Simple DIY : Paint on the porcelain cup | Meriliis (Meru) Rinne | Skillshare

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Simple DIY : Paint on the porcelain cup

teacher avatar Meriliis (Meru) Rinne, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Be original make your own design!

    • 4. Lets paint

    • 5. Oven bake it

    • 6. Last words

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About This Class

This class is about painting on white porcelain cup. 

It  is a simple walk trough how to get started and make a special tea or coffee cup for yourself or why not as a present to someone. And you can easily do it at home. 

PS! Be original and make your own design. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meriliis (Meru) Rinne



Meriliis Rinne alias Meru is an Estonian born artist based in London.
She believes there is good freedom in making art.

Her way of teaching is showing the way and to inspires but its all about the students what they can make out of it. 

Her classes are based on her own practice and take place on her atelier but in simple easy way that you could test something interesting at home. 

Her often spoken motto is - nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is very welcome. I'm a London based off everyday basis works in studio breaking ball. But I was I love to paint on different surfaces in kind of surface Please tell us for me. And recently I really enjoyed painting on wood Played white marks I I think that you loved So I decided to great glass during this play. Do it Onda and I give it really simple promise. So it's again something you can easily stop at home. Don't anything really difficult for I walk in how it started and finish it up End of this you got just make 2. Materials: 3. Be original make your own design! : so I hope it wasn't difficult to find all of the products and items you need to stop doing this work. Basically, before we gonna start, we need to actually think about the idea what we're gonna paint on this white noise. Boston cannabis. I used to do my own or written artworks on my own decides. So it's your talents now to come up with whatever you like to put on this. Be original on bond. Great. Something war you think is you, Onda. Um we can basically, um, start. 4. Lets paint : once everything is ready, we can really start to fill up the white cop with our work. I have them. Skinny contour, Ben. I start with the really fine lines because that's what my design is about. It's going to be a little breeze with bubbles on. That's one of my artworks. I decided Teoh painting a cup. So whatever design you coming up, um, just get yourself birth control. Depends. They elected to a really nice fine lines. And then after you can feel between the lions and greater minutes or you find another way to do it, maybe you just want to do something abstract. Um, depends on your work. They're going to have been east. Different thunder, normal benzo. I recommend looking to both of them. It's the normal Muslim Ben's are thicker. Um, so the fine lines, uh, almost finished up. And, um, I'm ready to get them. And not a pen, which is the robber Muslim bin. And, um, first, when their new you have to just hold him down and the paint falls on Deacon, use them. It's really easy, and sometimes there is much more paint coming up from them, so you can always for stupid on a paper, not to make a big blow off color and on a cup. But if something goes wrong in this work, bro sis, you don't have to worry. You can always clean it up with the void. That's why it's good to have baby wipes, actually, or with the court in bad as long as it's no waterproof as what happens when you open baked them. You can always washed them off or cleaned them up. If something goes from that this work you can enjoy and relax and you don't have to worry consist test and then think about something else on fix it and wash it off. Onda, Um, I'm just keep going, doing my little thoughts as this three picture coming along on If you get bored and you don't wanna what this video feel free, do skip bait on Go go to the next one because I'm just continuing adding the thoughts and it just takes a while and end of this video. I I'm actually using a bigger for paints, too, but, um, you can totally do the entire drawing with Ben's only hi axity. I recommend to test both before on get used to death. What? They're yours. And find your way. How you feel comfortable doing? Um uh, Yeah. Um I'm keep going and we speak in a next clip again, - right ? I'm not sure if even what's then, but it's almost done. I think it looks pretty awesome. Say, now all we do is the final final last thing Bacon. 5. Oven bake it : So you finished painting? Um, you're thinking, What's next? Just you make it waterproof. Washable. You need to open. Make your mark, Andi for pegida Noven. You need to put it in there 150 degrees on. Give it that certify. I mean, it's yes, you can do it easily. You know what you have at home so it doesn't need any special Super Open Fordice. Also before you open, bake it just always remember you still wasted off because it's no entirely waterproof. So if you messed up something you don't like something disease, these baby wipes or just go and west entire picture off. But this be careful because this victory would be really hard to wash off, because then the pain kind of breaks. But you will see yourself if you find yourself in this situation. So after baby Dillmann, it's more to prove you can wash it. But don't put it in the display, sir. This way certain cycles are do where do long on even Stamets. Debate on your beautiful work will be gone 6. Last words : Yeah. Yes, it feels totally, much more nicer to drink it out of the cup. I just ain't it. I really hope you enjoy this class on Bond. You came up with your cool design with showing to me as well. So please post on deporting battery. I'm really curious. Your also an instagram. If you back me up there, walked, I was cereal work, and we'll keep it up. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will come back to you about anything you need to know about his despite out down here on day. Um, meanwhile, let's just until