you are selecting certain things like, for example, if I click here, we don't have any former thing up there. It only appears for not, for example, click on this image, and suddenly we have to for marketing tool. And then you look at the former thing. You can do a lot of different things to images. For example, you can make them larger or smaller, and you can give Give them frame so you can have outlines, or you can you can color them and differently. Or you can also have some artistic effects and things like that. So this was just a recap on many, many things. We already did this class and said, This is only really a fraction off what you can do with power point. I really love power points and not for the things that was invented for about 40 things you can actually do with it. And, yeah, just go for it and you will see that it's really a powerful software. 9. Project: okay. And your little pro checked is that you are using things that I was teaching here. So all I want you to do is to go on file and say you and you just select the blank presentation like that. And then usually you wouldn't need that. So you can click on those and I can click Delete. Now you have your playing presentation. Make sure that you say file and safe and safe it so that you have it. And then I want you to insert one picture, and you can insert it by either taking pictures from your files. Or you could also use an online picture. These are free pictures. You don't have to facilitate the creative Commons, so I'll show you this one, he said. Online pictures. Or you can use one off yours as you please. And let's say, for example, you would say Count. Then you have all different kinds of cat pictures, and you see here it says creative comments. This means you allowed to use them for that to take any off those, and you can feel to them. For example, here was that by type, so you could say this is all. It's a German. Sorry says all, But you could also say like on a graphics. Then you have all these. Let's take Garfield here and to say insert. And now you have Garfield here. And you couldn't just, like, position at the picture the way you want it. And the second thing is that the first thing is that you insert a picture. And the second thing I'm asking you is that you do some animation to it to click on animations and, for example, you have coughing, flying, and this is all that I want you to do and that I'm looking forward that you're sharing this project in the class. Yeah, I hope you liked it. This was part number one showing you how to make an how to make presentations in PowerPoint . And then all the recording them in came Tasia in order to have your own online classes or your seminars with nice presentations in the hope you liked it and part two will be about how to set the whole presentation. So I'm looking forward to seeing again. There