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Simple Screencasting mit Camtasia und Power Point 01 - Power Point Basics

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro: Simple Screencasting mit Camtasia und Power Point 01 - Power Point Basics

    • 2. 01 Intro Power Point

    • 3. 02 Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten

    • 4. 03 Formen einfügen

    • 5. 04 Folien hinzufügen

    • 6. 05 Einfache Animationen

    • 7. 06 Übergänge einfügen

    • 8. 07 Präsentation und Recap

    • 9. Projekt

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About This Class


Herzlich willkommen zur Serie "Simple Screencasting mit Camtasia und Power Point!

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Menschen, die in Zukunft online-Kurse oder Webinare anbieten möchten und dazu Camtasia und Power Point verwenden möchten.

Dieser Kurs ist für all jene, die Power Point bisher noch nicht nutzen.

Ich zeige dir die ersten wichtigen Schritte, zum Beispiel, wie du auf Power Point

  • Bilder einfügst
  • Formen einfügst
  • einfache Animationen erstellst
  • effektvolle Übergänge schaffst und
  • deine Präsentation ablaufen lässt

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Simple Screencasting mit Camtasia und Power Point 01 - Power Point Basics: have no on their faithful community isn't course. My number is making whom barter with the healthy Tony Menard Anthony Marilyn medium own language shift concept on the representative cats and we come. That's the recommended amount of sea everywhere. Simple screen casting was. Isn't my screen casting mental illnesses empathy off number from 10 mpg? Um, Few videos as a video quills? They're the favorite. Video was sort of Okimoto Islamist videos. Proust own venal, doesn't make a martyr. Stumps took an average ticket, is in course, each targeting a video screen casts without screen captures with the Organon twin Mitt Hillary from Kim Tasia on from Power Point of sales owned in moments of the Aston Tailgate system. Power Point, The severity basics First can Stall is made Power Point, Mahanama, Tomalin and Republic becomes instead until it segregated on video. Any present 30 owner scales marking the iniquitous video onto to see Steven Pienaar veto. This is Lester stale in canst off Power Point in Britain, get some of those often images of Power Point Pleasant. That's your mid came Taeseop in few quintile lands to end for his editing, and it came t zero. So become still between Ng sh written then video admits victory Shooting tonight in this obelisk in your past. On the infirm from tag astir in 15 title. Tag it Here We Don't Intro video instances and canIs Quits is for still video and marketing video Beau are to life 394 comes to meet Matters. Our Family Ultimate McHugh magazine. Hot So that's Proust. Off skill shares was passed a few to me. So it's pastor Afghans off to understand detective into the scans and former stay in constant animal lower thirds on so Vater. Yet Cynthia by in Thailand's On in Thailand's targeted the basics from Power Point as of end addition, good in power point all scans tennis especially need a cool city is reached image material on right. It didn't need the power point abbot with them For my and passes reason along Unborn on The introduction has been constant. Smashed metal today and I'm fun and waited to human should be present. That's the owner. Still, yeah, ministers in proceeded the military and based on get scared him 2. 01 Intro Power Point: So hello, D's acquis. It's for our unity power Point of coming to the new come from in the Tom. Ah, you're a clear, informative 16 features disempower points gift won't get him. I'm fundamentally it off cheap Keeps a vegetable and a trace. Sick target cost knows diversity Owners. NASA stick targets Organised a stick target. Imo. They can't stone Teledyne's that his fingers to the law Pregnant links wound and constant is power point. I don't see him. Office pocket, three nanometers office back. It becomes to the Internet Auction guns couldn't stick ASEAN asked him upto in a private Tilden antonym. Obvious. You own hasta permit. Ongoing fear that oil well in the artist. The players off moments passes it off your responses as it is his power point. This week we can screw nstic unless the foreign VT Clean Power Point is familiar with guns . Was under SS victimized, no matter who it was. With Power Point presentation. T own thinking man killer Jensen in Kenya in Stasi's owned egg Campo appoint so feel and so feel beyond the fervent power point with cover songs A shriek few months. Yeah, I was playing for Ireland. It's mercy to inform our thinking. This is the inch Dickie. Since Power Point, it was of interest in particular has masters in for half. But it seems to hear um Tiki opposition opposition Power point present. That's the orders of the kitty demeaning for large. And he comes to Sukumar TV assistant in Yemen, a key shift Lee he's given from efficacy blatant see mothers to seize the does it That was even TRC ship Our point present that film until seemed restive. Arrest awful since wherever she Jennifer Matter has a thesis. Soviet at the same time to annoy this is this. Does Neue on the start of a few to try on the Satan two Noren and Bridge stock Tim from out from How t eat a thing for the indicators of human For so in Dallas was two masters. It's a missed a lot of a shed in a four large equipment and behind the name and gamble in any rain. Given Christie so angry, clicked up, the cease to Soviet is just an hour. Sharma's meets a bullet points and taking certain fat kind of user. Yeah, with the amount of surveyed scans and this 3. 02 Bilder einfügen und bearbeiten: the second forgets, um, annoy and certainly every present. It soon will be found within a lien present at CEO Nam on the system Vitamins, skating T climbed onto tickle Forget stragglers, camera or no housing. And frankly, confident Liemandt illnesses vehicles to Talia. So on the CS 10 is this distance. It's this power points that wasn't right. And that is this garbage stand at me section off safety and tonight in anger Still tortoise Tony Illiterate Power point This you don't have most of this end. Um, when then l to the power point where someone has to get honest. Alice guns cannot attend. Which does it again? Um, missing beautifui. Invest it in a way. This is the shade fund. Was orders for her captor 1000 teen. That's that doesn't try tennis and see Hackable says is get CSF. Illinois features on the throat of in volume feeling just Illinois area still names above us. But the sophisticates, when the here off in 12 cased 20 or 40. And kristen one has to even stand that into the future tray with upright will take into No , I don't. I just emphasise offstage into annoying. Is that well done is alyssum unhappy pride. There's a corrupt and maybe namaste order in Explain a video. The in the video. The So it was tennis's him up a 17 hearty for Mattis is it was just us. The safety and soon oiliness. The current is not really helping. Notes of definite Ickarus marking this camera off my nipple eaten Abby, it's a moment. Police. It's got meat. So investing TV isn't leaking from human, isn't it? His in photo has t links NF wash off holiday four. Ian did appreciates game actor stint on the place into stone on signify listed safety secretary for Commemorating Mouse Star stands like four year Too Pretty. It's how much they told me to see Citizen. It's very home on team this Cut gtz Moments of hope. No, I'm in Machias is a disaster, Mama Vitamin Didn't was the intimate videos for student counts. As a socket states much bill and food won't cannons for shooting a sorry and food to bash can compete in food. Then people limit us men in a content at the end Sunday. Here it's in factional Emelin pills. Sonoma. Does he say, s oh so social social media batons. He or she can be in the M and M's All the Smarties on two sisters. Two years is too organically university on from them. Cancer. So what's coming? It's always market risk. Animal, This is built. Was his anger effective? 20. Too much perfectly in on many Siem Exactly in a rhythm done play empty mashed up When it's new. Sofa can A rhythm beats Italy operator has it assessed untouched him. T Realty. Honest man we am. I can still hear and for her to work again. The MIT The MIT ability in is in the energy took spring stack dish. It can't discount to meet the mouse. He 90. African country. Pretty in game. Many have to spill trough quicker. That is the old martyrs format backyards, and it's candy for seediness. Acma, Canton Vegetable here for she didn't air Arm and Mark was a national, and we will have a signal. Mulvey's ocean were there a minute off. Get him prepped. So So? So the sisters. Cranston guns and build for shooting Haram and give him order here, comes to a head and flapping around and give him a system. Bush Bullets in plow and see me here have person and far being a famine and disease. In the moment of anything from Billy Beane is open this format. Young's reacting quick that something has to be common, but I am focused, spilled kitten and ecstasy that are some of the members all night I'm in. Giving you couldn't bleed effect in my espresso was really shop Tuesday in after him booking the shop insurance or B occurred in this country in I said, so much was my generation's three young. That's more within the links. Three. On Tennessee that's a recurring this cancer. Or to shinin Emerton into the name Click Ministers to occasionally as a here. My God, it's a group that is middle class. So as the dust very does was committing Mitt builder Marc Corner and you can see more of each team to who were the first team to pry take him. That's in the message. If he isn't taking from tournament ANC. If you build up 4. 03 Formen einfügen: this constant nausea and food to canst on bank trafficking. Insurance says the whole states pass us a schoolgirl. That's the pink build us over made their escape. He must left Arno sweet. It is to canst foreman in food, as you can see some best people's Mama DNA Mom, Anish Place Plaza to Constant Pressure Plaza Influence takes them for home. So it's some other Inish British plasm that sort of a sense he can smart instruments Mathis storage creation called the the Forward often T Tortoises technique. And so it's a commission on its cancer. In fact, a sister isn't getting pumped from the lake. Placid. Inconstancy New protein. The stuff Organs plate toe, Cancer stick. Anti form for Matea Nintendo's from British builders Who here remembers off? Captain Yamato has stomach feel if orrange till when you can send this cancer silversmith William Cohen and rant toe cancer or second tumor. Chester's individual as a full effect. Hell Grau 20 Forum couldn't was certainly crew incense and of your let 20 form controller sore finished Aeacus Air. So Jim Ashby is that this is offers two cans, cans feeling came and or any anti form for men was named my Yet was more important, supposed failure. The names didn't fail, so they can start Who down this for Medeama Farthingale pits and British boots onto the sore from the spray Placid and Vic in as a sort of passion as it does his own honeymoon. Shtetls, toe and food in cans it's exacted a full green onyx were sold in the Folger Soccer commits in food and text field. The comet was range. Straighten my sock, the Fokker Kik, a kee looked him. When thesis takes feel community, really, or whether McKeon I won't commits, adding any under shrift, I was with my Finnish rift. Remind us just that should call me shows. But that should not call me Shows the dramatic shift Natalie Cruz Summer, whom we couldn't if it my African and Semitic. Matthew, I said. At least this was to some star Martin can speaker. This is Toronto team in first were mothers. Detective Rechner was based on transmitter. Fab Minister. City most literally carries Emma McKeon releases Machicura, and he was D Farber and counted centrally kingdom there under if urban America of us. So this is the city of Boston. Minute River haven't whatever CSU witnesses often people them, executive emerged. Just invest breaking neither farmer from Fogle helping and a Mississippi pate and take the him when shall not again ot far before it was under Remember normal. 5. 04 Folien hinzufügen: just come to him to make certain mercifully quick this country and he links on stock Folio too pretty, and it's a skin also in a no hammer. With this last week of initial foolish patients on them, it's Jesse in full, cooperative patient until Photo operates accidentally. Cherokees on the exact kick, owned this consulate, sneak flowers and so on down the sold in the fabric from the smartest sin, and she inhabits dusky in that, so we're not really gonna Hagen. Also Mamady Esteve, a creditor is Nick's troughs, kicking him for one second CNN. It's every state's bay, for she didn't Foley in literally 20 starts, not film. EMR Monica Anna second for 42 Pretty. And can it really cure fear that that signori four earlier than originally area. Whether you're not not in this format yet up immersed in your taking was McGahee system, other disputes and vegetable Rick. One student was under arrest of this man, so we should have a bit of Oh, I think I'm all of a sudden doesn't suck there. The fact keeps show is shuts. So this is It's too close to him and see it. It's kind of discontent from a keum concerning should feel six or dissimilar to anti six in owned. Um, also them short space at least person and making You're Let Phyllis Mystical Naina under his fifth term. Soon pastors it Jenna time. There's no email address course. It's big midget. Its mandate a signal often spend Chicken Trump past. So as a noise just overseas was removed, Katniss skipped a malleable Optima printed Bill Pinter, too. As a fully into anti effort, I want to see jumpers. Must've nikto Fats and Vienna Capacity. Power Point Present That's you. 6. 05 Einfache Animationen: So yes, this is really just be soon. Die from power point this mother scanty on immune Come Kim If elected that to me as billed , So we'll candidacy. That said second champions Inter t o non tenancy with Spc. It's our Sean via their six seconds build your present. That's the only comes second from Begin on or the up the AC title in four years. Most Momentous Clinic is where the actor lived. Julia cut the yesterday's and in the moment, get this in four build models own not in eternal mute up. Very. Its management. Tomorrow's kicking classes extract others to cease the older village Mitnick Khorasan operated on a home game. The incompetence sweated this. It seemed his name is kicker. Keys on this quick to share its signature struck on its compass straight as a hitter. Malsky, because he is, in fact, a any full year. This is not to dismiss cancer off against mental theoretic beasts in photo shots to build him, to use them for coffee escape, tempest imitator. So in the Eskimo off the CST, normal and it's fine. My unrest to enemy um, on 12 most each Justice I This is this mom, Italy and four years in fact, Executive left none of us my condom and for hitting golf After Larry Foley, a clicked complement of the regime, I was tested and continue to go on for material. One thing comes to hear you that said of any under Farber to most revealing your sadomasochist. It's some fish will thus far behave could have controlled this this country helical known cancers with a tumor that this kitty set off. New test of this are west so and it's for meth is a pistol and immune starts Okemah in the animate Yonan owned. It is, um, organics intellect. Very neat. Unger geeked up average cancer. Basically, Sargon, this is built. Let's happy matter similar off those two deceased is keep feeling for shooting an immature and recruitments in Tebow. It was ashamed. Digger. Come, Cindy was hitters in that old incentive? Oh, it was first screened. It also think it's not. Father sold its mystique and for four murders was ashamed. These cancers and for his vehicle came from New a Shane. A two ceased mentor is video. Could skits actus ashamed dumb mercy. This This is a special classes here are sent on the mercy and fleeting. That's the contents from Thornton Will. Even if the Syphon won't come to us, we engage with an effect Upturn in the seven links. Come on. Come T here. So this is a little own luggage Mentors. Next hour come to this thing. This keep good. Thank you. Second sold off and flying onto our fundings. So on the sword of diet need them kicking sound um, meet for hearing conflict is to summon in on some flu. Sakic, it's or not fail. Haven't again. They're comets up with the inflicting. Let seven. I'm not releasing. It is a very strong sundown from November Vonta. So in this construction of the stylistic inwardness, visitors were just build cheaper. Isn't that zone from Begin on? I'm to assist its family with him in the lien. Fully on. It's ashamed. Thus year conflict us to salmon and on conflict us in as it does work. You know, this was my board. Not really here. It's no magic and comedy after needs to four year 7. 06 Übergänge einfügen: that's less this year test, isn't it? DirecTV incisions with after each. Did you booking here? He can still offer Incheon a city can starting. It's him off That's threatened full year to hit the scare. Nature and fatten you gonna go to systemic? It's here for your booking. A click time. State your owner so don't whilst thus Poughkeepsie us. It's keep the in for Here's the effect for Eliza. Too much pain for her where the Schieber, the sheep teachers, in fact science build own Donkey Davis before him in the second factors wound off dicked order to HPV and pill. It's this is Lang. Some ashamed orders keep Doctor at Valley Chevy Too much being for Hankwitz beforehand. Clunks and dictators of the cancer came from my door. Clayton Constant and John Rosta escaped. Yeah, on the German office leads. Is that the damage or no Nixon? Immediate Mama, deflect that Mama's. He only cares. His own beer is violist around its get Mr In a quick name. 80 s Tamada's wick. So is married off an immature Onegin Messengers McKeown on the vague is Is this hold as it sank? That's much beat us soul. This is is assumed the freshman. That's as a soonest in the crisis on so medically. Anna dans and with us this quick before the US fresh bean in the soup 50 knows on the sword fish pay plus a meat Mormonism acumen or fish Fresh Plaza San moustache Bring him the more modestly That's a Salmon Marchioness passage of as his anguish Help in Clayton. Want to kill Masson? Mitral hearing is my candidate cans full time and the mid motives to him in Jakarta Quiz next. The last sector said some of is gonna end Fuck it. So on the A c v last mother's house the sources three piece fishing that Pastor Tim Fair. So my mother escalates to full year open so that come up within and under in uber gang you're looking at, um, was Mama Daffy anima going to, in effect for the Venice disease? Too little off kicks just know fill me as much. But that is our economy. Is this effect for So that's my mom. That's the official, um, I'm function the US in our British British plaza. Mr Madoff animate your own anti sold envy. Kenya and Maher not a decisive period in san muscle Mamat off women then treat each the same. This mama Bedimo is something that also meant to assist with you Vig ascent. So in the stock market of me Timander, admit for hair pregnancy, Salmon on Mama Gentleman Victor one under syndicated on spatters ash ranked. 8. 07 Präsentation und Recap: chairman's began see pleasant. It's on financing and undertook a man with a future present that's the own from picking on . Just be finding its on mitt Groom on Duncan's to even when the team I was next to me in This is the essence consumer, tomorrow's or some built or click in order to form in this 10 40 Fail is a fail not related to the plane home. So chances. Esther ashamed to state ashamed to state its completeness to uber gang. The Hamad isn't for hunky build on the on My own cheating desire list dies in the history enough machine that this week many hits America Leak officially in the US when it's the American Kingfish mean the test has helped walls on the streets. His hammered the same for fresh mean That's computer to Uganda to tighten full year. This is a very guy. Me on the Hamed's dissect this street to hear my Kitchen Essen shots on Thea Shrank Latinos here on time, etc. Mafia technical placing that soon we get sector cancers. Alice four took time, and it's talking to speak your mind Video Potosi and intended exam for two times. Um, this is a potential people for straighten the soldiers in family stu public send you. But us was to Alice Martin canst that is not too late. Henry 60. That's toe. Just remember, Esteem start has to be against in function and didn't text in Soweto. Mr. Morris, I'm clicking the members backing quickness I mean, he the text Is it malice in open pressure Out and fruit in the council TV Asus disarm and food need help to get sacked Him a builder and food can be my foramen and film can on three Man takes 12 and film cannibal to cease this Kate No field me at a cost on that car Figures of your quit Servin's to constable videos on all the awesome Some stickers and fitness That power point is wicked and power toe was a sickly constant StarKist tuna canning in a second Beautiful Thailand Two shits Yeah Beastie Uber getting it is the most fun enough Julio Often a step Assiut onto an immaterial Ministers was in the heart from the NF Olia Proceeds impeaching president That's the only stars mentalities and Shawn Meritus to be this ocean. Read all the videos. Naturally, let's in this place in two years. Take a look to its That's a freaking to it. And for technic power point, Hells or the Upton? Maybe now uphill Santita. It's two clicks or the real estate and and in shootings video. What? I'm explain a video? Yeah, because we anticipate this mystics different insta at something orange You can search about Sikri. Atif is give quickly on 80 feeling. 9. Projekt: so on tank. And this project thirties in course, is just om fax Silver and Kenny Animate, you know, tells as to get off power points, sex and nearly every present. That's the only help to sit cut off English Anger Still over the construction option. Rest. Wallace's The T often feel numb, so it's fast in nearly every present that seal in its extent off in food in on Two counts into the certain builder and food in order to conserve online builder information from people that I am freaking fixed within Agon and and mentor Industrialist Internet today and has to cancer book off online picture scheme own. Done hostile. Too much money being so hundreds constraints here. Too much pain keeping cuts. Um, on time. 60. Dimming a builder from capsule on this week to guest vendors here. Anger still has no creative comments. And see this Alice Builder Volt to the Nissan Deranged acumen. Mr. Civil Directive 400 Scenes on this is not a little space development will arrange. Invest any month populate, maybe common on then hits memorabilia in an aircraft become building can help keep them troops. Artnet. I listen on the graphic on done having kids here too much. But in that I feel on this quickly came folk often and said, and food until have you think I feel this is This is the sweet and the new Masters tonengeneral form and built and fixed in this DeHart. 14 2 studios having gills on the tractor off cover soldiers to this evening internal for money mere. Minnesota kissed off an immature woman on sex. It's a visual justice in phlegm. Nissen Bills. Yeah, that Sistani off grab a few decent quist Amita informal, unwelcome cancers to really understand the for me handle dozen employees. Nortel's. That's why its tail ends for men. Enquist. Some team a screen casting voto Emily and still but an online quiz er to ask the in India Beauty after initially present atomic power pointer stills on didn't admit KMT easier off names in the eight years owned Intel Answer. Since it's on a multi power point point, basics get gang an entire track. Its central building against present. That's the owner still stick formation. Runyon started a scene