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Simple Lariat Necklaces: In Suede and Leather

teacher avatar Amy Robertson, Jewelry Designer / Maker Extraordinaire

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Simple Lariat

    • 3. Y Shaped Lariat

    • 4. Choker Style Lariat

    • 5. Scarf Style Lariat

    • 6. More Inspiration for Your Project

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About This Class


In this class you will learn to create four basic styles of lariat necklaces using suede and leather. These basic styles can be personalized in many different ways to suit your style.  This class is great for beginners, because it will produce quick results while requiring minimal tools.

By the end of this class you will be inspired to create many styles of lariats for yourself or for gifts!

Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Robertson

Jewelry Designer / Maker Extraordinaire


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Amy Robertson, and in this class, we're going to learn how to make some lariat necklaces and lariat necklaces don't have a class for a hook at the back of the neck like most necklace styles, and instead you Fastenal area close by tying and not in the jewelry itself. And it has an open decorated ins that air looped or nodded instead of classed. It can also have a center ornament or loop that will hold the necklace together in the front. In this class, we're going to be focusing on Larry necklaces made with suede and leather, and the four styles that will be working on include a simple area, ah y shaped Larry, it a choker style area and a scarf style period. This class is perfect for beginners because we're going to keep the basic supplies that you need to a minimum, and we're gonna try and not use any specialized jewelry tools that you might not already have. The first thing you're gonna need is some suede or leather rope, and the suede comes in many different colors and sizes, and you can find it pretty much any craft store. I even found this faux suede at Wal Mart for pretty cheap leather courting also comes in many different styles in many different colors. There's round leather. There's more of a square leather courting. There's also a very flat, soft deer skin leather. Um, whichever you choose. You just want to make sure that it will fit through the beads that you've chosen to put on your necklace, these air, the bead charms and pendants that I have chosen to use when making my necklaces. But if you go to a craft store, you confined our wide variety of choices that may be more suitable for your own style. You just want to make sure that the holes in the beads or the charms, um, are big enough to fit the leather. So I would say at a minimum, three millimeters. And it would be best if it was more like five millimeter holes. And for some styles of lariat necklaces, we will need some sort of an ornament in the front that has a hole in. These don't have to be circles, but it has to have a hole in it that's big enough for the ends of the necklace to fit through other tools you might need include a measuring device to measure out your suede or leather courting scissors to cut. The courting glue can be used if there's beads that you want to keep in place better and maybe a B dreamer or other sharp, pointy object, just in case you have trouble getting the leather through the beads. All right, let's get started. 2. Simple Lariat: our first necklaces, a simple larry it where one end of the necklace is brought through a loop or other finding on the other end of the necklace. To make this necklace, we will need to big hole beads, a charm or a pendant, a circular finding for the ends to go through and some black deerskin lace and also some scissors glue in a measuring device I'm using, Ah, 1/8 of an inch black deerskin lace, which is a nice soft leather. I'm going to cut about 30 inches, which it makes a smaller than usual Larry it. But you can adjust this to make it any size you want. We will start by taking one end and putting it through one of the big hole barrel shaped beads and pulling it down and then putting the end through your finding and folding over the tail end of the leather, leaving about two or three inches of tail in the making an overhand knot by looping it over and pulling the finding through, and you want to make sure that your night not is nice and tight up against the finding, and then we're going to push the big hole. Be back down over the end of the tail and pull it down up against the knocked. And now take the other end through the other big hole bead and then through the whole of dependent, and fold the tail over about two or three inches and then make an overhand knot and loop it around. I'm sticks dependent through the loop. Once dependence through. Then you just make sure that the not is nice and snug up against dependent. And then we're going to pull the big hole bead over the tail so that it slides up against the not And there you have it. I like to cut my tails off. Although this is optional, I cut it off near the bead. And in order to make sure that the B doesn't spite around, you can use some glue. I like to use the e 6000. It holds well and it drives pretty fast. And also it has this nice pointy tip. They can get right down into the beads so that you just put a little dab where inside the bead where the tail is and that will just hold it in place and then we're done. And so where this necklace you just put the chain around her neck and then slide the one and with dependent through the finding of the other end, and then just let it hang and you can keep the finding of tightening your neck or down lower whatever suits you. 3. Y Shaped Lariat: next is the Y shaped Larry it, and this is another type of necklace that uses a ring or some other finding toe. Hold the necklace together in the front, and the finding is located at the center of the necklace, with both ends brought through the middle. For this, the necklace we will need 1/8 of an inch brown soft suede lace of finding, such as a ring or some other shape with a large hole in the middle. One very big large hole bead that has a whole about five millimeters in size. Two large hole beads with at least a three millimeter hole and then two other smaller. I have thes silver ones here that are also large hole with about a three millimeter hole. We could also use scissors, glue, a measuring device and possibly a bead reamer or some other sharp object. First, I'm going to use this 1/8 of an inch brown soft suede lace, and I'm going to cut about 48 inches of it. Sometimes when the suede comes folded on a card like this, you'll get kinks all in the courting, and so if you just give it a gentle pull. It'll usually stretch out these kinks, especially with this soft suede lace. To begin. We want to fold the swayed in half and find the middle and make a little loop and then insert this loop through the finding and then pull the tail ends through the loop middle of the swayed to make China next, we're going to pull the two ends through the five millimeter hole, big hole bead. Then we're going to tie a knot toe, lock it in by making a roop and then pulling the ends through that loop. Now we're going to take one of the tail ends and add one of the smaller big hole beats. And if you find that you have trouble getting it through the hole, what you can do is is just take your scissors and cut the end off to a point, and this will just help you ease it through the bead. And so once you've got that smaller one on next, we're gonna put the bigger large hole beat on the end. And if you still have trouble, even with the point, you can use a bead re murder, other shop object to just kind of get it going through there, and then it will be easier to pull through. And then we're going to leave a little bit of a tail and tie an overhand knot at the end of the strand so that the beads want full off. Now we're going to go and do the exact same thing on the other side on the other tail. We're gonna cut a diagonal to make a point at the end just to make it easier to get through the beads. We're going to start with the smaller one and then at the larger big hole bead. And once those air on, we're just going to make it overhead. Not by making a loop, putting the fruit in through, making sure it's nice and tight so that the beads won't fall off. And at this point, you can decide if you like the tales. You can leave them or you can cut them shorter. This time I'm going to cut them shorter. Kind of near the not not too short. I want to make sure my not a super tight and cut them, you know, with a little bit extra there. And if you want to secure it with a little bit of glue you can, just to make sure that those nuts don't come undone. Toe wear double wrapped the necklace around your neck and pull both ends through the center . Finding just like that, you can also, where this similar to the scarf style Larry it were. You just wrap it around and put both ends through the finding. 4. Choker Style Lariat: in this lesson, we're going to make a choker style, Larry it. And this is a type of necklace that doesn't actually have a finding that works as a closure in the front. Instead, it's just one long piece of leather or suede that you wrap around your neck twice, kind of like a scarf jewelry hybrid. For this, we will need some soft suede lace in some big hole beads that have, ah, hole that's at least three millimeters. But bigger is better and easier. And in this example, I'm using 12 round beads for the ends, six on each side and 10 scroll beads and 24 barrel beads for the center decoration. We could also use scissors, a measuring device and possibly a bead reamer or some other sharp object. I'm going to start with the soft suede lace. Um, I'm using this 3 30 seconds with, but you can use up to an eighth of an inch, and I'm going to cut 60 inches of it, and I'm gonna take one of the ends and I'm going Teoh measure out about three inches for the tail, and this can very depending on your liking. And I'm going to tie an overhand knot by making a loop and pulling the in through and just tying it tight, and this is going to secure the beads on the side. And then with the other end, I'm going to add the sixth round beads that will go on this side. Once I have all these on, I want to make another not at the other end of the beads just to secure them in place. So make a loop and then just pull that in through and secure the not down close nearer the beads toe, hold him tight. Now we're going to start adding our center beads and we don't want Teoh put a not yet, because we've gotta wait until the end to find the center of our necklace. So I'm going to add the 12 barrel beads first, and then I'm just sliding them down out of the way, and they will go sort of towards the center. Once I've gotten these on, then I can start adding the tin squirrely beads, and if you find that some of the beads air hard to get thean through, you can cut at a diagonal to make a point at the end, and that will help get it through. Get it going. If you're still having trouble, you can use a bead, Reamer or other sharp object just to give it a little shove through. Once I have all 10 of these on, then I'm just going toe, push them up against the other barrel shaped beads that we had previously put on in sort of towards the middle ish. And then I can continue on with the other 12 barrel beads that will go in the middle. - We're going to make sure that these all are kind of in the middle, but we're not going to make our not yet. We want to do that at the end to make sure it's really centered. Now we're ready to add the other six round beads that will go at the other end, and we're gonna put them on and pushed them out of the way a little bit so that we can make a not That's about three inches from the other end, just like we did on the other side. Once we have the not where we want, we want to make sure that the tales are about the same length and cut off any extra just so that they match. And then we can pull the six speeds down and secure them with another overhand knot by making a loop and pulling the end through, and that will secure these beads on this end. Now we need to secure the beads in the middle. So we're going to find the center by folding the necklace and half and finding the midpoint . And then we're going to center the rest of the beads to that midpoint, and then we're gonna tie a knot at each end of the beads toe, hold them in place again. This can be done with a simple overhand knot by making a loop and just pulling the end through. And then we're done. And now to wear it, you just double wrap the necklace around your neck, and then you can just let the end saying, or if you want, you can tie a simple not by looping over once, like you're tying a shoe lace and having it lay like that 5. Scarf Style Lariat: Now we're going to work on a scarf style lariat necklace and similar to the choker style Larry it. This one doesn't use a finding toe. Hold the necklace together. It's simply just a long piece of leather or suede with decorated ends. For this necklace, you will really only need some suede courting and two charms or pendants. You could also use a measuring device, possibly glue and some scissors. I like using this soft suede lace because it lays a little nicer than some of the stiffer suede courting that you can buy and 3 30 seconds or 1/8 of an inch. It's a very good thickness according to use for this project, but you can use any kind of thickness if you would like, as long as it will fit through the holes on the charms or pendants that you're using, I'm going to cut 48 inches of it. And again, this is just the length that I like, But you can make it shorter or longer, depending upon the style that you want to use. Dependence that I chose came like this with the beads all attached in everything already, so that makes it nice and easy, and we're just gonna take one in and feed it through the loop that's on the end of the pendant and leave a tale about two or three inches long and then Foreman overhand knot by making a loop and then pulling the end of the pendant through the loop and pulling it tight just to make sure that but not is nice and snug, then we're just going to do the same thing on the other end. So take the end of it and put it through the hole, um, the end of the pendant and leave a tale of about 2 to 3 inches. And then we're going to make another overhand knot by looping it around and pulling the end with dependent through the loop. And then again, you are pulling the not tight so that it's flush up against the pendant. And then there you have it. Now, at this point, you can decide if you want to keep the tales that air on the end here. I usually like Teoh cut the tails pretty short, Um, fairly close to the not not too close. You want to make sure that you're not so are really nice and tight so that they don't come loose. So I'll just cut them fairly close to the not. And then, if you want, you can add a dab of glue so that the knots don't come loose. I like to use this E 6000 has that nice, pointy tip, and you can just add a little dab right on the not where the tail end is just to make sure that it doesn't come loose, and you can just let it dry for a little while before you wear it. To wear the necklace, you just full the necklace and half with the two necklace trillions draping parallel to each other and wrap the Fulda necklace around your neck and then pick up the into the necklace and feed them through the loop to fasten the necklace. Just like that, another way that you can wear this necklace is to just let it hang in the front and tied in . A simple not, and this will give you a longer look, or you could also wrap it around your neck twice and wear it as a choker style necklace 6. More Inspiration for Your Project: All of these necklace designs that we have been working on can easily be personalized to fit your own style by changing up the colors, the beat, impending choices and even the length of the Larry It. Now I'm going to show you some variations on these designs to give you even more inspiration for your own necklace projects. As you can see with this other example of a simple lariat necklace, clasping the necklace with a different shaped finding can add a new dimension to your jewelry. Changing the color and thickness of the leather or suede can give your necklace a whole new look. And if you can't find that perfect finding for your necklace, you can make your own by stringing some beads together in a loop. For the choker style lariat necklace, you can use a pendant in the center instead of beads like we did in the project. Also, as you can see, the round leather courting works great too. You can even try using multiple strands of suede or leather in your necklace design and even just varying the length of your necklace can give you a whole new look. Thanks for working on this project with me. Be sure to upload pictures of your completed necklaces in the project gallery. I can't wait to see what you create.