Simple Marketing | Nazila Alasti | Skillshare
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6 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • Product Statement

    • Your Customers

    • Competition

    • Positioning

    • Building Love


About This Class

Ever wondered where to start with marketing your product or service?  

How do you create a sound marketing strategy that pays attention to the right things?  

How do you go about marketing without getting lost in the heavy jargon or continously reading the same things on "10 best ways of doing social media"?  

Simple Marketing is just for you.

Our basic belief is that customer respect leads to customer love and loyalty.

In Simple Marketing you will learn to identify what matters to your customers and why. And build a marketing plan that creates a virtuous cycle of communication and loyalty.





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Nazila Alasti

Product & Marketing Executive

Ms. Alasti is a visionary leader in the technology space, with over 25 years of experience spanning startups to Fortune 100 publicly-traded companies. Analytical and creative, she is a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits and has raised over $50M in capital. Global launches, world-class digital marketing, innovative customer acquisition and smooth innovation transfers are a few of her strengths. With depth of experience in building businesses and high-functioning global teams, she...

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