Simple & Fun Watercolor Techniques for Relaxation and Stress Relief at Home | Yana Shvets | Skillshare

Simple & Fun Watercolor Techniques for Relaxation and Stress Relief at Home

Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

Simple & Fun Watercolor Techniques for Relaxation and Stress Relief at Home

Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Ready to relax?

    • 2. What materials will you need?

    • 3. Method of splashes & attribution: splashes

    • 4. Method of splashes & attribution: attribution

    • 5. Method of marking & printing: marking

    • 6. Method of marking & printing: printing

    • 7. Method of wet on wet technique

    • 8. Method of coloring

    • 9. Class project

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About This Class

Probably every single one of us felt stressed at least once in a lifetime. And everybody has their own ways of coping with overwhelming feelings. Watercolor is a beautiful and fun way to release stress, meditate and simply take your mind away from problems. And you don't need to be an experienced artist to use it!

I created this course to show how you can use watercolor paints for relaxation and fun based on this medium features and abilities. 


- you'll learn how watercolor works, its foundations

- you'll learn popular artist's tricks and techniques

- you'll apply those skills on paper to play and have fun

- you'll discover ways how watercolor medium can bring you into meditative state

- 4 methods of relaxation based on watercolor features:

  1. Splashes & Attribution
  2. Marking & Printing
  3. Wet on wet
  4. Coloring (blending)

One lesson (coloring) has an outline of the drawing (flowers) which you can download, print and paint right away.




Methods and exercises I offer don’t rely on a final result, but on the therapeutic, meditative state of the creative process. It is all about being in a process, relaxation, letting go or finding types of control that allow you to feel comfortable.

My class is merely suggestions to explore your inner voice and reduce stress  based on watercolor abilities to flow and mix. All I want to do is redirect your attention from something that is bothering you to something that is relaxing you and absorbing your attention.

If you are staying home and want to spend this time creatively, join this class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yana Shvets

Paint.Travel.Take a risk


Born in Ukraine, raised in travel. 
I am a professional watercolor artist, full-time traveler and a salsa lover ;)
After a burnout in the office, I hit the road without any plan and since 2014 I've been travelling around the globe, visiting different countries & settling down for a few months (sometimes years) in different cities. My watercolors are inspired by places I've visited and people I've met.

You can follow my travel-inspired adventures on Instagram.


My original paintings and prints of those are available for sale if you appreciate art on your walls ;) 
I am open for commissions and happy to create an artwork that will inspire you, have an impact on your family or become a gift for beloved ones. Just hit me a message.

... See full profile

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1. Ready to relax?: in this course, I would like to share with you four simple ways. How you can use watercolor for relaxation. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits off our therapy, and you don't need to have prior skills to do what I'm about to show you. All you need is time, and you said of watercolors, a couple of brushes and anything you can find in your home more about materials in my course Essence. My name is Yana. I'm a professional watercolor artist, but in this course I'm not going to teach you how to paint specific artwork. I instead want to show you what you can do with water colors to relax, meditates and simply take your mind away from anything that's bothering you. What the color is a simple to use, water based medium, which doesn't need special equipment. It drives fast, doesn't take much space, and most importantly, it's alive and unpredictable. You can start your self care practices already now, even if you have never hold a brush before. So if you're saying home, want to redirect your attention to something fun and creative or just looking for idea to spark your creativity, jump right in 2. What materials will you need?: So when this course, we're going to need Onley, three main watercolor tools, brushes, paint and paper. I'm gonna cook to talk about those. You don't really need any professional supplies for this class you can find and use anything you haven't your home. Like over here, you will literally need a couple or maybe three brushes. You would need her arm around synthetic brush like this one if you have a flood. Probably brush. Sorry. Like this. Um, you can use it as well. I also have a liner which has extended Bristol is over here. But if you don't have it, it's no big deal. I'm using professional watercolor said in Pull it over here. But again, whatever you find a to your house, That's all right. The watercolor paper I'm using today is Kansan Month. Well, it comes in a block. There is just a paper sheet that I cut out specifically for this class. The bloke means that paper is touched, include together, so he couldn't paint. They're actually in a block without Maureen, that the paper will go baby or changes shape. However, if you will use just one paper sheet like this one, you can use washi tape and a touch your paper sheet to the table directly or to the doublet will become one. This is literally all we need for this car's. Additionally, we're going to have fun with some things that you can find around your home. Like for example, I have some friends Black Joe open wide open that I'm gonna have some details, have a straw, which I'm going to use for some special FX as well. Assault. And I'm sure everybody has sold at home. Um, also, you will need some tissues, so make sure you have some tissue or even toilet paper to use for this lesson, and we will need some plastic. So I had delivery earlier. And here is the plastic. I'm gonna just cut a piece of it and used to some special tricks, which I will tell you later in the class and right on side of my building, there's a tree with beautiful flowers, which I picked up, and I'm gonna use it to create Prince directly with this followers just like this. It's about it. And let's start 3. Method of splashes & attribution: splashes: first exercise this precious and attribution we will use with the color too dumb, pained, blowing it splash and splitter and then find a meaning to it later. So the point here is to pick up paint and just drop it however you want. Try this. Apply some clean water on paper. Now pick any color. What is your mood? What color is your mood right now? Is it yellow, blue, black, big. Any colors you feel like. Speak to you at this moment. I just dropped dark pink collar or Hindu Creedon. See how nicely it spreads. But the color is a water based medium. The more water on your brush and paper you have the more watery and flowing results you have now. I'm end in blue and just enjoying the way to colors air. So Flynn mixing with each other. I raised my brush to make sure it's dry, and I want to show you something. Say this spot. The pain stays as a firm dot because paper and brush on dry. There's no water and no movement, and now I load my brush with would repaint and drop it into my first mix of colors. Look whole lively. Those colors are the more liquid your brush holds, the more freely your paint moves on paper. Interesting to note, water is a natural guide for paint, so if it just pain with water now and then at pigment pigment will strictly follow the path off the water. It will always stay within the frames I created with my previous water stroke. Now I would like you to take a straw and blow in your pains brush. I mean it. If you don't happen to have a straw, there is no problem. You can as well blowing it without it. It will work just the same way I will show. Here is another water and mix. I picked cadmium yellow and blue, and now I'm blowing without a straw. You just need to have enough liquid concentrated on top of your paper for it to spread. If you're pain starts to get dry, it won't spread is easily. You can see how beautifully colors mixed together in the waste. You haven't even thought off here. My yellow color blended with blue and created all sorts of green tones. Let's keep going. Do as many colors questions as you want makes any colors As you wish. Just don't forget first clean water and then paint. When you feel like it's enough, I said, just just better some paint. This is how we do it. Loaded brush with water, become paint and just tap on your brush. Your brush has to have enough liquid to release players just like this. Switch the colors better and blame. There's another way to release bigger drops. Tepe Brush against the finger. What shop? Everything on your table was going to be in splatters, too. I find splashing and spluttering. Superfund while you're paint is still wet. Let's create magic. Take your sold and drop it on some areas off your paint so it will create very interesting frosty partners, basically pushing out the pigment and show in whiteness off a paper sheet that the paper dry and we'll get to attribution, part 4. Method of splashes & attribution: attribution: take a look at what you have here. I know old is didn't have a purpose. But now I would like you to find it first. I saw this thing because of that long We said line. But now that I look at all this creation again, I think it's more like a cat. So I'm going to outline a cat over here. Look at it creatively, and I'm sure you will recognize some shapes. Is there a flower somewhere? Here appear a guitar. It's like recognising shapes within calls in this car. Take a moment and really look at your mark. Since precious, I'm sure you can discover amazing things. So I'm in the animal mood and this second mark looks like a high shock. To me, it is really entertaining trying to find hidden shapes and forms. This one is also looks like some mythical creature to me. Okay. And this is going to be a tree. I'm very curious. If you find this exercise relaxing or exciting, it has definitely been fond for me. I felt like you know, being a kid again and searching for hidden treasures. If you try and like this method, feel free to share your discovers with me in a project section 5. Method of marking & printing: marking: exercise to market and printing. Just with shape of your brush, you can leave some nice marks and paper, which looks like tear. Dobbs battles grass. So here I've been playing with my wrong brunch president will down and creating those shapes that look like flower petals. It also can be just a some mythical plant or tree. Take your time to enjoy the marks your brushes leaves. Maybe you have a collection of different Russia's. Try them out. They all might leave a unique trace on paper. Load your brush with a few different colors, press it belly down on paper and creates various shapes with the flat brush. I can create strokes that remind me off grass or leaves. Just take your time exploring what type of marks your brush can leave. In paper. Don't be worried how it's gonna look like it really doesn't matter. What matters is the process off moving your wrist lifting and present your brush down and see what type of mark you receive and just follow the flow. Don't try to create anything specific. Just leave the marks, and wherever those marks are leading you, that's perfect. - Experimental shapes and colors and don't plan anything. By the way, you can create whimsical shapes just with a single brush. Old a long This was marking. Let's move to printing. 6. Method of marking & printing: printing: But why limit yourself to just a brush? You can create Prince with anything. So here flowers. I pick them up here, the tree outside of my ability. First, I need to buy some color on paper and keep the paper. What? Otherwise the print off My father won't stick, so I apply clean water first. Don't be intimidated by this big brush is just more comfortable to lay down water on a big paper sheet. With such a brush, you can totally do it with your regular round brush, which have been using this whole time. Then drop some paint just like we did in the previous exercise. The color doesn't matter. Just few up the empty space with collars and don't think about it. Then put flowers all over the place. Spread out the pedals and press them down firmly to make sure the forward is completely flat. On paper. This way it will give away more of its UNIX section. If you add another color of the follow print will turn out even more divers. Now I have to cut a plastic bag from my delivery into rectangular shape to be able to cover the paper completely If you crumple the plastic, it will add more patterns and you twofold in areas. And finally put something heavy on top of it all, I want to mention that you can use anything as a print doesn't have to be flowers, but it has to be thin and flat. So that is shape is fully pressed against the paper. The fun part about this matter is that you have no idea what kind of print you will get. In the end, it is always a surprise. 7. Method of wet on wet technique: exercise. Three wet on wet for this one. We will play with a tiny worship tape if you have one. And also I would recommend you to touch your paper sheet to a table or a tablet. Now, with worship tape, I want to protect some area from paint. UN. Decided to take him down in a triangle shape, but you can choose any shape you want. What, what is one of the main motorcar techniques? Pretty much, oh, artists use it for their pieces when working with watercolors. As a guest, you need to use a lot of water when working in went in with. That's what I'm doing right now. Apply border everywhere on your paper. She'd go over the wash it up to water won't go under the tape. Don't worry about this. Take any cover. Your fuel is speaking to you right home. Um, I want something deep and warm. So I took French Children marine blue in the trend purple, and he likely done the point off. Wet on wet technique is to have a lot off water on your paper, water on your brush and paint while everything is wet. So don't be shy and dropped a ton of water. Big meant and what should be a witch in transformation of color? What? I'm going to create a specific artwork, but we're going to use the magic off color mixing here for relaxation purposes. Now I want to place something in the center of my painting inside the triangle. Let's say it's a flower, since my layers were still wet. Any pigment I lay down right away will bleed and spread in different directions. If I want to have a little more control over the layer, I need to pick up a thick pigment so less water and more pigment on my brush. See petals off my flower are still spreading out, but the edges are super soft. This is the power off weapon with technique. It allows us to create soft lines and harmonious color transitions. I'm not asking you to be focused or precise or detailed. I'm asking you do have fun and let the pain do whatever it wants to do. Let it surprise you. - Leave your painting to Dr Evil. Notice how colors will lose their brightness, but I have. That's all right. It happens when what the car gets dry. When you're sure all the layers are completely dry, you can add some strokes and point out details like veins of the flower or at some shadow to the heart of the flower. - I use the wide open to show some glowing on pedals, or you can add nothing and just leave the paint in the way it is when you're done with the details. Leave the painting to dry once again, so so that we can remove the worship tape without damaging the painting. See how our tape organically created a nice frame. As a bonus, you can creatively use this white space. Why not create an actual frame for this painting? You can draw it with Joe panel or paint, you know, with a different color. I have found a nice gold and paint here in a drawer, so I'm gonna experiment with it. You can as well just leave your frame white. It's totally up to you. If you like this method off relaxation and don't mind shared in your painting, I would be very curious to see what colors you've chosen and what the whimsical colors makes us. You've got 8. Method of coloring: and final exercise coloring government has been proven to be very helpful stress releasing and meditative activity for adults. This can help form a semi high plastic state while coloring where people can sometimes get a better understanding of themselves and you know their place in the world. I decided, degree the color and page for you. Actually, I'm gonna draw it right now we need to do is to download the fire with an outline off my floor. Oh, drawing printed on watercolor paper or simply copy to using the tracing paper. If you all printing the image, make sure your paper is less than 300 years, um so that a printer can take it in. I also think that the benefit of covering is that you don't need to think about what you do . The idea and outlines are already there for you yet requiring complete focus to work on. It's a get away, too mindful thinking and meditation, and I believe it consumes and reduce anxiety by giving you something simple and beautiful to concentrate on, - get yourself some tea or coffee. Put a nice relaxing music and take your time covering each flower petal leave there's no direction on colors to use. Just listen to your mood and pick the ones you like the most. If you want to keep the pain within the outlines, it is best to keep less water on a brush. This way you have more control over the paint that you releasing on paper and will be able to color in each petal more precisely. But of course, if you want to let it go and let the pain flow, you can years what in what technique we have already learned in the previous lesson, I will leave you here to enjoy your time painting and relaxing with watercolors. Please let me know which of the methods you like the most. The project of four the scores is to write down the exercise that you have found most helpful to relax. You don't have to share your creations if you don't want to, but I would be grateful and curious to see them if you feel like sharing. - Oh , 9. Class project: I hope you enjoyed the scores. The project off this course will be Teoh. Well, try all of the methods. Choose the one you like the most or you think helped you the most And just write it down. Share with me and other people here. What? You find the most relaxing when you paint with watercolors.