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About This Class


Welcome to this class! Have you ever wondered about those amazing Graffiti art you see outside? Not the vandalism ones. Graffiti is a creative form of art that requires no professionalism, or art skills. 

In this class, I will teach how to create amazing, spiky Graffiti in 4 small steps. The best part, you can do this Graffiti in under 10 minutes. Quite amazing! There are many types of Graffiti, in this class you will learn easy, spiky Grafitti. By the end of this class, you will be a Graffiti artist.

Enroll now to learn more about Graffiti:)

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Wow! Great Instruction:)
Naveed Khan

Gamer, and lifelong learner





Zarmina Islam

Leadership, Design, and Photography

Zarmina is a student in high school from Canada who has a passion for photography and many other creative hobbies. She would like to give back to her community and make some revenue to support her future; that's why she joined Skillshare. Zarmina has a creative way of thinking and has attained many skills in her life that she would like her community to obtain. That's why, as a young student, she would like to raise awareness that anyone of any age with creativity and some knowledge is able to teach and give back to their community. As they always say, "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."