Simple + Fun = Productivity | Mary Fitzgibbon | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Problem with Pushing and Forcing Productivity

    • 3. Over Complicating Kills Productivity

    • 4. Short Term Focus isn't Helpful

    • 5. Brainstorm Planner & How to Use It

    • 6. Project Design Your Planner

    • 7. Final Words


About This Class

About This Class - Productivity Done Different

Learn the 3 Main Problems that get in the way of productivity and learn how to use a simple "Quick Brainstorm" Daily Planner to become focused and productive each day.

You will learn:The 3 main problems that get in the way of productivity

  • Pushing and Forcing Productivity
  • Over Complicating
  • Short Term Focused

The Tool that will support a new way to productivity

  • to be simple, focused and uncomplicated
  • and a change in the way you approach productivity

After taking this class, with the use of your unique planner you can feel proud and accomplished as you take simple steps one after another to the completion of many tasks.





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Mary Fitzgibbon

Movement to Possibilities

Hi I'm Mary.  I was born in Japan and raised mostly in Australia.  The reason I mention this is because I bring a flavor of Japan - simplicity, presence and attention to details as well as the the character of easy-going, flexible and friendly Aussie to all that I do.  I love anything to do with growth and development - hence coaching and facilitation.  My current focus being working with courageous women who desire to step into their potency. If you like the sound of that...

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