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Simple Photoshop steps to design a flyer

Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

Simple Photoshop steps to design a flyer

Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

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9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. File size

    • 3. Text tool

    • 4. Image for background

    • 5. Clipart

    • 6. Shapes

    • 7. Save file

    • 8. Change size

    • 9. Project

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About This Class


With no experience in Photoshop you will be able to design a flyer.

The tools and techniques you will learn will also make you capable of designing other materials, such as business cards, brochures, posters, ....etc

This is a beginner's guide to Photoshop.

- You will learn keyboard short cuts that are used by professional designers.

- You will learn how to adjust Photoshop to be able to write in Arabic.

- You will learn how to adjust your file to make it ready for printing in a print house or to make it suitable for sharing on social media.

- You will work with clipart, images, shapes and text.

In few minutes you will open the door of creativity in Photoshop.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theresa Khalil

Something Unique


Hello, I am Theresa Khalil, Arabic writer, documentary filmmaker, content creator on YouTube and more..

Art, culture and creativity are my passion.

Arabic is my native language and I have been teaching Arabic for foreigners since 2002.

I hold a master degree in documentary filmmaking and always filming and creating content for UniqueTV channel

I have 3 books published.

I would like to share with you my skills and my passions which will help you pursue your dreams and have a positive impact on your life.

Let's stay in touch!!!

- Learn more and get inspired by my lifestyle  on Youtube

- Watch inspiring documentaries and join an out of the box community on full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. They want to design a flyer in this course. I would show you how to design a flyer step by step, and you don't need to have any previous experience in 40 shop. You will also learn how to write in Arabic and 40 show. You will learn the difference between preparing a design toe be printed in a print house and sharing it on social media. After finishing the scores, you will also be able to design anything else, such as business cards, posters, brochures. They all will use the same techniques and tools. So if you found this course useful, don't forget to rate it. And if you want to know more about me, you can check my profile and also check my other courses. See you in the course. 2. File size: so I'm using here at the foot shop CS six. You can use any other version. Fine. You will give you this panel where you can find the international paper, and the international paper has the standard sizes off different sizes. Use it. Used entrant houses. This is the A six size, so it's the smallest. It's 10.5 by 14.8 centimeter. Then you have a bit bigger, which is a five 14.8 by 21 centimeter. And then you have the A four, which is your printer standard paper size. It's 21 by 29.7 centimeter, and this is the biggest. You can, of course, choose any other size that is customised, but those are the standards. An important thing is that when you choose the size of your file, you must make sure that the resolution is 300 pixels per inch. If you're going to print the fire, this would make the file AH, high quality file suitable for printing, and the color would need to be seeing like a because same my K is the system used by the print houses. But if your design is just for the digital media. And so your website or your social media then you need to choose RGB because this is the system used by the monitors after clicking. Okay, now you have the file size on the canvas ready for you to work on to zoom in. You used control plus from the keyboard. And to zoom out, you use control minds at the same time from the keyboard. This will come handy when you're designing, because sometimes you need to see something closer. So control, plus control minus are so important. Now we go to the next step. 3. Text tool: So now we want to create a text, go to the tool bar said, like the text tool and click and your canvas and start typing. Go to the move tool and moved the text. If you want to write in Arabic, goto edit preferences type and make sure that the Middle Eastern choice is selected. Okay, no click in the canvas. Make sure that you have the Arabic keyboard and stole Select Arabic keyboard or use all shift. And now you are ready to type in Arabic so I will type dollar, which is invitation. By selecting the text, you can go to the top bar and select different fronts. Type on the right side. You will notice that there is a layer for each text you will put in your campus, so make sure you selected the layer double click on the tea, and this will allow you to change the front. So that's how you select. Put the cursor in the front name and then with the arrows on the keyboard, you can move up and down and change the phone to the way you want. It's a short cut to changing the front again with the move to will you come? You can position the text wherever you think is suitable. If you want to change the color off the text again, double click on the T in the layer Panin and go to the colors on the top bar and select the color that you want when you find the color that you like. Like okay, now we want to add effect to the text, such as shadow or outline, so you will find many effects available again. You need to select the layer off the text and then go to the bottom of the layer panel and you will find F X at a layer style. I will select drop shadow and once you select drop shadow, you will find this panel appearing where you can adjust all the parameters off the shadow, make it a distant, make it bigger, smaller. There are many variables you can control once you are satisfied with the shadow, then click OK for the effects to take place. Also, you can choose stroke. This would make an outline to the text. Here. You can change the colors off the outline. You can make it sicker, smaller, so again There are many ways and here you can select a color that you have in the converse . By choosing the college and then with the pictures go to that color. You want to pick and use it and by clicking OK, it will apply to the outline of the text. If you want toe, remove this effect because you don't like it anymore. You can just select it and go to the bottom off the layers panel and you throw it in the trash. This will delete the effect If you discover that No, I really like it. Then you want toe undo this step and in this case you use control Z to undo. If you change your mind and you don't want it again, then it controls the again So you can do this also from the bar at the top by step forward or step backward. But the shortcut You can just use control Z so you can see here. I'm changed. I'm removing the outline. I'm adding it again. You have the freedom to change your mind. Also, you can change the shape of the text, select the text in the layers panel and then you can see that there are many options here in this icon at the top bar where you can select and control different shapes off the text . So now we covered the text, we go to the next step. 4. Image for background: Now we want to have a color for the background, so select the background layer, go to the tools bar and choose this foreground color and change it to the color that you want to color with. So let's say I would choose black. It won't apply the color. I will use out backspace from the keyboard at the same time, out and backspace. Okay, so now I colored with the foreground color. You notice that in the tools bar there is another also color, which is the background color. So if you want to color with that one, you can use control backspace. Those are two shortcuts that are handy and important to know. So now I can choose a color for the background. I can leave this solid color. I can test the color change and test and see if it's matching with the colors off the text they have. So I will test many colors until I find one that I'm satisfied with, and all the time it's the same. I said, like the color play around until I find one that I like and then alter backspace. So for May, I will go for with this great college. So this is an option tohave a solid color for the background. But I want to have a photo so I will go to the Internet. I will find a free photo. You can, of course, have a paid one from websites that offer stock photos. But I'm right flower because I want a flower for the background. And here I have many options. So I will select the photo that I like. Let's say this one, I would download it to my computer, save it in the folder. What? I have my work and now I will open it and Photoshopped use it as a background for my file. So fine open and I would open the file. And now I have two taps, one for the image or the photo I got on one for my campus. So I will drag it until I have it in a position where I can see both my campus and the photo. Then I really with the move to will, I will put the cursor on the image and drag it to my design. Now I don't need this photo anymore, and though I have the photo in my canvas, But it's so big, so I want to make it smaller. I can use control. T There is another option to use from the menu. Bar it it transform scale this or control T They both will give me the possibility to transform the size off the foot if you want toe scaled the photo in a proportional way so that the wets and the height keep their proportions. Then you have to click on shift because shift will make the photo scale in a proportional way. Okay, I'm happy with it. Like this double slick. And now I want to rotate it so it it transformed. Rotate again. You can use shift if you want to make the rotation off 90 degrees. So I'm happy with the photo. So now you know how to color the background with a solid color or to use a photo for the background 5. Clipart: another thing you need to learn how to add, which is clip art. So I will go to the Internet and I will get a clip art toe. Put it with the phone number so I will search for for this will give your design on more professional look, then just putting the number as it is, so you can use also symbols, so I will save this symbol. I will open it in 40 shofar open. I would move the tap until I can see both and then drag it to my design control t to scale it exactly like what we did with the photo. And now with the text tool, I can write the phone number you, not a seer, that the numbers are actually in Arabic. So if I if you want in English, go to the text panel Middle Eastern features and you'll find it's already in Hindi digits, and we want the Arabic digits because the Arabic digits actually are the English digits. If you want to keep it, Eirik, then keep the Hindi. Now select the layer of the text, double click, and you can control the size. You can control the colors as we did before with the text. So at some more numbers, Andi, I would do the same with the email as well. So I need also assembled for the email. When I find the right photo, I will save it to the computer so you can see that we are now repeating the same steps while open open the symbol dragged the tap. You can see both. Then drag this to the campus control T to scale it. End with the text to write the aim it so I would put any email because it doesn't matter. Here, this is just a sample. What is important? The steps. And, uh, doors were using you notice here that when I put the email on the photo, I found that part of the text is not clear because it's also black. So I can fix this by changing the whole color off the text. Or I can just with the text to select the part that is over the black and change the color to something more visible. And we are done with the clip art 6. Shapes: the custom shaped tool. You will find it in the toolbar. When you click on it, you can go to the top bar and you will find Ah, whole selection off shapes, so this is very useful. When you are designing, it's like a library. Click the shape and drag, and you will have it in your design. If you look to the right, you will find that it created already a layer for this shape so you can move it up or down . If you want to put it in front of the text or behind the text, it's up to you with the move tool. You can also move it wherever you want, the same way we did with the text with the photo with the clip Art What if you want to delete the shape? I would just put the shape for the demonstration purposes, and I will show you how to delete. So let's say I chose this shape. Click and drag. It created the layer, and I discovered that it doesn't look nice, and I want to delete it the same way like we did with the effects of the text click drag it to the trash. So that's how you delete. And now you have, In addition to the clip art which you can bring from the Internet, you have Ah, whole library off shapes. Don't forget to always save your files. 7. Save file: After finishing your design, you will need to save it in a format so you can share it on social media or send it to the print house. So file save as and you can check the file for months available. This is the same like a mood, so you will have the jpg. This will transfer the fire into a photo so you can put the name you want and then click save, and then you will have this panel asking you about the quality. If you understand to the print house, then you must make the highest quality possible. But this would make the file size big and in case of printing, this is not a problem. But in case of sharing on the social media, it's better to have a lighter file size so you can choose maybe a less quality to get a small fire, Then click OK and you will find that the fight was saved as a jeopardy as a photo so you can open it with any photo viewer. The other possibility is to save it as a PdF file. So file save as and you find PDF, and you would be asked also about the quality, what quality you need. And if you're going to print in the print house, choose the press quality or high quality print. And, of course, you can make it a small size file if you'll share it on social media. In this case, you can open it with any PDF viewer program. In this case, we saved the file, or we have the file in the same way K mood, which is more for print houses. But if you want to change it to RGB mode for any reason you cancel to print in the print house. Ah, then you will have this panel asking you if you want to flatten the layers. If you want to make all the layers one, and in this case you won't be able to modify the file, so it's better to choose the don't flatter. So you are still capable about adjusting the design. And in this case, when you choose the RGB mood, then you can share it. It's more, uh, suitable for the screens, and also you will get more options to save the fight so you can save it like, for example, as a PNG file which is suitable if you have transparent background 8. Change size: now I just want toe add. One important thing is that if you wanted to change the size off your canvas so go to image image size and you can find here the weights and the height they are related. So if you changed the wets the height will change proportionally. But if you want to change the wets and keep the height as it is or the height and keep the wits as it is, the news image canvas, canvas size. So you see here I change the wets and I kept the height as it is, so you can use those both image size or canvas size. And now I will change the height and I will keep the wits as it is Control Z if you want to undo. So this just unimportant note. I thought you need to know in case you changed your mind about the size you don't have to start the design from the beginning 9. Project: Now it's time for the project. Fi New Make a new file. Any size can work and start designing and getting created. The possibilities are endless, and you can use text clip art photos shapes. So I'm looking forward to your designs and save it as a photo as a jpg and attach it below . I hope you found the scores useful if it was useful for you and you learned some new techniques and skills in using photo shop, don't forget to rate the course and good luck.