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Simple Photo Editing for Social Media: Cover Photos and more in PicMonkey

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why you should edit photos

    • 3. Youtube thumbnails

    • 4. Cover photos & channel art for social media

    • 5. Profile pictures

    • 6. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Learn how to edit a photo without ever touching Photoshop, which is a nightmare as well all know! 
I will share the essentials of photo editing.

In this easy-to-follow class, you'll learn tips and tricks for photo retouching, resizing, and more. Everything will be, demonstrated, and ways to use your new photos on social media and beyond.

This class is ideal for every blogger, small business owner, marketer, and freelancer who wants to harness the power of photos to grow their online presence and brand — all in a simple and easy-to-follow way.

Take advantage of this friendly introduction to hooking your readers, clients, and customers with standout photos that grow your brand!

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the closet or wrong. Today we're going to be going our vol, simple photo editing for social media, cover for herders, peripheral fighters, YouTube channel, lot and much, much more is very suitable for small business owners, entrepreneurs. Youtube is Logos. Maybe if you just like making some fun names or something like that, this will be of great help to you. And the software we're going to be going over these photo does ON clause with you today will be peak monkey. So I've use a whole wide variety of software to make great, uh, styles of things. Okay? So I'll use, I'll use many software all the way from Canvas to Photoshop and pick monkeys. By far my favorite. I've started using these for my YouTube channel and I'm just like hot to show you guys an amazing or odds are. At level There's pick monkeys is simplest to use and it gets you the best possible. That's what off-campus in the UK. So what we're going to go over in today's cost is gain and give you a really good tutorial of this as well as some design tips and had a grand, you'll pull whatever it is you're using for your business or whatever it may be. Okay. So within the projects or the clause, we're going to be able to give you the opportunity so that you can create your own artwork that suits your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Feel little sod house, a little whatever it is you're trying to do. Okay, so I hope everyone enjoys a clause. This is going to be amazing for her to fall on me and let me know you think of the clause will view feedback easy, extremely appreciated, and I'll see you in the class. It's like a 2. Why you should edit photos: So first of all, why should you edit your photos? Okay, so we're just going to run out of a civil reasons of why you should start to edit your photos FI business, whatever Bay your blog wide is super, super important. Okay, So reasons number 1, retouching photos, okay, so one example is you might take a photo or you might get your photographer had taken beautiful Florida are of these fitness man or woman, I can, you'll notice they look great and everything, but maybe they have a little bit of acne or maybe, you know, that shade of color just isn't what you wanted there. Okay, So editing you fertilize, allows you to touch up any of those imperfections to make your branding or your social media just a little bit more appealing. So it's important to get the most perfect image possible. Okay? Reason number two is to change the image background. So if you've got a YouTube channel for example, and you found a nice picture of someone, but you stuck with his background that just doesn't fit your, you know, your channels topic or your video topic or wherever it might be, okay, You could be used just using these for a plain image as well. Being able to change the image background to something that's more suitable is going to send a clear message to your target audience so that they actually have a fair idea of what your content is about without having to guess too much. All right, reason number 3, correct the colors. So you might notice that, you know, a bit of a mob EBIT to dock in some salts and B2 lot in others. So if you edit your photos or your content off the bat, you're going to get the most appealing picture possible. So I hope that gives you some good ideas of why editing is important and you should spend a little bit more Tawny us our first lab, we're just going to go over YouTube thumbnails, okay, and how to make some fantastic finales using Pic Monkey. This will be suitable for a lot of other areas as well. So make sure you jump right into the next lesson and don't skip any because this will help a lot of you are the Papal is while her mom have a blog or anything, even if you don't have a YouTube channel, you'll find some really useful stuff there. So make sure to check it out. Okay, I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 3. Youtube thumbnails: Have you ever wondered how to make a good YouTube thumbnail? You see other people's thumbnails and that looks are captivating. They drew you in. And then you just try to put something together and the colors don't work. You can't seem to drop images in and out. It just nothing works. It's messy. And you just one doll. What the point of it all is and how you ever gonna do this successfully, okay? But thanks to pick monkey, it is going to be extremely easy and we're going to give you some tips as well of how to draw people into videos as well as within the design. Okay, So first of all, what we're going to Garver is a friend of mine's YouTube channel and rot and his thumbnails. Okay. So r will pick out this one here. So we've got dense lost warning. Okay. Now you'll notice on a few of his thumbnails, There's famous people in them. Okay. What that does is it gives people a face and K that is well-known, OK. Now a lot of people want to know what well-known people's opinions on things. Okay, so it's like you basically getting someone else's long lat and directing that traffic to yourself. Okay? So that's one key strategies to get other people's pictures on your thumbnails or OT fan is payable so you can opt your views are on. Now. How do you do that? Alright, because you'll notice a lot of people when they try to put one video until one picture on top of another, the background of the other image gets onto the other one and it just doesn't work properly. Okay, so we're going to run through that now. Okay. So we're going to make error and little thumbnail Hill. All right. Now I've got a cryptocurrency YouTube channel. Sir. I'll show you how I sort of make one. Okay, so let's have a look. He is. So when you think of a mock it, you've got to think about, okay, what is the Video? Bad, it's about market, it's about, it's about money than K. So you want a background that reflects what you video is, Beth, okay, So we're just gonna talk in here and in a Pic Monkey stock market read, okay, So you'll have, he'll obviously everything that's come up and you'll notice as well, molecules probably used this stock image for dense loss warning. It looks like he actually has done that. Okay, it will this one heel. We're not gonna do that. We're going to use something different, okay? So what you do is you simply drag it and you put it on here. Okay? The picture will appear blurry until it's fully into the software and then we'll, we'll pee it nice and clean. So while we do that, okay, you've got to start thinking about, okay, if I've got a cryptocurrency video, think about okay, what has happened. Merce racing. Think about what's happened most recently and you'll industry meno, something that people can relate to, right? So whenever you're doing a YouTube thumbnail, you want it to be relevant to that specific video ad has to be. It has to be. Okay and had just has to be relevant. Otherwise, it's just going to make any sense to Paypal. Okay, so in one case, or OT, who is a well-known in the cryptocurrency space and memory. So in our mockup silo and a k and a low Moscow famous people that have gone into beaker unreasonably. So we're going to have a look at images from model Silo. Okay? So this is Esau laser, our picture. So we're just going to and then we're going to upload it from the computer. Okay. So to learn op heel, and then we do is we just simply drag it on top of thumbnail. Now, what I love about bandy cam here, and it's fantastic for YouTube thumbnails because all you need to do is you go on the left-hand side here to Image tools. Make sure you've selected the correct image and click Remove Background. Sorry, Remove Background. Okay. And you can just say We can sit there and you can enlarge it as well to get more eyes on it. Bring more attention to it, okay, you can have a look, cray luck as swap fall of other YouTube. Is that a in your niche? And see how they do the thumbnails or are even able to on you'll get a swap fallen save, take screenshots of these thumbnails, okay, to get an indication of just fun stuff, the lock tikkun artists of stuff that draws you in, Okay, The gets your attention right now. So we're just going to draw something to get it get attention here, rod, some texts. Max Payne, ahead. Uncle silos. Now obviously if we just leave it blank lock that it's really hard to grade. Okay. So just have a look at what other people have done, okay? So this is just one example. Now, what you do is you just go to the textblock on he'll text color. We're going to change that to what? Okay. Now within the texts, okay. Make sure it's being clicked on. You'll have lots of other phages as well. Walk shadow and at one, at unmade, fight him blend in this sort of thing. So we're going to add a shadow, an outline. So when I draw an outline now, okay, I'm, I going to make sure that it's black. And when you're beautiful and you can see why it works, rot. We've got a background here of a red market, a red market investing. Okay, that makes sense from a visual perspective. Okay, we've got someone heal, but it is seen as an authority figure. That's true. The papal within the spice will know. Three. This is what you would call a clickbait total. It works. You're going to need to do it if you are. Okay. Max Payne ahead. Marco, say LA has a big warning. Okay. That will end toss a lot of paper clique or not a main. Just have a look at how successful some of A's or two hundred and sixty one thousand, three hundred and fifty six thousand views. Okay. It works. So our heart that helps you out and how to do a YouTube's lifestyle design. So we're going to move on to the next lecture now, please don't forget to follow me so you can keep up to date with all the other clauses that we've got coming out. And I'll see you guys in the next lecture. Take care. 4. Cover photos & channel art for social media: So welcome to the next lesson where we're going to Garvey will cover photos via social media PR falls. Now, when people arrive at your Facebook page or YouTube page, whatever it might be, what do you think they first look for? I'll give you some hints or it's a visual pace of contents that sits on the top of your page. Alright, its dimensions vary between platforms, but it takes on what's up almost a quarter of the screen on my desktop browsers are. You want to make sure that this is visually appealing and represent your brand, brand in an appropriate manner. Alright, so where to find this? All right, As you just click on Pic Monkey in the top left-hand corner, you'll see here we've got Colet collage layouts and blank canvases. Cage just TO, YOU want to go to the rod and click, see blanks. All right. Now this is where every social, not every, but most social media platforms will pop up. Okay, So you notice it for every one of these social media platforms, some SB to Facebook, to Instagram, to LinkedIn. You'll have an option here to put on a cover, cover page that matches that specific social media platform. Okay, So we're going to guard for Facebook at the moment. All right, so that's where you can find all of your different collages and blend camps. It's just by picking the top lifting icon here. Alright, so if you've been on, this graphic is one of the most notable pots of your page. So it's crucial that you follow the best practices and optimize your photo for the right dimensions. And make sure that you have a good idea of what you want to visually represent few brand, okay? So make sure to abide by this specific platforms like terms and conditions V cover photo was while you might be restricted on the top of content, you can put as a backup of any gone, Okay, Make sure it's the right size by clicking on the appropriate saw, it makes you, if you can give it immediate focal point and colors that match your brand. All right, so think of your cover photo is the portion of your pages that's above the fold. It's distracting. Fusing people more likely to click off the page so you wanna make sure it's relevant. Okay, So I myself have a cryptocurrency YouTube channel. Alright, so we're going to create a channel on now that's going to be representative of my brand. And you can take those principles and apply it to your arm. Okay. So a background color, I like to go with black or what? They both neutral colors. Okay. And you can use other colors with him and it's going to tend to make a bit of sense, alright. Photos and videos, we're just going to use this image here and remove the background. I know we use the same image in the previous clause, but its indices, a different image is just illustrative purposes here. There we go. So this might be a picture of you are on an a fuel and anonymous brand like me. You don't even use a picture. Okay? So then we're going to add text to this. Alright, we're not gonna get too cute on the color as yet. Alright? So you can also use a color wheel as well, which I'm going to link in the class description so that you can find out exactly what's going to work the best with your specific brand. Okay, So my channel is a bad crypto, her politics, investing. So we're just going to adjust the purpose psoas here. What we want do is put a little separated there to serve the Maxwell sense in this scheme of the design. Again, to make this a little bit smaller as well, just because we want to, we don't want to make this the focal point or aren't, because if you would just make out the focal point, it does look a bit boring. So we just want to put a little bit here about what it's about. The, now we got a lot of dark colors here. We've got to be the yellow is in the eye, so we want something that's sort of matches that, that's sort of fame, right? So we've got the yellow there and make it, what would it be small? Now, on artists, on a lot of channels in the specific petiole upon, where we've got this picture of this random person he on your profile picture won't be here. So you want to adjust it up here so that appease code on the page. But for this here we're just going to leave it there. And the name of my channel, cryptocurrency world. Now I've already used a lot of yellow on the page. So we want to break it up a little bit and use something a little bit different. Let's make a little bit more interest. So make this a little bit larger cryptocurrency world. And then you'll notice that's the name of that channel. This is what's discussed. And we also will add maybe some channel law that represents what we're saying here. So you want something that represents in pitches as well as we are speaking about, just sorry, because not everyone reads everything. So you really want to make sure that you'll visual representation makes sense as well. Actually, on second thoughts because we're doing an anonymous brand and this is of a particular public figure. This does put a brand in jeopardy if this particular person monocle sila does anything United, Sal, that community. So it's probably safer if we just choose a more neutral pH shots or represent the brain. So we're gonna get rid of that, or I'll walk to this particular folder. Okay? So what we're gonna do is we're going to remove the background as we showed before. So you gotta image tools, remove background. Right? Now, you can see with the size of the particular page, show, it just it draws attention to itself and I wanted to make it more of like a background. So we're going to go fight and blend TO, alright, so with the fade, it will just make it sort of be less and less visual. So it sort of pumping. But not too. We don't want it to draw too much attention. Okay, we want to draw more attention to the channel rotting just so that people can enter rate of exactly what it's about and say if it's something that they want to engage with. So we want to crop this layer a bit just so it's Asia to organize the picture on the page. So the same in the image tool, just click on Crop while and you shall have these blue edges. You can just bring them down. Set a surrounds the picture mole, and then you just click off it. And then you go voila. So we're going to enlarge it a bit. Maybe a bit too big, I think. There we go. I'm happy about. So as you can see, the background is black. So if enables us to work with a lot of different colors and it still looks visually appealing. What is always good for this as well? If you do use colors, it does look a lot, lot sexier. So I encourage you to fiddle around with that as well and use the color wheel that is attached in the class to try and make your own visually appealing cover photo is that represent your brand suitably. I hope you enjoyed the lecture. We're going to move on to the next lesson. 5. Profile pictures: So we're going to run through how to make some amazing profile pictures for your social media pages. You will notice with Mars Paypal that have a very dull sort of profile picture is just a picture them selfie or something like that. And it's very unoriginal and there's no clean background to focus on the particular person. But we're going to show you how to do that today in Pic Monkey. Or what we do is we're just gonna go to our photos and videos. We've selected a blank canvas of 400 by 400, just to reflect a profile picture and we're going to click on a picture all of us. Okay, so this is, may have just had a bit of fun and put some laser eyes on myself. Now, all you do is you just go on photos and videos here. So you click on that and click on Remove Background. Now sometimes as you an artist, the sulfur leaves these little blemishes, he'll lock these ones heal. So all you do is you just go to a rice, okay? And then this will pop out united sounds quite big and we don't want to lock rice out until I face so we can adjust the size of the pin point 0, just like we do here. Okay? And then just click, well we want to erase. And you'll notice as well there's different heads for it, which is going to be nice and handy to get into all the nooks and crannies. So we're just going to click on this one here. You notice how it thins out a little bit, okay, which is going to help us get the shape that we want. But with that actually getting rid of out bits of our face because that's going to look a bit funny if we do that. And we cut a little bit about face off, our eyes are just going to touch all of that up. And you'll notice there's a few others like a little triangle OEA. So these will help you get into set and nooks and crannies and not others. So you just going to be pretty careful about how you go bad at all. Just going to adjust these little b that would be the bone, bone Boehm saying not too hard. Just going to adjust and make sure it's the right one and it's appropriate for what you're trying to do. We're going to just flip back to this fluid head he ACI, it's a bit too big so we're going to reduce the psoas to Sikhs. Zoom right in and get in on it. And just like that way odd done, ladies and gentlemen. So we've removed the background on the picture now. And now it's just a simple matter of adding a background. Okay, so we're gonna do is we're just going to click on Background tools. Or if you click on the image, it won't have the background, Okay? Because obviously this is on the image that's towards the front heel. What you can do once you click off it, you will notice on the tab on the right background color, then he can change that to whatever suits you. Okay. Blur, bright green, whatever it may be, and you can just move this down to the appropriate saw as a K. It goes so you can create a differentiation from other the papal by removing the background in your images and pick monkey is by far the best. Actually do this in. I've tried it with Photoshop and everything, so not too difficult. Thanks very much for taking the class. We're just going to give you a quick rundown next on the control panel will pick monkey just to make sure your across all of that. Don't forget to Fuller if you locked the claws and leave some feedback and don't forget to complete the cost projects as well. Okay, We'll move on to the next lesson. 6. Final thoughts: So we're just going to run over the control panel quickly just to make sure that, you know, everything is within the software. Okay, so text in the top left-hand corner, that's where you can get all your text. Okay. And all different types of texts. So you don't, you can just use your own custom text and unusual fonts that you would find in Microsoft Word. Or you can find the specific layouts here. Alright, so it just depends on what you wanna do. And we'll sort of Upwork and photo editing the doing, okay. Photo1 video. This is where you can pull photos from the internet, okay, on basically any topic that you can imagine, right? You can also pull videos as well from the Internet if that is whatever you will want to do. So maybe you want to do a video if you face bowl cool, something like that. And uploaded is just pictures that you've got from the inset or your own personal photos do you want to edit within peak monkey? Graphics is obviously all different types of designs that you might want to add to a specific style or something that might work paint strokes on. It just adds a nice authentic sort of touch and something that can offer a bit of differentiation. We've also got in the top right here I'll draw. So if you want to draw a specific thing on your artwork, you're able to do that. Okay. Then down here we've got the background color. So to change the background color of your specific image right here we've got imaged tools and we can add tends to owl pictures and whatnot. And that's if you want to add basically something to slot in, make it a bit more appealing, obviously won't work for thumbnails, but this would be good for Locke. You'll Facebook cover on, you'll see a cover on and that sort of thing. Shadow and outline to add outlines TO obviously a text to your images. Crop lies okay to crop it, which you've saved threat multiple times throughout the video. And K, a rice, they'll obviously touched things up halfway. You won't fight and blend. This is still obviously as we went over before, make the picture broader and Dhaka. And that's pretty much it. That should give you a really good introduction on Pic Monkey. I hope this class has helped you out. You can use whatever photo editing software you want. But I'll hats are present. Peak monkey today just because it's the best ball fall off of a love Canvas wall. But pick monkey is the base net's. So I really hope you enjoyed the class and got some value from a play. Share it with someone that you think might find it helpful with. There are in particular business. And don't forget to follow me. I really appreciate every one of you and I hope you have a good day. Take care. Bye.