Simple Charisma - Getting More Out Of Your Social Life, With Science | Nick Saraev | Skillshare

Simple Charisma - Getting More Out Of Your Social Life, With Science

Nick Saraev, Marketing, Productivity, & Self-Help

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10 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Welcome to Simple Charisma

    • 2. Social Value Theory & Low Value

    • 3. Pacification Examples

    • 4. Pacification Frequency

    • 5. 5 high value body language examples

    • 6. Vocal Tone & Projection

    • 7. Tonality & Loudness

    • 8. Speak Louder

    • 9. Facial Expressions (Bonus)

    • 10. Eye Contact (Bonus)

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About This Class

Unfortunately, you've been lied to about social skills. Most people make them out to be this rare, god-given gift that you're either born with or not. But communication in it's entirety is really just based on a few core components that depend on neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. Once you understand those components, you'll be miles ahead of the competition in nearly every aspect of your life - and you'll be in a great spot to get more out of your social life.

Our course is taught on the simple premise that people deserve to be able to learn social skills similar to how they're given the opportunity to learn about math, stats, or biology: in a structured and scientific way. 

With anxiety and depression on the rise all over the world, don't you think it's time something changed?

Extensive research tells us that the majority of all communication is subverbal. That is, the way you're perceived in public depends significantly more on both your body language and vocal tonality than the actual content of your speech. We refer to this principle as the non-linguistic model, and it drives how we developed our course content.

In teaching you this stuff, we're going to make you more attractive. More empathetic. More charismatic

And best of all, we're going to show you that your personality is not a static, unchanging part of you. You can become whoever and whatever you want - it just takes a bit of work here and there.

Our material comes from two university degrees' worth of knowledge (Nick is a behavioral neuroscience researcher, and Soma majored in molecular biology), several years' experience in live charisma coaching, and dozens of high-quality, peer reviewed studies on social dynamics. Let's get charismatic!