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Simple Facebook Ads For Local Businesses (2019 Edition)

Ryan Andersen

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4 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Open A Business Manager Account

    • 3. How To Setup Your First Ad!

    • 4. Analyzing Your Results


About This Class

Learn how to create a simple yet effective Facebook ad to drive targetted customers to your product or service creating more profit for your business.

In this course I will show you how to:

  1. Quickly create and setup your Facebook Manager account.

  2. Create a simple ad and have it running in less time then it takes to watch a Game Of Thrones episode.

  3. Analyse your results

This course is quick, simple and to the point and will show you everything you NEED to know to run a profitable ad without the technical jargon.

See you all inside!


1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Brian Anderson and welcome it a simple Facebook ads for local businesses. Now, in the short course, I was showing you how to run a simple and effective Facebook AB that drives highly targeted customers to your products or service, which ultimately leads to more revenue. Feel business Now. This course is designed to be taken by anyone regardless off their technical skill level. Really, anyone can do this. Just follow the short videos and take action creating your ab. Today I have also created a group, which he conjoined, so make sure you do this before starting so you can ask any questions you may have along the way for creating your first ad. Type the girl dinette right ads dot com backslash group in your browser and to be redirected to the group on Facebook. I have also created a dock for each of the videos, showing all the steps to feel free to print this out and follow along, if that's how you befor toe learn. Okay, guys, I will see you in the next video. In that video, I'll be showing you have step by step, How to set up your business manager. See, there 2. How To Open A Business Manager Account: Hi, guys. Ryan here. And welcome to your lesson on how to set up your business manager. Now, this will be a pretty quick video, as it's relatively easy to get this first step set up, but it is very important to get it set up like this. So what I want you to do is head to business dot facebook dot com Hit the create accounts of button ondas on your logged into Facebook. You probably won't see this. It'll ask you for your business name and your business email could stick whatever you want in for that. Whatever is appropriate. Um, and then you'll have added to a page. Looks like this. I've already got a business manager, actually just set up a noble one, which I'm gonna be using primarily for my, um my personal brand Page on dial show you that right now. So after you've done that, you should get a page looking similar to this. He won't have any of this. Of course, this is my stuff. Um, it'll probably just be blank here, and I'll just have a business settings button. But if you don't have that, the business setting button is just over here. So we hit that. Open this up and this is the next section we need to be doing. You'll have yourself as add mean to start off with. You can add other people here on this is what you do. If you'd say, wanna add myself or anyone else to help you run your ads? This would be where you'd be adding those people so simple process of just hitting the add button, just choosing which access. They've literally just changed this yesterday, having choose what you want to give them depending on the job they're doing for most advertisers, you probably don't want to just give him full admin access. But that's what you would talk over with the advertiser in the person running your account . Yes, So that's pretty simple. Start off with you on the need yourself. You're gonna be doing the ads. That's fine. So on your team that you want to be doing it, this is what you would add them, uh, partners. We don't need to worry about that for now. Next step in. The most important thing to do next is add your page. Now you're gonna need a page to run any sort of Facebook advertising. So if you've already got a page, you can simply go straight into here, hit the add button, then go out of page. And if you've got that page and you've created that with your account, you can instantly populate it within here. So just add that Facebook page name and it should pull up here, choose it, get out Page and claim it for your business manager. If you don't actually have a page, you can simply do it by going create a new page down the bottom here, nice and simple. Need a page to advertise? Gonna do it anyway? If you knew to doing to creating pages, it's really simple. Process. Click on here, just go through. Follow the details. Follow the prompts and agile Um, add your image, your logo and, ah, head up our Facebook cover and pretty much set. It's really easy to do, so the next step in the process is heading down underneath accounts and going ad accounts. Now, from here, you'll want to add an ad account should have nothing here currently. At the moment, it's a simple is going to be in that ad button and hitting creates a new ad account and call this ad account whatever you like. Um, pick your time zone. Whatever time zone your in and mainly advertising to local business, you'll just be using your own time zone. And this is important because this is when Facebook ticks over the budget. So, um, if I'm say, advertising in the U. S, I probably rather it be ah, us in the US Times are currency as well. You d or whatever currency you would like to be charged at and hit next from. He'll ask you to sync up your the person using the account, and that will be a simple process off just selecting who it is. And you should only have one person in the account if you're feel new to making it. So it should be a very easy, simple process, Azizan. See, if only got the one connected for me here. Um, if we had down here, don't worry about the app section. If you've got an INSTAGRAM account, you can simply add it in. He just hit the add button and then just bring bring that up and have that instagram account highly recommend getting one if you haven't got one or released looking into it. Instagram is a good way to drive some good converting traffic to your offer website to your business, and we'll talk about that war later on in the course. Ah, line of business projects don't need to worry about any of this stuff. The next thing you want to look at his payments. So what you wanna be doing here is actually adding a payment method in here. It's a simple is going ads on just sticking in all the details here, and then you can add what it'll ask you, then, is to associate that payment method with a particular ad account. And once you've done that, that means that that add account will use that payment method. Um, my Facebook goes to Bill, you so nice and simple, uh, easy way to do it if you want. If you have multiple pages and you wanna have different payment methods for each individual , page on was a little bit out of the scope off this particular course. But if you did, then you can add them all in here, and I've got that for one of my other business managers. I have quite a few payment methods cause I'm splitting out different businesses that way, so that's a way to do it. Also, you'd like to get down to business info. You can fill this in. Don't have to feel this in, um, but it's a good idea to do that when you can. So that's pretty much it for the business manager and Isis. Simple. I mean, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the group. Facebook do a really good job of actually showing and teaching this stuff in their help sections, actually quite in depth, So have a check in there. If you're not still not sure, feel free to ask it in the group, and we'll talk soon. 3. How To Setup Your First Ad!: Hey, guys. A Ryan Anderson here and welcome to the next video. Now, in this video, I'll be showing you how to actually create your ad and get it going on Facebook Now, taking up, up from where we left off on the last video We're on the business settings page here. So what you want to do from here is click business settings and go down to ads Manager. Now, this will bring you in to your ads manager that you have set up as default. And if you followed this course and it's your first time going through with this, you should only have one option here being the account that you're that you just started before. So leave this all as is this should all be correct. So from here, this is pretty much the layer of the ads manager and where you're going to be 99% of the time, relatively easy to navigate. It may seem a bit daunting, but it is actually quite simple. So I'll take you through now how we actually go creating the at first things. First we hit this little green and create button here, and you'll actually get a different pop up. It'll be a box. That sort of says quick creation or guided creation. Typically, I like the quick creation. So I'm going to show you how to run through that. I just find it. It's just a lot easier to set up. And once you've been doing these once, you're doing multiples of these cause you want to be testing the copy. You wanna be testing the creative. You're gonna be using this a lot more than the guided. Excuse me. Um, so hit the quick creation button and it should bring up this now from here. You want a name, you campaign. Just let's just name it whatever. Like, I'm going to do an m m a gym as an example. So let's just go. Uh, example two. Let's do example, too. So I've already done one quick example through their buying type auctions. So you can do really I don't know why they give you any other options or even put a drop down. There is only one thing you can actually do now. This is the campaign objectives on. There are quite a few campaign objectives on Facebook. Um, but for this course we're just going to be talking about messenger ads, which means it will be an ad that people see that they can click and message your page. And from there you can initiate conversation with potential customer and then close them for the South. Bring them in for a trial so on and so forth. In my opinion, this is the quickest and easiest type of ad you can use in our highly recommends. Anybody just starting or even advanced people start with messenger ads. It's a campaign objective. Drop down books. I think I'll start on traffic. Bring it down to messages. Split test in CBO campaign budget optimization. We don't have to worry about that. Just completely leave her, um, ad set name. So typically, I will name this where I'm going to be advertising. So for this particular Jim, I live in Brisbane, so I'm gonna just do a local ad for Brisbane. So Brisbane, On what age groups that's just go 18 18 plus and I'll just leave it at that. There's a little make a little bit more sense once we go on to the next section. Andan the ad name just put add one Yeah, it doesn't really matter. We can change all of this as we're going through. This is kind of just placeholder stuff. For now. Safe to draft takes a little while, and it'll pop these up. So now this is the campaign side. There are three different layers to an ad. You have the campaign where you're able to set the specific objective, which is, in this case, going to be messages so you can click edit on he and have a look. Um, you really don't have to change anything here. Just leave this for now. Things are changing with Facebook. As I'm recording this campaign budget optimization is going to be the standard, and we're not going to be allowed to actually do ad set budget. Ah costing. So anyway, don't worry about that. For now. I want to go in and explain it, but just know for now, But you can just leave this, as is. They're probably going to change the layer off the actual back end of Facebook quite soon, so we'll leave that for now. Okay, this is the main one. So now we've moved from campaigns. You can either do it by clicking here. What? You can do it by clicking this ad sets button here. If you've got a highlighted, of course. Just put just put a tick in that box there, then get out sets. If I wanted to see all the ads sets for these two ads, I'd check both of these boxes, then click add sets and I would bring both of them up. I just wanted to do the one I click just the one here and then click here. Nothing simple. Um, from here, you want to be going into you. Add setting. You can either click the edit, their or the edit there. I generally click down here. Okay, so this is the main section off the ad set the level. So from here, and you change your name and change the message destination. So this is essentially a choose where you want to send people to message your business. You want to send them click to messenger, which essentially means that they're going to go through to your messenger on, and you're gonna receive a message from the potential customer and clients on your page, and you're gonna be able to respond to them in real time. I'll talk more about that once we get to that level and other other factors in regards to that. But just know for now that you want to he have it as click to messenger, get budget and schedule to daily budget lifetime budget. Just leave it as daily budget start off with. I would just go $10. You can go $5 if you want. This is a U. D, by the way. So in the US over do the same as, well, just $10 have it Have it set for that if you wanted to doom or you're more than welcome to do more. But as Firas Testing goes, I like to stick to $10 start dates. You can start it whenever you want. I started right now if you wanted to, but what I would recommend eyes if you're If you knew I would just start it for the next day so I'd go. I don't start there. I generally started. Let's just say around 3 a.m. Because you don't 3 a.m. for AM You don't get a lot of traffic or quality leads. Early morning, he usually comes in. When people start to wake up, I usually find it really ticks off. About six I am. 6 to 7 is when it really gets going. That just moves on through the day end date. If you don't want to end it, it'll just leave it sitting on run as ongoing. That's fine. Now in the audience section, this is one of the major sections you need to pay attention. Teoh Custom audiences were not gonna be warring about that for this particular video. Maybe I'll do a little advanced tutorial later on on this, but when you're first starting, you don't have any custom audiences, so you can actually use this. It'll locations a case of everyone in this location. You got people who live in this location be a recently in this location or people travelling in this location, so generally I would keep it on everyone in this location. Now I could advertise to the entire of Australia, and that's 16 million people. I've got a little let's just say I'm promoting for this MM, a gym and I've got kids classes that particularly interested in promoting. I probably don't want to be promoting to the entire Australia. So what I do is I get rid of that and asylum in Brisbane, Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland's Cool. So what's that giving me that's given me 1.9 million people. That's still a lot of people. Now I can pick cities within the radius or current city. Only currency only will keep it about that. Anyway, um, I usually go cities within the radius, and I might up it just depending on how far you really want to go out. 25 am I 25 miles, um is usually where I sit it at. So yeah, that's usually pretty good. You can go bit further if I go up to, like 50 m starting to hit the Gold Coast. People probably aren't gonna travel from the Gold Coast, though. I know people that would travel twice that fire in Australia to go to a gym, places like that. So I mean, it's it's up to you. What, you want to be sitting it out, depending on your business. But generally I might generally I'll put it down to 25 cause that's a pretty good radius, or I will just select current city only. Just leave it a current city. Finally, next, one age. So depending on your services, your product you might have an age bracket which generally prefer your practice service. For this I'm advertising primarily to the parents, so I'm I'll just probably leave it wide open. I might not go a t m. I bring it up to about, let's say, 25 on advertised there, but I'm not too fast. I might just leave it at 18 because my targeting down here will pretty much eliminate the people down under 25 anyway, so I just leave it wide open. So my net is as wide as possible. Gender. All men and women, whichever you prefer again comes down to what? Your services. If I was advertising for self defense class for women, I would probably choose women. I would most definitely choose women and advertised to women for that particular class. But for this example, and in a gym will go or Okay. Now, the next section is called detailed targeting. Um, now, this is pretty much the main section you will be in in this area in this ad set level, and this is going to determine your precise targeting. So let's say the example again. Ease, um, classes for kids, for Emma Emma May kids classes. So what I want to be looking at, I'm probably gonna want to be looking at people who have an interest in M M a first for starters. So let's do that. Let's G o um, Let's go UFC Right? So I got the numbers you have C And although different numbers that were around, let's just go number one close. Generally, that's what pops up first, cause that was obviously the 1st 1 and it's got a lot of people interested. So that's taking it to 9000 which is not a lot of people, really. Let's be honest, we need ah, wider net than that. So let's go suggestions and let's see what Facebook tells us. So these people are also interested in ultimate Fighting Championship, yet awesome mixed martial arts, yet kickboxing. Yeah, I would literally just take all of these months. He, uh why not put all of these ones in here? And I'm quite happy with that selection. That's pretty much cut it down. So, like 1/4 off my original pool a bit more than 1/4. So that's That's pretty good. So how else could I narrow that audience? So I might start one out, actually, just with Aled these and see how that goes Butts specifically for this ad. I'm doing it. I'm sort of targeting parents. I would do. This is Well, I'd go into here and then get a narrow audience. Then go parents. And you can see Facebook has quite a lot of different targeting demographics for I'm you to pick from. So generally I want to just pick the main one here, and that sort of brings me down the 59. Now that is a closed. That is a pretty small audience for me to advertise to do I want to give that a go? Yeah, I would. I would probably prefer tohave an audience around the 100,000. But again, it also depends on your product and service as small as a small local gym. 59,000 people to advertise to is quite fine. Um, but what I might do is set one add up specifically to target toe, have this targeting, and then have another add and remove the demographics for parents. So that's pretty much how I would set up that, um, Facebook. You can target demographics, interests and behaviors. So the demographics are generally like parents and stuff like that. Three interests are just general interests usually connected to Facebook pages on, and you can like this sort of thing and you can target target. Those on behaviors are like, um, spent X amount on Facebook in the last 10 days. So think I wouldn't recommend behaviors. It'll I would just stick to mainly using interests and using demographics like this. So feel free to play around with that. I might do another video later on which it goes deeper into the targeting. But personally, Facebook are Personally, I feel Facebook has gotten, ah lot better over the years I've been using it. I've been using it now for about four years, and they're targeting is pretty on point. Like I could literally go and leave it all off like this. Just target all Brisbane and get good results because Facebook will go out there and find my custom and optimized for my customer over time. If I give it a few days, maybe even a week worth of ad spender that $10 I'll probably find I have relatively good results just from leaving it wide open like that. But 1.7 is quite a lot of people, too, actually, um, advertised to so Ally would probably dio that there would probably be my winning my winning targeting. That's That's a good size audience, and that ad is not going to run out of steam anytime soon. And Facebook will optimize it and get me the results that I want for. So generally that's what I'll do. I'll leave that as that. Feel free to just going and play around with that. That's that's all I ever do and then just work out exactly what what's working and then roll with that. So very good. Next one, come down here. We want to just leave it as optimized for cost per results. You can edit these, edit the placements here if you like, and pick the placements that you prefer. But really Facebook again. Like I said, it's gotten really good at actually optimizing the placement. See, don't really need to touch that sort of thing anymore. All this leave as as is okay now, next section is the actual advert and creating at this advert. The best thing to do here is come into here, select your Facebook page and do that by hitting the drop down. If you new to it, you should only have the one page, and I think it should just automatically pick that you've only got the one page instagram account. If you've got that INSTAGRAM account and you've set that up like I showed you in the other video, you can just select it in here again. It should just pop up. If that's the only instagram page you have, though I have seen it where it just want selected or it won't find it. If that's the case, just refresh the page. Come back and you'll sometimes see it pops up. This the ads manager in the back end can sometimes be a little bit buggy. So if you do find out, these bugs are also another good trick. Just really quickly eyes to reset your as manager up here if you keep getting wee little bugs. Okay, let's get back. Okay. Eso from here. We want to create an ad, so I'm just gonna pick one of my placeholder pages which haven't done much with yet. And we're just gonna run with that, and we'll just just think it's an M m a page. Whatever. Emma Page you like whatever it's called, I'm sort of gonna take from, ah, Page, which I really like called Mantis Emma. And we're gonna have a look at what they're doing, and we're gonna take some of the videos, and I'm to show you how we go about doing that. Okay, so from here, we want to create ab create ad with an image or video or in a carousel. So carousel is those ads you see on Facebook that you could just slide left and right, and then click the one you want, and then you gotta send messages an option for this. I wouldn't recommend this. Um, it's a little bit is a little bit unnecessary for messenger ads. What I do recommend is actually picking the ad with image or video on selecting. Selecting that. So coming to hear, go hear Selective video. A slide show. Now, I'm gonna go through, um, a few of the options for what I would what I would consider a good image and video. What I would consider a poor one. So let's go through here. So this is Mantis Emma and their local Mm. A gym in our local area. Think that Brisbane, I think not really sure. But that doesn't really matter. Um, so what? I would pick, But I would generally do is I'd come into here and I'd look for eye catching videos or and images. So this one here, where is this one? Here. It was one of the ones that caught my eye pretty quickly. Fortunately, the Okay. So, unfortunately, the quality is not amazing. I would could They could stand to have a little bit better camera, but that shouldn't really matter. For for the sake of this, I like this because this is showing the training, Um, showing what the classes Airil about getting people's interest. I think this is quite a good video to test out. So I would take this type of video as's faras images. G o. Any sort of image that just sort of stops. The scroll on Facebook is a good image. People image is great. So, having just a face a big face in the photo really close eyes, usually a quite an engaging type of picture on Facebook because what you're going to remember is people a scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through the news feeds in a 1,000,000 miles an hour. You've got to be able to stop them in their tracks and get them toe. Look, that's your ad. And that could be a tough job sometimes. But these little tricks do help. So sort of, uh, face pictures. Sort of like this. I would boxing gloves. Ah, is it? There's one here. There we go. Um, this little dude here practicing his punches is a co one practicing Don't really like the What you want is like a clear image of what's off, like something that's happening and maybe a trophy sort of thing. I like I personally like videos mawr than images, but images do well as well. So what I could do is well, is create a slide show in Facebook with some of these images. Ah, but since these guys already have a video which is pretty decent, I'm just gonna go ahead and use that, but simply just pick something that's engaging that you yourself would not from your business that you yourself would stop and take a look at and take notice while you're scrolling through Facebook if if you even use Facebook. But that's that's a sort of thing you are looking for in the back there. So what I'm gonna dio is I've already uploaded this video just to make this a little bit quicker, and that's going to sit in there so you can come in here and go customized video. You can add a thumb. Now, you could probably even put like a close up sort of thing on This is for people that don't have the auto. Um, the auto play features set up on Facebook so that they can see your thumb now on press play , which is quite a lot of people now those So having a good thumb now is always a good thing . I'd probably just picked that 1st 1 plus changes. Okay, so come down from here. Um, just leave ALS this stuff here select a different version of your video for Instagram. The only thing I would change with this is make this This is like a ah widescreen type video. What I would do is I would make a square one by one side's video. so 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels square video so that I could use that on instagram as well, because that's generally the size that's accepted on instagram. But for this video sake will just use this one. How can use an image as well? But, as I said for this video sake will just use this one. Okay. So, text here is this bit here. That's gonna go just above the video. Now, what I've done is I've actually created over here actually created a little copy examples for messenger at, and it just sort of gives you a little run through off what I would actually do. This is what I was using for tough stuff. Mm. A little page I created before. Um, and this is this sections that you want. So this is the first bids here. I'll run through these, actually really quickly. So wondering if Emma is right for your kids. Want to get more info on our classes, times and price. Click the send message button and ask the question. Ask any question you like. We'll get you an answer ASAP. So that'll sit up the top here. Yeah, put a bit of a basin that'll sit up the top there. And when people are scrolling through, they see the image in the video are okay, that's cool on. And they read the text. You're asking them a question. Essentially, what we're trying to do with this particular ad is get them to send us a message we want TEM in our inbox and opening up a conversation with us about our classes out our product as service, whatever you may have, you want them to engage with you. So the simplest way to get someone to engage with you is generate asked them a question. So wonder if Emma is right for your kids. If we were targeting the parents, that and they are also a fan of USC there probably a one stage thought about putting their kids into some sort of MM, a class. So and parents have lots of questions. They have a hell of a lot of questions when it comes to their kids. Which is fair enough, so wondering for my is right for your kids. The thought in their mind is, Are you Actually I am wondering if it's right for my kids and yeah, OK, that video looks pretty cool. I could see my my son David doing these classes. Yeah, I do want to get more in for so And then the next paragraph is click. Send message button to ask any question you like, and we'll get to an answer ASAP. So here's the send message button down here. Once they click here, they'll open up. Ah, pop up a messenger on their messenger app and they'll be able to send your business a message. So from here, this is the sort of thing I would have for the text. I've got a few more examples in here, which we can run through really quickly. Here's another one. I never watched an Emam a match and thought you would love to try it out. Send us a message by clicking the send message button and we'll have a chat about our classes. PS sent us a message and book in today, and we'll even throw in a free lesson. So this is more of a not so much for the kids. It's for the adult tour. I'm wondering about Emma and want to know about classes and stuff like that, and I put in the PS, which could take out if you like. But it's pretty much it's a way of pushing people into sending that first message by sending in off are essentially putting an offer in front of them? Um, this does work really well, especially if you have a really good offer that you can offer. People doing something like this will work really, really well. Here's another one. High on Greg, Owner off X Y Z and Emma ever wanted to try em? A. But have a Hebrew questions? Hit the send message button and let's have a chat. It's very simple to the straight to the point that is also another one I would test out instead of this, but you're doing it, making it a little bit more personal. But introducing yourself to start with another one is one alone techniques like the one in the video. Click the send message button and let us teach you. So if you had a video about how to do a headlock, which is what I'm talking about in this next little script down here. Maybe, um, they're interested in learning how to actually do some of these techniques Okay, cool it. Send message button and then you can have a chat to them. Um, have been put in a headlock. Here's what to do. Next time that happens. Step one. Watch this video step to click the send message to check the one about trainers and book your free session on. And then I've got down the bottom limited to the 1st 20 people. If you put a little bit of scarcity in there, say you've got a limited amount of slots on delimited matter vouches, which could be perfectly legitimate. Um, then you can add that down the bottom there, and that's a good way of getting people to take action now. So what? That's one of the biggest things you want to do to get people take action. Now, as soon as I see the ad send that message, I can't. And this is another one that I thought would run really well. If you were doing like women's classes ever felt uneasy walking down the street at night, he is what to do. Next time it happens, you could have one of the trainers teaching self defense techniques, and this is a simple one that I would probably target towards women. And I think this one would work quite well if you are running self defence classes and you want to fill those classes up this sort of thing. So this is the sort of thing you want to be adding up in here and you want to be adding questions, and then you want to be telling people to what to do. Click that button. I want you to click that button right now and get them to take that action I get. Sir, the next section is your headline, which goes down the bottom here. So simplest ones generally work vest. So got questions, send us a message and then send message button is right beside it. So this is a news feed link which would dio underneath in the news. Freed. You leave this blank if you want to. Otherwise you can just put in something that really I'm just trying toe trying to tell people exactly what they need to do after they've watched this video and read that copy. Just hit that send message button and then the cold action is obviously send message because we want them to send a message. I don't need to worry about any of this stuff here. I don't have to worry about the Facebook pixel or anything like that, because we're not actually sending them to a specific website. We're just getting them to send a message to our pages. Why? This is one of the most simple, simple adds to set up. And it's the quickest to sit up and start getting results for your business today because it requires no other external technical knowledge. You just have to know how to create one of these ads, right? Effective copy and get them to send a message to your page. Okay, so next section down here is messing just set up. So this is where what will pop up once they've actually hit that send message button. So what you want to be doing here is hitting the custom. Welcome message. This is what I recommend. Anyway, you can You can try and have a look at these standing welcome messages and play around with this. But my personal recommendations and what has worked well for myself in the past he's hitting this custom welcome message. So he headed in here. Um I don't really like the buttons. You can try them out if you want to. If you can think of some good things to get people Teoh clicked. Um, but generally, if you're asking a question, say, like this wondering if everything is right for your kids just want people. Teoh, um asked that question. Really? So what I would do is I would actually remove that whole section there and come back to my file and just copy this so all of this stuff can be utilized for other businesses. Well, I know I'm sort of, um, stuck on the m m A for the whole thing through here. I might do some other videos about. So, like, with some other different businesses and services. But the MME one is one that interests me the most. That's why I've done it for this particular example. Hi. We can get rid of that. So what this is actually doing is this once, say, Ryan, this is the person's first name. So whoever is, um however, it's hitting that send message fun. If it's Dave hitting that send message button, it will be high. Dave, with John hitting that send Mrs button will be. Hi, John. So high, Ryan. What questions do you have about the balance, Jim? Yeah, simple. Is that what questions do you have about? Imagine now that will pop up as a messenger, and then they'll be able to type in a reply down the bottom here. And from there you'll be able to just talk to the customer or a potential customer, just like a like you would anyone else who walks into your business. And if I was, if I was running this mm a gym, I would get them in for a free trial. I'd probably give their kids maybe a free week trial tested out. Maybe if I had. If I had, like, an exclusive offer, like a free pair of kids in a major Emma gloves, I might do that. As long as it makes sense for my business, I will do whatever I need to do to get them in the door so that I could get them as a customer, um and then treat them, treat him really well. So they keep coming back, of course, but that's pretty much it for this ad. Like all you have to do from here is close the deal. Get the customer in your front door, obviously, make them a happy customer and get them coming back time and time again. And, yeah, that's pretty much it. It's a very, incredibly simple ad to do, and it requires very little technical knowledge. They just set this up in, like, 10 minutes. Well, after you've watched this video in, like, 10 minutes and have leads coming into your inbox pretty much overnight, uh, or you need to do the only additional thing you'll need is the Facebook Pages app on your phone. I think you can. You think you could just downloaded from the APP store? Um, I usually just respond on desktop most the time about home working, so I'm if I've got these set up, I'm responding through either my chat, but many chat or I'm responding to straight through the page. That's that's the simplest way for me to do it. But if you're on the go a lot, you don't have a desktop. Just download the Facebook page is up, and once you get a message, come in. Just just reply to it and yeah, just whatever you whatever you need to do. Just get get your reply back to them as soon as she possibly can and then just bring him in the front door. So that's pretty much it will go finish and publish. So that's one ad when it eventually gets them, listen. So from there, I, um, run that for a little bit. See how it's runs. I might duplicate this a few times and test different copy test. Different headlines test different text test test everything pretty much. If you want to be effective with this, you've just got to keep testing. Soon as something starts dying, just change your copy up. Change your video up, change your image up, just change things around and get the thing going again. OK, that's it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the group. If you have any questions, I'm sure as a few of you do have some questions, go to the group and, um, let me know your feedback and any questions you have, and I'll answer them since I can't hot. Thanks for watching 4. Analyzing Your Results: he goes on Ryan Anderson here and welcome to the next video. Now, in this video, I'm gonna be showing you the accidental result I got because I accidentally have this going . I actually meant to turn it off straight away, but I didn't. And I left it running and it spent a little bit of money and it got some results, which which is awesome, considering it wasn't actually connected to. And I'm a page that was connected. It would have had much better. But the fact that I got results shows the power of these type of ads. So I'm gonna run through how you set it up in the back end and how you actually sit. These columns upto actually see the results that you're getting. So if you remember correctly, we were in the gym example Number two. So I click on that and I clicked on my ad set and my ad is in here. Click the edit button here. You can see that I was I was, um, sending out an ad to parents whose kids that potentially could be interested in m. M. A. And I was getting them to send a message to the page so that I could reply and get them in for free lesson or whatsoever. Like there's no actual for this hour. There's no actual offer. This is just a question. Add. So essentially, I'm just getting them to ask a question. And then if I'm doing my job right, I'll get them to come in for Maybe I'll offer them in the message of free trial or whatever , get them to come into the gym and then sign them up from there. So what actually happened with this is a spent $3.69 on the ad, and I got one reply for that. So $3. 87 what's thrills? 87? There must must be a little bit now. Yes, 3 87 3 87 And for 3 87 I got one reply. Sometimes this doesn't actually sync up, which could be a bit strange with Facebook, etc. Is a little bit a little bit different. Their to their um, about $3. 87. I got one reply, and that person was asking, I've got a pop up on my phone. I was like, What? I didn't even think I left this left this ad running. Got a problem with my phone asking May 4 session times. I was like, OK, groups. I should probably turn that ad off, But you can see the power of this on how quickly it happened. It literally happened after I put the add on and had it running after $3. 87 I had my first message, which is which just shows the power of this so out. First things first, I want to show you how to actually set up these columns. Facebook does a pretty good job, but when you first to run an ad trying to guess the columns you need But a lot of them are just our columns that you know you don't really want because they're gonna sort of get you making a little more confused. So the simplest ways I have a simple messenger report like this. So what? We got its ad spend impressions, which is the amount if you ever want to find out. I had learned Maura about what these actually are. You can hover over him here and go see more, and I'll bring up the bar at the side and I'll show you exactly what they are. They see more to do a good job nowadays of explaining this stuff. So essentially what I've got is the amount of my budget, which is definitely a critical column. I've got ad spend here, which is also critical impressions, which is the amount of time has been seen by people scrolling through Facebook, even if they're scrolling in a 1,000,000 miles an hour. Still, count link clicks, so link clicks. Four messenger ads are pretty much any click with on within the ad. So if I was, but I was seeing this ad in my news feed. Ah, Link Click would be anything going away from this. It wouldn't be clicking the video to play, but it would probably. It would be clicking my profile and a pre clicking the send message button. Andi. Anything that goes to a different page on the site. So if I'm commenting liking sharing, it's not going to do anything but clicking the send message button or I'm clicking the profile to go away to the profile. That's what's gonna count. So you see here I've had eight link clicks. Oh, probably had a few people look at the at and go. Why is it Ryan Anderson here? Never click to have a look at my profile, and that's why they haven't messaged. Um, but I had one person who did just probably just went, didn't even look probably just went straight for the sin Watch the video, went straight to the sent message, had the pop up and then sent me a question straight away. So if this was set up correctly, I would expect the replies. The message replies, which on actual person who has sent a message to the fan page, I would expect this to be a little bit higher. So at the ailing clicks, I probably expect at least two, maybe three people messaging. But you will get people who I just want to look around your profile. So, having your arm fan page, I should say fan page up for a fall van page set up correctly, like the way I showed you in the last video with the mantra MM, a page. Having it set up and having regular content is is definitely highly recommended because people are gonna want to people to go from your ad, and they're gonna go back to your fan page or page, and they're gonna check for other things just to make sure you're legit. People do their research. Just fair enough. So with these columns here, what I what I generally do is Facebook will set you up some columns, but the way I like to do it, it's just coming to here. I'll show you that again, come into here, and I'm gonna actually creates a word document showing you step by step. How to do that? Said I have to keep watching this video. You can just print out the word document, which is something I'm creating now. Um, and you go through he and it's picking. So what you can do is you can just go through the word document or just pause this video here, see what these air called on. Just talking in here. Budget man spends impressions, is all you have to do this, type it in there and then find what you want. And then say you want results, bomb down the bottom there and drag it into the position you wants. Nice and simple. Um, you notice I've got to hear one for messaging replies and cost a message. Reply on 14 Messenger plus sorry and one for new messaging connections. Difference between these two is this one. Here is any reply. So, um, let's just say that someone's already message the page than they've seen the ad and their message the page again. It would be counted in this result there is. This here is a new messaging connection. So this is somebody who has never interacted with your business before your page before and then knew that knew and have seen yet. And their message Your page from that ad so depends on which one you would prefer. I have both up just so I can kind of see if I'm hitting the same people again in a way like you could have somebody come to your page, message you on your page just organically right when I see the ad and I message again, um, sort of thing where it won't class that as a new message in connection because they've already contacted your page. But it will classic here and a message reply. So this is kind of you probably just want this one up, but this is interesting toe have as well. So I just just leave both up just as long as you don't get confused with, um But these are the two and in the cost put. So I know how much I needed to spend in order to get that message to my page. That's very important to have. And, General, this is how set it up. So if I have, I might even have cost pearling click. But for not for for this particular type of ad I don't generally bother with having a cost Polling click. I just leave it link clicks and have it set up very simply like this. So that's pretty much it. You let your ads run, then what you might do from here is you might go. OK, I like this ad. Come back down here. Duplicate this. This is this adds doing well. I'll duplicate this, and I will try a different creative. And what I'll do is I'll see if I can get this price cheaper, a little bit cheaper. Um, if no, if it's more expensive, I'll stop it. I'll try another one. I'll duplicated again and see if I can get a little bit cheaper. OK, cut that didn't work, either. And just keep going through it. And if you want to be very conservative with the budget, I don't to be running, say, like, two adds 2 to 3 ads of the time, the ones that aren't good, just turn them off and then just keep duplicating that way. Once you get to a point where you find that this is working really well, um, you can raise the budget here, though what I would personally do is just duplicate it and then raise the budget on. That's because once you are raised the budget here, Facebook has to learn who you're. Well, I know who your customer is because you've given the actual your actual account data. But they kind of have to re optimize the AB set so that it can find that appropriate customer again for a good price that at the end of the day, there try and they are trying to get you the best price. But it comes down to your creative, your video and your copy to actually get this price to the hands of the right price. Then Facebook will go about doing its business and getting you that that customer and getting you that person to message a page and become a customer. Um, so, yeah, that's pretty much eat for that. I will do it. I will also do right up on this on how to actually sit this up just so you can print it out and then looked through and just be easy to do it than actually going through the video each each time. Um, thanks for watching, and we'll talk soon.