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Simple Character Animation: Create a Walk Cycle with Rubber Hose 2

teacher avatar Mark Rise,

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Import The File

    • 3. How To Prepare And Animate The Body

    • 4. Character Rigging

    • 5. Animation Walk Cycles

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About This Class

In this class, I’ll show you step-by-step how to animate your own personalized character in After Effects with Rubber Hose 2 Plugin. I’ll cover every step of my process in detail so you can follow along even if you’ve never used After Effects before. I’ve even included all of my source design and animation project file for my character loop. That way if you’re curious how I animated my characters, or want to skip the design process and just jump into animation, you can just use my files.


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Hello, I'm Mark.

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is Mark Rice, and I'm here to show you how to create an easy character animation. It's simple, fast and after a crucible of how tournament like a problem working, Hold it. And I maybe have passed, too. I tried all types of character design with plugging without leggings free and paid versions , and this is the best. So skip all those unnecessary things and go directly into the point. Yes, like you need after effects by called rubber hose to isn't free, but it's forced every penny, believe me, and you will get a discount code. So you like it. And listen, if you love character animation, don't say, does something good for you, Okay, searing. 2. Import The File: Hey, hey, hey. Mark Rice here and today ever show how to create animation off a cute cowboy? It will be easy tutorial. And we need after if it's softer and plugging called rubber Hostal. So just do it. Okay, In the first part of the tutorial, I'll show you how to import the file. So find the project up, right, mouse button import file, and select the file off course. You can create your own character, but if you don't want to do that now, you can use my character, and you will get this files. Well, okay. So, like, the file and hit import button? Okay. As you can see, I got the A pop up window here. So, like, composition, layer size and click O K. I got the composition in the project up. Double click on it. And here it is, the cowboy. And as you can see, I got all layers from the cowboy. So let's start with animation. 3. How To Prepare And Animate The Body: Okay. In the second part of the territory, I'll show you how Tony made the body. But before I started with the animation, we need toe, do some preparation. We need to delete the high Delaire that we don't need. And we need to create a markers. But I was sure first. For example, I don't want toe create animation from the background. So I need to hide this layer. So he dis icon here. And this I can't us. Well, now the bigger layer is hidden. Okay, Turn off, Turn on, turn off. And so I can do this with the front arm and like and bake arm and like, but I don't need the slayers because I want to create arms and leg with the rubber host. Also, I will delay this layers delayed. Select the front army like and belated a swell. Okay, beautiful. Now is much cleaner and I will be made the shadow A swell but a dent of the tutorial. So I can't hide this layer. Swell. Okay, beautiful. And before we move on, I need to create the markers. So here is You can see I have the marker and I will hit it, and I will select it and more it here on the 1st 2nd So this will be the place for our first key frames. And the name will be left. Because here I will start with the animation off the left, like, Okay, it's okay. So he's okay, Okay. And an image will be 20 frames. So I need one more key frame on the 20th frame, and it'll be left us. Well, we want to create the look from the animations, so the first ski frames will be the same as the last key frames. Okay. And in the middle, I will create one more marker. Right? Okay, one more. Here, between left and right position. I was a little bit here on the fifth frame and the one more here between right and the second left position. Okay. And a very important part. Change the size off the timeline because we don't need this part in the process. Off the render I need just apart between the first life's position and the second left position, and that's it. Okay, on now we're almost ready to go. So before we start with animation, I want to create a composition for the body because it will be much easier. So select the body parts done, then whole shift, select face this headline layer and body And here's a swell. Okay, Then click with the right mouse button here and chose prayer composition calling body que As you can see, I got to the new pro composition. And if I want to go inside of the composition and change the layers, I'll just double click on it. Okay? And here we are in the product composition. So here we are in the main composition composition main opposition. Try composition. Okay, let's start. I was a little bit Dickey Dickey as start with animation, but before we start, I need a small change. Here is the gun and I need to create position of the gun and rotation of the gun. So I need to move this anchor point up. So go here. Select Ben behind Tool, select the anchor point and move it up. And it's it. Now we can start with the animation finally, So select gun than whole shift. Select face layer and select head this head line and on the right position. Create the first key frames so he'd be on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch. I've come here and because we just created the difference on the right position, we need to move the shades a bit to the right. Right, Right. Right. Right. Okay. And here on the first left position, Move it a bit to the left. Okay, cool. And as I said before the French ski frame or key frames on the first left position and the key firms on the second left positions needs to be the same. So copy these key friends here. Control C control. We King control C control we. And this one is well control C control. So for now, we have animation like this one. Okay, a school. But it can be better if we add rotation here on the gun layer. So it's like the gun layer heat are on the keyboard. Create the key friend. And here will be mine. ALS 10 for example, or 10. Then on the first life's position will be minus 10 and copied the key friend from the first left physician toe. The second left position. Control. C control. Let's try this. Okay? It's cool. And I can achieve a better war flow if I select all airs and use Easy's. But before that, so like the gun layer and hit you on the keyboard two times you, you. And as you can see now I can see all my key friends like the key friends. Okay, like with the right mouse button Goto key from mass dissent and True's Eazy e's or just hit F nine. Let's see. And one more thing before I go from this prayer composition. Select the years layer. Okay, it be on the key frame and create position difference for this part of the cowboy as well. But this time we will use opposite direction. So on the right position were moved a bit to the left and on the left position. We were moved a bit to the right. Okay, let's do this. Create the keep on the right position and move it left J then here on the first left position, move it a bit to the right que and copy this key friend here. Control C control F. It's a late key frames. Click with the right mouse button key for an assistant. Eazy e's okay, as you can see, Now we got that three. The effect. Beautiful. And now we're back to the main composition. So here, I'll show you a quick trick. And this will boost your animation. Select your composition. Click with right. Most button go toe the effect the stores and you see. See, Bennett. You don't see it right now, but CC bend it. Okay, Que beautiful. Now I got these two points. It's one in this one. I'll move up the 1st 1 and the 2nd 1 I amorphous. Well, okay, so back to the first. Let's position go to the body, then effects CC bend it and create key friend for the bent. Okay, it will be mines. Then on the right position, it will be 10. And on the second left position, it will being minus tennis. Well selected. Easy. He's and let's try this. Oh, okay. Beautiful. That's it. In the next part of the editorial, I'll show you how to create the legs and arms with rubber hose to and create our first moment 4. Character Rigging: Okay, so let's create that legs and arms for that believes rubber host store. So here, as you can see, I have treetops, build style and manage. We really was build and manage for the lake. We're needs hip and ankle so solid hip at ankle and hit this button here. But before that, create the name so it will be right. Like Okay, hit it. Okay. Cool s You can see. I already got the lake. The right. Like in the u three layers. A swell right leg. Uh, right. Like hip. Okay. And the right leg ankle. Okay, we can use this leg, but I think that it's too big. So changes size, style and things like that. So first, what I need select right leg layer. And here change the size off the outline. I will use 25 for example. Okay. And I need to change the course. Well, click here on the color. Okay. Select the eyedropper and use this color for the like. Okay, so now select ankle more it Here, I resume it a bit like this. Then select hip. Ah, Where is my ship? Ah, no. I thought that Alec Alia Neck so we need to fix it. How? Just select the right like ankle. And here in after controls, you have a settings. So here, for example Ah, host length will be 100 and it's a much better. Okay. And when they served with, like, moment, the angle of the movement is wrong. So here in the bend, direction changed from 102. Minds 100 like a As you can see, it's much better and a hair rounded line. So go to the right leg contents style base hosts stroke. And here in lank up choose from around cup toe but cup. Okay, now is much better, But they believes round cup for the arms. Okay, that's it. Beautiful. Now select these 1st 3 layers and put the layers below the body layer. Que And I need one more change before I duplicate this. Like I need to create the boost. So go to the right leg and copy this base hosts or duplicate with control plus D. Okay, now I got based. Host stool. I will change the color in stroke. I really use this black color and I need just one part off this line. So select base holds stool, then click this. Add our own and select trim pot. Okay, then go to the train pot and here will be 30 Fire. Okay, Perfect. That's it. So I just created the right leg and I need left leg a swell, but I can repeat the process, or I can copy the right. Like So I will copy the right. Like so select right leg. And here in their other hosts click manage stuff. And the second I couldn't duplicate selected whole screw up hated hockey. As you can see, I go to three new layers, uh, more here and that can change course well, off the layers. So it can be I don't know orange, for example. And I need to change name as well. So go, go, go, go. Here in the managed up and hit renamed host group. Okay, It feels be left like Okay, now selected the layers and move the leg here. Uh, okay, cool. And I can change this close. Well, so go to the left leg contents style base hosts Stroke J and picked up this car. Cool. And now I will create the hand, so go toe the belt so select shoulder and wrists and hit this. I can hear all but before that name it will be right arm. Now hit the cycle. Okay. Select right arm then changed. Size off the stroke. 25 call or a swell. I use this car, Kate. Then select right arm wrists. And you was I don't know, 70 here. Okay. And now I can train. The size old are so this wrists or the hand will be here at this point, we'll be here. Okay. Okay. Beautiful and key. Rockin and hands. So go to the right arm. Contents style and copy base hosts or a duplicate. Sorry. Control the que trains core my little skin color and change the size with trim pot. So it's like base whole stool at dream pet on and and will be 15. Okay, cool. That's it. And now I will copy the arm. So selling the arm players go to the manage step and hit second icon. Uh huh. More it here, down below Jane's a cooler. I can use CNN, for example, and changed the name. So here click this icon and changes from right arm toe the left or L r. My name. That's it. And here I contained the color off the layers as well. It can be great, for example against, like, the last layers, the layers off the left arm and more it here que cool and change the color off that arm. So go to the left arm contents style base hosts Throw one on, pick up this color. Okay. And one more thing before we start with animation, we need to connect our legs and arms with the body. Because, as you can see, I when I grab the body and move it, the position off the arms and legs is the same. So what? I need to go. I need toe parent. This point with the body, this one as well. This one is Well, this on this. Well, so select the right arm shoulder, then hold control. So, like, right? Like hips left like hips and left arm shoulder. Okay, then click on this Spiro icon and movie toe the body layer. Okay. Now, when I move the body, the arms and legs are connected, and I will do this. Wait, the right arm, Shante and the left arm can't. Okay, cool. And before we started animation off the body and arms and legs. I need to hide the layer. That and daunting. So que This one, This one. This one. This one. This one. I need to turn off the circle. Here. It's left, like ship up. Sorry. Right leg. Okay. Now its okay and everything is ready for the next part. 5. Animation Walk Cycles: And in the last part of the tutorial, I will show you how Tony made the lights and arm and the second part of the body animation . So first, select the body. Okay? Then they removed the body up. And though Okay, so here on the first position, and on the second position, the position off the body will be the same right now. So he be on the keyboard and creative friends for these positions. Okay. On the left position, I will move the body down. Something like this. Okay. And I will do this for the right position and the second left position, so I need to copy this key Friend Control. See basted here. Control, we and here sell Contrarily. Okay. Dancing. Dancing. Okay, lets more make with right. Most button here for an assistant is a, uh, beautiful, and that's it. Now I will show you how Tony made the legs. I need to do enough left, like ankle and a right, like Uncle Jay. Cool. So first select left leg ankle click p on the keyboard and move it left. So old shift and more. It's here. Create different for that position on the right position. Move it a bit to the right, Like this. And on the second life's position copied the key friend for from the first left position control C control way. So for now we have this smaller. It's still like dancing. And now I've landed, Made the right like be on the keyboard, Create the key friend. And here moved the leg Does the right que on the right position to the left. And here copy the frisky fight Control C control way. Ah que And now here on the second position, I need one more key frame for the left. Like so I will up this point here. Okay? Something like this. Cool. And on the first position, I will do the same with the second. Like, let's rice. Oh, okay. No more dancing. Okay? I was like, the last click with the right mouse button. Easy's. And now I want toe create a more dynamic in the movement. So select the key from on the first position. Hold shift and select the key from on the second position. Click with the right mouse button and Nike friend velocity. Okay. And here will be a 66 66 J Okay, beautiful. So I just finished with legs so high, this player and this one swell. And now it's time for the arms. So if the less, like go to the back, the left arm will go to the front O j So he'd be on the key friend and create the key from for death. O j. Here I create more this and copy this key friend Control C control. So for now, we have moment. Okay. It can be better if I create one work friends here, or I can try to create the key friend for the second position. I think that can be better. No. First position. Okay, Select the's key friends. And yours. Easy's No. Okay, beautiful. Now the second arm be on the keyboard. Create a key frame. Okay. Turned on the body will be easy to follow. J copy the first key frame. And here on the second position, move the arm down, turn on the body and trite. Okay, beautiful. And the last thing is the shadow. So turn on the layers. Turn on the shadow on the left position. The shadow will be white. Okay. Or like now he s on the keyboard and just create the key friend. One more at the end. And here on the right position, you can use 80. Okay. Oh! Oh, oh. Uh, okay. So the key friends F line and and and then that's it. Our character is done. So I hope that will be easy for you. If not first time. The second will be for sure. And don't give up because the best is yet to count. Piece, my man.