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Simple Magic Tricks - Learn How to Have the Coolest Skill

teacher avatar Richard B, Magician / Minimalist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Magic for Me?

    • 3. Playing Cards

    • 4. Cards as the Weapon

    • 5. May the Force Be With You

    • 6. Reading Minds and More

    • 7. Rubber Bands

    • 8. Split

    • 9. Elastic Finger

    • 10. Rising Ring

    • 11. Coins

    • 12. Coin Through the Table

    • 13. Poof Gone!

    • 14. Pop

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you’ll learn how to do simple and advanced magic tricks that will amaze your friends and family. I’ll cover how you can do magic with the ordinary objects. You can carry them on you or borrow from somebody. It doesn't matter, because the skill I’ll teach you will always be with you. We will go through playing cards, as well as everyday objects like coins , rubber bands and more. We will focus on performing skills and straightforward techniques to create amazing illusions. I will share with tools and know how that will let you perform straight away. We will go through simple and advanced sleight of hands, but also how to read minds and do the effects even not touching the deck of playing cards. This course is created for everyone in every age, that would like to amaze Friends and have ,,probably” the coolest skill in the room. Without further ado…

Join me and lets get started

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Richard B

Magician / Minimalist


My name is Richard and I'm professional illusionist, student of psychology, as well self-development enthusiast. Author of original illusionist workshops. One of the first persons in Poland to design and produce a professional pack of cards - "DifferentDecks" (the cards are printed in USPCC - a company supplying the largest casinos in the world). Nice to meet you!

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1. Introduction: Hi, good to see you. My name is Richard. And I am a performer. What I do, is magic, that kind of magic that makes smile at people faces, amaze and maybe get you a free beer in the bar. Also, I'm a creator of my own deck of playing cards. Cloud 9, made in the USPCC on the stock that they use in a best casinos all around the world. Why? Why not! As the performer, for many years my dream was to create effects using my own deck of playing cards. Designed in my needs, in a way I like it. Happily today I can use them to teach you how to amaze your friends by yourself. After performing for a while, I found that the best magic that I can do is the one that is happening very close, even sometimes in the hands of the spectators. It helps in creating amazing illusions and stays in their memories for a very long time. It's simply spreading the joy. Today, we'll be talking about how You can do magic with ordinary objects. You can carry them on you or borrow from somebody. It doesn't matter because if you master it, the skill will be always with you. We will go through playing cards, coins, rubber bands and more. We'll focus on performing skills and straightforward techniques to create amazing illusions. I will share with you tools and know-how that will let you perform straight forward. We will go through simple and advanced sleight of hands, but also how to read minds and do the effects even not touching the deck of cards. This course is created for everyone. In every age. If you are somebody who would like to have the coolest skill in a room, this course is for you! So without further ado, let's get started. 2. What is Magic for Me?: Hi, thank you for joining us and welcome into the course. Let me tell you my story so we can get to know each other a little bit better. I started my journey with magic when I was a little boy. I remember watching all these amazing performances on TV and wondering, wow, I love to do them. So I spend hours and hours recording everything they did to find out the meated and learn how to perform. Firstly, it wasn't easy. I didn't have enough knowledge. So I decide to buy my first book was the art of the street magic and includes basic skills and the side of heads. But doesn't lead me to analyze the illusions that I have seen on TV and understand them a little bit better. And I got another one expert in a cart stable magic after while practicing a lot of hours and performing for my family and friends, I have started to get better and better reactions. We are getting stronger and gave me a lot of joined to perform. So do. Magic is amazing Unless you to be in the center of the crowd with their own eyes to spot on you. It makes also people smile and faces. This skill that's used to create an amazing experience that only a few can do. What's most important is that not only skills and sleight of hands are creating the illusion and affect. The amazing effects is created by you, by your personality. S-like tactic. If you are get into the flow, Have your own star and you'd be good with it. It will expand even the easiest tricks to the sky level. Player with it, have fun and mostly enjoyed as much as you can, then everybody would fall. In this course, you will find three categories, playing cards, rubber bands, and columns. Each of this category will include affects that you can perform with these objects. Of course, have explanation, as well as some of my personal thoughts and tips on it. Some of them are simple and easy and straightforward, but the other one will include some time to master them and perform. It took me many years to get to the level I am right now. And it's still a long journey in front of missile discovered. So the key here is to stay positive and we're gonna Muslim Murray and we'll develop by practicing. One will take a few minutes and the other one would take a few days or even months to master. But after achieving it, that will be the skill for how your life. So without further ado, let's begin. 3. Playing Cards: Here this plane curves, which is my favorite thing, though, having just this small dagger new will let you create remarkable effects. You can use any costs to perform magic or like it is with everything. Quality makes a difference. And with the cards, and there's a big difference. There are many companies that are creating playing cards. There are USB-C, Carter Monday Expert Playing Cards company has so she and production and so on and so on. I love all of them for unique stock he uses and filling and one is stiff and other one is a bit lighter. Depends on the individual preparations. In my opinion, Lenny manufacturer is USB-C. It creates amazing and the most available Dax nowadays and I recommend starting your journey with on the decks the most no brand is bicycle or Delhi who go good and you'll probably find it in your local store, if not as widely available online, if you are looking for more visual decks, so-called customs, remember to read properly if they were made on the one of the stocks that I mentioned earlier. For example, my deck, which is called Cloud9, is created by me and my brand different x. It is made on the USB-C premium stock, which is widely used in the best customers all around the world, also lose extra crushed it make it more slopping and better to handle. They are perfect for card history at all Magic. The best thing about them is that they are ready straight out of the box. Would I mean, most of the cars are stiff and they need to get warmed up to give you the best results. Because of the Cloud9 stalk and the crush technique, there are thinner than a regular cars, which makes them perfect straight away. Okay, so Let's dive deeper in. The first card. As a gulf caught, one of my favorites from the one side is a king of clubs. And for the other one is a king of space. And it's used for the many tricks and affects. Another one is a double Bucher. From the one side is a buck. And then for the other one is the same. Also, we have four suits in a DAG, it's important to remember how they caught. The first one is diamond, and other one is a spade. Hearts as well. Clubs. Just make sure to learn how to code them by performing and well-performing urinal by the name of them. They are two basic things that you can do with coats. One is slide offense, used to perform illusion, and the other one is called History. The Way of the visual removing cards around to make it look. Let's say Fabulous. Today we'll focus more on a sleight of hands that is used to magic. But if you are interested in cards recourse, just let me know in the comments and I will consider creating a course about it. So grab your cards and just get started. 4. Cards as the Weapon: First of all, let's start with something extremely simple and very cool. There are plenty of ways of shooting cars and probing costs like so. But there is a one that is very simple and it's easy to master. All right, so let's, do you know that the cards can be used as weapons? No kidding, heavily. So too do just follow these steps. If you're right handed, you can hold it in your non-dominant hand like so. And this occasion that would be my left head. So you need to hold it on a corner very gently like so. It can wiggle even. And the whole action of frying this God by framing but fingers is more like throwing your whole hand and actually going to go by itself alpha your fingers. Ok, so again, two most important things. Why doing it? Hold gently on the corner by a dominant hand. On the cold side of the non-dominant hand, just hold it over. There was a first and a middle finger. Then the phrase me moving like so. And it will go by itself and spent. Say goodbye at seven spit. 5. May the Force Be With You: Let's start with terminology. Force. In the magic community. It means that you are choosing for SPECT data in a way, how should he or she would decide without letting them know regularize. I know it sounds complicated, but trust me, after seeing it, you'll get it straight away. In a simple words, you make the choice and you control the choice of the spectator. So let me show you what I mean. Is there whatever you like. Here, we can select the cost as well as the ace of spades. The shuffling the cards. Silicon other one will just ace of diamonds. Maybe, let's say some, whatever we like here. As a closed, another one. Last but released as a force. So maybe you are wondering how we can do that. So there are a few ways of forcing. Let's pick a code. For example, we're going to ace of spades. Well, we're gonna do, we're gonna be forcing ace of spades, the spectator in a way that you wouldn't know. The first pose. Ruby the Kruskal's. And take an ace of spades is how we are getting ready. For the effect. You leave it on top of the very top. And we go to our spectator. It put a cost. They're proud of him. All we do, we ask the spectator to cut the cut anywhere he lie go she like whatever he counterparts, you can show it to somebody. So cut the cards, put aside their liberty, showed somebody to do the same motion is very important. So you put the cards in front of the spectator. He asked them to take. Cause for the other side, then you take another half. You put it sideways. So now it's important part, take his focus while talking from the calls to you. Because now in his mind, he remember he cut the cards and he crossed the cards. But the very top, we're going to take his focus and we need to do some misdirection in case of he'll forget what what he did over there. So while we're talking to him, the few ways of doing it is to speak about the choice that the free choice and spectator hat. So you can tell, all right, you made a choice. You could cut anyway, you lie. You could cross and cut anyway, you like no important, right? And that after a few seconds of saying things like that, you can come back over there to the deck. And you can say like, look at this colored you stopped. It's actually the ace of spades. And, but by dot, by dot MOOC, you'll be able to force any card spectator by just simply cutting the deck as cope because of handed that to most important parts of the string. The first one is having a car that you want to force on the very top. I'll show you later in the course we can do with it. So you have to select card on top. Another very important part is when you cross the cause, It's important to take Pop useful because it's very important to make a spectator to forget what was going here. To focus on the words you say, to get destructive. After speaking for, let's say 1015 seconds, you can easily come back to the situation you had or whether a mentioned that he had a free choice. Take the card and show him the colored histogram will be apses face right? As fast way of forcing the card the most. This way was simpler way because it doesn't really neat site of hand to do it. And only needs a spectator. And a way of acting the way of persuading the moves to the spectator. Another technique I would like to show you is a riffle force. We will take the card and say system wherever you like, stopped over their colors, stopped as a as a space. Refer forces. One of my favorites, because it's the most accurate way, of course encode. It gives you a 100% of accuracy when you forcing barely made the mistakes while doing it. Because it's, so, let me show you how it looks. We like before we keep the ace of spades, the CUDA we are forcing on the top. We put this card somewhere in the middle. That was the important part. And you put the cards, the cart in the middle and a cut this. When you cut the cards and put the ace of spades and the middle, you put your finger, the pinky finger, on the very end of the bottom of the counts. In this way, when a spectator looks for the opposite way. So when he's standing in front of you is not really visible. This way. It can look like you have a normal deck of cards without doing any funny, funny monkey business over there. Debug. Well, ruffling your font finger. It looks like you're doing nothing really peripheral according to hold it securely with your hands by so you can even make it easier. You can take your pointer finger for the below. Just go straight through there. Right? Now. The whole way of forcing the colored. So you need to ask spectator to say stop. Whenever he says stop, you gotta really stop. In the movement of grabbing the day, putting the finger over that. You put the finger, slide, slide in, slide out. Grab the place that you have your pinky, take the cows up. I showed the color of this stuff. But they don't really, because you grab the pinky will as a subspace. So let's do it again. You have your pinkie over there. Let's say that somebody refers near the top. So like it doesn't matter. You take the finger inside, you push it forward so the big movement, hide, the small movement. Grew up the cards and you show the card over them, which is a space. What about fuel goes too low, then we can have really kinda funny sneaky job. Somebody goes too low. He says stuck here. And you refer faster, saying like stock was, sorry, up to light. Let's try again. So you are doing a funny joke like, oh sorry to lay or you can do either that or you're going to see stuff today. So you gotta be kidding with them. You're going to be joking around. So we got to stop today. Say stop, stop. Stop here. Alright, that was perfect because it's a medal. So it looks very similar to the one. And we're going to grow up, say do like so. We take out our middle finger, grab the bottle, pulled forwards, intake of space. So two most important parts of this course, refer pose is to be ready when you starting the train. Just be aware that when you start, when you have your cards in a deck, and let's say later on you have some kind of prediction somewhere. Remember to start trading on the card on top of you. And you are trying to force. And we have an ace of spades right? Starting on the top. When we cut the cards. And we get ready to our riffle force, we are, we don't need to have a look. We know where the card is. Of course, why doing a trek? Having the ace of spades somewhere in the middle or say, we can spread the DAG by the AES, which is not a problem. You can do it while talking with somebody or making jokes. Would ever need. You have phi the A's rubbed the deck and take it to the top. While we have it on top, you just do the REPL set up. And that was the second important part, the festivals to have a close reading in a box. The second one is a technique I will help you a lot in a magic is important to remember that the big movement, heights small movement. For example, if we rub the crowd six of clubs, we do a big movement. We can hide the slow movement of hiding the card. And so motion looks like this. The big movement. In one moment we hide with a small movement that caught behind our palm, which looks like that. Right? So the big movement highs, the slow movement is the same with the references. Wherever they've movement of going forward. And a small movement taking, of taking things out of the deck and grabbing from the back of the place. And we have split that. So the big movement had swung here. Big movement as smoothly as one of the strongest and most useful techniques that it gives you great possibilities. We can perform tricks such as mindreading or predictions. Today will focus on two favorite techniques and mind. I use them all the time and after a good practice, they are bulletproof. The most important is the skill of acting and feeling comfortable. Remember that the emotions that you represent will be passed to your spectator event to have a good time to have spectator focus on giving him the good time first. For sure the resonance, if not, it happens, just move on in the world. Also, remember that the riffle force needs a lot of practice, spent a few days practicing before you would try on your first spectators. Alright, so now we have two techniques, how we can influence and the choice of our spectator. Let's see what we can do with it. 6. Reading Minds and More: Okay, so now we have our weapon, our skill. Let's use it in a right way. Let me show you the performers how it can be used to perform this trick. I invited my friend Matthew, and I'll show you how you can perform it. So Matthew, ever deck of cards, right? Can you shuffled these for me? Very good shuffle. Thank you. So how this same deck from the buck right at all because the same and in the front, the old different, right? So what I want to ask you, I'll refer for the class like so. I just want you to say stop whenever you're ready right now, we'll just turn over so it won't be any possibility I would see the card. My few say stop whenever. We rarely stop here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. Daily healthy. And just remember it for yourself. And you can put inside somewhere, probably somewhere in the half please. Now third. Yeah, ooh. But you remember the calibrate, you know, tell me or I will do something different. Ok. Please just can you imagine your card in your head, the margin? You can imagine rather yourself over there, the image of the cat image, the phase or the number, just having your mind limiting the number, right? Yeah, it has a number. As a big number, right? Yeah. Alright. As a blue black card kinda covered up or I haven't I haven't good gas. I have a good guess of code. Let me have a look. For the very first time. Can you please just say because you choose nine of parts? None, of course. Wow, school. There's an I-V curves. Thank you. So guys, now, after you saw the performance, lead dived in how to actually make this performance. So as you so Matthew was randomly picking a card. What I did was I refer force. So let's start from the beginning. I showed the costume. If you ask him to shuffle the cards, you shuffle the cards that I again show him records for the bug. That's what I need to see. The first god spread the cards. And so the first card was looking for to force to him and this example as a kind of house. So as I'm showing the cards and saying spectator and all causal rhythm and beginning the first cut. And I just remember in my mind, then I do the river force. I grew up the cards a cut. And now it starts historical world. So what I did as my favorite way of, there's my favorite way of reading minds, the technique of reading minds. So what I do. Say the spectator. Can you please say stop whenever you ready. I referred from the gods and of course I do the river Foster. I refer for the car's weight, our ten over because it doesn't really matter on the performance because I can force with a riffle force without looking on the cart, or I can just turn over and just pours the cards without looking. So what I did, I said, OK, wait a little bit, our turnover so wouldn't be any possibility. I will see the cop and there's a very nice thank suddenly, when you saying it, you adding another layer of impossibility. So you did refer pose given a card and there is a sample, right? Yes. So you pose the car will takes a card, you say, please remember the card and put it in a deck. And now we do refer is very simple. You just do like that. So we rubbed the cards with a fourth fingers in a front, one finger, last one on the bottom. It just simply slowly throw me the card. It can be mess in the beginning. It will get used to it. But if you don't want to do it, you can just give it. You can turn over just pathetic and pick up the code. You can spread the costs. Tell just pretended to put cut anywhere. You like. He puts the code anyway, like spread back the cards and gave him for the good shuffle. Because now at this point doesn't really matter. After he shuffles the cars, you can put them on a table or anywhere in the boats would there that you can even put some impossible place. And now you start your story. And my favorite story is to tell somebody to think about the code and just think about the COD or maybe sought to repeating NMR and just start to repeat in the mind. Uh, please can I ask, oh, a spectator to hide mouth with the heads? And I said I'll tell the story that it sometimes happens that the spectator at the passing, you ask to repeat something in them on moving the mouth. Why repeating something in the mind? So I asked somebody, cover them out. So make it more realistic, more real for him is very important. So why he's thinking about the col repeating NMR? I, as I said, things like, hi, please, just don't lie because it's not gonna work. It's adding another layer. Another thing that I like to add to the performance, I like to take off my glasses. I had a really good liberal my bare eyes into somebody's eyes. That makes the whole thing more crazy, strange for somebody. And then I started to repeating the car. So he repeats in the mind covering the mouth. Here's repeating, let's say for this example was ten of house. So he's saying tens of housing demand. And I start to do the 1010101010101010 of house to telephones was you can start to acting like we're like something just put optimal amount like telephone has, Wow. So it is the ten of hearts. You mean this call right there because it's just like, wow, this, my car is the way I'd like to do it. So just by reading the mind and also another way they can do it, you can just send like I did with MF, You Can you please emerge in the card number or the face in front of your herself? You can even start to, in your mind, just in your mind, please don't say anything. Just start to draw the card. So he started, he starting drawing the card of he thinks about only in mind. And then you starting to do the same movement like huge, like he would do if you need to. So it was ten of hearts, right? So he's thinking about drawing and in a mine, and you started doing the same. You are acting weird, new touching him, saying, alright, let's show it. Think about the first one. Is a number right way wherever it starts with one arrived. So is a one rather ones? Yeah, it's not, it's not a, it's ten instead of hearts, right? So starting to arc, you started acting legs, do some storytelling, some book. So there's a one of my favorite ways, right? It really depends on what you are looking for. Just be creative and try to come up with your whole idea of the whole performance, though, suits you the best as the best way to most important parts in a reading minds are really like reading my performance. So the first one is to get the series. So why you tried to read somebody minds? It can be a little bit weird for you because you already know the code is obviously you. But start with shrine, like try to act like it's really happening like you really getting some faults for the mind to start. I'd like you really, really, really getting something. Then when you add like that, the spectator will resonate. You'll feel the same queue filled reared heal from crazy about it. If you came up with the number of the cars he fought about, There'll be amazing failing for him. Another one that's very important is to having fun. So just try to be creative is very easy and simple trick and just force the card over the cross force or the riffle force, doesn't matter. And then you can start to have fun and go over the pledge of them. Amazing ideas that will really be fun for you to act. Font for you to perform. Just be creative. And you see how much joy it can give you. And the spectate and your friends and family. Okay, so let's go for the another effect. And other one will be a prediction. So now let me show you the performers of the prediction and the other way of using the force in performing act. So let's shuffle the cards. Cards few tons. So the way you do it, You asked a spectator to cut the cut anywhere in that like so on the side. So as we're up somewhere in half over here and just mark where we cut. So NSF and we're going to use this box to do something cool. Let's find out whether we stop a six of diamonds. Does the card, or we stumble. We just put the six of diamonds somewhere in a how the DAG, just simple move. We can just take the sex wants this. And you see what happened. Now. There's one card and a box, not the other one. Done six levels. So to do this effect, this trick, well, we need to do, we need to have a duplicate. What I mean by that. I do have a six of diamonds in the deck here. So what I did before the TRC happened, have put $600 on the books. As I was moving around with it, a groped type, the box. Now you can't hear the card inside because I holding tied on a very cold over their work. The cod is C though salvador, But if I loosen it, it gives a nice knocking. So I leave this deck over that. I showed. I have a box over that and leave it over there. We force our card. And this example, the six of diamonds because we're prepared for 600 islands. Do I did across borders but we can do refer force. Say stop please. Anyone here. Perfect. Let's see what the college you stop. Six of diamonds and now it's up to you can take the six of diamonds you can put inside anyhow you like, you can shuffle it, can do whatever they like. I really like the act that I did. So I put a box over there. And the magic of the when just simply they laid out most just allover. And now we can show that the code was well, strictly BOX. Nobody really, we'll be thinking about going deep into the DAG and looking for the six of diamonds. Also, it can prefer any different ways of predictions. So for example, you can have a marker made here on the biceps saying Six of hearts and maybe not 606 of diamonds. We can have a card prediction, your wallet, that will be very cool. You can have a prediction called or pay, pay even the paper. Just sign with the six of diamonds or any number, any cartridge you, you would like to pose to somebody, just hide it in your wallet or your abdomen under the mate. Whenever you like. Just tried to be creative and you will see the many possibilities, how you can use this force to perform. 7. Rubber Bands: Okay, so now we have a basics for creating an amazing illusions with playing cards. But magic can be creative and effing actually, basic everyday objects would do us good as playing cards if you know the slides and techniques. Let's talk about something that probably most of you have in your drawing. Relevance, marginal, quite unique because they are from tiger shark didn't have a rounder starve and accessories. They are little bit more stretchable as well. They have a really cool neon colors. But anyway will do. But let's have a look and we can do with them. 8. Split: So for example, let's pick up two random relevance. Let's say yellow and pink will, I will take one and take it to the other. Now you see that they are stock. They are stuck, right? We will pull in hot. The only way to solve it is to run with the middle, like so. And they go. And let's learn how to do split. The one that I just showed you a second before. Remember the rubber band? It's good to have two different colors because it makes it nice and more visual. And take it through normally as you know, does the whole slide. When you take the roundabout, you put hard on this side, on the side. And you tell your spectator, but you can't get through, even if you pulling out any way direction right? After playing it over there. You can simply do Rob and goes off. A movement happens here as you link one to free, you pulling this way. So when you pulling this way, what do you do? You hold your pointing finger with your middle finger like so. You're doing quite tough. And you rubbing it to yourself, towards to yourself. You changing finger from pointing. Tomato. Now this one can be free, is very important by holding it like so. You put the pointing finger next item, C And the same look. Now one going back. When you drop middle finger rubber, but we'll go off. And Islam M0 goes back here. And the robot will go of and we don't want to see the snap because then somebody you see the slide. So you have two rubber boats, indifferent column as important when you go through a new aiming to do your slides. So you starting like Daddy pulling hard, you telling your story and the moment that you want to do your move. As important to have a look, where are the eyes of the spectators? Because this trick works the best when you are doing in an eye level with the eyes and the spectator. So as you do your move, you want to, you are trying to aim into the eyes of the spectator. This way they won't see the movement because there's relevance, are covering what's happening here. You won't see it and then come back. You can easily perform to the end. And we'll be one regularize. They won't recognize what happened. And the same way you can do a twist. And then we'll go through, but it's really better to just have a look. You can go even to the Miro available. The Miro, which one looks the best for you? I'd like to do so in the front of the spectator like that. Because it gives me, it gives me the best reactions so far. But you can try to do it and have your own application, how to master it and perfected for you. So it really depends on the style, how you perform, but just remember the basic movement. So the two most important parts is keep the eye level. So have a look when they look and they tried to aim to don't show them how you do the move. Try to aim in the front of the eyes. And the another one. Try to be smooth is the most important action. Tried to be smooth. So when you pull it over that tried to be smoothed, tried to have some nice symmetry over the poet. You pull it, you put yourself into their move and you pull it again. And then wake up in the middle. Just go for it. Alright. Have a TRA. 9. Elastic Finger: We can also do it with a finger. What would take the finger, let's say appointing was just take the rubber band over the lake. So the only way to take it off is actually to pull it upwards. But it will take the way of it. By holding to the table. There's no way you can take it up. But maybe you can use it as you did it with a rubber band. So one can really hard sometimes to wait for it. So you take the rubber band, you can actually take it to submit a melted back together. Like so. Now you have buck the whole rounded corner. Alright, let's just go further. Now we're going to learn how to go for your finger. So let's grab this time, maybe the green color. It if it doesn't think normally twisted. And now you say to your spectator, look, the only way to get it out through my finger, just to pull it up. And it true. And now there's gotta be a move. We hold it like so. We hit our fingers. It doesn't matter which hand you gotta perform what I do in my dominant hand and my non-dominant hand, left hand. You headed straight away like that. Go through this way. You twist the metal finger, the hold this one. Twist again backwards, distort, gives nice, you can see, but nice you. And when you come back, it's very important to go backwards behind the thing. So integral lower. Now, if you put a rubber band, the bill, the rubber band will hold by itself because of the pressure. But really what's happening, you have a look over here and this the shear when you come back very slowly. And we'll let go and rubber belt and go through C. So just watch this video a few times to get a good feeling what I'm doing with my fingers. So again, you have the pointing finger, you twist the rub your middle finger, twist back again, creates the you go behind lines I can hold. And now it's a very cool part would I like to do? And you probably said, and the performance movie. So I let somebody to grab my fingers is the best part. So they grabbed my finger and I told them hold very stiff and very tight because it's going to help me and him to hold it. So we didn't want go through anywhere. Just only free my finger. So when you're holding it, just hold tight. You see what's happening to look and don't blink. Just tried to have it fun. Just try to have fun. Just tried to give some jokes like don't link the holistic. And I like to do so. Like it's gonna really be painful. The idea that I'm trying to put in the mice, I do 123. And then let's go and gives a nice little round circle around your finger, which makes it more realistic, right? So it's a nice layer of impossibility when you ask somebody to hold the finger is always better if somebody who helped you the metal with the trick is always good to invite them to the trick and just really create a string and make this effect in their own heads. So just do so ordered. 123. Yeah, it works though. That's cool. 10. Rising Ring: So another way to do some cool effects for the rubber band is by including some borrow eaten. For example, you can borrow a RNC. He used his reign like so. As grabbed, maybe a paywall, slap it. You just put a non-metal like so. What's this going to look weird? You're going to like it. And the top coincident has a very easy way to do so. Just rub over the, a little bit more on that side of your dominant hand. Him a small out over here and a little bit closer if you're wearing this thing as these fingers rabbit over there, just seemed to pay attention, which is the best degree when you do so, go about 45 degree. And then you just starting on typing a little bit your fingers. So it goes slowly, slowly, upwards and really goes by itself. You'll be amazed. Just go slowly, slowly upwards. You just need to practice to make it as smooth as possible. To most important parts of this trick is to actually borrow the ring because it makes another layer of impossibility and just quite cool because the borough, it'll make no that can't be tricked because they remember the wearing every single day. And other one is to ask them, is really important as well, to ask them choose the relevant. So then they have a really occasion to be involved in a trick. The choosing the rubber band, they're giving you a ring is to no extra layers that hey, have a choice. And it's literally a force because it doesn't really matter for you. You can do it with your brain. You can choose the rumble, but it's better and it doesn't make the difference for you in it's better for them. And they will have a really better reactions if you will lead them to choose any rubber band and give the rec after choosing the robber month, you just stopping off. Just put them in a metal. May very clear word. Just grab so I'm just perform smoothly. It will track. You will be amazed how big reactions you can get on such trick with a ring. A robot. 11. Coins: All right, so another cool everyday, object to use cause you can find them in your pocket or borrow from somebody. Just remember that borrowing is always better because it creates another layer of this possibility to your effect. Coins, in my opinion, take the most time for practicing, but it's totally Warfarin. You can do them everywhere. And the techniques that we're going to learn a variable. For example, you can use rocks, issues, paper, bulbs, etc, anything that we'll be able to get covered in Nepal. But for now, let's see what we can do. Yeah. 12. Coin Through the Table : All right. Let me show you something else. The other coin, right? Silver coins report and just actually do something crazy. Let's grab this coil. This hand goes under the table. Was this shrank from table? Two ahead. See there, of course, has grabbed the coil. Maybe this one with this hand. Just take the head. Over there. We see actually goes. So you want to learn this move and this trick actually to purport to lead to very important and basic moves in a coil magic once called fingernail. And it looks like so, you know, the finger they could go hold in your thing upon. The other one is a classic form holdover there. Looks like he tossing it around. It's actually over a hand in your pocket. So as begin thinking about, looks like so. It doesn't really matter if you use your dominant hand or non-dominant hand only can use them both to perform this. Move me to take a coin and just put it over there on the ring finger. Try to aim between the joint, attaching the finger your power. As were the first George and finger. Just place the coin over that. Hold it tight. C is wholly toward them. It's important to practices move. It's important to remember to cover the coin of the other fingers. So take your pinky finger and try mentally glue it. The ring finger as well, the middle finger. So in this situation, when you holding the coin, it's completely invisible. C, You can move freely this fingers, pointing fingers and thumb, without showing the coins in your poll, right? It's very important to cover. Now, we can work in a house, we can practice in a hole by just doing things that we normally do, do morning coffee, drink, or even, I don't know, Hold something. Just important to practice by holding the coin in a grep for creating this Muslim worry. So your muscles will remember the movement that will end our practice though, develop the muscles that we'll be able to help the coin properly. Get a good feeling of it. Right? Now is a loop, is the same that move the table into practice grabbing the coin. Robert, Of course, you are not grabbing the scroll. And you take your hand and you have a cone home over the show together. You've got to put it under the table. At the same time. Usually the coin here. And while you are knocking the table, you are knocking with the coin on the table. In the same time, my dad. So again, you act like you're grabbing column with the finger part, the heat. You go other table, unite with the coin in the same time when you knock you with your fingers. Now, favourite bot. So to do this, how would you, so to do this audio effect into press and the press. C. So to do this audio effect, ie to impress with practice the movement of grabbing and holding. So when you grabbing the coin is important to tear it over your head. So you are not showing the pol the Inside Palm? Seeing just turned over. Yes. Oh, we doing a MOOC will take, act like we taking coin and we need to somehow cover the colon right? In a car with a colleague in our heads. So practice grabbing coil for a real, rubbing a call from real, and then do a move was now it should look the same like it looked when you are grabbing it for real, allowed the star elected over them, right? And a good close look. You put your hand over there. You take it out of your town. And over the pole. In the same time, just a little bit when this hand is going upwards as important because you're paying attention and the focus of the spectator to displace this hands-free. So you can do a little and cover the coin if the spectator will focus on this hand and this style, you can take this hand and put the coin in a pocket. Or highly somewhat both the art and be focused on the hand that you are holding the colon. So again, the move with a dropping the coin are, so you are glad you grab it, iterate over the bomb. This briefing is a stain soil here. These are able to move. You hold the call. You put in your poly, I'd like you have this coin, feel the weight of this coin. Can slap somebody's head. You can also take a coin and bringing the attention to the hand. See suddenly fingers. And it's gone and not have my laughs, I just drop it. So big roof, height, this model erupted coin. And they're really, I grew up the coin. I have it over the, do the movement. So the spectator is paying attention to my right hand and do the movement and at the same time and dropping the coin, download my lumps. So do the movement that I dropped the coin overlaps. I'm here, I'm coming by. Go. Alright, so now let's learn the classic pop, classic Paul as the palm that staking a place in the middle of your palm. See the thing that is holding the cone inside the poem as this muscle as well, muscle, it is near to your pinky finger. As a place the coin here gently squeeze and you will see, are the coins getting stuck? See isn't falling. Just take the coin, base it over there and you'll get a good feeling of it. Maybe, maybe the coin that you are using can be too small or too big. Try with different cones and see which one fits you the best. It's always better trying the bigger one. You can always size down. But it's better to practice and start to do the easy coin, then you can go for the normal. So we have a big coin, right? And places over there. Also we can practice this move at home by holding some star, by drinking, maybe even eating breakfast, dinner, whatever you do it now, if you want to practices move and master it as fast as possible, just place the coin in your palm or this palm, any palm actually. And just practice the movement. Then you seamlessly. So to perform the effect of vanishing the coin, tried to grab the coin in a poem and just drop it. Number two, drop it to the medium open hand. The media open hand as well. Because we need to cover what will happen later, right? So we dropping it, dropping it in a good time. We can move, which is a factor of n. So as we dropping, dropping, we're acting like we dropping. It looks nearly the same like we did normally. When a coin dropped. That coins over there, we act like we grab it, even can point our finger at over them. It's good to try firstly later. So you'll be able to hold the coil of the whole hand. So we'll follow. You spoke this hand. You snap your fingers and it's gone. 13. Poof Gone!: All right. Let me show you something else that rubbed the coin. Actually, there's cervical and propounded Barracuda. Lets grab it. Was this I'll just put it over there. And just takes. So to do this effect, we need to practice a little bit of misdirection. Important partners. We using the whole poem like so to get together all your fingers, lot split them any way you can. With whole palm. Just try to grab a coin covering and showing it the spectator. So beanies and smooth for you to show the coin to the spectator. The right moment. Fellowship. It's very easy. It's actually on my labs. And so with that, we'll just take the coin. In the UK, like grabbing, actually you are dropping it on your laps. Again. We act like we're grabbing I grabbed already imported to act like you act normally. So when you acting like grabbing, Anita looks the same, like you will be clubbing because it's very important to practice the grabbing. So you can do the same way you can Nero into mirror this movement. So you drop it like a rabid intos it in this hand. You do anything with the other hand. So just just use your glasses, just Pajek glasses and you have whatever you do, just make it go like so as few ways of actually punishing the coin. So rabid already lost it. I like to do it like rubbing it, holding over there and just snapping it. So this is like more nice and steph, thank I like to put them in my hand. And just from linear. So take a coin, show it, right, it showed the one hand. And otherwise, you put it over there and just or simply just toss it and just you get really act like you are shocked to this, so something crazy. So the two most important part here is to mirror the movement. So the movement of the coin and the movement without the coin to look the same. And another one important one is to do the moves, the ending one that's called finisher to the finisher in a factory spectacle way need to actually be delivered at the coins over that. So when you hold the coin, you don't really encode anything to be real. Act like it's over there. Just make it go. Remember also about the degrees and a point of views, because from this angle and you hold the coin, right, because here are the, somebody would be standing over there next to me. On the other side though, we'll see they have a coin. It's important to keep your spectators in front of you. You can always take a step back and we'll have more space to present the trick. Keep them probably the best way to keep them in 180 degrees all over them. Let's move forward. 14. Pop: Alright, so let me show you something. Let's grab bag, of course. Actually, any cause we like let's say this one. We have four housewife because they run the full house and just going to draw a circle on a code like so. See, this cycle can represent few facts. But for me, it looks like a coin. So let's have a look 12 for a critical. We can put it back inside of buggies or so. To perform this effect, we need to have a playing card, a coin, and a market. What we're gonna do is I'll take first card, put it flat, rubber coil, put it over there, and put the rest of the deck. Now, starting with the spectator is sitting, let's say in front of us, like you are in front of the screen now, we grab a deck of cards. Which entity? Because we don't want to drop the coin side. We put a diagonal bomb. We spread this same motion where we're spreading the DAG. We dropping the coin in the right hand side is going to fall by itself, is over the other bit. Ponding is nobody will see it in front of us, but we will be doing it. The spectator, we can come closer so he will see the deck from the top view. We ask you to select any calculus like, let's say the nine of clubs. And we grab the line of carbs. We hold the coil in a finger bone. We grabbed their clock, we grab the code for the dig down. And we showed the spectator holding the thing about the coin, that a car is empty from both sides, right? So now when we facing the cart or our fingers, replacing it straight on the Corn Law, we can hold the coil of the code behind. We take the marker and we draw a nice circle. And even good out of the coil that we have. Now upon. We showed a spectator says, look, looks like coin. Let me show you how to produce them money or any story that you would like to present to your spectator. One of the money and creating money, buy cars is quite cool. So look, it looks kinda like a coin. Did you know that it can create money of codes. Just have a look. 123. Just went out. C. So the movement to have this flag is not as sound, is to grab the coin. Hold it with your pointing fingers, with both hands, and just move around. You have thrill. And when you're dropping, it will be a nice sound of plague in one moment. Ly sounds we just wanted to hear is perfect for this effect to the holding it. They sound of clicking and we were pushing it out. Now we can perform our loop, our taking that we learned before. Today. We can use the classic pop, classic power or we can use the fingernail. So just take the coin and just gently put it over the why you're doing it. You're doing it. You ought to pay the coil and drop it on your labs like so. And you put the coin and you act like you are really pushing and inside. That is barking M two normal and give the spectator. And it will be a part of his memories that he will keep with him. 15. Final Thoughts: In the end, I want to thank you for being on that journey with me. It was great fun to share with you. One of my personal favorites in magic, feel free to watch this content again so you can follow all the steps and trained. Remember magic is different for anybody. And there are plenty of paths that you can follow. Whatever path you choose. By practicing, you can master it and perform amazing illusions. So now you know how to perform using rebels, coins, and clouds. On extremely excited. You'll be able to perform this amazing images which are one of the favorites of piezo. Just go practice the best-practice by performing and see you later.