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Simple Artwork Mockups in Procreate

teacher avatar Theodora Gould, The Carpenter's Wife.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Simple art mockups

    • 2. Getting your images

    • 3. Using the Mask

    • 4. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Learn how to use Procreate to make simple and quick, photo mock ups of your artworks.

It's a simple process which enables you to create visually appealing images that are perfect for sharing on social media or websites. 

I'll take you step by step through the processes needed to download royalty free images from the internet, or create your own, which you can then use as templates for your own artworks. Then we'll use the masking tool in Procreate to create a transparent space ready to drop your artwork into. Once the shadows are in place you should have a realistic looking mock up, which you can use over and over again.

This is ideal if like me, your house is a little too cluttered for photographs, your printer isn't up to scratch, or you just need a way to showcase your art without hiring an interior designer or paying for expensive photoshoots.

You'll need an Ipad, stylus, the procreate app and a piece of artwork which you've either created digitally, or have scanned and saved to your computer/dropbox or preferred storage method.

You don't need to be a whizz at photoshop or procreate, so it's ideal for beginners or those just getting into digital artwork. 

It’s something I started doing out of necessity, and I use it all the time, so I hope you find it a useful tool.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theodora Gould

The Carpenter's Wife.


Hello and welcome to my Skillshare profile. I'm Theodora, or Thea for short and I'm an artist and silversmith living in a rural part of England. I love the country life and it's the perfect place to nurture my little family.

Originally trained as an antique restorer, I have a passion for old things and spent a large chunk of my life up-cycling furniture. I started making jewellery when I was pregnant with my son via a silver clay course, and in the last few years have re-discovered the joy of painting (both traditionally and digitally).

However I love all forms of art and love to try new things, which is how I stumbled across Skillshare. I don't believe in limiting yourself to one art form, so one day I might be making jewellery, another painting, practising calligraphy, l... See full profile

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1. Simple art mockups: welcome to my class on making simple artwork. Full cups in procreate in this car so well done hard Teoh taken image from the Internet or an image that you have taken on to use the mask. It'll to mask out an area into which you can drop your image. They're lovely way of showing off artwork on websites or social media. Um, Andi, if, like me you're print is not very good or you don't you're using print on demand sites and you don't want to wait toe, order something and then wait for it to be delivered. It's a good way of instantly showing off what you're what you're working on. My name Say, Dora, I'm an artist, a jewelry designer and all round general creative gold living in a rural part of England. If you want to know more about me, you can find me on Instagram, which is my name is theodora dot gold. So I've created this class kind of because it was it was something that I needed eso I thought it was something that people might find useful. Until recently, I did all my paintings the traditional way with watercolor paper, water colors, And that meant that I had a hard copy off, Um, my painting, which I could then do these stylized photographs off which I could then share on my social media. But about six months ago, I decided I was going to go digital and I bought myself an iPad pro of Apple penso downloaded the procreate on. Since then, I've hardly touched my traditional watercolors at all. Um, and while it's brilliant because I have a lot of the colors I could need in every brush committed on my knee on, I can sit in the evenings and scribble away. It does mean that I don't then have a hard copy that I could make a nice, stylized photos with. So I needed a way of doing that. So I kind of I don't think I've invented it. But this is my way of making mock ups. Three procreate, which I can share on my social media. So for this class, you're going to need an iPad on some sort of stylus. I'm using the iPad pro on the apple pencil on. You're going to need to download from the app store procreate app. If you haven't already. I sort of Imagine if you're taking this class, you might already be familiar with procreate. If not, then I do try to talk you through all the steps I'm taking. I hope I've made it clear, but it may be a basic knowledge appropriate would be necessary. But really, this CASS is aimed at beginners. So these mock ups allowing you, Teoh show off your artwork in ways that you wouldn't easily be able to otherwise. So if you wanted to have a photograph of a beautiful room with a picture of your painting on the wall or a lovely shelf covered in lots of nice little bits and bobs and a picture of one of your artworks on it, um, but your house is cluttered like mine, or you just don't have the look that you want. You can either download an image that does have a look you want or take a photograph, a stylized image, and then you can just simply mask out the area that you want to put your artwork into and literally just dropped your artwork into it. It's great for sharing a websites or social media. I hope you're gonna find it really useful to I certainly so yes, let's get started 2. Getting your images: So let's start with downloading an image from a new splash. So it's on splash dot com and I'm going to put in a picture frame into the search bar on. All of these cannot have downloaded some of these already, so I shall pick one. Uh, I see looking for something that's fairly simple to do so kind of flat without a new area of it being blood. So that one's quite a good run. So I click on the image like top right hand corner first download, and that brings the image up on the screen and press and hold. Let go. It comes up with Save Image will copy Save image That's then saved my camera roll eso Let's just go back to see if there's another one that we might like quite like this one down lady already or not. So again, Top right download to come up, press and hold save image. So then I should come Ash of that. Get into my procreate. Andi, get so you got select important fate A. Now, if you've saved that image to somewhere in your computer for your Dropbox, you could press important imported from there. But because it's in my camera roll, compress face or fate A's on Let's do this one first so that we have image ready for me to work home. But I'm going to save it into folder off more cups, drag it over. Do that. And I have already downloaded another one, so it's in there already. So that shows you home to donate an image from the Internet. But you can then use Teoh, drop your own image into later that sometimes I like to make my own image. So if I can't find a stock image that does exactly what I want Um, well, I just I'm quite careful with my instagram feed and about what comes next. So if I want something that fits in with look of my instagram feed, I'll take my own photo. So I'm not going to go in depth into photography side of it. But I was sure you quickly what I do. Teoh go back creating my own images. So I've created a series of paintings, um, based around British seaside. So I'm gonna report a couple of days into, um procreate, procreate, import. Um, these coming in my Dropbox say I'm gonna get for the crabs gallery. It takes a minute to find files. Andi, I think one of my ice cream chase photos. Paintings. So I'm going Teoh, create of an image with props on bits that are relevant British seaside so quickly How you go about doing that? So I've gathered a few props to make my own woke up, um, puts in a full paper and that's gonna be our area. That that we dropped picture and I got some seashells on. I've stolen bit sand from my son's Sampit. So I'm thinking just trying to plan it out. I'm thinking I don't want to get the sand onto paper. That's gonna be really fiddly toe pick out. But it would be nice. Maybe have some shells going. I think I'll start off with some of the sand, which is, actually So this is this is my backdrop. Um, it's just a wooden boards that my husband for me, you can buy other backdrops, which I'm sure you all know that. Anyway, find a couple here se even by these nice ones that roll up. Say you want to pay the background, got something like that. That's your distress from that's again, wooden wonders that dog my favorite one on my goat. This so I'm just getting cheap mess around on spring clothes sandals. I think it might actually be nice if I had a spade as well. Shows just discussed around if you were doing, um, relations happen old on. Wouldn't student things like that. I'm just going Teoh lay a few shells. Just say that flat when I d pick it out. I just feel it makes it a bit more. Really. It's something over. Try that many little have to stand on a chair. Get full behind the scenes, you hear it's a I. My face is on Instagram Square, so have a look at how it looks. A couple try some without. The state I have read is going to look with the orange from like a flash. But this I was taken. A few guarantee that you want it. Picture the faces. Now I will edit those quickly in light cream and then upload them into procreate. It's no I gave to my camera roll, and I've got the fate A's just taken so I could use them as they are. I could insert them straight into procreate. But I like to just edit them a little bit. First, this bits not necessary, but I'll show you what I do. Eso I use light room cc, um, it takes me a minute. So down in the bottom, right here, click that plus button and not one of my face days. So I'm going to start off by cropping it. Which is this little, um, symbol up here square with arrows going around it. So I'm just gonna just straighten it up, make sure that I got the aspect square. Uh, then I am going Teoh done symbol up here so I can from the exposure up a little. Now, you don't have to worry too much about white piece of paper because obviously, that's going to be where you dropped your image, but I'm looking at bits around it. I was act up contrast snitch, but highlights shut a stone whites up little blacks down a little. So actually, I think that's probably all right as it is. So little box, with the coming out of the top saved Camero maximum available. That's no saved my camera roll so I could go into procreate, take fainting and then choose the photo have just edited. So I know have seven more come as well, and I dropped it into my mock up folder, so I'm going to add a couple more images to my mock up folder on. Then we'll move on to the next lesson, and I'll show you how to start using a mask on those images to make a transparent area where you can then drop in your own artwork. 3. Using the Mask: So I've got my images that I want to mock up there. Andi, I've got my file full of my stock images and the images that I've taken. So there's one with spade. This'll is another one that I took sitting on a shelf so card so I could clip out better but wanted to insert another card. Andi, I will show you how to use the mosque. So let's start off with something fairly simple. So it will begin with this one to open up the image, um, on in your layers, click on the image and click on the mosque, so that creates a layer mask over the picture. Now, this is, ah, a good way of editing an image because you can take things away and you can put them back again. Whereas if I just used the razor, it's kind of permanent. So this is a nondestructive way of editing. So I'm going to pick my mono line brush so and I want the color to be black. So double pick on the black area. So black takes away on Dwight puts back, we're gonna start with black on what we're going to do. His that she It is sometimes easier if you change your background color. You can see more clearly what you're doing. So I'm just gonna do that quickly back to my brush Truell and nine on Hold it. So I get a straight line and then I can tweak that line. I'm leaving that that But the top of the screen here, you've got edit shape. If I take on that, I get these two blue tabs which I can then click on to move that lying around. I didn't get it quite up to the edge there, So grange d that And now you can just see I've taken her fingernails off. But I'm not worrying about this because that's this is a layer mask. I can go and put them back very easily. Once I've seen around whole area that I want to Miles go had it shape. Just move a smidge on the same down this side. And again, I'm gonna be cutting her fingernails up. But I didn't need to worry about that yet, but it shape, tweak that line. Now you want to make sure that you're lines joining because if you have a gap this next bit won't work. So now I've seen all the way around all my lines joined. So I'm gonna drag that black color into the middle. And I now have a transparent area in the middle of the picture. So if I turn off the background color, you can see the grid, the transparent grid behind. But I'm going to turn that back on. It makes it easier to see. So now I need to put her fingernails back. So still, with my monoline brush double tap on the white area and I'm just going to give over half, think, announce things back. You see, I've gone a bit too far with that. So we'll have to do is double click clack, make my brushing it smaller, got bit more control and like that again, double click on the white because I check their fingers fingernails off on the other side as well. The nice thing about this is you can just go over it and then tweak it backwards and forwards with the black on white. So there we have transparent image. Now I can drop in, um, a picture. Uh, because this is kind of nature related one. I feel I'm going to choose, not gonna put my seaside ones into it. So let's go and choose my paintings. Thinking you got some Kingfish is in his somewhat get. That's my original Kingfisher Copy campus. Take the whole thing Backed gallery on back to my more cups. What was that? Then click the little spanner and paste. You know, I've got my kingfisher in there. As you can see, it's over the top off, um, the frame. So what I'm going to do is kick my layers on a person, hold the Kingfisher and drag it down underneath the original picture. So now it's underneath, so if I click the arrow to you see, I can move it around, but it stays within the frame, and then you can use the blue dots again just to tweak your image. I've got it on free form at the moment, so I can do that with it. I kind of wanted to be a bit more in the middle, So be about there and just make sure because I've got that background color is red. Just make sure you don't sort of have scenario red showing like that. I think he's Okay, there. So click the arrow tool again. I'm looking at this corner and I've spotted that I need Teoh. Just tweak that corner. Say, I'm going back to my layer mask. And with the black selected on the monitor on brush Just gonna hope Not the black white just getting teeth out Pretty So now we got to the kingfisher within the frame But it still looks a little bit old to me on git needs a few shadows. So on my layers I'm going Teoh, make a layer above the kingfisher, but below the original image and then for the shadows I like to use the airbrushing tool Onda gave with soft airbrush. It's like black. Check the size of your, um, brush and will say the A pass ity. I don't want it to be too dark. I'm just going to put in a little bit of shadow. It's a bit much that thick. Think so. Undo that. Double tapping that down a bit. My tape capacity out of it. Truly line again. I can hold it. So it's straight, and I'm gonna editor. I'm just going to bring it in a little there in a little there. It's very subtle. That does make a difference. Um, so normally I would look at the direction the lights coming from, but with this one, I don't think it matters too much. Just don't want the image to look as though it's plating like it looks. So it's set into the frame. So I'm just gonna get around that that one. Uh, if I wanted to, I could add a little bit around where her fingers are more one of the bottom and there we have it. That's done. One more cup nice and quick and easy merit. Looks like this person in a jungle holding a frame with one of my paintings in it. So hands up. Who spotted my deliberate mistake up a big splurge with my shadow in the middle of my kingfisher. Say, that's get rid of that now is done, so that's a fairly simple one. It's a very flat images, not angled. It'll, um, uh, let's have a go at another one. Say it's try this one, which is one of the ones that I took so again, Get your image up, pick on your layers, take picture and mask. I actually got black selected, um, monoline brush. You don't have to use the same Russia's me. This is just the one that I found. Works quite well may change my background color. Have a frame to go up to on the edge. Here, go around this show. Just a quick note it's worth when you have a photo like this of paying attention to where your shadows up. You can see where I've put the spade. I've got my light source coming from over here and I've got this shadow. If I want to make my dropped in image look realistic, I'm going to need to put that shadow back in again. But we'll come to that. I will. Just was around this Andi. Mask it off. If you've got very fine, um, little areas to get into small areas to get into, you might find one of the inking rushes like the technical brush for the studio pen. It's a bit easier to get into the corners with cause you got a bit more of a point. Just make sure whichever, um, brush. You use that it's a solid one. Some of, um, the pixels are separated, so when you drag and drop it in little mask your whole image and see here that my papers not completely flat. So a little bit of a nine head just good. So I got a little bit this corner, maybe a little bit of a meself double click on the white. Just tidy that up us much. I always go back to their mask even after you dropped your image in, um, and tidy things up sitting too much a double click Black. Put that all my lines have joined. Find out in a minute. So now let me take seaside images. Now I think that the craps might clash, but we'll try it. See to bring up the image Kill spanner Have to symbol Copy canvas back to the more cups and click the spanner again and paste. Get roughly the size his paper and take your layers. You can hold the image and drag it down under your inserted image and then with that last selected little para a little bit. Just have a good look around, seeing a little bit of red peeking through in this corner to make it on. Now I need to put in the shadows so less I want it above the inserted image below the mock up image On the one hand plus that my airbrushing to a soft brush on gonna go around where the shells are First rule Just gonna take it A soft brush from the razors Just take it off there Saving this one Yes. Do you want You can make Dr Line smaller, Dark nine close to it That's up to you can have a play and see what you think Looks most realistic Just down to personal taste And then I need to put some shadow in where Spade is quite a big brush on a low capacity Trying to remember where my shot I was in the original picture and then I might make it a little bit darker Not might just have raised this little more realistic there, but I think that that will do so that we have one beach picture. Um on Did I want to you I can get back Teoh my images. I can pick up my ice cream. Um Spina copy Canvas affected my milk ups. I can just turn off the crabs so my shadows is still there. Click paste ice cream around place where I'm happy with it now. I want that underneath on the shadows on top of the ice cream. So I'm gonna drag that underneath my shadow there. No, we have it. Another super quick mock up. I can change between the two on. I can save it to my camera roll Or to my Dropbox say, take the spanner share. I'm going to save this one to my camera roll so that I can use it on Instagram save image. And then I will do the same at the ice cream. Today we have it. So the principles the same, whichever one you're doing, Um, I will try and find one. I think I might just shave this one because I have used this one before. Andi, it did require a little bit of tweaking because if you look, this one's not flat. If I hold my apple pencil there, you can see that that line actually goes up. Um, I haven't taken the pictures square on, so this one requires a bit more tweaking and I will show you how to do this one as well. So with this one, I used this'll card, which I already had on I put it on a shelf with a little popped off snowdrops because I have painted, um, this image which I will have printed through my print on demand companies. But I painted it on my iPad with procreate. I don't have to wait for it to arrive from print on demand companies, so I've used one of my mock ups to do it. So I took this image and I mastered off in the usual way. And there it is, with the mosque and I being around the snowdrops on. Then I dropped in this image, but I don't want to check on that. So this image, it it it was distort. It was more like it was square Andi. It didn't actually fit into the frame properly. Let me make this smallholder. And so it's easier to see. So it didn't fit quite into the frame as I wanted it to. So in the other videos, I showed you moving it around using the free form. Think this time I tipped distort on. Using my little blue tabs means I can line it up like so you see there. Although I've got rid of all the black, this Linus, then it's a because I got aboard around it. I'm just trying to keep the board of the same thickness to make it look as though the card is actually standing on the shelf behind the snowdrops. And then I've done my shadows as before. On on this one, Shadows back off. You can see there's quite a lot of shadow coming from this side of the picture on then. This is all very white, and to me, that didn't quite natural. So I actually used my airbrush and put a shadow down that side as well. And then just a little bit more around where the snowdrops are, don't we have it? 4. Final Thoughts: so I hope that that will made sense on that. I've explained everything clearly. If you have got any questions, then by all means leave a question in the community section below and I will come back to you as soon as I can. I'm here to help. And also, if you have any suggestions on how we could improve the class or anything that I haven't made care enough, then it's really helpful. If you could let me know about that as well. I do my best to put things right. Uh, what else you got to say? I love it. If you would share your creations so down below, there's the your project section. If you wanted to upload some of the images that you've created using this method, that would make me very happy. If you're sharing them on social media, love it. If you tag me so that I could see what you're up to, you really make my day. And I think that that's about it. If you want to know about any more classes that I'm I'm going to be doing, I have got ideas, the sun, Then up above me. There's a little button with this follow plus symbol. If you click on that, you'll get an email next time. I released class, so thank you very much for watching on until next time. Goodbye.